Cheapest Android Phones: Under Php10k

Cheapest Android Phones: Under Php10k

When Android phones first came out in the country, their price range were in the level of the iPhone. The HTC Magic was the first one to hit the country back in July 2009 and was was selling for about Php30k (Php27k on Plan 500 with Smart).

Now, there are a lot of Android smartphones that are more capable than the HTC Magic and selling for under Php10,000.

Here’s our quick round-up of handsets you can get for Php10k or less and have your Android fix (prices may vary from store to store).

Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 – Php10,000

LG Optimus One P500 – Php9,900

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini – Php9,000


Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 – Php8,700

Sony Ericsson X8 – Php8,100

Cherry Mobile Nova – Php8,000

LG P350 Optimus Me – Php7,900

Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503 – Php7,800

Huawei Ideos U8150 – Php7,000

Cherry Mobile Cosmo – Php6,900

As new Android handsets are introduced, more of these smartphones will become more affordable. By this month next year, we should be seeing a lot of these Android phones running 1GHz processor and will be under Php10k.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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60 Responses

  1. nivla says:

    my co worker just bought samsung galaxy mini here in germany for 179euro.. thats about P10K.. way more expensive than there.. Lol

  2. Jay Quing says:

    That’s great. below 10k means tevhnology is getting affordable yet quality has not been compromised. it’s better to see those gadgets getting cheaper.

  3. Noir says:

    You forgot Huawei Ideos for 7,000 PHP

  4. Hankaku says:

    Mr. Yuga you also forget Alcatel, they also have android phone less than 8k

  5. 1001 says:

    nice android alternatives vs HTC. how about the battery life of these units?

  6. Just owned Cherry Mobile Nova for 6 months now. So far so good naman under 8k “fair enough for me”. Its also good for tweaking and changing custom moded roms like Phantom SKY REVO/Cyanogen. This phone is one of the OEMs among other brands from other countries as well.

    • Noir says:

      I think most people already knows that performance would not be the best BUT for the price it is enough to make people buy it and test it out.

  7. Alwin says:

    nice roundup. more Filipinos get to enjoy android technology with these affordable handsets

  8. chl says:

    How come no Huawei or ZTE? They are cheaper

  9. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    just got a Huawei IDEOS U8150 yesterday

    -price P6,988 (openline)
    -had problem downloading apps at the start, had to factory reset but its working now.
    -was able to play Angry Birds despite some reviews seen that it was slow, didn’t noticed the slowdown (yet)
    -no multi-touch (tried with a NES emulator + Circus charlie and Contra and had problems running while jumping and entering Konami code) Alternate solution is to use the directional pad
    -Left it at 99% charge at 3:30am, woke up at 8:30 am with 94% charge (2G mode, wifi off, gps off) and now at 10:46am its at 92% (after testing a NES emulator)
    -came with 2 faceplates (cyan and magenta), prefers the magenta since the blue looks kinda drab
    -Doesn’t seem to come with a memory card (not sure if its on purpose or sales took it while installing my 8gb micro SD)
    -had trouble with the touchscreen keypad (probably too accustomed to hard keys) but the small screen means the keys are hard to press even in landscape mode)
    -was able to test GPS and works perfectly for me
    -was able to play some of my encoded videos for my previous handset (Gundam 00 season 1 & 2 both encoded 320×240 mp4 h.264 275kbps video bitrate with 64kbps bitrate audio dub)
    -had problem playing 480p mkv encoded video using 3rd party software (QQPlayer and horriblesub encoded TWGOK 480p)
    -charging time takes approx 3-4 hours via USB from full discharge to 100%

    • Noir says:

      for multitouch read the comments on this Video

      And have you tried playing .avi?

    • IC DeaDPiPoL says:

      sorry the touch-screen type is melfas.
      slept at 11:45am – 4:00 and the battery went from 92% – 84%

      also installed Swype and Better Keyboard 8 but still sticking with the default Android Keyboard. Currently looking for a free T9 based keyboard

      Still looking for a 3rd party software that will alert me if I receive any message (doesn’t alert me unless via the notification sms tone)

    • Excellente says:

      Excellent review on the Ideos! It helped me in making my decision, thanks!

  10. ralph says:

    which is the best?

    • says:

      samsung galaxy fit is the best among other cheaper android mobile phones…

  11. Drey says:

    Any idea what cheap Android phone that has good quality camera and video?


  12. gee says:

    hi there! im planning to renew my plan subscription and im stuck on choosing ideos U8150 or galaxy 5? which would be the best in terms of customizations? also in speed when in comes to applications and games. ive read many articles and reviews and also on xda and mad team for customizations. but i still havent decided yet. downside for galaxy 5, theres no multi touch.. and for ideos, im thinking about the low processor and the quality of the fone.. thanks in advance for those who can advice me in choosing!

  13. Sometimes lower price is better than higher in performance.

  14. jang says:

    comparison would be nice, gusto malaman kung ano pinakamaganda.

    call quality / signal strength?
    camera quality?
    can it play angry birds?
    can you play videos directly without converting them?
    battery life?
    android version?
    build quality?

  15. Totem says:

    Ako, I’d choose Cherry Mobile Nova.. Kasi may Cyanogen support.. At least, updated phone mo parati XD

  16. Teknisyan says:

    yeah… their getting cheaper and cheaper by the minute… I sure hove that the same thing will happens to tablets.. and hopefully just hoping they won’t have any problem in naming their tablet just like this LA-Pad

  17. gee says:

    in terms of speed, gaming, customizations and quality… which do you prefer?

    huawei ideos u8150 or samsung galaxy 5?

  18. Winziph says:

    from the list above who do you think is the best?

