Apple releases MacBook Air

Apple releases MacBook Air

Apple goes for a win with the new MacBook Air. All I can say is it’s thin, sleek, thin! And surprisingly, it’s cheaper than I expected. Tech specs and pictures after the jump.

That’s 12.8 inches by 8.94 inches with thickness from .16 to .76 and natively supports 1280 by 800 pixels. Weighs only 3 lbs!

Of course since this rig is thinner than its predecessor, it can only fit an 80GB HDD (4200 rpm) compared to older models that go up to 160GB . However, there’s an optional 64GB solid state drive (Flash disk) — really nice.

MacBook Air

Now, how fast can they go? Well, they’re actually slower than the older ones too. Comes with Intel Core 2 Duo at 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz. The older model speeds at 2.0GHz and 2.2GHz (and 2.4GHz for the Macbook Pro).

At least, they go with a standard 2GB RAM which lets you avoid that expensive memory upgrade (or maybe they added the extra 1GB cost in the initial price?). And the 5 hours battery life is almost common with all Macbooks.


MacBook Air MacBook Air

MacBook Air MacBook Air

And oh, it lacks the standard ports – only 1 DVI port, 1 USB port (what???) and 1 audio port. How one can live with only 1 USB port is still a puzzle to me. No phone port, no LAN port. It has Bluetooth 2.0 and WiFi 80.211n.

Price starts at $1,799 for the 1.6GHz/80GB HDD and $3,098 for the 1.8GHz/64GB SSD. Wow, that SSD surely is very expensive.

Update: Comes with an optional $99 external Superdrive. But what if I left it at home or *gasp* lose it somewhere. An external wired LAN port will cost you $29 extra.

Oh, and CrunchGear says it’s beautiful but basically useless.

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41 Responses

  1. Miguel says:

    One USB port to… stick in a USB hub!

    Just a wait a few days, and you’ll see this at Pinoy coffee shops… :)

  2. dexter says:

    I wonder when can i by those Macbook. But with 1 USB this is not best for me

  3. AhmedF says:

    They *REALLY* need to add a docking station. I will buy it asap if they do.

  4. yuga says:

    The MacBook Air doesn’t have a user-replaceable battery. You’ll have to send it to the Apple store to be replaced.

    @ Migs – that would slow down USB 2.0 to 1.0 speeds right?

  5. ej says:

    i loved steve’s keynote! i felt like everyone who was there was salivating over the mb air…

  6. Kuya Yuga, you forgot to mention that this shiny new laptop does not come with optical drives. The superdrive is a $99 addition.

  7. Wow… really sleek. I honestly like it better than Asus eee. I’m not dreaming to have one though…

  8. yuga says:

    Ah yes, thanks for that added info sylv3rblade.

  9. jhay says:

    So that’s what Apple meant with those ads that said, “There’s something in the Air.” :P

    And almost everyone thought Apple’s going to buy Adobe.

  10. Kuya Kevin says:

    (from a new apple user)

    I got an email about this new macbook from the folks at apple. Looks really nice, although I’m wondering how sturdy this model will be. Notebooks are always susceptible to overheating, and I’m wondering if they’ve really overcome this problem.

    I’ll enjoy my black macbook in the meantime.

  11. Connie says:

    When I saw the Macbook Air at Wired, my first reaction was WTF, I just bought a Macbook Pro two weeks ago now they’re saying there’s something cheaper but better than the basic Macbook! Then, I saw the specs… sheesh, looks can’t overcome the lack of features.

  12. Tina says:

    It’s so thin! Ack. But 80GB is too small for me.

  13. Tina says:

    Ay, that’s even if you include the additional 64GB thing, which makes everything so expensive.

  14. Christian says:

    I was a Macworld today and held the MB Air. It’s thin as hell and very sexy but not worth it. If it was $999, OK. The best products were the Skullcandy headphones/buds.

