Apple drops 1st-Gen iPad prices by Php4,000

As the Philippine Apple Store comes back online to accommodate news of the iPad 2, they’ve also slashed the retail prices of the old iPads by Php4,000 (across the board).

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Here’s the screen shot of the new prices of the 1st-gen iPads.

The new prices are exactly Php4,000 cheaper. This will allow some price difference with the introduction of the iPad 2. The

Apple is hoping people will keep on buying the old iPads despite the new announcements. Not sure though if the Php4,000 difference will convince buyers.

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51 Responses

  1. Avatar for Jona Jona says:

    yeah! iPad original is much cheaper hence much more SLOWEEER!! Geez.. Its better to have iPad 2 in just 4k

  2. Avatar for sherwin sherwin says:

    4k na lng talaga,,san makakabili..i will buy

  3. Avatar for bjorn karlin bjorn karlin says:

    I think that im gonna get an ipad now

  4. Avatar for ald101294 ald101294 says:

    iBook Store at SM-Clark, apparently an Apple Authorized Reseller as seen from a sign on their glass display wall…

    the iPad 16gig wi-fi only model sells for a whooping P26,000! I think these guys are living under a rock! Beat that Villman, hehehe

    Warn your friends!

  5. Avatar for mr. bogus mr. bogus says:

    di sapat…

  6. Avatar for JKisaragi JKisaragi says:


    I knew that already. :)

    I originally asked if Power Mac Center already cut the prices off of their iPads so that I can avail of it via installment (which I can’t get if I purchase online. I can apply for it though by calling my creditor, but that would still be subject for approval. >_<)

    Guess I'd just have to wait and see then.

  7. Avatar for kiko kiko says:

    purchase the ipad online to get the discount

  8. Avatar for JKisaragi JKisaragi says:


    Bat ganun? Pumunta ako kanina sa Power Mac Center sa Festival Mall Alabang, full price parin iPad nila. Di tuloy ako bumili >_<

  9. Avatar for Edwin C Edwin C says:

    Ah, basta, wait pa rin ako iPad 2. When ba talaga, kuya?

  10. Avatar for Norman Norman says:

    iPad 2 is a good choice.

  11. Avatar for proPNoy proPNoy says:

    i’ll wait for the ipad3.
    malamang ipapamigay na ipad1.
    so far, contented pa naman me sa asus laptop ko.

  12. Avatar for JKisaragi JKisaragi says:


    Thanks! Looking forward to buy one within the month. :)

  13. Avatar for ald101294 ald101294 says:

    Yes, PowerMac also dropped their prices by P4k across all iPad variants. They will cut another 5% off the new prices for cash buyers.

  14. Avatar for JKisaragi JKisaragi says:

    I’m getting the old iPad. I mean hey, I’ll just be using it for viewing files and cases for school. With that in mind, it’s a steal (literally, I’ll steal one off the shelves of PMC. LOL).

    Hope someone would post if Power Mac Center already cut the prices off theirs(and if it’s available 0% 12 months). TIA!

  15. Avatar for iEDU iEDU says:

    I will go for iPad 2! what is 4k for the ability of iPad 2 to get faster Processor and far better graphics over the old one? Oh… and dont forget the new slimmer design- 33% off the thickness!

  16. Avatar for YOPINTECH YOPINTECH says:

    PhoneArena presents the official promo video of the Apple iPad 2 – the brand new tablet by Apple, which comes to succeed its revolutionary device from 2010.

  17. Avatar for em zarate em zarate says:

    ipad 2 with 9x graphics processing power compared to the ipad, who said so. steve jobs?

    but yes, 19k is an awesome price for a tablet. sana applicable dito student discount. para 17k nalang sya

  18. Avatar for adam adam says:

    Yan na nga ba sinasabi ko eh. Bababa talaga price nyan kasi naluma. At least meron nang pag pipilian ang consumer kung bibili ng samsung Tab wifi na 25K or Ipad wifi na 20K.

  19. Avatar for Numb Hands Numb Hands says:

    Di ba Globe lang ang may handle ng Apple products sa Pinas, magkano kaya yung may plan kasi recently may reklamo yung isang congressman na nagchacharge ang Globe excessively.

  20. Avatar for csseyah csseyah says:

    i think ok na po yung presyo ng old iPad.. malaking tipid na rin ang P4k para sa akin.. WIFI + 3G na ang kukunin ko siguro…

  21. Avatar for Jedd Jedd says:

    The original iPad was already well-priced at 24k. It’s quite a deal at the new 20k tag. If you don’t mind paying the original price (only 4k more), you get an iPad that’s much faster, thinner, and has cameras. This is a good deal eitherway. I’m getting one for my nanay. Much better than a full-blown PC.

  22. Avatar for evilnet evilnet says:

    w0w!.l0ok up there..d real jay? WTF!
    style mu bul0k..

