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Globe doubles Philippine Internet Bandwitdh

In a lunch event today, Globe Telecom and Tata Communications announced that their new submarine cable system has been activated and carrying traffic to the Philippines.

Called the Tata Global Network – Intra Asia (TGN-IA), the cable system has been in plans since 2006 (even before the Taiwan earthquake that crippled internet in the Philippines).

The cable system now connects Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Japan to the Philippines. The cable networks were designed to avoid the earthquake zones around Taiwan and will offer a total capacity of 3.84 Terabits per second.


Globe’s initial capacity is 50Gbps which effectively doubles the total bandwidth capacity of the Philippines.

Well, what does this mean to regular consumers?

  • Much less congestion in Globe’s network so subscribers are able to achieve their allocated bandwidth speeds.
  • Reduced latency for business customers. This is good for VOIP and network gaming. The route between Singapore to Japan will now have the lowest latency in Asia at only 63ms.
  • Alternative international cable network that will reduce incidents (like connectivity failures and congestions) caused by natural disasters like the Taiwan earthquake of 2006.

The cable landing site is now located at Ballesteros in Cagayan province, away from the usual landing sites in Nasugbu, Batangas. Globe Telecom spent $90 milllion for this project.

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52 Responses

  1. eldie21 says:

    Wow! Galing ng globe wah. 50Gbps pa! My goodness! Tinalo pa ang sky broadband internet… Kelan kya yan mararamdaman?

  2. Jacobato says:

    Globe broadband sucks and sucks big time. All this hype is not ever going to succeed in making me believe in their product ads and press releases. Avoid Globe broadband if you want peace of mind.

  3. calvin says:

    hey have to fix their customer support next.

    TGN-IA, if you look at it with blurred eyes you will see a different spelling hehehe.

  4. pabsj says:

    I’ve been a globe broadband user since 2006, and they have excellent service here in dasmarinas, cavite. Inggit nga mga neighbors ko dito kasi I have a very fast connection. Smart bro kasi gamit nila and that’s what sucks. By the way, I also have an internet shop with globe as my service provider, so far so good.

  5. unsatisfied says:

    I do agree Globe s*cks big time! unprofessional customer support.. intermittent internet connection, unreliable… product ads and press releases are pure HYPE!… lol

  6. Phaw says:

    Globe is not good but smart bro is worse…

  7. Hi have also heard that smartbro will make their 1 mbps into 2 mbps this coming april. I don’t believe it. We’ll just find out.

  8. Miguel says:

    With more bandwidth, they should turn off their transparent web proxy. That’s the biggest problem with their DSL now.

  9. hmm good news.. but i think ill wait for what san miguel has to offer. i heard they’re bringing wimax here in the philippines or maybe a somewhat wimax-like service.

  10. BrianB says:

    Clogged pa rin :). Anyway, hope they offer cheaper prices.

  11. Gene says:

    guys, you cannot compare globe dsl to smart bro. globe dsl is fixed line connection, while smart bro is using 3G networks (or 3.5 G)which is OTA.

    compare globe tatoo and smart bro instead or globe dsl and mypldt dsl services.

    this article though, is about both globe’s internet services connection.

  12. Adrian says:

    wow ayus nga. 50gig. sa Singapore 13Gig lang sa mga home users.

    @calvin – oo nga parang iba yung dating ng TGN-IA. baka yan ang masasabi ng mga users pag sobrang bagal ng internet connection nila.

  13. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    so where can we buy 1 tera bit bandwith

  14. Adrian says:

    rephrase ko lang po 13mbs lang po pala hindi 13gig sa mga home users.

  15. information says:

    In our electronics class, we just solved bandwidth which is equal to the dominant upper critical frequency minus dominant lower critical frequency of an amplifier circuit.

    This addition of bandwidth is good for the philippines and a month ago, i just realized that there are lots of under-ocean wires in the world and i thought internet uses satellite to transmit data. LOL!

    How large the wire being used? I haven’t seen a real photo of the under ocean wire.. :(

  16. madzman23 says:

    Good deal, but I agree Mr. Miguel that they should fix their proxies so that they can harness the real power of that speed.
    But I thought they’re planning to bring WiMax here in the Philippines, we all know that it is the future of internet connectivity. So they should focus on that now.

