iOS 6.1 goes public, adds local LTE support

iOS 6.1 goes public, adds local LTE support

Apple has recently released the latest iteration of iOS and has started rolling out the update to supported devices. (iPod Touch 4th Gen and later, iPhone 3GS and later, iPad 2nd Gen and later). The headline of the story, however, is the inclusion of Philippines in the list of countries with LTE support.


The two major telcos that were granted with such privilege are Smart and Globe. With this in place, here are the things that we can expect from both of these companies following the iOS 6.1 roll-out.

• Both companies can finally offer the iPhone 5 under their respective LTE Plans. Announcement of the pricing is expected in the next coming days.

• Both companies will be laying out their plans on how to transition their current non-LTE subscribers to their LTE plans. Questions such as additional charges, data cap and target completion date is expected to be answered as well during the announcement.


Besides the local LTE support, the iOS 6.1 brings the usual bug fixes and performance improvements over the previous release. It also offers new features to users such as the ability to download individual songs from iCloud and purchase movie tickets with Siri through Fandango (US only).

Advertising Identifier

The update also adds a new button to reset Advertising Identifier. It does what its name implies, it resets you profile in the Advertising Identifier which results to an increase privacy. You can access the reset button by going to Settings > General > About > Advertising.

You can easily check/apply the update by going to the Software Update under the General sub-category in your device’s Settings.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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55 Responses

  1. Edwin says:

    Just updated . Sa globe nakastuck lang sa EDGE!!! Hayz

    • HiERARCH says:

      true. buti ka nga edge sakin 3g! grabe inabot na ko ng 1am pero pasulpot sulpot lang ang labas ng letter H na signal (HSDPA or HSUPA ba ‘yun?). nakakainis! di ko tuloy maenjoy ang unli-internet at ang tagal ng mga dinadownload kon.. hehehe

    • Edwin says:

      Ahm, iphone ba un tinutukoy mo po? :) walang H na lumalabas sa iphone :) E lang and 3G :) mas mabilis nga 3G eh hehehe LTE ewan bat wala pa signal hehe :)

    • poser says:

      @HiERARCH galing mo.. poser na poser.. hahaha

    • HiERARCH says:

      wala akong IPhone, Android phone gamit ko. i mean ‘yung signal ng internet connection ng Globe di ako satisfied. kasi alam ko sa H na signal mas mabilis pero di mamaximize ang gamit kasi nawawala. I hope sa LTE hindi naman ganun.

    • Messie says:

      Same problem. I used to have 3G in my area, but after I updated to 6.1, my iphone 5 is now always stuck to Edge. I also don’t have the enable LTE option, though I think it has something to do with me using my Old Sim for my iphone 5 by cutting it with a sim cutter.

    • June says:

      @HiERARCH: EDGE is slower than 3G. So don’t say na mabuti pa ang EDGE kesa sa 3G.

      @Topic: aanhin ang LTE kung ang limit naman eh 2GB lang? :))

    • Butchie says:

      Well said June!

    • HiERARCH says:

      @June: a ok, mas better pala ang 3G sa EDGE, naconfirm ko sa internet ang sinabi mo. Pero IME, ewan ko ba, baka namimis-interpret ko lang kung sino sa kanila ang nagpeperform ng maayos kasi papalit-palit ang signal symbol na 3G, E at H sa status bar.

  2. emem says:

    Guys, from what I’ve read you need to have LTE enabled sim card first. or your plan must be LTE enabled.. baka lang hehehe may nabasa kasi ako sa previous articles some users have simcards marked LTE sa Globe.

    • Edwin says:

      Yep :) i have an lte sim from smart, bundled with expria V. Tinry ko cut and lipat sa iphone. Pero wala pa din, 3G lang nasasagap nya. Cguro may minor update pa un smart at globe :)

  3. Empoy says:

    Does this fix the battery issue? Hoping it would really make a difference…

  4. wreek888 says:

    Pati ba upgrade ng ios 6 sa iphone 4 supported ang LTE?

    • Empoy says:

      @Wreek888 does your iphone 4 have an LTE chip?

    • mike says:

      really don’t know how to react to this question. #doublefacepalm

    • John Mark Dela Cruz says:

      hahaha. where did you get your phone dude?? XD

    • kaninglamig says:

      Whats wrong with you people? not all of the visitors of this site knows alot about their gadgets. why not tell this guy that iPhone4 does not have LTE chip rather than bashing him. Jesus…

    • 'em says:

      @kaninglamig – tama! Kailangan bang lahat ng nagbabasa dito kasing technically knowledgeable kagaya ninyo.

    • pons says:


    • thecorrescode says:

      Napaghahalataang iSheep masyado eh. Bibili ng phone, pero di alam kung ano yung capability ng phone, eheheheheheeeeee…

    • Wreek888 says:

      @empoy, nakakita kana ba ng Lte chips?
      @mike, wag kana mag react kung di mo alam ang tanong.
      @john mark dela cruz, sa america ko nabili nakapunta ka na ba dun?
      @kaning lamig, Kaw lng pala me utak sa mga nag reply.
      @the correscode. Me iphone kaba o nakiki troll ka lng?

    • Ryuuji says:

      Naku, na-butthurt naman si Wreek888. Pinagmayabang pa na nakapunta na raw sa America. San bang “America” yan? Kasi may “Latin America” din eh. Baka sa Haiti ka lang nakapunta, haha.

      Or if ever naman na nasa US ka, I’m sure either blue-collar worker ka or nag-TNT, haha. Because professionals would never stoop that low. As if naman going to the US is a brag-worthy statement. Hello! Andaming Pinoy na ang nakapunta dun no!

