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iPad2 goes on sale at Apple Online Store

The Philippine Apple Online Store went live earlier today with availability of the iPad 2 with shipments ranging from 1 to 2 weeks of order. Apple Premium Resellers will also be open to sell limited units starting today.

And we predicted the suggested retail price right down to the last peso:

16GB WiFi – Php23,990
32GB WiFi – Php28,990
64GB WiFi – Php33,990

16GB 3G+WiFi – Php30,990
32GB 3G+WiFi – Php35,990
64GB 3G+WiFi – Php40,990

If you’re looking for discounts, the iCampus Stores in Ateneo de Manila University and the La Salle University are selling them with academic discounts.

Here’s the discounted prices:

iPad WiFi 16GB – Php23,000
iPad WiFi 32GB – Php27,500
iPad WiFi 64GB – Php32,000

iPad WiFi+3G 16GB – Php29,800
iPad WiFi+3G 32GB – Php33,800
iPad WiFi+3G 64GB – Php38,500

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24 Responses

  1. Avatar for NoypiGeeks NoypiGeeks says:

    The iPad 3 really seem to be a whole step better than iPad 2..

  2. Avatar for CH2OnlineStore CH2OnlineStore says:

    Well, this gave me really a great idea. And shopping online really gives me good discounts and low prices.

  3. Avatar for AV AV says:

    wowowow, can’t resist the prices.. wish they have enough stocks1


  4. Avatar for technobaboy technobaboy says:

    wow, discounted sa ateneo and lasalle. sa UP wala? :)


  5. Avatar for RJCA RJCA says:


    Well if you’re gonna be pedantic about it it’s the Ateneo de Manila University and De La Salle University.

    I just asked about the prices in my university bookstore and the 990 Peso discount is really nice to have for the base model.

  6. Avatar for Even Bizbuyer Even Bizbuyer says:

    I still have to wait for this ipad (64GB WiFi white) to be on stock here in Cebu:(

  7. Avatar for Jonaflormicfren Jonaflormicfren says:

    Great! http://bitsformovingup.blogspot.com/search/label/Happiness

  8. Avatar for Jeff Jeff says:

    Why is it that the label is iPad and not iPad 2?
    in the apple online store

  9. Avatar for Alan Alan says:

    I’m enjoying now my iPad 2 I just bought. It’s amazing!!!

  10. Avatar for Sabana Sabana says:

    It’s De La Salle, not the La Salle..

  11. Avatar for wreek888 wreek888 says:

    bought at greenhills last night 16g 23500

  12. Avatar for Jean Jean says:

    ETA with online store purchase is at 1-2 weeks, bummer =(

  13. Avatar for Messie Messie says:

    Will the apple online store give out free engraving similar to that when you buy ipod touch and ipad1 from it?

    • Avatar for Messie Messie says:

      I checked, and meron nga :)


  14. Avatar for benchmark benchmark says:

    come and get your ipad 2 now…while supply last! hehehehe

    Well maybe because ipad 1 and ipad 2 has a little upgrade, perhaps thats the reason why it didn’t skyracketed the price. well good for everybody! :-)

    Enjoy your Ipad 2.

    (btw, I haven’t owned an ipad…heheheh time for Ipad? maybe, maybe not. hehehehe)

    • Avatar for mikey mikey says:

      apple never increases their price point, its always the same as the previous generation. previous gens prices drop, latest ones take the old price. that’s how it has always been.

  15. Avatar for stan faustino stan faustino says:

    Ipad 2 now available in PowerMac see this


  16. Avatar for Mi Mi says:

    somehow i expected it to be a lot more expensive. i’m glad it’s not too much. thanks for the update

  17. Avatar for lolipown lolipown says:

    typo for the discounted prices:
    iPad WiFi 32GB – Php27,500
    iPad WiFi 32GB – Php32,000

    • Avatar for Joel Olave Joel Olave says:

      Can anyone avail of the discounted price or do you have to show your ID that you are a student to be able to buy?

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