  17. sapphireboi says:

    For more than one year with Globe Broadband, I am lucky that I haven’t experienced game lags, internet disconnections and other inconveniences (“,) so far.

    Location: Imus, Cavite
    Plan 1295 Bandwidth: 1mbps

    Consistent Actual Bandwidth (speedtest.net) – 1.1 to 1.2 mbps downstream and 300 to 400 kbps upstream.

  18. sylv3rblade says:


    hey same here. No problems whatsoever.
    Although I do wish the upstream was better >_>

  19. godgets says:

    depende yata talaga yan sa location, base on my observation mas ok ang mga nasa south na gumamit ng globe since sabi nga sa post nasa cagayan or batangas ang landing site ng cables nila.. i’m from cavite and i’m happy with my globe broadband but here in the office we use pldt and it sucks

  20. Anne says:

    The past couple of weeks, Globe’s HSDPA service has been pathetic. Bandwidth is clogged to the point that loading the simplest of pages take minutes. Moreover, the signal keeps dying often such that the connection would disconnect altogether, which is bad for downloads.

    I am HOPING that these are just side-effects of this supposed upgrade.

  21. Agrimensor says:

    That’s good news from Globe. Here in my area Globe has started laying out their lines. Unfortunately for them, both Digitel and PLDT is also upgrading their facilities. Im seeing their contractors left and right everyday. Minsan nagakaksabay pa. I live in TMC Cavite.

  22. Axzar says:

    Has anyone actually seen better performance yet?

  23. mindy q. says:

    50Gbps is the bandwidth capacity of the entire Globe Telecom network NOT 50Gbps for every Globe Broadband subscriber.

  24. ride says:

    Wimax has already been overshadowed by LTE, and from what I read network operators around the world are hesitating to put up Wimax due to the promise of the next-gen LTE networks.

  25. John Homer Alvero says:

    For the regular internet user, i don’t think the increase in bandwidth improve user experience for the following reasons:

    1. we don’t know if they will ever remove or increase bandwidth caps per user

    2. the problem with globe’s dsl connection is in the last mile

    3. we don’t know if indeed they will ditch transparent proxy

    4. customer service sucks. it just sucks

    Globe’s last mile connection doesn’t suck in all areas. Some areas are good, some areas are not too good. But if you can avoid globe dsl, avoid it.

    Globe’s bandwidth increase is a welcome improvement since a few ISP piggy back on them (MyDestiny Internet). I do hope that Destiny will also improve it’s bandwidth coming from Globe.

    As for provincial areas, like Tacloban, Leyte. You can’t avoid service interruptions. The farther you are from the core network, the more likely there are service interruptions (think fiber-cuts, etc), less moving parts, the better.

    On another note, would anyone know PLDT’s total international bandwidth? My business just got migrated to what they call NGN, im pretty satisfied with 3.5mbps that they are giving me. NGN is fast, but i feel it’s more prone to error/disconnection. The reason? well apparently, they are using new facilities, all IP based, and they don’t have inhouse engineers who will troubleshoot the new facilities. Hmmm.

  26. iMadrid says:

    This press release from Globe is just an announcement that they are increasing their network to solve congestion.

    @Mindy Q… is correct 50 gigabits/sec is Globe Telecoms entire Internet bandwidth pipe connecting to the world.

    This internet bandwidth you would be surprised are shared by all. That includes your cellphone if you are using 3G to surf the web. Make calls long distance or send international text messages. This is all routed thru the interent via undersea fiber optic cables. Thats why this Telcos are making a killing for those Php 15/txt message.

    You could only wish they would provide faster DSL service but thats only wishful thinking.

    I hope people realize the inherent limitation of aDSL. Globe’s fixed line service still runs on Copper Wires. The maximum speed you could get from DSL thru copper is still 7 megabits/sec. IF you are lucky to be located near enough from the DSLAM so you could get that speed. But not everyone can get that. Since the last mile rule still applies.

    Currently Globe’s fastest residential DSL is just 3 megabits/sec. In my area, my dsl modem can detect the maximum speed my line could handle is up to 2 mb/sec. I have a 1mb connection and it serves me fine. But with todays current standard it still freaking slow. Upgrading to a 2mb or 3mb connection wont actually do me any good, than just pay more money for a slight incremental speed increase.

