Apple makes iPad 2 official!

In a recently concluded event by Apple, Steve Jobs announced the second generation tablet they simply called the iPad 2.

Apple iPad 2
1GHz Apple A5 chip Dual-Core processor
9.7″ display @ 1024×768 pixels
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR
720p Back Camera @ 30fps video recording
VGA front-facing camera
Three-axis gyro
Ambient light sensor
Assisted GPS

It’s only 8.6mm thin, much thinner than the 9.3mm iPhone 4. The older iPad is about 13.4mm thick (so the new one is about 1/3 thinner). The 2 built-in cameras now allow for the iPad to run FaceTime. Same 10 hours of battery life on a single full charge.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

The prices of the new iPad 2 will follow the previous SRP of the first generation Apple tablets, as follows.

iPad 2 Prices

16GB WiFi – Php23,990
32GB WiFi – Php28,990
64GB WiFi – Php33,990

16GB 3G+WiFi – Php30,990
32GB 3G+WiFi – Php35,990
64GB 3G+WiFi – Php40,990

There might be some discrepancies with the final price due to fluctuations in the forex rates.

The iPad 2 will be released in the US on March 11 with additional 25 more countries by March 25. Unfortunately, the Philippines is not among them (are we waiting another 9 months to see it being released in the country again, just like the first one?).

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70 Responses

  1. Avatar for kimoi kimoi says:

    @itan : 32 at 64 GB lang ang meron

    @question: 512 mb lang ang ram ng ipad2

  2. Avatar for iPad2 Question iPad2 Question says:

    Can anyone here confirm that iPad2 Has a 2GB Ram? or i only hear lies?. thank you

  3. Avatar for itan tolentino itan tolentino says:

    san po ako pwede bili ng ipad 2 wifi=3g 16gb at magkanu surebuyer po tnx

  4. Avatar for magadget magadget says:

    40k ang 16GB ipad 2 sa greenhills

  5. Avatar for mr. bogus mr. bogus says:

    walang bagong features..!!! (no flash!!!)

    still galaxy tab and archos are the best tablet pc for me!!!

  6. Avatar for Edwin C Edwin C says:

    Ah, basta, wait pa rin ako iPad 2. Kailan ba talaga, kuya, hah? Kailan? Sagot ka naman,

  7. Avatar for ade ade says:

    madali bang magasgas ang likod ng iPad like sa ipod touch?

  8. Avatar for john john says:

    LOL sa mga kids na gusto ng flash! di yan magkakaflash kahit anong mangyari! haha


    did you realize na mahirap yan para sa mga developers right?

    @Xoom tablet or other honeycomb

    goodluck sa buggy at appless tablet na yan. LOL

    @tablet buyers

    kailangan nyo ba talaga ng tablet or sumusunod lang kayo sa USO? LOL =)

  9. Avatar for Wow Wow says:

    Still no damn FLASH?
    This is bulls***!

  10. Avatar for NineSwordz NineSwordz says:

    Still XGA (1024×768)? hindi pa ginawang SXGA (1280×960).. tsk tsk. lol And good luck sa pagkuha ng pics at video using that. =)

  11. Avatar for Jeff Jeff says:

    iPad 2 is definitely way to go!
    Question lang po and for the readers. Will you go for thw Wifi only version which is cheaper or will you opt to buy the 3G+Wifi (which is more expensive)?

  12. Avatar for Benchmark33 Benchmark33 says:

    FYI: Ipad Smart Cover are sold separately according to this page (at the end of the movie presentation.

    Well matagal pa ito dumating dito sa pinas…tama yung ibang post dito na marami pang pedeng mangyari sa tablet world…perhaps pagdating ng Ipad2 dito, sapaw na yung technology ng Ipad 2 sa ibang updated tablets na lumabas before sila.

  13. Avatar for neo neo says:

    XOOM still has the edge…..

  14. Apple continue to innovate and probably will take the lead.

  15. Avatar for ann ann says:

    Yes there is skyfire for flash vids but that is limited to that no flashy website or flash games. But hey this thing is super tempting! I found our there’s also imitation camera connection kit that’s more affordable than the original if you have connectivity issues its 3in1 pa nga don’t know pa where to buy though. Heck I’m surfing on this bb torch npagtygaan q without flash why not on this ipad2 I guess ditch this bb for galaxy s. But as they say new tablets will emerge, ending is we consumers are spending money and technology keeps on changing!

  16. Avatar for Stephen Stephen says:

    I wonder if IPAD2 will support the use of SD via the USB-port adapter.

  17. Avatar for dulfo dulfo says:

    Considering the updated specs of Ipad2 and the price difference of Php4K then I will just wait for the new Ipad2 but maybe not for another 9mos in the Apple Phils site.

