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Photos of iPhone 6 at 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches

Actual photos of what could be the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 has emerged and shows two display sizes — a 4.7 inch variant and a bigger 5.5 inch variant.

The photos were first posted on Twitter under @sonnydickson.

iphone6 5.5


It shows the two iPhone 6 side by side with both the front and the back side.

iphone6 4.7

The iPhone 6 is expected to be officially announced in September 2014. Mock up designs of the iPhone 6 with 4.7″ and 5.5″ already came out as early as march this year.

{ via MacRumors }

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31 Responses

  1. apol says:

    same old design, ughh! it’s already 2014, where is the so called “INNOVATION”?

  2. awts says:

    gaya-gaya, bakit di nila nilagyan ng i-pen? tapos may kapares na i-watch?

    • lol says:

      mas lalong gaya-gaya kapag linagyan nila ng I-pen(S-pen) at I-watch (galaxy gear watch)

  3. Mike says:

    CM Infinity with home button..

  4. wtf says:

    Kala ko 3.5 inch lang boundary nyo haha!!! Ngakaroon ng 4,now 4.7 at 5.5 haha

  5. butchitee says:

    The back must have been inspired by the HTC One M7.

  6. haters says:

    i wonder what haters get from hating on apple, android and all other stuff! wala ba masyado nagmamahal sa inyo sa bahay? do you guys need a hug? kawawa naman kayo.

  7. carloxy says:

    I really dont like the design, but because of the new features of IOS 8 i need to buy one this year.. i guess ill just put a case to cover that thing hehe :D

  8. red says:

    Palagay ko maglalabas talaga ng phabet ang apple dahil kapuna-puna na maraming tao sa mundo ang tumatangkilik sa malaking screen. Baka next year ay 6.+ na ang laki ng phabet ng apple at di na sila gagawa ng ipad mini. Parang napapansin ko kasing sinusundan nila ang pattern ng samsung. 7 inches ng samsung ay mismong phone na ang lalabas at di na tab w/ 3g lang. Kaya hahabulin ito ng apple. At para di masabing gaya-gaya, 6.+ lang laki ng screen.

  9. Kama says:

    I find it stupid everytime someone mentions INNOVATION. Its like people are expecting one or couple of it sa mga lalabas na flagship phones, much from APPLE.

    Iphones have been flagged with much mockery. Funny when we hardly see any INNOVATIONS in other flagships among other brands. And those which have are also subjected to shame.

    If there is one brand quitely innovating, that is LG. G-flex? Rear keys? And LG G3 screen to body ratio (hope got it right)?

    I just hope they’ll spent more for advertisement and faster customer/software support.

    Kung di gusto, manahimik na lang.

    At dahil iSheep ako, im going to upgrade my ip5 with this. Lol

    • Miss Call says:

      “Funny when we hardly see any INNOVATIONS in other flagships among other brands.”

      Maybe because it is Apple marketing itself as innovative? Rival smartphone makers do not try to label themselves by being smug with, “if you don’t have an iPhone…”

    • copycat says:

      APPLE markets itself as an INNOVATOR while SAMSUNG markets itself as a COPYCAT! LOL

    • Kama says:

      hahaha. @copycat, that’s funny. seriously!
      but i think, everyone is copying or inspired by something, right? because if it’s not, there’s no competition.

      @Miss Call, yup, i think both of you @copycat is right that apple’s fault is that its marketing itself as innovative.

      nevertheless, as i have said, this is a good time to upgrade my ip5 with the ip6 5.5 it is in fact true… :D

      cheers everyone!

  10. Benchmark says:

    Nagtataka lang ako bakit maraming nagsasabi na pangit ang phone na yan, kesyo ganyan or ganun….pero sa kahulihulihan, kapag bumili ng phone na yan, kung anu anong jelly case or armor ang ilalagay sa phone. Screen lang din pala ang ipapakita mo at tatakpan mo lang din naman ng casing yung phone.

    Well, i just hope makaipon ako to buy this phone if narelease na. Kasi I find ios much stable than android…sa opinion ko lang ha.

    • Benchmark says:

      Also, nakakainis ang iba, kung anu ano specs ang gusto, 2gig mem, quad core kuno at kung anu anong pixel ang gusto sa screen. Pero pag nakita mo, naglalaro lang ng candy crush at pa fb fb lang at idagdag mo pa ang text and call…para san pa yang quad core at pixel ng screen.

      Hahahaha ang kulit ko….nakakainis kasi eh. Hahahahaha

    • wtf says:

      Eh kontento ka na pala sa mababang specs bat kapa mguupgrade? Haha

    • wtf says:

      Eh kontento ka na pala sa mababang specs bat kapa mguupgrade? Haha bat d k nlang magstick sa iphone 2g mo pang call and text mo lng naman at candy crush dba?

  11. Wp8forever says:

    Ah basta ako windows phone 8.1 haha
    *my file manager na
    *voice assistant
    *apps ang games can now be installed on sd card
    *my offline maps pa as in offline talaga kahit wala ka internet cinnection nagana. Haha

    • Wp8forever says:

      Okay wrong spelling tao lang poh

    • catch22 says:

      Mga features na matagal na sa ibang mobile OS. Hehehe.

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    • wtf says:

      Wow!!! Ang ganda specs ng os mo!!! Sana may ganyan lahat ng os para masaya!!! Grabe talaga nakakabilib masyado hitech os mo

  12. kuratong says:

    Humaba lang pero di lumapad, awkward design

  13. Kiko says:

    Waste of space both above and below the screen.

  14. fanfan says:

    am fangit ng duhsine
    nakaka ohmy

    ayou khong how whacan yawn, ewwww !

  15. ram says:

    Is it just me or does that looked pretty much like starmobile diaX1’s back? Hahaha, making a bigger iphone really is “innovation”

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