  27. Anne says:

    No improvement yet… I’ve been using Globe Visibility (now known as “Tatoo”) for 2 years now on the unlimited data plan, and this is the WORST that I’ve seen it perform.

    I use the service in the Q.C., Pasig, Cainta, and Pampanga area (yes I get around a lot). They all perform badly. It might be the transition. I noticed that the gateway IP changed in Cainta and Q.C. already, but when I’m in Pampang ait reverts to the old IP.

    PLEASE let these be birth pains.

  28. mindy q. says:

    is Sky Broadband the only ISP that offers up to 12Mbps for residential customers?

    do you have an idea why telcom companies like PLDT and Globe do not offer speeds higher than 3Mbps for residential customers?

    do you think they’re afraid that residential customers will just use it for P2P or open internet cafés?

  29. Kyle says:

    Globe Telecom launches WiMax service
    By Roderick T. dela Cruz

    Globe Telecom announced yesterday the launching of its WiMax service that will enable more Filipinos to connect to the Internet.

    “Now, people who previously had little or no options for broadband Internet connection are now able to access the Internet through Globe Broadband, powered by WiMax,” the company said.

    WiMax or worldwide interoperability for microwave access, is a standards-based technology designed to enable the deployment of wireless broadband access as a cost-efficient alternative to cable and DSL.

    The new technology can cover distances greater than those of other wireless technologies, such as WiFi, CDMA or 3G.

    Globe said its network was the first and largest 2.5Ghz WiMax (802.16e) broadband network in Southeast Asia.

    The company said its WiMax service, available starting this month, was a high-speed Internet plan that let users surf the Web at speeds of up to 512 kilobits per second for P795 a month.

    “We challenge anyone with a competitive wireless subscription to try out our WiMax-backed plans. We are so confident with our service that we challenge you to try out our connection, risk-free,” said Menchi Orlina, head of the Consumer Broadband Business Group.

    “Should you be unhappy with the connection within one month from installation, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.”

    The service is initially available in selected areas in Southern Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


  30. xwin says:

    It’s good news to learn that there are new submarine cables, but what troubles me is that I’m no longer able to connect to their servers that “skip” the proxies since last month. I’m from Cebu.

    Globe should just ditch their transparent proxies. It’s a pain in the a**.

  31. Stinger says:

    Globe DSL sucks. I live in Makati and I don’t get continuous internet service from them.I only get 2 to 3 continuous hours each day. I always call their customer service and they always give me the same reasons every time. “There’s trouble in your area.” Talk about “airways” [email protected]#$%^&*. What is “good” about them though is that their bill comes on [email protected]#$%^&*(

  32. Blade says:

    Some sources says that Globe is planning again to increase its bandwidth cap for its subscribers hope it materialize to vindicate themselves for an unending “Network Restoration” and “Network Upgrades” they been telling for months now (some years).

  33. Abates says:

    This is a Six month problem which Globe seems to not have the expertise to fix. We are a business and have three accounts and multiple cellphone accounts. Globe/Innove personnel spend time here but to no results. One account works well, one account works some times and the third seldom works. The phones work. Cannot pay for Internet accounts on line and Globe cannot fix that either so we drive for two hours each month to pay for these accounts. we can pay for the phone accounts on line.

    I see this as a Globe/Innove management problem not the workers. The management seems to be very ineffective and knowledgeable. Guessing they are probably someones relative or cronie. They are certainly not good managers. Maybe thats why they are number two, and maybe number three.

    Remember, a slow connection is better than no connection in most cases.

    Beware of Globe/Innove Internet Services

    This is the status of my Globe 512 Wireless Broadband and has been for over 90% of the last 6 months. This is a business account it is nonfunctional for what it was purchased for. It worked for 2 hours yesterday then died. We have 3 accounts and the others work better than this one, 1 account is up for over 90% of the time. The Globe/Innove Techs say it is in the system and they call it in then it works temporarily and then stops. So if you have a business and need your internet connection I would suggest looking at more reliable providers.