      Next time kasi, keep yourself informed para di ka magmukhang katawa-tawa sa blog comments section. The iPhone4S is not LTE-capable, ok?

    • elderskytroll says:

      *thinking aloud*

      gets popcorn, sits infront of PC, watches as all hell break loose from a simple misunderstanding.

      *Puny Humanz*

    • keysmypoet says:

      @ryuuji ay bitter si ate, hindi pa yata naka punta ng america. pang cash and carry lang ang beauty

  5. mln says:

    Be glad you get at least edge or 3G. My tattoo for the ipad 3 just gets a dot more often than not, which I assume is even slower than G.

  6. NineSwordz says:

    (iPod Touch 4th Gen and later, iPhone 3GS and later, iPad 2nd Gen and later)..

    No iPhone4 / 4S?

  7. n/a says:

    Noticed from the Apple website that SMART isn’t listed as a supported LTE network for the iPad. What gives?

  8. dukha says:

    How about the prepaid subscribers? Would we also be able to enjoy LTE on our iPhone 5s?

    • Ryuuji says:

      There’s no iPhone 5s (yet), doofus.
      And, ewww, you have an iPhone pero you’re on prepaid? Hahaha!

    • rajahofsarawak says:

      @Ryuuji: You’re the doofus for not understanding his question! He meant iPhone 5s as in more than one iPhone 5, not iPhone 5s as the rumored iPhone 5 successor!

    • Genius says:

      You are pathetic Ryuuji. Can you grasp the concept of a plural subject, hence the ‘s’ added to iPhone5?

    • Ryuuji says:

      Oh please, the proper way of typing it would have been “iPhone5s” to denote plurality. You know for someone who made a non-sensible post, your name is very ironic.

    • Topolsky says:

      @Ryuuji: Context and reading comprehension. Get familiar.

  9. justdidit says:

    just did an update. an update includes software update from network carrier (i don’t what does it mean – pero nag OK pa din ako) and the results.. WALA.. nak tokwa naexcite pa man din ako.. kala ko go na agad ng LTE.. hahaha

  10. louie6380 says:

    Smart will offer LTE to all iPhone 5 Postpaid subscribers for free until April 30, 2013!!!

    Sabaw na naman ang Globe!!!

  11. mongenius says:

    Grabe ang marketing misnomer dito…I think smart is referring to 4G technology (max 42 Mbps) and not 4G-LTE ( min 50 Mbps, max 100 Mbps)…

    Sana po linawin ang talamak at garapal na “misleading and false information/ advertisement” lalo na ng mga technolgy blogs

  12. Dwn says:

    any feedback sa mga nag-update? battery, wifi, stability issue?

  13. Ed says:

    Same here, updated my iPhone 5, ngayon am stuck on Edge. Globe postpaid, globe issued phone. Edge… Can’t even load the google home page, veeeery slow. Anyone to how to go back to 3G?

  14. Ed says:

    Same here, updated my iPhone 5, ngayon am stuck on Edge. Globe postpaid, globe issued phone. Edge… Can’t even load the google home page, veeeery slow. Anyone know how to go back to 3G?

    • justdidit says:

      restart your iPhone or turn on Airplane Mode for 30 seconds then turn it off again. that should solve your problem..

    • Ed says:

      Tried restarting but nada. Will try 30sec airplane mode later. Hope it works, as i’m on unlimited data and sayang yung data

    • Ed says:

      Still nothing. Any other work around?

    • yuga says:

      Maybe walang LTE sa area mo?

    • Ed says:

      Yep sir walang LTE dito sa Baguio. So i’m trying to connect back to 3G sana eh pero stuck ako sa EDGE. My wife is also sporting an iphone 5, globe. Di pa sya nagupdate to 6.1, and she’s on 3G

    • Tiger says:

      I was also getting EDGE when I first updated to iOS 6.1. Then I called Globe. The customer service tech told me to the following and it worked. Am a Globe subscriber.
      1. Turn off Automatic Network Selection. Then choose “Globe”.
      2. Enable 3G and Cellular Data.
      3. Go to reset and then choose “Reset Network Settings”.
      4. The phone will restart.

    • Ed says:

      Ok thanks, will try that after work. Hope it works

    • Ed says:

      Ayaw pa rin, stuck ako sa EDGE. Ambagal nakakaiyak na. Try ko na lang uli over the weekend paguwi ko sa Baguio, different area. Hopefully magwork

  15. Edwin says:

    May LTE na ako sa smart, pero un globe ko wala pa… Punta ako globe store later papalit ng lte sim hehe

  16. Edwin says:

    Meron na ako LTE sa Globe yehey :)

    Check my speed test along Kalayaan Avenue malapit sa Guadalupe :)


    • R says:

      pre san ka mismo sa kalayaan? sa may leyte or bohol st? malapit lang kasi ako dun pero di ako makasagap ng lte… globe user din ako…

    • Ed says:

      Sir ano po ginawa nyo? Stuck pa rin ako sa EDGE eh, magrestart na ako ng phone, reset network settings, also tried Tiger’s suggestion pero wala pa rin. EDGE pa rin ako but i had 3G before updating to 6.1. Ano po ginawa nyo para maalis yung pagkastuck nyo sa EDGE? Change simcard? Change ng area? Or hinintay nyo lang tapos nag auto fix din?

  17. kamote says:

    si ronnie bulaong aka boy repost

  18. butad says:

    Went around makati to check LTE speed, I got 8Mbps DL speed as the highest in Valero/Paseo area pero average ng 5-7Mbps. Sa may Kalayaan around 4Mbps.

  19. says:

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