  23. Avatar for jayjay jayjay says:

    I will wait for ipad 4

  24. Avatar for ad540040 ad540040 says:

    Just got back from “The A.Shop” along Ayala Ave. They just dropped the iPad prices by P4000 across all variants. If you pay in cash they are willing to cut another P500.

    If you have an iPhone 4 and a MacBook and all you care about is to have an eReader so you could read eBooks and downloaded emails and news while commuting the P19,990 iPad could be just right for you even if the iPad2 has launched. :-)

  25. Avatar for Gumz Gumz says:

    cguro baba pa yan the following months… 19k price range, sure walang panama ang ibang tablet…

  26. Avatar for Wreek888 Wreek888 says:

    Patay na cherry superion na 20k or galaxy tab na 26k. Archos na 17k, of course people will buy ipad na im sure may mabibili mas mababa pa sa 19k, edi ipad na. You dont really need ipad 2 if you have ipad and itouch 4 just wait for ipad 3 while for now lets enjoy the ipad1.

  27. Avatar for tofsie tofsie says:

    Scoured and called Mac center. They too have not receive the “memo” yet.

    The 4k mark down is low, considering other aspects. Plan was, to buy an ipad 16g wifi for my brother, then wait for the ipad 2. 19,990 is already low, considering the IPAD’s specs. After looking at all the tablets, using them, I honestly think no one could still close to the IPAD. People would still buy them, specially now with the coming 4k mark down.

  28. Tough choice? ipad 1 for cheaper price or ipad 2 with all the cool new features.hmmm

  29. Avatar for ed ed says:

    If I had the funds for an iPad2… only an 8k difference would entice me to buy the 1st generation instead.

    IMO apple should have reduced it more to attract more first-time tablet buyers (those hesitant to buy a tablet because of the cost; but really want one). By doing this some of those people who bought the iPad at new low prices will be tempted again to purchase the 2nd generation; which equates to double the sales for apple.

    I still want a higher resolution iPad IMO.

  30. Avatar for benchmark33 benchmark33 says:

    Sana umabot ng 15k yang Ipad! HAHAHAHA

  31. Avatar for Patrick Patrick says:

    they need to dispose their goods now or else no one will buy them..

  32. Avatar for ethan tremblay ethan tremblay says:

    they should have dropped it much lower to attract more buyers.. Who would buy a 20k tablet if there’s a 17k tablet which is better? d-_-b

  33. Avatar for Paul Paul says:!!!

    Looks like these Villman guys didn’t get the memo from Apple.

  34. Avatar for D Real Jhay D Real Jhay says:

    A wait of a few more months after the iPad 2 is officially made available here in the Philippines, which is another 9 months or so, would be enough time to save up the new model.

  35. Avatar for monay monay says:

    Price of iPad 1 needs to drop lower. At 4k, it’s not much of a difference from iPad2. The cheapest variant is still 20K, still a big amount. Personally, I’d buy an iPad if the price were lower.

  36. Avatar for Messie Messie says:

    Archos 70 takes a mighty blow from this price cut. at 3k difference, will you go for Archos (17k) against the ipad 1 (20k)?

  37. i wonder how the gray market will react to the price cut from the official Apple store.

  38. For people with limited budget, 4k difference will really be able to convince people to buy an iPad. Besides, other consumers just care about having an iPad, because it’s THE iPad.

  39. Avatar for Alwin Alwin says:

    I’m still going for the iPad2. It is worth the wait. I just hope it’ll be available in the Philippines soon unlike what happened with the first gen

  40. Avatar for arj arj says:

    halos bargain na ang ipad 1 dahil sa pagdating ng ipad 2. well, tingin tayo ng mga alternatives for ipad

  41. Avatar for Ram Ram says:

    Yey. Apple’s getting cheaper. But I won’t buy it if I have the moolah. I’ll get the iPad deux instead. I

  42. Avatar for lolipown lolipown says:

    Makes sense on pricing. This is one of the more reasonable moves by Apple.

  43. Avatar for Teknisyan Teknisyan says:

    opps I mean ipad 2*** :)

  44. Avatar for Teknisyan Teknisyan says:

    I’d go for the ipad and the fact that is was down a while go, they (apple) might release the ipad 2 at a much earlier date… i just hope it’s within the next 3 months or else I’ll be getting a new camera!!

  45. Avatar for ricardo isip ricardo isip says:

    ipad 2 is 2x faster processor, 9x sa graphics, 30% thiner. 4k is not worth saving. sana lang may google chrome sa ipad2, dont like safari.

  46. Avatar for Benchmark33 Benchmark33 says:

    Yahoo!!!! It’s so worth to wait for Ipad 2 to arrive! So that I could buy Ipad 1 in a cheaper price! Well I hope other online buying site will do the same like in Kimstore, CMK or ebuyerstore! Yahoo!!!!

  47. Avatar for Dan The Beast Dan The Beast says:

    Pwede na yan Sir Yuga!

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