Globe offers iPad 3G Plan 999 w/ micro-SIM

Despite the iPad not yet released by Apple in the Philippines, Globe Telecom is already offering an iPad 3G Data Plan. Together with the new micro-SIM card, get an unlimited 3G data plan for only Php999 per month.

Of course, Globe does not sell the iPad 3G yet but expects that a lot of people have already bought one and looking for unlimited mobile internet plan.

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The Globe Tattoo iPad 3G Plan answers that growing demand and for Php999 a month, you get unlimited internet on your iPad 3G.

For those looking for a prepaid solution, Globe is also selling the Tattoo micro SIM for only Php50 in Business Centers. I first broke the story earlier about Globe’s new micro SIM card here.

Update: Looks like we’ll have to wait ’til September for the iPhone 4. Globe Telecom already have micro-SIM cards for the iPhone 4 and is currently offering unlimited data plan for the iPad 3G for Php999/month.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

32 Responses

  1. Avatar for Simeon G. Canumay Simeon G. Canumay says:

    how can i apply for the UnliSurf Combo Plan 999 and get a 16GB iPad2 WiFi+3G. Get unlimited facetime, app store access, net browsing & HD movie upload? i’m already a globelines subscriber

    pls contact me in this no: 0324107816/09272961064

  2. Avatar for The question The question says:

    How much is the cash out for this?

  3. ang tgal nmn ung p n plan nmn

  4. Avatar for bogart bogart says:

    hi..i just bought my new iPad…it took me so long to figure out how to use my Globe micro Sim (bought in Globe Alimall) , since the lady in the desk didnt even know what to do as well, haist! so i called friends na lang and when i did…its SOOOOO bagal. whats with the shitty commercials that they have faster connection – WHATEVER! is it really true na magwowork ang cut na normal sim? and it will be faster? help…

    • Avatar for mriphone221 mriphone221 says:

      bro, any sim bro gagana sa ipad basta kailangan lang gamitan ng cutter para pulido ang pag cut, anywayz you can visit this site marami ka matutuhan dito regarding apple product. enjoy sa bago mong ipad..

  5. Avatar for Sam Sam says:

    @home made 3G booster – My uncle was naive he was tricked into buying a china replica iPad. Guess what, after a few minutes of using it, it was as hot as an iron. It’ll never be the same. I have an iPad 3G and it’s amazing. Just go for the traditional laptop. Those replicas are useless.

  6. I would still go for traditional laptop than buying this one or probably settle to replica like this IPAD China Made.

  7. Avatar for Tattoo Tattoo says:

    I used this new product while I was getting tattooed last week and I healed in three days, color is sick
    Tattoo Aftercare

  8. Avatar for aynakolenn aynakolenn says:

    I just recently cut a prepaid globe sim to fit into my ipad 3g and it gets a signal. I configured the APN and i can connect online but it only shows the “edge” symbol. Does it need to be a tatoo globe prepaid sim? or does it take a while before the 3g shows up? My Iphone works fine with 3g showing. and my friends ipad shows 3g.

  9. Avatar for boo boo says:

    ang racist. pano na kaming BB users? why are we still on a P1200 unli BB and P1500 unli max?!

  10. Avatar for Martin Martin says:

    i wonder if they’d offer unlimited 3g data plan for regular sims at P999/month.

    any idea?

  11. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    I say check the agreement first if it’s really unlimited.

    It wouldn’t be the first time Globe advertised an ‘unlimited’ plan when in fact it has a bandwidth cap.

  12. Avatar for yohan yohan says:

    cool, thank you :)

  13. Avatar for Angie Angie says:

    They managed to bring the price down to P999 for iPads? That’s “racism” to Blackberry users!

  14. Avatar for Efren Sy Efren Sy says:

    for iPad 3G go to greenhills or other retailers sa black market.
    us2ph bad decision to order from them
    almost a month now when June 14 arrives prepaid pa.

    don’t order from them

    not worth it.

    and regarding globe tattoo microsim

    I suggest just cut a smart buddy prepaid sim have the 3G activated., better broadband connection.

    Trust me I a globe postpaid and prepaid user.
    3G phone with crawling 3G speeds, more or dial up.

  15. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:

    Yeah abe, i agree with cris. Twitter RTs are quite annoying.

  16. Avatar for Wil-J Wil-J says:

    aww. i thought that the device was also included with the pla… :'( that should have been a very great deal :) if it were included haha

  17. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    @nightcrawl – it’s a postpaid plan without the device.

  18. Avatar for nightcrawl nightcrawl says:

    @cris couldn’t agree more. so annoying.

    abe, do I have to pay for the device(ipad) or it’s free if avail of the service? thanks!

  19. Avatar for cris cris says:

    September is quite long to get hold of that iphone 4 locally.

    On the other hand, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but those twitter RTs are quite annoying. They’re like spams or something. Is it possible to hide them?

  20. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:

    Of course its up to 2Mbps for Micro SIM Tattoo Prepaid. Maybe the same with Postpaid.

  21. Avatar for slighmd slighmd says:

    Unlimited 3g with the speed of the dial up connection

  22. Avatar for Manny P Manny P says:

    I’ve never experienced dropped calls using my iPhone. However, even if i have full 3G signal when I want to do something with my phone connecting to the internet, 3G often dies down and reverts to edge instead. Parang useless minsan na nagkaroon pa ng 3G, ayaw naman pala paaccess.

    How I wish they will also shorten the length of the existing contracts to avail of an upgrade to iPhone 4 this year. If not then I guess I will have to wait for the iPhone 4GSHDKLMNOP next year… or get myself some android (hello froyo) on other networks… or wait for a new webOS, symbian 3, or windows 7 device.

  23. Avatar for snpklsdmbldr snpklsdmbldr says:

    Globe is like AT&T

    go figure xD

  24. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    @jozzua – same lang din.

    @nexus3g – you can’t use the iPad’s 3G connection to tether to your laptop or PC. That means no bandwidth hungry torrents running 24/7 on the iPad compared to other smartphones connected to a PC.

  25. Avatar for nexus3g nexus3g says:

    how different is Globe offering unlimited 3G for iPad and unlimited 3G for non-iPad smartphones? why does it have to be specific-handset? are sim-cards pre-activated to only work with iPad and not otherwise?

    i don’t seem to get the logic behind this 3G unlimited data offer. anybody can care for an explanation?

  26. Avatar for drichhhh drichhhh says:

    @abeolandres that’s actually not bad…if their 3g were any good. Couldn’t send a tweet on 3g just now had to go edge

  27. Avatar for isangblacktupa isangblacktupa says:

    Sounds like a hot deal even for an iPhone 4g RT @abeolandres Globe offers iPad 3G unlimited data plan for Php999 —…

  28. Avatar for jozzua jozzua says:

    Any news on the Speed?

  29. Avatar for SlighMD SlighMD says:

    @abeolandres Unlimited 3g with the speed of the dial up connection :'(

  30. Avatar for drichhhh drichhhh says:

    @abeolandres that’s actually not bad…if their 3g were any good. Couldn’t send a tweet on 3g just now had to go edge

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