Finally: White iPhone 4

Finally: White iPhone 4

Have not heard of any gadget that has attracted so much hype just because of the availability (or the lack thereof) of a specific color. Such is the case of the white iPhone 4.

After over a year, Apple has finally announced that the white iPhone 4 will be available in 28 countries starting today.


We’re not still sure if Globe Telecom is one of the 28 countries where this will be initially available but I’m sure the merchants over at Greenhills will be selling them ahead of the official distributor.

Reports are still coming in that Globe is still experiencing delayed shipments of the iPhone 4 and new iPhone 4 subscribers are being put on hold until now. Pricing for the white iPhone 4 will be the same as the black one.

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47 Responses

  1. Dan The Beast says:

    Ano bang meron sa white na iPhone???

  2. Manix says:

    Singtel’s already offering the white iphone4. Globe (and the Phils) should follow soon.

  3. Andy says:

    Big Fat Hairy Deal, Just goes to show how shallow people are..

  4. benchmark says:

    Sometimes its weird, people buy a different color iphone yet they’ll be buying protective casing with a different color…to cover up and protect the original color???

    “Paki ko ba! Choice nila yun!” hehehehe

    Yeah, what’s with white nga ba? Original color of Apple?

    Why don’t they make Green, Red or rainbow? Hehehehe perhaps it will make them cheap…? I don’t know…

    But I don’t think its racist. :-)

  5. Sanjikun says:

    I salute apple products for their built quality but when it comes to things like this.. this is just a pure nonsensical, absurd and a kiss-steve-jobs-ass if you ride this hype. If you drop your black iphone 4 for this one, you might change your name to “Rich But Stupid”

  6. ads says:

    pls pls i must think of a reason to justify why i should buy this.. uhm it will now match the color of my earbuds? LOL. maybe i can decide if i see the actual phone

  7. lolwut says:

    duh, tatakpan din ng case yan para di mawala yung signal.

  8. justin says:

    Globe Telecom is now a country

  9. chao fan-boy! says:

    duh, i guess this thing will surely spark speculations about racism. i remember the days when the white sony psp was released. try to watch its ad …it says “White is coming”. in that ad, it depicts that white is “better” than black.

  10. Andrew says:

    C’MON C’MON! Let’s talk about the next gen smartphone not the white iphone 4. iphone 4 is old tech for crying out loud.

  11. supernaut says:

    guys, guys, chillax. it’s just a color. color white appeal to some people. Just like to cars. ung iba mas gusto puti kesa sa typical na gray. kanya kanya lang yan.

  12. scandid says:

    Anong Racism?!?! lol Eh mas gusto ko ng puting Iphone.Anong paki nyo?! LOL.

  13. kv says:

    wow. hahaha ano naman kung white?
    masyadong gusto ng publicity ng apple aksaya naman ng oras ang pinag gagagawa nila sa tao. pwede naman ipa G-MASK!

  14. jmz says:

    how is iphone called smartphone when
    1)you cant even watch videos in normal .avi/.mkv format?
    2)cant share to other phones/devices?
    3)cant copy files from other pc?
    4)cant customize out of the box?
    5)cant view flash websites
    and above all
    6)ITUNES (what a joke)takes a lot of time to sync rather than usb plug then transfer.It cant even sync MOST files and you cant copy files from your friends/office pc!.

    iphone is not a smartphone.. it is just a kids gaming phone.

    • Jologs says:

      Ho hum! Another troll!

    • Melanie says:

      We get it that you dont like apple. So what are you doing here reading and commenting about apple products.

      I really dont get it people want to read about apple just to complain bout it. No one asked u to buy one.

    • iamwhoiam says:

      i am sick of people like you!
      go buy a computer instead!!

      do you even know the definition of a smartphone?! go research! and you will surely find out that the iphone 4 even likely surpass being categorized a smartphone..

