Here are photos of the iPad Air 2 with Touch ID

Here are photos of the iPad Air 2 with Touch ID

Apart from the many leaks of the next iPhones, alleged photos of the iPad Air 2 have also found its way into the internet through Twitter and through replicas from NoWhereElse.

iPad Air 2

Seeing through the photos, you will immediately notice the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the new speakers, the lack of a rotation switch and the missing (but unnecessary) LED flash for the camera. With all of that said, we can say that there is no massive redesign but only a refinement. That is if the leaks turn out to be the real deal.


In addition, below is a recent photo of the next iPad beneath an iPhone 5S.

ipad air 2 w iphone 5s

If you wish to see more photos of the alleged next iPad, just click on the source links below.

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