    10/2/2009 2:21 PM
    WCDMA Only
    Wireless Network Information
    Network Provider
    Network Type LIMITED_SERVICE
    RSSI -87 dBm
    RSCP -92 dBm
    Ec/Io -5 dB
    Cell ID Dec:8222 Hex:0x201e
    LAC Code 000 000 Dec1:11700 Dec2:45180 Hex:0x2d 0xb4
    Modem Information
    IMEI 351826010293093
    Control and route module software version GLCRP670M1V1.0.1B01
    Wireless access module software version GLWAP670M1V1.0.1B01
    Hardware version P670M1-2.0
    Data Statistics
    Connection Status Disconnected
    Total Data Recv 0 B
    Total Data Sent 0 B

  34. JuzSoFazMyAz says:

    It’s just so fast my ass! To SkyBroadBand,,i,,

  35. eve says:

    It is so disappointing and disgusting that for more than one week (Sunday up to Tuesday the following week), my complain about dead dial tone has not yet been acted upon. I believe I don’t deserve this kind of service!

    I have not been remiss with my monthly dues. It is always paid on time. I really wonder why it is keeping Globe technicians too long to repair the problem!

    The telephone is supposed to be used for keeping in touch with loved ones and friends, associates and all acquaintances or business purposes and also a means to inform what is happening especially in times of crisis and emergencies like the flooding and the like. But in this case, it has not served the purpose.

    I am a loyal globe subscriber – both mobile and land line and as I mentioned earlier, I pay my bills on time. So, I deserve good service. Can Globe do something about this? I would like to experience an improved and better service. If this poor service is repeated, I would not hesitate to transfer to another provider.

    Moreover, I expect that I should be informed of any promos a loyal subscriber should know but it never happened. Can something be done about this, too?

  36. Alah Eh boy says:

    darnn globe wired sh33t.. I been nagging every now and then regarding there connection speed. sometimes or very frequent. I cant even able to connect to skype since my speed is very dying, the speed is ultimately slow..

    but theres nothing I can do, since im still lock for few striving months on their connection.

  37. ktd says:

    Same old globelines broadband, slow high pings and every problem is blamed on a system restoration that has no end. Talked to a customer service rep today due to get slow downloads and high pings that started today, of course the excuse was system restoration. Asked them when it started and when it was supposed to be done and that really messed him up. He started babbling but eventually i think even he saw that he was not answering the simple question and told me the restoration had started on April 8th..Apparently the longer globelines works on a problem the worse it gets. I had a stable connection over the past month until today and yet he blames today’s slowdown on a month long restoration. Of course they have no clue when the claimed restoration is supposed to be finished..big surprise.

    In my opinion Globelines customer service exists to blame every problem on a on-going system restoration that will never end and to apologize many times over the course of your call and never ever provide any real information.

  38. ellen ortiz says:

    can anyone help me on how to locate a person just her globe cell phone nos. i,m looking for these person who get my money i send it tru gcas & didnt ship the package that i buy to her pls help me please email me

  39. ellen ortiz says:

    please help me im so depres on what happened

  40. mc dyes says:

    p*ta , bakit dito sa TACLOBAN lokoloko connection ng globe putol-putol lines…. pag tumatwag lagi sasabihin paki monitor nalang sir …. ina ayos na nila…. p*ta…. GLOBELINES…. anu ina ayus nila ? wala namang pagbabago ….

  41. miguelicute says:

    sakin wimax bm 622. ganon din ang bagal tlga ng connection,..wal cla pinag kaiba ng smart bro sa unang month lang cla magaling the pro reklamo na,,almost 3 months nku na bbwisit..sabi inaayos na daw pro wala tlga,,1mb 995peso tpos 3ooplus kbps lng na coconsume ko..nangako pro d nman natupad

  42. Tsais says:

    so they doubled their capacity, yet ping speeds are the absolute worst since I got their miserable service in February?

    Not a week has gone by where I didn’t have to call them for an outage or severe slowdown of their service.

    and after a “repair” a few weeks ago, its gone from bad to worse.

    Ping from Bacolod to Globe’s very own server in Makati is at 682 ms

    So much the difference between press releases and reality!

  43. ktd says:

    Not sure what the problem is at Globelines but the month of July i have called customer support over 15 times to complain about packet loss, dns problems, internet outages that last for days.

