iPad Philippines release could go past July

iPad Philippines release could go past July

There have been a lot of Apple iPads being sold locally but all thru the gray market with prices going beyond Php50,000 a pop. Others are waiting for the Philippine release but that has not been revealed by Apple yet.

Due to the huge demand and low supply, Apple has been forced to delay release of units in the US affecting the dates for release in other countries.


Apple today announced that the iPad will be available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK on May 28, 2010.

This will be followed by a scheduled release in Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore in July. See official release by Apple on the list on countries.

The Philippines is still nowhere in sight so that means we won’t be seeing it in local Apple Retailers before August of 2010. So for those asking and hoping, that’s at least 3 months more of waiting. I’ve been asking telco execs about the release and this could be what they meant when they said “you’d be disappointed with the expected release dates“.

It’s still unknown what the local pricing will be but if we based it on the price difference (SRP) of the iPod Touch sold in the US and in the Philippines, it’s about 31.2% more. That makes the entry-level iPad WiFi ($499) in the range of Php28,800.

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45 Responses

  1. jab says:

    July?!… argh… I guess it’s time to grab the 34k ones at Greenhills…

  2. rsa1 says:

    OT: Hi Sir Abe, I am currently planning to build a computer rental shop. My preferred internet provider is PLDT MyDSL but it has a bad feedback on our location as it always disconnects. What other broadband can you recommend as I’ve never tried other providers? Thanks and more power.

  3. Cheftonio says:

    why grab one at GH?

    go get one at http://www.us2ph.com

    dba Abe? :)

    32k lang yun 16gb iPad there.

  4. Jedd says:

    For once and for all, can you please explain why the prices on these things are so in the Philippines? How does it add up? Taxes, markups, etc? Why is it so high? Thanks

  5. Adrian says:

    Sa hongkong or sa singapore na lang bumili. :)

  6. Teknisyan says:

    For a 28K plus, I think people might go for a mid range or netbook, then buying the Ipad but if you have the money to burn, then this will be just lose change for them… I think the overall demand may have overwhelm Apple that is why they have to push the original release date at a much later time.

    I can see the Ipad Wifi being the hot item between the two models, we may see most of them on malls, cafes and other free wifi hotspot, I cannot say the same for 3G+Wifi though.

  7. fr0stbyte says:

    28,800PHP? Putek, eh isang notebook na ‘yon na Core 2 Duo ah?

  8. blitzkrieg says:

    Crapload of money for something like this? Hasn’t the iPad hype died down yet? This isn’t meant for anyone other than a Mac fanboy.

  9. Erin says:

    @andre: tax, markup and the basic law of supply and demand.

    @fr0stbyte: the iPad is positioned against a different target market (eReaders/data consumer) so you can’t compare it with a general purpose notebook or tablet.

    im waiting for the KIRF in china that “improves” the iPad by using Android. :)


  10. Arnold says:

    @blitzkrieg – With 1M iPad sold? I don’t think it’s still just a hype.

  11. Arnold says:

    @Abe – Singapore release is in July. Apple Online Store Philippines gets units from Apple Singapore office. Does this mean that iPad will be available from the Apple Online Store (Phils.) by July?

  12. Jay says:

    we are always left behind in technology, lalo na kung may mga taong utak talangka

  13. Jedd says:

    How many percent is the tax on these things? 20%? 25%? It can’t be merely supply and demand. In HongKong, just a stone’s throw away from this country, the price is so much closer to the the U.S. one. And that applies to a bunch of other gear and gadgets too. It can’t be that demand is lower there that’s why it’s cheaper. This isn’t a whine. Just truly want to understand where the 30% difference goes.

    If it’s the import taxes that are so high, why are they so? We don’t manufacture our own computers. What’s there to protect?

  14. yuga says:

    @Jedd – there are several taxes that are applicable. These includes:

    1. Import Duty (up to 100%)
    2. Value Added Tax (VAT) (12%)
    3. Ad Valorem Tax (3 – 50%)

    Huge cars (2001cc an up) can have import duties as much as 100%.

    The 32% for electronic items could be (and this is just a guess) — 12% VAT + 10% Import Duty + 10% Ad Valorem.

    @arnold – thought of that too, but ordering online could be geo-targeted to SG only.

  15. Efren Sy says:

    Hi, I’m planning on getting the iPad 3g version at us2ph
    seeing this new development and baka wifi version palang ang ilabas this August 2010 maybe.
    I think its good to go ahead and buy na from us2ph
    their prices are cheaper than other online market stores
    and lalo na sa GH harang presyo

    iPad 3g has already been jailbroken with installous 3.1 running smoothly now.

