Apple TV: 40GB of pure TV fun!

Last Saturday, we got to test the Popcorn Hour Media Player. This Saturday, it’s Apple TV‘s time to shine in the living room.

The Apple TV comes in two flavors — the older 40GB version and the newer 160GB. The thing is, the 40GB version doesn’t really have 40GB of available storage — something like just around 32GB.

Apple TV Philippines

As expected from Apple, the device didn’t came with an HDMI cable so you’ll have to fork about $20 for it as well.

Apple TV Philippines Apple TV Philippines Apple TV Philippines

realme philippines

Apple TV Philippines Apple TV Philippines Apple TV Philippines

Was expecting the Apple TV to be a little smaller but this one seems to be a little wider. It gets pretty hot too after a couple of hours of usage.

Apple TV Philippines

Apple TV Philippines Apple TV Philippines Apple TV Philippines

Apple TV Philippines Apple TV Philippines Apple TV Philippines

Will have to spend some more time with this rig to make a better review. My biggest frustration so far is the power cable — the magnetic cord just won’t stick to the socket well that it often gets disconnected.

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14 Responses

  1. Rose says:

    hi yuga,

    what is your storage in your apple-tv drives have been full and should we buy another new apple-tv? is it energy saving?

    would u like to try Synology diskstations? for us, it is a better media player because it is energy-saving device. there you can also expand your storage capacity up to 12 Terabytes and no need to buy a new one since Synology Diskstations can also be expanded up to 100 Terabytes of storage capacity. besides, synology diskstations also can be accessed remotely or anywhere you are.

    thanks Yuga…

  2. htc pure says:

    i’ve had my pure for a week now and i nonetheless dont know what to do… like changing the message alert tone to no matter i need it not simply the basic ones on the phone… the whole lot about this phone is complicating.. i additionally wished to change to that android software program as a result of home windows is simply too slow and somebody please help me how to do this

  3. ATV Hacked says:

    Have yours hacked by YNZAL.

    You’ll get AVI/XVID/WMV support, USB and Network Drive access, keyboard/mouse access and Safari running on your HD TV.

  4. Abe Olandres says:

    Last time I checked, the Apple TV 40GB costs about Php16k in Greenhills while the 160GB version is more than Php20k.

  5. eating says:

    Are those TOSLINK and YPbPr video out shown at the back? What interface is the one fourth from left?

    If TOSLINK and component video out are available then maybe HDMI is not needed.

    Abe, how much is the 160GB version in Philippines?


  6. jhay says:

    My guess is that the magnetic cord looses its ‘stickiness’ because of the heat issue, heat tends to negate magnetic properties.

  7. Movies on demand… Nice! That thing about it getting hot: How long did you use it, Abe?

  8. Jan Alvin says:

    Wow! All the movies you want, straight from your couch! Nice One!

  9. dapeke says:

    Sir Abe, thank you for your reply. Is it true that Apple will cut the prices of the ipod line and introduce new ipods with better feature at a lower price? I bought my Ipod 5.5G 80GB last year for 16500 and I’m really sad that my Ipod is getting older and older every year.

  10. asero says:

    how much it cost?

  11. Xeltran says:

    Is that the Dark Knight movie? Woohoo~~

  12. Abe Olandres says:

    Since my iTunes accounts is Philippines, I do not have access to the iTunes store yet.

  13. Lyle, RN says:

    Can you rent movies directly from iTunes?

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