Google changing lives in the Philippines

A recent article of USA Today’s Tech section entitled “Google’s hidden payroll” states that Google’s Adsense program has greater effects in 3rd world countries such as the Philippines.

Anyone with a site is eligible, and Web forums are awash in success stories of small online entrepreneurs placing ads on their sites, sitting back, and watching checks from Google roll in.

But it is Web entrepreneurs in the developing world who are reaping the greatest benefit from the program.

A lot of successful cases have been shared in the official Adsense Success Stories and hundreds of thousands more worldwide with a growing number of them from the Philippines. The article mentioned a couple of them:

Andrew de la Serna runs a small search engine in Davao City, Philippines, and derives about 40% of his monthly income from Adsense. “It’s great to do what you love to do and earn money from it at the same time,” he says.

His earnings have allowed him to purchase a cellphone, develop new websites, and build up his savings account.

realme philippines

Dr. Rodolfo Rafael, who owns a small medical clinic in San Fabian, Philippines, says the Adsense earnings from his medical website allow him to “dream big” and reinvest in his medical practice.

The Social Software Weblog adds:

Perhaps those of us trapped in English only, US-centric webspace only come across developing world sites with Adsense when one comes by email or blog comments to pick our fat pockets. (Of course there’s no shortage of people doing the same or worse in the US as well.) Meanwhile there’s a whole world full of people out there talking amongst themselves and doing their thing online – and apparently Adsense is kissing their babbies and rescuing their kittens from trees and stuff.

Anybody care to post links to their favorite localized sites supported by Adsense and containing compelling, original content?

Ok, so I searched for the names of the people mentioned in the story and these are their sites as far as I can tell:

* (Ouch, the company blog has 2 readers via Feedburner. Seems like a totally legit search engine for info related to the Phillipines though.)

For US Publishers, a thousand bucks ($$$$) may be too small for them but for us here in Asia, it could already be equivalent to a middle management level salary.

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11 Responses

  1. russellsat says:

    @ yuga,

    how about individual publishers only? just like problogger? ikaw? magkano na kita mo per month with this blog that has high PR?

  2. Abe Olandres says:

    @ russell

    There are big Filipino sites out there like and PinoyExchange which could be getting around that figure. The Cebu Sun Star Chronicles has a premium Adsense account so they do get a huge amount as well.

  3. russellsat says:

    do you know of filipino who are earning a much as foreigners did? say US$5,000 to US$10,000 per month. If none, who is the highest earning filipino adsenser today? just asking, could be an inspiration for the beginners.

  4. demonhale says:

    Its really unethical, several docs approached me to have their simple info sites built, I declined and reminded them of their oath… Engineers giving tips and designs is a totally different story, all they need are disclaimers… any engineers here need a site?

  5. Miguel says:

    The doctor can be totally anonymous and still rack in the ad revenue.

  6. magicman says:

    Adsense is really a breakthrough for Filipino publishers like me. I just received my first check worth 4979 PHP. Looking forward to earn $100 a day someday.

  7. Abe Olandres says:

    @ noemi

    Yes, that was my concern when I first read of the story. I know that doctors should not advertise their practices. Then there’s the issue of the Adsense ads which the author cannot control. They might “unintentionally” advertising drugs/services which are not suitable.

  8. Noemi Dado says:

    Not the adwords per se. I meant advertise their medical practice indirectly by blogging. Actually I don’t see it that way.

  9. Miguel says:

    Doctors just post… then it will be the Adwords buyers who will place the advertisements.

  10. Noemi Dado says:

    I assume that the medical website is just informative. When I asked my sister (a medical doctor) if she wanted a blog ..she said that it might be unethical because they are not allowed to advertise.

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