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Better Google Adsense Referral Bonus

Lots of changes around Google Adsense lately that I haven’t covered. One of them is the lifting of the restrictions against other contextual ads like YPN, Kontera, etc. being displayed together with Adsense. Nice move there. It allows publishers to really see and compare the performance of each ad and their ROI.

Next is this Adsense Referral Program which used to have a really dumb policy. What are the chances that a newly signed up Adsense Publisher will make $100 in the first 90 days? Here’s the revised one:

  • When your referral earns $5 in the first 180 days, you get a $5 referral fee.
  • If your referral earns $100 in the first 180 days, you get a $250 referral fee.
  • Within 180 days, if you refer 25 Adsense Publishers and each of them earns at least a $100, you get a $2,000 bonus.

The last bonus is limited to once per year but I must say the the $5 is very much doable, the $100 in 180 days has a good chance and the $2,500 is pretty exciting. If only Google had done this on day one (*sigh*). I guess they realized the old scheme wasn’t doing much push on the campaign. I might put back those Adsense referral banner ads back after this.

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