Risking AdSense with Click-and-Miss

Risking AdSense with Click-and-Miss

The Inside Adsense blog reminds us about implementing ad placements that could inflate the incidence of click and miss.

They suggest three possible scenarios:


  • In close proximity to Macromedia Flash games
  • Under pop-ups or download prompts
  • Near site navigation controls on your pages, such as drop-downs or menu links
  • The last bullet might cause some alarm so most AdSense Publishers as this seem to be a common practice in ad layouts. I earlier blogged about “Adsense over-optimization could lead to click fraud?” and this could be related to that incident.

    I think the rule of thumb here is that if the ads are placed in a position that it could be likely clicked due to slight inaccuracies in mouse movements then it’s possible to get your account banned for it. Hat tip to Chino.

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    1. Jayce Ooi says:

      Nice tips. Thanks. :)

    2. Eric N. says:

      Or, people could just focus on creating real blog-visit-worthy content. :-P

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