    Doesn’t matter how many times you call customer service, doesn’t matter how many times customer service assures you that their support tech’s will investigate the issues and fix it. Globelines does not have the ability, staff, or equipment to solve their issues. Calling tech support is suppose to connect the customer with tech’s that have some idea what is going on but Globelines tech support is just a call center who’s employee’s have no information other that being able to find out if you account is active or not. The only thing Globelines tech support is capable of doing is filing a report on the problem and then say sorry for the inconvenience a dozen times and tell you their support team is working on the problem and it will be fixed as soon as possible.
    Of course this gets kind of stupid after calling almost everyday for a month just to hear the same bullshit every day.

    Problems started July 2, Globelines blamed the problem on a facility repair in my area, Calling everyday for 2 weeks and got the same excuse, asked when the facility repair is expected to be completed and they have no idea. Apparently Globelines has no idea how long a facility repair takes.
    After 2 weeks the internet worked for 2 days, then same problems, long outages, packet loss, dns problems. Called Globelines support and they blamed it on a facility repair, i asked if this was the same one that started on July 3 and he said no this one started yesterday. I pointed out the facility repair that started 2 weeks ago and the rep started with sorry for the inconvenience crap.
    Called again the next day and was informed that i was not part of a facility repair. Internet problems continue for a few days and called again and informed that my problem was due to a system restoration in my area.
    Called again a day later and there is not system restoration in my area.
    Apparently Globelines just makes up facility repair and system restoration excuses in order to give the customer some reason whey their service has been terrible for weeks and probably will be for weeks more.
    Not sure if they are just trying to buy time due to tech shortages but it should not take a internet provider weeks to fix a internet connection and even when it does start working you can bet that it will break again in a day or two leading to weeks of facility repair and system restoration excuses.

  44. ktd says:

    My latest encounter getting my connection fixed. Called on tuesday morning Aug 10th 2010 reported

    no dsl signal, the call center employee apologized and told me their tech’s would fix the problem

    as soon as possible.

    Called Wed morning asked them when their tech’s were gonna start working on my connection, The

    call center employee said a tech would come to my house sometime today Aug 11th. Waited all day no

    tech showed up.
    Called the 211 tech support call center Thursday morning and told them no one came on wed, the

    call center employee apologized and said i would now have to wait 12 days for another on site

    visit.I informed the call center employee that i would cancel my account before i wait a total of

    16 days for someone from globeline to start working on my connection and that’s dependent on if

    they even show up this time as scheduled.

    Decided to stop wasting my time with the Globeline technical support hot line and went down to the

    local office at 1pm. Talked to a rep about the problem and he made a phone call and told me a tech

    would come to my house. A repair team showed up about 4pm and checked the telephone pole outside

    and there was no signal which means the problem was between that pole and the facility box. The
    tech informed me that they didn’t have a key to open the box so they would tell some other tech’s

    to check the box on Friday.
    Woke up Friday morning and my connection has been finally fixed.

    To recap

    Tues – no attempt to fix my connection

    Wed – no attempt to fix my connection and a no show on the on-site visit.

    Thurday – Repair crew shows up at 4pm not prepared or equipped to fix a internet connection.

    Friday – Connection restored at around 9am.

    It took Globelines 4 days to fix a internet connection that could have been fixed in 15 minutes. I

    had to call numerous times which were a total waste of my time and had to go down to the local

    office in person to get them to start working on the problem.
    As a customer paying for a service i find this level of service unacceptable and globelines needs

    major improvement in the way they service their existing accounts.

    1. I don’t need a call center employee to tell me their tech’s will fix the reported problem when

    in fact no one is working on it.

    2. When a on-site visit is scheduled it would be nice if someone showed up.

    3. Reporting a no show from Globelines on-site visit the next day and informed that since the tech
    did not show up i now have to wait another 12 days for the next available tech is just retarded.

    4. When a repair crew goes to fix a connection problem they should be prepared and equipped such

    as having a key to open a box.