    I think its a good buy.
    Plus additional accessories from apple looks awesome and useful

    the iPad Case, wireless bluetooth keyboard, camera adaptor for the iPad, :)

  16. vance says:

    Ipad is being sold only for 39K on the gray market (16GB) hehe.. pwede na…

    We might have issues with iPad 3G.. since it uses microsim.. unless, our telcos are already using one..

  17. Efren Sy says:

    iPad 3g 16gb 38,500 sold at us2ph

    regarding issues with the microsim vance
    you should check youtube.com

    all your telco issues and microsim issues will be answered and alas you might even decide to get the 64gb 3g model

    jailbreak release
    installous 3.1 working smoothly
    free paid apps ready for download

    what more can you ask for?!

  18. manaka_junpei says:

    buti nga si Anne Curtis, may iPad na regalo mula kay Sam Milby, yahaa…..as long as you have a wireless router and a DSL/Mobile Broadband Wireless, you’re good to go na..

  19. clyde says:

    the ipad is good enough for light internet users. its more of a media consumption device just like the ipod touch and the iphone. however, it does offer niifty office-like tools for productivity as well which makes it like a netbook na rin though u shud buy the keyboard if u plan on typing a lot. i wud say buy one if ur heart desire it. its eyecandy inside and out… anyways available sa singapore sa lucky plaza for under 30k…

  20. vance says:

    Off topic: comelec has one as well, saw a clip on abs-cbn when they were holding a presscon, they were passing the ipad around..

    @effren sy, saw some videos regarding micro-sim.. but it will be best to see one within the year, especially when iphone 4g comes out..

  21. Efren Sy says:

    already talked to someone from Makati that has a 32gb iPad 3g. Tested Smart Buddy Sim its up and running.

    The Sim Card was cut down to fit the micro sim and inserted in the unit itself

    Let’s not wait forever.

    We plan to order 2 units of 64gb iPad 3g @ us2ph,
    We will visit their office at Makati
    and will talk to them in person and order of course
    you will have to bring the money because its pay first then after 2 weeks the units will arrive sealed

    then Jailbreak, Installous, put the microsim (SmartBuddy)

    and that should get it up and running

    UNLISURF50 1day unlimited internet for smart buddy
    if you don’t like the unlimited internet
    it’s P10/30minutes 3g web surfing

    iPhone 4g has no release date yet
    when do you think that will arrive
    also that would probably be locked with globe and you’ll have to wait for the jailbreak unlock for that one.


  22. vance says:

    @effren sy… iphone 3gs came out on the Philippines unlock already before globe even had one.. saw that on youtube, on how to create your own micro-sim….

  23. lalaru says:

    is it already out?

  24. vance says:

    iphone 3Gs has been out on the market since early this year through grey market..

    off topic: 2nd iphone 4G prototype got lost or stolen.. via neowin: http://www.neowin.net/news/apple-loses-another-4th-generation-iphone

    weird lang asian yung nagsasalita sa video hahaha…

  25. Efren Sy says:

    iPhone 3gs madami na sa greenhills, online local stores, etc.

    iPhone 4g wala pa dahil prototype palang yung mga nakikita sa net.

    iPad meron na sa GH kung madami kang spare change
    it could go as high as 55k
    Wifi palang yun

    meron din nag o-offer sa iba ng iPad wifi and iPad 3G, pre-order and paid in full then wait for 2 weeks guaranteed they can deliver anywhere in the philippines.

    Local Sims already working for the iPad 3G.
    Soon, SMS application to work on iPad.

    Alternative better web browser for the iPad,
    Atomic Web Browser!!!

  26. Efren Sy says:


    Thanks for sharing again where we could order the iPad 3G and other hard to find items. I already made my order and paid for it.
    Now its time to wait for it to arrive!
    More power!
    Thanks again! :)

  27. Fleeb says:

    Earlier, I saw a couple with their own iPads.

  28. Pat says:

    I can’t wait that long. Hopefully, it will not be delayed anymore.

  29. Efren Sy says:

    @Pat, Order at us2ph, ours will be arriving 2nd week of June

    ready to be pimped!!

  30. patrick says:

    @efren sy, where did you order? how much was it? tnx.

  31. Efren Sy says:


    Answers: us2ph.com
    delivering hard to get gadgets

    prices are posted there
    wifi and 3G models available

    pre-order only and pre-paid in full ung iPad or other gadgets
    then 2-3weeks before they deliver the items to your address
    or you can get it at there office in makati

    they don’t have items ready they still need to order it straight from the US
    their contact numbers are also there

    Mondays – Fridays 9am to 5pm open sila

    I hope u buy the 3G model its better than the wifi model

    update us if you have your iPad already!