  18. this i might buy! :D

  19. Avatar for Night Night says:


    since when did adobe = microsoft? just wanted to know baka hindi ko nabalitaan.

  20. Avatar for cosmic cosmic says:

    Compatible ang ipad sa flash. Use Skyfire browser. Solve problem nyo.

  21. Avatar for Patutz Patutz says:

    sayang kasi ung flash no..ganda nga nito kung meron lang flash hehe…IMO lang namn.. tsaka itunes lagi dapat hehe

  22. Avatar for mpst mpst says:

    Tama, vanity eto lalo na para sa aming mga technology geeks! Imagine top of the line microsoft os notebook plus ipad 2 and iphone 4 nasa backpack mo, kung may gusto kang matechno drunk ilabas ang gear and go for the BITS! Bakit microsoft os based notebook? Practicality. Bkt ipad2-iphone4? Vanity. Yum yum!

  23. Avatar for someone someone says:

    IMO mas ok na bumili ng ipad 2. bibili ka lang naman ng ipad kasi gusto mong bumili, hindi dahil kailangan mo, so kung may pambili ka, better get this one. additional 4k for the hardware upgrade, sulit na siguro yun

  24. Avatar for mpst mpst says:

    Wtf? Bkt ang mura?! Nagregalo ako iphone4 32gb sa syota ko tapos 64 gig wala pang 1000usd?! Wtf tlga! Hahaha! Para po sa naghahanap ng flash, flash = adobe = microsoft haha, kaya hnde yan mangyayari. Kung cocompare nyo IOS sa ibang OS ng tablet, IOS is waaaay better, kung may pambili kayo ng apps dun nyo makikita mga possibilities ng gadget na to, security wise, sabi ng australian security authorities, the two best ways to ensure a secure environment for financial or sensitive transactions would be to fresh install linux in a pc or use apple computers which are not program hacked eg jailbroken. Ipon muna ulit.

  25. Avatar for HiveMind HiveMind says:

    within 9 months whole new slew of tablets will arrive and readily available on our shores, that will be more powerful(quad core processor), more feature rich(can play flash, HD ready etc.) and more competitive in terms of pricing. no need to drool on this one yet, Its good that Apple sets the standards. and lucky for others, its not that hard to exceed those standards. The real winner here is informed consumers with more choices.

  26. Avatar for nino nino says:

    bakit hndi nilagay ang megapixel?

  27. Avatar for raymond raymond says:

    The dual core processor is really nice. But yung cameras niya, sub par compared to other honeycomb tablets. I might get one just to show off and pogi points sa cafes. :))

  28. Avatar for Kei Kei says:

    frankly, im quite disappointed with iPad2. i was expecting a higher resolution, at the very least. i still think it’s an oversized iPhone. Just my cents. Don’t flame me.

    I also can’t see the point of buying a tablet that works the same way my smartphone does (which is probably why I am also not attracted getting a Honeycomb). Seems like i’ll wait for BB Playbook instead.

    iPad has competitive price though. very tempting.

  29. Avatar for iPad Xoom iPad Xoom says:

    iPad 2 ETA at Singapore June 2011
    Same release date as last year with the Hong Kong Official Release
    together with the iPhone 5

  30. I’m excited to get this one! I’m planning to sell my ipad at bibili ako ng ipad 2. Sana naman hindi na umabot ng 9 months ang hihintayin bago dumating dito sa philippines…

  31. Avatar for ann ann says:

    We know very well IOS will never support flash. But this thing is a beauty add the performance to that and as a consumer I just can’t help but ask WHY NO FLASH SUPPORT IMO if it does, thten no other tablet could really come close to the ipad2. But then if you own this device you must own a pc/notebook too and THAT COMES WITH FLASH! Maganda lang to “porma points”. :)

  32. Avatar for lolipown lolipown says:

    nope, and as for the Xoom:[email protected]/5475257624/

  33. Avatar for suctionseat suctionseat says:

    I already saw the first generation of iPad but after seeing this one and its features.. I wanted to have one of my own.

  34. Avatar for Wreek888 Wreek888 says:

    Im sure this will be officially release here by november same as ipad 1 but it will be available in greenhills by april with a price of 35k up, but if you have ipad 1 and ipod touch 4g you dont really need to upgrade to ipad 2 or wait till its officially release here by end of the year with much lower price probably 22k up, while the price of ipad now is down to 19,995 .

  35. Avatar for Arsie Arsie says:

    I am not an Apple fanatic guy but I think I will ask my friend from SG to buy one for me coz it’s way too cool. :)

  36. Avatar for Ethan Ethan says:

    The price of this thing blows the competition out of the water. Still sad that Flash isn’t supported, but the Smart Covers are ingenious. Might wait for the Xoom to drop prices before buying anything.

