Exclusive preview of iOS5 is magical!

Exclusive preview of iOS5 is magical!

There’s some talk that Apple is set to announce their new iOS5 this June at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). We’ll, looks like someone got an exclusive preview of iOS5 and it’s got augmented reality plastered all over it. See video after the jump.


If the new iOS 5 is just a half as magical as this one, I’d go sell all my Android and WP7 phones and switch back to iPhone. *tehehe*

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26 Responses

  1. Pepito says:

    LMAO! Imagine two girls fighting over a guy, face time catfight complete with real hair pulling hahaha. And when youre fed up with your boss you could just pull his ear and scream that you quit.

    too much imagination already LOL

  2. Francis says:

    This is really cool… if this also will happen i would really invest in buying an iphone or an ipad that has this feature…. SWEET

  3. Jam. says:

    it makes me wonder when you watch a XXX video/Pr0n on that iPad hahaha. truly magical hahaha.

  4. lulu says:

    almost as good as the Gmail motion prank lol!

  5. JunAlquis says:

    umm where is the video? either yugatech didn’t put a video or my computer just can’t see videos in this site?

  6. Zo says:

    first things first, the guy is a great illusionist! haha

    no complaining in saying that apple really knows how to sell their products.

    • Zo says:

      just saw it again and realized it’s just an independent film maker. lol

      well, whether he was or wasn’t paid by apple to do that ad, it may cause quite a stir with the impending announcement of the upcoming iOS 5

  7. Bryan says:

    saw through some tricks of the tricks, but the pour-milk-over-ipad-to-wet-guy trick is superb! maybe I could get one of those and then have my boss face over facetime and doodle over it and it magically transfer the doodle! booyah!

  8. Benchmark says:

    DEYM! I will even sell the LCD tv I bought for my parents and replace it with this new Ipad! WAHOO!!!!

  9. imitator101 says:

    Hope no one took your title too seriously and got their hopes up haha

  10. daniel says:

    looks like next in iOS 6 is teleportation haha

  11. Bryan says:

    If Steve Jobs can only present apple products like this. It would worth a while. hahahaha.

    • Zo says:

      on the contrary my friend, Steve Jobs does a great job during their product launches. You should watch his presentation of the ipoad nano when they first released it. He is EPIC when presenting products.

      Bill Gates has nothing on him.

      (and i know this because my profession is along the talking-in-front-of-large-audiences kind)

    • John says:

      malamang, peke.. kailangan mo pa ba sabihin yan? ang weird mo naman. kala mo totoo? ahhahaha

  12. Les says:

    Just a bunch of tricks. Apple is so desperate with this video in an attempt to lure its consumers coz they know iOS is primitive.

  13. roiji says:

    Reminded me of the “trick” used by Asus’ CEO (?) to present the PadFone.

  14. Calvin says:

    saw something like did done by a Japanese, or was it a Chinese? as part of his street magic. uses the ipad for some nifty illusions like this one.

  15. Val says:

    Ang galing ah! Ang bilis ng kamay, hehe. :) If this is true, you can go anywhere in the world by going inside your iPad, hahaha :P Nice one though :)

  16. June says:

    Naks! tinalo nya si david blaine! . . .

  17. friend.com.ph says:

    lol :) this is really awesome…

  18. chris a says:

    HOAX!!! useless hehe leave the magics to the circus and let the mobile computing devices use for practical activities…

    new marketing trick! thumbs down!!!

  19. chacha says:

    Apple saw the potential of this, when they saw Cyrill turned the Lacoste embroidery to a real baby crocodile. Lacoste started this thing with Cyrille.

  20. Edwin C says:

    This whole thing is fake. I can’t believe that all the commenters here fell for it. You are all so gullible.

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