  32. Efren Sy says:

    Continued answer…

    I purchased 2 units iPad 3G 32gb 44,500 each

    expected date of arrival June 8 or 9 according to us2ph

    hope that helps

  33. Jeremy says:

    Let’s see:

    Ipad Wifi Standard Rate [if you can still buy direct from Apple, current forex 46.05 May 28 rounded off]
    16GB – 22970
    32GB – 27570
    64GB – 32180

    Ebay and TipidPC’s Ipad Wifi Rates:
    16GB – 30000 + 3000high
    32GB – 35000 + 3000high
    64GB – 41000 + 5000high

    Well if we’re going to use local post to ship the items with 12% Vat, 10%Duties, 250Stamps, 285Documentation:
    16GB – 28560
    32GB – 34180
    64GB – 39795
    – haven’t included shipping. Customs include shipping cost on their computation whenever you get “caught”. And they round off too to the nearest hundred dollars [sigh] Rough estimate with shipping and round off would be
    16GB – 34230
    32GB – 39845
    64GB – 45460

    Borderlinx with Express Shipping [Fedex with all taxes included]
    16GB – 27920
    32GB – 33070
    64GB – 38225
    – the catch with this one is if you’re lucky to buy the units at 499, 599, 699USD.

    *this is where I ordered and paid my iPad 3G
    posted here are their prices already inclusive of taxes, freight cost from us to ph and with shipping cost from their office to your home.

    Apple iPad WiFi
    iPad 16GB: Php31,995
    iPad 32GB: Php36,995
    iPad 64GB: Php41,995

    Apple iPad WiFi + 3G
    iPad 16GB: Php38,500
    iPad 32GB: Php44,500
    iPad 64GB: Php49,500

    You have to deposit the full payment since these items will be pre-ordered., 3 weeks before the items arrives and they will deliver it to your place.

    pre-paid pre-order and you wait they deliver
    this is safe since Abe of Yugatech has certified them.

    I’ve tried looking for other sellers they are the most affordable.

  35. patrick says:

    @efren sy, thanks so much dude, i better place my order now..

  36. @patrick, inform me after 3 weeks if you got your iPad 3G or Wifi model already
    I hope you choose the former more mobility

    Well, advance congratulations

    3 weeks is a long time I know.

    we are just itching to get our hands when it arrives

  37. Efren Sy says:

    Patrick have u already bought ur iPad?
    Wifi only or 3G model?

  38. joy says:

    i still have an extra 32g wifi ipad. brand new and sealed from the us. selling at 34t only. e-mail me: [email protected]

  39. Efren Sy says:

    I no longer promote us2ph for iPad Wifi or 3G orders.
    Go to Greenhills or other black markets selling available iPad units of any models.

    Prepaid with waiting period of 2-3 weeks as promise.
    Promise denied. almost a month now.
    still no iPad 3G units.

    sorry maybe it’s only me but it seems that their company isn’t very efficient in delivering goods on said dates.

    Customs has the units on hold.
    the entire cargo container with my units pala.

    I am super angry kasi yung pinangako haka haka lang pala.
    sorry kung may magagalit sa inyo sa pag sabi ko ng bad sa us2ph.

    i’ve waited 3weeks and now going 1 month on June14.

    They said that I will be able to get the unit via pick up sa office nila nung June 8. Guess what “wait some more”

    Take my word for it. iPad Purchase go buy here. don’t order from them
    Hard to find Gadgets, Delivering Late.

  40. patrick says:

    @efren sy

    whoa! WTF is that, good thing i didnt place any orders, my cousin will arrive from the US on August, ngpasabay na lang ako sa kanya. Goodluck dude, hope they deliver it na.

  41. Efren Sy says:

    I got my order of two(2) iPad 3G units last Friday
    June 11, 2010 4PM in the afternoon.

    After that we went to Greenhilla Theater Mall to buy case and screen protector

    we then proceeded to starbucks to have coffee and start with the project.

    activate the 3G service on the Smart Sims
    then cut the mini sim into micro sims using the micro sim from at&t included in the iPad units

    then put in into the device and it works brilliantly after I input the settings for the APN

    unlisurf50 also works

    we will try to sample the smartbro sim prepaid first,sold only for 45 pesos

    if you are a heavy 3G user might as well go for the postpaid sim unlimited for 999 a month

  42. nelsonkrx says:

    ON HAND: Brand new Sealed iPad 32gb 3G + wifi. selling it for 42k only. send me a message at FB if you’re interested.

  43. Lemvin says:

    Hi, I’m using globe prepaid Internet, how do I know if my internet is already disconnected? I was wondering if it’s still connected even I’m not using it.

  44. Hi, just doing some browsing for my New Mexico 4g site. Truly more information that you can imagine on the web. Wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but interesting page. Cya later.

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