    5. Globelines need to staff their tech support call center with people who are able to do more

    than and generate reports, they should beable to make a phone call and resolve problems instead of

    saying sorry our tech didn’t show up but now you have to wait 12 more days for the next available


    6. I should not have to call numerous times to coordinate the repair efforts on my connection, I

    should not have to make a on-site visit to the local Globelines office in order to get a 15 minute

    repair job done. If i had not done these things Globelines technical support hot line employee’s

    would have me waiting an additional 12 days on top of the 4 days i had already waited for another

    on-site visit that they may not show up for again.

    I would hope who ever is in charge at Globelines takes the time to improve the response to

    reported problems someday as the process that Globelines currently employs appears dysfunctional

    and broken in it’s current state.



    Thought it was fixed on friday morning but turns out even tho i can now connect to the internet i

    am getting around 30% of the speed i am supposed to get. My 3mb dsl connection wont speed test

    faster than 0.7 – 0.8. When i first got it hooked up i speed tested the line and got 3.2 to 3.4.

    Called Globelines about it and was informed of a area wide network problem and was told the

    internet was down in my area. I informed them that i could connect but it was less than 1mb

    download speed.

    They said a tech would look into it, Saturday afternoon a tech shows up and tries a different

    modem which made no difference and then left. While he was here he said there was a major upgrade

    going on somewhere.
    Getting problems now where i can’t connect to most sites like google, yahoo, etc…Still

    connecting to some sites tho.

    Sunday morning, can’t connect to most sites altho i can connect to some.
    Called repair people again. They said they will try and send someone out later today.
    Sunday afternoon and i can connect to most sites but still only getting 30% of the speed.

    To recap…

    First report problems to Globelines on Tuesday Aug 10, 2010 its now Sunday Aug 15th and still not


    Globelines has alot of excuses but i really can’t understand why a major telecom like Globelines

    needs weeks to fix a internet connection.

  45. someone says:

    I agree with ktd!!! I’ve been a Globe broadband subscriber for 2-3 years now(3MBPS data only, location: alabang). Their service was very good up til some months ago.

    Our problem started some days before the typhoon in Manila(back in May or June)..since then, our connection has been intermittent.
    They already sent 4-5 tech teams to our house to “repair” and even gave us a new modem… But it’s still the same -___________-

    Right now, it’s stable but I don’t know how long this stability will last, for a couple of hours maybe? It’s been like this, it’ll be stable for some hours or a day then it will break down for a couple of hours too or one whole day.

    Oh wow, I got dc-ed in the middle of typing my comment!

    I’m planning to go back to PLDT..

  46. someone says:

    I agree with ktd!!! I’ve been a Globe broadband subscriber for 2-3 years now(3MBPS data only, location: alabang). Their service was very good up til some months ago.

    Our problem started some days before the typhoon in Manila(back in May or June)..since then, our connection has been intermittent.
    They already sent 4-5 tech teams to our house to “repair” and even gave us a new modem… But it’s still the same -___________-

    Right now, it’s stable but I don’t know how long this stability will last, for a couple of hours maybe? It’s been like this, it’ll be stable for some hours or a day then it will break down for a couple of hours too or one whole day. It’s a viscious cycle.

    Oh wow, speaking of, I got dc-ed in the middle of typing my comment!

    I’m planning to go back to PLDT..

  47. John Orford says:

    30% speed- that you should be so lucky. We are paying for “up to 1mbps” – and we all know what “up to” means in sales morality – but we seldom get more than 30% any day in the evening. Too many connections made? Just now I’m getting 40 kbps, which is 4% speed.

  48. squishy says:

    Our internet service with Globe Telecoms has been intermittent since last week. Perhaps Typhoon Megi affected the cable system entering through Cagayan?

  49. Albert says:

    Currently our globe network connection sucks and it SUCKS BIGTIME.. Dunno what they’re doing in their system here in Quezon City but we have been experiencing frequent disconnections and very slow connection speeds almost rivaling dial up… If they really want good publicity and people to spread the word that they are good then they should fix these current problems. We have been subscribing for 2 years now and this has been happening for months. No peace of mind there. Planning to go back to PLDT or maybe try smart bro if they don’t get their network fixed.. Our neighbors on other networks have been having good connections here as I’ve seen.

  50. Paul says:

    I just moved here from USA and tried to get Globe hooked up from the Laoag office and the said there was no openings in my town ! There is already two people that are connected. They can’t handle more that two or are they just lazy ?

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