iPhone 3.0 OS Preview

iPhone 3.0 OS Preview

With the upcoming release of the iPhone 3.0 OS, the Apple iPhone is slowly becoming more and more like a regular phone. Gone are the jabs that it doesn’t do MMS and copy-and-paste — all that will become available in the 3.0 version this summer.

And while it’s a bit ironic that iPhone users are ecstatic about these new functionalities that should have been there in the first place, it becomes clear where Apple focusing when it planned for the iPhone — that it’s more of an internet device with a phone functionality rather than a phone that has internet connectivity.


Home Screen Search (Spotlight for iPhone). Searches items on all your native iPhone apps.

Cut, Copy and Paste. The holy trinity. To use CCP — double-tap to select text, drag from start to end points and select copy or cut. Shake the iPhone to undo/redo your edits.

MMS. Nice, but when was the last time I got an MMS?

Bluetooth Stereo. With A2DP support.


Bandwidth throttling. Adjusts streaming video quality according to current bandwidth.

CalDAV. Allows for sharing calendar data across services like Google and Yahoo with .ics subscription support.

Tethering. Share 3G internet via USB. Carriers will have to opt-in first for this.

It will also be able to send multiple photos/images at the same time, have push notifications for apps and be able to re-orient the virtual keyboard on all apps including Mail.

The part on the tethering, I think, for me is most important. My iPhone 3G plan includes a couple hundred free minutes on mobile internet. I should be able to share that with my laptop when needed (I asked Globe if they will support 3G tethering in the Philippines).

The iPhone OS 3.0 will be free to all iPhone owners and cost $9.95 to iPod Touch users.

* MMS messaging is available only on iPhone 3G; fees may apply. MMS may not be available in all areas.

** Some features may not be supported by older hardware.

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16 Responses

  1. Rr says:

    Turn by Turn direction and VOIP for Third party application Will be a great feature! and A2DP of course. The wait for the new features are so worth it.

  2. nO_labeL says:

    dude, theres no tethering feature yet due to carrier issues. also, the MMS and A2DP is only available only for the iPhone 3G.

  3. BrianB says:

    Now I see it clearly: one should buy iPhone in the same manner that one buys a macbook. This is not a phone but an ultraportable computer and should last the owner at least 4 years.

    Apple will only need to come up with new hardware/models once every two years. They’ll make billions in apps and accessories, even if they let go of the profit-sharing business model with wireless providers. Search for appl in google, you’ll see the stock has jumped several points. It will no doubt break the 100 barrier again. This is the recession-proof company right here, AAPL.

  4. BrianB says:

    Just want to share a great comment from engadget:

    “Jeremy W, Look & Adam, mates, what I want you guys and everyone else to consider now is not the amount of features the iPhone lacks compared to our WinMo mobiles we have or had, but, the big structured community of the iPhone. When you use an app on the iPhone you are damn sure that it will run in the same speed, resolution, and aspect as any other iPhone user. I found out that when it comes to desktop computing this is generally not a problem at all, but when it comes to mobile world and specific design, the iPhone shines through its unity. If someone reviews an app on WinMo, you can’t be sure that it’ll work on your new sexy device, which has happened with me through the use of my Omnia, in the other hand, iPhone’s apps will all get you to the same point even when using your friend’s phone.

    Believe it or not, this type of vision and understanding of a mobile phone came before the iPhone from Bill Gates himself; he of course was pointing out how cloud computing will work great, but during the talk he mentions how everybody will have the same device and you only use it to login to your account and download your data. Of course no body is doing such thing, but the thing that caught my attention is how the world is asking for better software rather than hardware, in other words, people don’t mind using the same hardware if the software was perfectly built.

    The iPhone team has done a great job in bringing the best software and design. I had many concerns and issues with the old software, and everything I wanted has been addressed, and in my own opinion, the iPhone right now, is what I wanted it to be 2 years ago. I didn’t buy it all this time, waiting for the right mix.

    I will wait for the next hardware and probably buy it. It is really worth it now. You aren’t paying for the device only, but for the software and the huge incredibly structured community that will make your experience much better than you think it can be. A good example for me was the Zune community and feel, it’s like I’m part of a movement hence making my experience an enjoyable one.

    It’s up to you guys to buy whatever you like, but I had to be honest about this. Bravo iPhone. (Or until Pre brings you down, let’s wait and watch.) :)

    And as ham_sandwich pointed out, it is your choice guys, just take it easy and give it a thought. I really am not a fanboy neither an a**hole.

    I use Vista, and buying Windows 7.
    I use and Omnia since 6 months ago.
    And everybody in here knows how I love Windows and the freedom I get with it, but when it comes to mobile phones -as I explained above, the iPhone is a very strong device to use, especially after the announcements they did today.”

    saad rabia

  5. so sad may bayad yung for ipod touch.

  6. Aloofkid says:

    Why do iTouch users need to pay $10 for the os 3.0 BETA? Am I right? It’s beta?

  7. Ricster says:

    Does it have sms forwarding already?

  8. Martin says:

    iPhone OS 3.0 will unlock iPod Touch’s Bluetooth capability and then yoo get: A2DP, wireless accessory control and peer-to-peer connections over Bluetooth…hence the price…

  9. graphire says:

    @Aloofkid: nope, they will release an official version come summer, this will be the one they will freely give to iPhone users and $9.95 for iPod Touch users. something’s not quite right…

    Still, I’m not sold with the latest update and instead elevated notches up my leaning towards waiting for the Palm Pre. The funny thing is that many phones definitely had these features for years and a lot of people missed some of them by getting an iPhone.

  10. .poOt! says:

    ATTENTION TO ALL PINOY BLOGGERS: The ‘Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park’ needs our help. With the power of writing vested in you, spread the word to the rest of the world. By doing this, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

  11. vance says:

    I already smell that OS 3.0 will have cut and paste hehe.. I still want to see adobe flash and the capability to save pics from any site.

  12. if apple could just lower the price a bit that would make my day complete :)

  13. winwab says:

    good to know the iPhone OS 3.0 will be free to all iPhone owners dahil kung hindi, oh well, nakakainis lang isipin.

  14. Yeah so, two things me and my gadget buds States-side were waiting for were cut-and-paste and tethering. So what completely sucks is that while the 3.0 OS will support it, for now AT&T isn’t (you have to contract with AT&T in the US unless you jailbreak the phone), and it’s likely there will be a significant monthly charge for it (talk is like another line – keep in mind, it’s already $40/mo + texts for the iphone). I mean, I just want to extend the same connection to my notebook on the road – same connection.
    The amount of flaming vs AT&T right now is amazing. It really just feels like they’re trying to price gouge the user for having an iphone. All my gadget buds are ready to jailbreak ours, keep it 2.0 and get cut-and-paste and tethering without big bro AT&T making a buck just on a connection.

  15. carmina says:

    I just wanna ask if its safe to update my iphone 2G to OS 3 because last time my father updated, it kinda didn’t work here, like its configuration is as the US.. help me..

  16. My ipod device 1G is our essential iPod, Pda and way more, also has really been day that I bought it. It also function the current iPod system software program, and also any application I need it to run. I’m working with it to leave this remark right this moment. I would say it is a much more when compared with only an “excellent hobbyist system” — it’s an extremely good iPod

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