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Western Union for Philippine AdSense Publishers

Mars Woo left a comment on my earlier post about Malaysians getting their Adsense payouts via Western Union:

Hey, I’m a Philippine publisher and I also received an invitation from Google to try Western Union this morning. Hmmmm. I think publishers should be wary of this because Western Union has a payout limit. I’m having second thoughts also because Western Union is very strict. You have to produce two valid IDs, fill up information sheets yadah yadah.

But one good thing to consider is that those who are invited to try the Western Union payout will not be charged for the service at this time. Hmmmm. Any thoughts?

I checked my AdSense account and the Western Union option is not yet available. However, in the tips section, you will see this: “TIP. If you have selected to receive payments by Western Union Quick Cash, we recommend that you check the amount of your upcoming payment to ensure that it is not over the Western Union payout limitation. Learn more.


Clicking on the link will get you to a page with an error message — “Oops! This feature isn’t available yet. Please stay tuned — it’s coming soon, and we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available to you.

My thoughts? I think this is a good option considering that we still have postal delivery problems and secure delivery via DHL is a bit expensive ($24). It would have been better if Google will shoulder the remittance fees via Western Union. In any case if a publisher is earning between $100 to $300 a month, the $16 fee is still cheaper and faster (2 days!).

However, Mars is right about Western Union having a money transfer limitation in the Philippines. The maximum you can receive is $2,000 at a time (per day) or its Philippine Peso equivalent. Now, that already disqualifies me. :D

Note: profile removed as per request by Mars Mosqueda.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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27 Responses

  1. Luis says:

    You’re disqualified from WU payments because of payout limits – I wouldn’t mind having your problems…


  2. Michael says:

    Together with full-featured Paypal for our country, this option is a necessity for most.

    Looking forward for future good news.

    Thanks for the tip Abe.

  3. marhgil says:

    Sana, maactivate na ito. I have still a long way to go before getting disqualified on WU :D It’s a better option than paying $24 on DHL.

  4. Miguel says:

    I agree with Luis, Abe’s problem is a nice to have!

    Just one reason why Abe is nominated among the Internet’s most influential Filipinos. (shameless plug for my Pinoy Tech Blog post.)

  5. yuga says:

    @ james

    Dude! Musta na? Where you working now, pre? Long time no hear ah!

  6. ajay says:

    Having heard of horror stories about Google AdSense payments, I was elated to receive my Google check last month in Philippine pesos. It was coursed through this RP logistics company (had a Phil address) and I thought the exchange rate was pretty good. But then again, I thought I was playing Russian roulette

    P.S. Abe, will mail you the check pending from me tomorrow. Sorry for the delay ha ;)

  7. jozzua says:

    “The maximum you can receive is $2,000 at a time (per day) or its Philippine Peso equivalent. Now, that already disqualifies me. :D”


  8. Marcvill says:

    if you make transactions with WU regularly, then they should give you a WU Goldcard (or something like that). this speeds up the remittance process since all your data is stored in your goldcard. less verification needed. but you still need 2 valid IDs.

    wow, $2000 PER DAY!!! Abe is a god. I won’t be surprised to see hom driving a new car SOON!!!… honk honk!

  9. Noemi says:

    i got a similar invitation. I think I like the Western Union option but at $2000, the fee is probably more than $68. Might as well get the DHL express route.

  10. edward says:

    I am not using adsense anyway but I heard that western union is very expensive. Could you give me other option to receive money? Paypal is a waste of time. Please answer me in my blog please.

  11. Alex says:

    Yeah, ive heard about this new “feature” but im still crossing my fingers coz my upcoming check is $3,445 and if the limit is only $2k then it’s crap. And it would be wayy expensive if it’s already out of beta. Like $60+ for a $2k transfer…

  12. Junie Lee says:

    Sorry for being a KJ but I think the invitation from Google was confidential and should not be disclosed to anyone. ;)

  13. markku says:

    I guess this means the next gimik is on you… treat mo ko sa Bohol? Hehehe.

  14. Alex says:

    Junie Lee how can it be confidential? it’s not that you’re disclosing your CTR, eCPM or actual earnings. hmmmm. you should educate yourself @ forums.digitalpoint.com

  15. John says:

    @jozz lol apir brad

    idol nga

  16. Just another reason to love Google. :)

  17. Rian says:

    Hi Abe,
    I have a few questions for you if you have time. My girlfriend is Filipino (from Davao), now living in Japan. She’s doesn’t know anything about blogging, adsense etc. But I want to help her get her own Adsense account linked to her Philippine bank. I plan on setting her up with a few niches sites a monetizing with Adsense. How hard is it to get a direct deposit Adsense account linking up with a bank in the Philippines? Is there a particular bank that you can recommend that works best? Do you suggest payments in US dollars or Pesos?

    I also eventually want to get her setup with Clickbank too. The main thing now is getting her a bank account that can accept direct deposits and allow her easy access to her money via ATM machines both in the Philippines and perhaps in Japan too.

    Any info you could provide would help a ton. Thanks for your time.


  18. yuga says:

    Hi Rian,

    Unfortunately, Adsense still does not support direct bank deposit here in the Philippines. The Western Union method is still under beta testing like in Malaysia and other SEA countries.

    The best delivery option you can have now is Express Courier via DHL which costs $24 from your end. Have the cheques in US dollar instead of Philippine Peso too.

  19. how can i earn more than $0.01 per day with my adsense and clicks.

  20. Meili says:

    Bah they have my money and won’t give it to me since I have two valid IDs but the passport has expired. So two months ago I could get my money but not today? That’s ridiculous.

  21. jay says:

    up for this.. this is now being offered!

  22. arleth says:

    PLssss..WU..my ask my frnd frm pampanga she send me money..then nabura ko ang cntrl @ na bngay nia at gnun din cia nwla ang resebo n bngy s knya..
    then ths day bmalik cia dun at sbi dw ng staff hindi ndw nia pwde ma claim or wla ndw cla record is that true? how come? dba naka computerized nman all senders records?

    thnx pls reply this

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