  15. calvin says:

    not for the technojunkies, specs really suck and hassle yung magdala ka pa ng usb port just to plug-in a flash drive, mouse, etc. wala rin lan port?

    buyers need to look really closely before choosing this product.

  16. directrix says:

    “*snap!* *crack* *break* I can imagine the fun they would have.”

  17. BrianB says:

    The worse thing about the MBA is its target market. On one hand, we have the really light notebooks like the Toshiba Portege R500, which is just .01 inches thicker than the MBA. It only weighs 1.78 pounds and has an optical drive. Battery also lasts very, very long. Of course it’s underpowered at only around 1.2Ghz, but it’s less than 2 pounds. The MBA meanwhile is a 3-pounder with no optical drive, lacking connectors and still 13 inches wide.

  18. BrianB says:

    “*snap!* *crack* *break* I can imagine the fun they would have.”

    It’s aluminum. There have been notebooks thinner than .76 inches.

  19. Bianca says:

    Very very sexy. But one has to wonder if this will fly in the Philippines, considering that it’s mostly a wireless monster.

    If the price were a little cheaper, I’d still consider buying it though … too sexy to resist!!!

  20. quezacolt says:

    only 1 usb port? T_T

  21. GM Tristan says:

    I say this thing is ok if you have the money. Otherwise, for the frugally minded, just get the Asus EEE.

    Practically performs the same functions.

    my 2 cents!

    GM T

  22. @GM T
    hehe it’s the EEE for me too. I’m waiting for my first salary so I can buy one already.. That is unless the Cloudbook from Everex pops up anytime soon.

  23. chase says:

    Macbook Air – Beautiful but not that smart.

  24. karla says:

    I do not like the features of Macbook Air. I know it is the world’s thinnest laptop but I really do not care. And it has only one USB port? Ouch. :D

  25. Goe D says:

    I have a full coverage of MacWorld 2008 on my Video Technology section of the site, thought you may want to check it out.


    I agree with Karla, I am happy with my current laptop, I don’t care if it is the thinnest laptop ever maid, I am on the features it gives me. Macbook Air has only one USB, yup Ouch! Maybe the idea is to use the USB from the other Mac product like the a docking station they showed on one of the videos on the presentations… I like the other stuffs from MacWorld, like the iPhone… hopefully to get one on my coming bonus in April.

  26. Jakob says:

    I’m thinking of having mac air. Thinnovation at its best.

    btw, Abe Apple has just recently launched their January software update for iPod Touch worth $20.

  27. outaru says:

    If you don’t like it, then it’s not for you… It’s not for me either.. Still happy with my PowerBook g4, will just wait for a better mbp

  28. Jeffrey says:

    But fanboys would argue that you wouldn’t really need a replace “because of apple products’ durability”, Durability? Search Youtube for exploding iPod batteries.

    “The MacBook Air doesn’t have a user-replaceable battery. You’ll have to send it to the Apple store to be replaced.”

  29. quezacolt says:

    ang mahal nung optional na ssd($3,098)

    edi bibili nalang ako ng 2 pang macbook air para 3 na macbook air ko kaysa magpalagay ng ssd hehehhehe

  30. Gstar-Raw says:

    MBA is not for everybody. Stop complaining if you can not afford. get the cheaper one. Ganun lang.

  31. kenzo says:

    um, i think a couple of us misunderstood about the SSD model?

    what the author might have meant is that aside from the HDD, the SSD is a variant model of MacBook Air in terms of storage medium, not an optional peripheral..

    just to clear things up, correct me also if im wrong.

  32. j4s0n says:

    Tsk. Common sense. Get a macbook pro for performance, get a macbook if concerned about the price.

  33. tikya says:

    wah1 walang lan port? e panu yung internet connection ko? smartbro pa nman ako yung plan,,haha,,maganda lang to sa physical pero walang kwenta ang specs,,but i still want 1,,but i would keep my old one..haha :)

  34. Heh, I did a search and came here to read about the newest Macbook. Took me a while to realize that this was one of the old ones :)

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