    • jmz says:

      theres no need to buy a computer because other REAL SMART phone OS can do what a computer could do.

      by the way i want to share to you my favorite media files/documents/movies… OOPs ip4 is not capable LOL how smart. anyway there are thousands of mini-games in ip4 =))


      previous 3gs owner

  15. According says:

    “pre bluetooth mo nmn yan saking company profile doc mo sa phone”.. “hindi pwede iphone to eh”

    “sige pre kopyahin mo na lang tong record ng meeting sa laptop ko”… “hindi pwede iphone to great for mini-games!”

    “pre meron na kong bagong movie sa pc” –“teka installan ko muna ng itunes yan tapos convert natin sa .mp4, 2hours lang naman!

    LOL ip4=dumb’s phone

    • Jologs says:

      Pre, pwede ba tayo magdate mamaya?

      Di pwede pre, busy pa ako magmonitor ng mga iphone threads e. Ewan ko ba, ayaw na ayaw ko tong teleponong to pero nagaaksaya pa ako ng panahon magbasa ng mga articles tungkol dito.

      Pre, baliw ka na yata. Pagamot ka na sa duktor!


    • According says:

      Jologs: pre pwede ba tayo magdate mamaya?

      According: date? jologs ka na bading ka pa parang kang iphone mo pang bobo.

      Jologs: *teka hanap nga ko ng joke apps, 50% ng appstore puro jokes and fart useless apps*

      According: isang jokes app? isysync mo pa sa itunes yan ng two hours! BWUAHAHAAHA

    • Earl says:

      Hi, objectively speaking, i guess u really have some bad experience with an iphone. But maybe its the internet connection quality, and the model itself. I have an iphone4, and dont experience lags, and sync just takes less than a minute.

      And the experience is also different if you have a macbook to manage it rather than a windows based pc. I use the macbook for the iphone, and the pc for the blackberry and nokia.

    • accord says:

      of course the two hours was an exaggeration.. but my point is,,,syncing specific file formats is just dumb. and you cant sync any file that you want & to a number of other computers, so ip4 is the best feature-gaming phone, not a smartphone.

    • Jin says:

      pre, meron tntwg na Apps para sa lahat ng kailangan mo :P

    • maricel says:

      i will use it as a phone. by the way thats the main use of an iPhone. even if its a smart phone its still a phone meant for texting and calling. maximize wat it has wag ng maghanap ng kung anu2 wla nmn sa feature. just check the manual and see wat it can do. dnt expect too much. on an smart phone like iPhone. yes its priced as much as a laptop. for your computing needs buy your self a laptop, or for music buy an mp3

  16. Jhovie Rose De Castr says:

    finally,. :)
    I’ve been waiting for this to be available on the market, I’m using 3Gs and since iP4 was made available for sale, I intentionally didn’t made an upgrade since I’ve been waiting for this.

    and for those people who commented on the previous thread, why waste your time commenting on something your not interested in using. I mean, we get it, you don’t like the gadget, so get another one that suits your wants & needs.

    Thank you & more power to Yugatech.. ^^,

  17. Jus says:

    How much is it?I don’t know kasi :) thanks in advance

  18. chacha says:

    guys tma na munang away, para s mga mapoporma dyan, maiba ko, anyway halos ito rin yun:

    nakita nyo nato?
    Iphone4 na halos yun na? pero JAVA APPS lng muna.

  19. Mackay says:

    I got my Iphone 4 16GB @ Globe Davao today for the same postpaid plan that they offer on the regular black ones. So far am loving it =D

  20. maricel says:

    anung meron sa iPhone 4g white? maganda cia. yun lng. i believe to those who plan to buy an iPhone p lng the best choice of color is white. dun nmn sa meron ng iPhone 4g in black its up to you if you still want to have it in white. or be contented on your black iPhone4. ganun lng ka-simple :)

  21. maricel says:

    maganda yung iPhone 4g white. yun lng. i believe to those who plan to buy an iPhone p lng the best choice of color is white. dun nmn sa meron ng iPhone 4g in black its up to you if you still want to have it in white. or be contented on your black iPhone4. ganun lng ka-simple :)

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