  37. Avatar for benchmark33 benchmark33 says:

    probably you are right…it made me think of availing Ipad if until now, there is no flash support…probbly I’ll go back to on dreaming on samsung tab?

    yep, I also commented on sir abes blog regarding ipad 1 price, 4000 off! :-)

  38. Avatar for cosmic cosmic says:

    I WANT!!!!!!!!

  39. Avatar for ric ric says:

    Id like this post , for sure ill gonna get one

  40. Avatar for Messie Messie says:

    My bad, it won’t be available at Singapore on Mar 25, but I’m quite sure that a month from that, it will be available there. :)

  41. Avatar for ethan tremblay ethan tremblay says:

    nothing new.. Slight disappointment on the vga front camera.. Who would appreciate a pixelated video call? I was hoping for a surprise or something. I’ll pass..

  42. Avatar for garz garz says:

    the iPad 2 has FLASH now, right???? Because other review sites keeps comparing it to the Xoom..

  43. Avatar for garz garz says:

    the iPad 2 has FLASH now, right????

  44. Avatar for Messie Messie says:

    Get the Ipad2 from Singapore, it’s the same price as US. No flash is not a deal breaker, never did Steve Jobs said that he will integrate it into his devices, as a matter of fact, he hates it with passion. So, unless Steve is out of apple, it is highly unlikely that we’ll see built-in flash support into the coming Apple devices.

    At 4k difference from the Ipad 1, this is a steal. Go get this one after a month (so that it can have it’s bugs resolved) or wait for the Ipad 3, which rumors say to be released in November (but I still think it will be released next year following Apple’s 1 year life cycle).

  45. I wish I’ll win the android mobile and get the ipad and the black berry!!! well it is a start i need it said by my friends for contacting and calling or business transaction in our world as an applicant of a call center agent it is required!!! HAVE A NICE DAY!!!

  46. Avatar for iPad Xoom iPad Xoom says:

    Yipee benta mode na.
    Get na iPad 2 sa Japan
    Same price as the US release

    iPad 3G 1st gen sell mode

    Japan here we come!! :)

  47. What’s tempting with the iPad 2 are the camera and weight. I dislike it that my iPad is so heavy for such a small device. But then, better wait for iPad 3.

  48. Avatar for arj arj says:

    for sure, maraming competent alternatives pag narelease na ang ipad 2

  49. Avatar for jay jay says:

    No surprises.

  50. Avatar for alvin alvin says:

    ewan ko b bkit ang tiyaga nyo sa apple products…obiously di nmn tayo priority buyers nila…dadalhin lng products nila d2 pg laos n sa ibang bansa…

  51. Avatar for alvin alvin says:

    better wait for ipad 3…

  52. Avatar for lolipown lolipown says:

    You have an update for the iPad 2 but not on the Macbook Pro refresh? :(

  53. lague na lang tau late sa mga products nila.. haiz.

  54. Avatar for Kiko Kiko says:

    vga front facing camera?
    $39 proprietary hdmi dongle?
    $39 smart cover that doesnt even protect the back of your ipad?

    if only the xoom can lower its price a bit then theres no question that its better than the ipad 2

  55. Avatar for JKisaragi JKisaragi says:

    (are we waiting another 9 months to see it being released in the country again, just like the first one?)

    Probably. Oh well, still have 9 months to save up for the iPad 2. XD

  56. Avatar for Wally Wally says:

    flash still not supported.. :(

  57. Avatar for lolipown lolipown says:

    the original ipad is cheaper now though

  58. Avatar for ricardo isip ricardo isip says:

    no flash, no SD, no Google chrome…. hirap pumili.. masakit yung mga trade-off, compatible kaya yung ipad sa wireless keyboard??

  59. Avatar for ann ann says:

    I’m in Cali right now and I think I’ll go to the Apple store come Mar11 to explore it first. So ready to get one but no flash support is a big deal breaker and that made me think twice of buying it. They’re adding bits of specs generation after the other nakakainis yeah it’s thinner it’s faster it has cameras but the whole web experience is lacking *sigh

  60. Avatar for Teknisyan Teknisyan says:

    back to the drawing board for the other tablets!!!:)

  61. Avatar for razorous razorous says:

    Its called the iPod Smart Cover. Nice!

  62. Avatar for razorous razorous says:

    I like those attach magnetically to the device and protect its display from scratches. Plus they can serve as an ingenious morphing stand for the tablet. Kasama na kaya yun sa package?

  63. Avatar for Benchmark33 Benchmark33 says:

    Teka teka…I commented that I will buy Ipad 1 if Ipad 2 is released….pero in such a price range then with a lighter and dual cam unit…hmmm that made me think of buying Ipad 2! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  64. Avatar for Dan The Beast Dan The Beast says:

    Inaantay ko talaga itong update na ito mula kanina. Bilis mo talaga Sir Yuga. The price point will indicate that the first gen IPad will be cheaper. Ayus!

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