  19. Edwin C says:

    Hihintayin ko na lang na dadami pa ang mga Android handsets na ‘yan para bumaba pa ang price to P3,000.

  20. you forgot Torque. They have 2 android phones in this price range. Dual-sim pa.

    The title of the post is incorrect. It should be ‘MOST AFFORDABLE’ NOT ‘CHEAPEST’. Not because it is not above 20k means its cheap. The size of these phones are perfect for Asians who have smaller hands. It is pocketable but useful and does not catch too much attention. Compare with 20k and up phones with 4″ screens. These phones just do the job. Around 95% of what the ridiculous 20k and up phones that is being bought only to brag.

    • leeto says:

      Correct, dami kasi gumagamit ng cp for bragging purposes only at wala pang load. They are ignoramous, they buy gadgets that they dont know how to use properly but for bragging only. poor Pinoys kaya di tayo umaasenso

    • the problem is there are bloggers who promote those high-end phones and gadgets as if it is the only tool that you need. It is because they get some freebies and support from the sellers. It is all about advertising. The useful, value for money products are the ones that are in the lower end of the scale, or those that were popular 6 months ago.

  21. mccrutch says:

    for battery problems please install advance task killer set it to insane+screen off

  22. razorous says:

    Nice! Anong version ng android yung sa Galaxy fit?

  23. ran says:

    wow my optimus one is now just 9900 after starting at 13k just last november. how quickly technology depreciates.

  24. Wow amazing Android handsets are now available at such a low cost which unbelievable and the highest range will go upto 10k only.

  25. noel says:

    Android, maging parang nokia to, maski mag babalot meron :/

  26. noel says:

    Android mobiles, maging parang nokia to, maski mag babalot meron :/

    • leemar says:

      tama ka, sa sobrang dami ng android phone na lumalabas, kahit mga maid magkakaroon nyan. kaya nga etong android ko na phone, pag nag palit ako ng model. either iphone or windows phone 7 na lang.

    • mao says:

      Eh ano naman kung magkaron ng android ang maids and magtataho? Kaya hindi umuunlad Pilipinas dahil sa inyong mga makikitid pa sa iskinita ng squatter ang utak! wth o.o

    • ongki says:

      uu nga nman, masyado kaung mga crab mentality style! mga unggoy kala mo kung sinung mayayaman ang hinayupak!

    • Hert says:

      oo nga, eh ano ngayon kung magkaron ng android mga magbabalot. nakakainit kayo ng ulo, mga garapata kayo. you’re a disgrace sa mga Pilipino.

    • zero says:

      sinu gusto bagong nakaw na android phone? txt me ^_^

  27. ysucit says:

    Maybe you should update it to Android 2.2 Froyo then Apps2SD application so you can save the Apps to the SD Card.

  28. Leah Lopez says:

    Meron na lower than Cosmo.. Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2.2 will be on retail for P4,999!

  29. jdsalinger says:

    E ano ngayon kung magkaroon ang mga katulong at magbabalot? Masama bang makaranas sila ng teknolohiya? Arte nyo.

  30. Mark says:

    Sony Ericsson X8 pwede na sa akin toh

  31. Unica says:

    san po lugar nakakabili ng LG Optimus Me na ganon ang price 7900? thanks po

  32. zoombees says:

    tang inang mga taong to.. masama ba kong mgkaroon ng android phone ung mgtataho at mgbabalot.. pasalamat nga kayo d nyo pinagtratrabahoan ng grabe pra mka bili lang.. gago 2ng mga taong 2.. kya d umuunlad ang pilipinas.. kac kau rin mismo humihila sa mga tao pababa!! kainis.. dapat sa inyo mawalan ng pera pra malamn nyo kong gano ka sakit ang laitin!!

  33. linuxlady says:

    since when did technology every became a snob? is there such a thing as uncool because poor people have them? you can say that because you don’t know anything about technology other than name dropping… pathetic…

  34. imperialserialkilla says:

    is there something wrong if maids/balot vendor owns one? palibaha kayong mga rich bratty kids, hingi lang ng hingi ng pambili sa nanay at tatay nyo..GTFO outta here!

  35. sexbat says:

    akala nila, ‘technology’ ang tawag sa pagbili ng sobrang mahal na phones, assholes, wala kaung alam kundi magyabang, btw, iphone is useless,

  36. Name: skydriver says:

    leemar at noel… ano? basag kau noh?! mga ungas kasi eh.

  37. storkshot says:

    grabe yabang naman nun… cheap phones for everyone, why not? Kung sa ikauunlad naman ba ng mga gagamit eh.

  38. Rey says:

    I have Android Phone Samsung Mini! and I use dis hangang sa kailan sa tatagal!

  39. ian says:

    i wonder if the prices have substantially changed since the June ’11 posting of this article… is there an update re most affordable android phones out there?

  40. betching says:

    bwahaha natahimik yung dalawang matapobre! baka ang gaganda nga ng cp nyo wala namang load.. haha.. sasama ng ugali.. magbago na kayo! mga matapobre!

  41. joyce says:

    mejo bumaba ng konti ung mga android phones ngaun kaya affordable, ung optimus p500 7k nlng sia :)

  42. emerson says:

    tsk tsk grabe naman makapang lait yung dalawa di porket mapera kayu eh kaya niyong bilin lahat get lost….,sana madala niyo lahat ng kayaman niyo pag di na kayu nahinga….

  43. wahahaha says:

    oo nga.. hahaha wala kayong alam kundi magyabang.. aanhin mo ung iphone sobrang mahal at restricted pa.. sbi nga eh technology is for everyone.. haha..

  44. Hello! I just want to give a huge thumbs up for the great information you have here on this weblog. I will be coming back aimed at your web site for additional soon.

  45. First time ever i come to know these cheapest phones…thanks for sharing..

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