iPhone 6 Plus in the flesh, first impressions

iPhone 6 Plus in the flesh, first impressions

Earlier this week, we posted our review of the iPhone 6. We eventually got its bigger sibling, the iPhone 6 Plus. And they shared a lot of things in common, there were a few upgrades that puts it at a better spot.

The biggest and most prominent feature of the iPhone 6 Plus is its size. We originally thought it would be just as big as the LG G3 which also has a 5.5 inch display but turns out it’s way bigger and more like the size of the Galaxy Note 3 or the figure of the Nokia Lumia 1520.


So yes, the iPhone 6 Plus is legitimately a phablet. That’s why there’s a lot of noise regarding this year’s release since Apple has resisted even going the way of major flagship device in the range of 4.7 to 5.0 inches, then suddenly they made a sizable shift to 5.5.

The general idea is that bigger is better but in the case of the iPhone 6 Plus we felt the small iPhone 6 has better feel and grip on the hands. It’s a bit heavy on the hands you’ll always end up using both hands when using it.

The iPhone 6 Plus that we got was the champagne gold with white front panel. The gold color is prominent at the back with band-aid like stripes of white. It did not strike us as a nice color combo so we’re more inclined to pick the space gray since the variations are more subtle.



Apple has also finally gone full HD (1080p) after being stuck with sub-720p (Retina Display) for over 7 years. We were also expecting more additional rows for the icons but it runs out there’s only one extra row just like in the iPhone 6. That means bigger icons than what you’re used to with the previous iPhones. Apple has managed to maintain the aspect ratio at 16:9 so apps and games will scale just fine.

Just like the iPhone 6, the full HD display of the iPhone 6 Plus looks stunning, clear and crisp. We’re hoping the bigger 2,915mAh battery capacity would support the huge display and maintain an acceptable battery life (more on that during our standard battery bench).


As for that #BendGate issue with the iPhone 6 Plus, we actually tried and failed. Perhaps with enough pressure and stress, it might buckle the same way any other phablet would at this size and form factor.

It just feels a bit weird that we’d see an iPhone this big. In any case, this is another experiment that Apple is testing to see if they’d be able to push some more numbers in their smartphone market share. Perhaps, this could finally be the time the iPhone 6 Plus can do what the iPhone 5C failed last year — attract more users.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus specs:
5.5-inch IPS LCD @ 1080×1920 pixels, 401ppi
Apple A8 1.4GHz dual-core Cyclone processor
PowerVR GX6450 quad-core GPU
16GB, 64GB, 128GB internal storage
HPSA+/LTE 150Mbps
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band
Bluetooth 4.0 LE
NFC, Apple Pay
8MP rear camera, dual-tone LED flash
[email protected], [email protected]
1.2MP front facing camera
Fingerprint sensor
iOS 8
Li-Po 2915mAh battery
172 grams (weight)
158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1mm (dimensions)

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are not yet officially released in the Philippines but you can still get them thru online stores like Widget City.

More on this on our full review of the iPhone 6 Plus. For the meantime, check our iPhone 6 review here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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36 Responses

  1. Jeje says:

    Wow, grabe ang ganda. :)

  2. Pennypi says:




    • Should appear in our full review with samples.

    • Justin says:

      Pft! Susmaryosep naman, bro. Luma na ang OIS sa Android. The S4, Xperia Z, G2 and Nexus 5, just to name a few, already have that feature. Kung maka-puri ka naman sa beloved iPhone 6 mo, para kang timang. All caps pa. Kung sa bagay, your IQ really is a reflection of the typical iPhone user.

    • carloxy says:

      ^wow lang ha, nasa cellphone na pala ang basihan ng pagiging matalino ngayun hahahaha. With your logic, ung mga manager or businessman na naka iPhone e mas mababa IQ sa jeepney driver na naka android. Bobo-Logic at its finest haha :D

    • archie says:


      Just because you’re a manager or a businessman, that doesn’t mean that you have the IQ and common sense. I’ve met many so called supervisors and team leaders na tatanga tanga din sa mga personal na buhay nila.

      Justin was just implying that there are people who have the wallet but have no brains. Unbox therapy released an uncut video of iPhone 6+ bending and people hated him because they’re blind with apple brands.

    • Jake says:


      I know that those features were already present in some phones that ran android 4 years ago. And other iPhone users know that too. I’m just happy that the iPhone finally has those features. I have heavily invested in the iOS ecosystem. I have bought premium apps and my iPhone, now more than ever, integrates well with my Mac and Macbook. And it works for me. The iPhone is not a crappy phone. It’s a good phone that works. It may not have all the features that others have but that’s alright. If i needed those features, I’d buy another phone that has them. To be honest, I have been buying the iPhone since the first iteration came out in 2007. I just had the iPhone 6 plus that I bought from a popular online retailer here in the Philippines. And the iPhone is still my daily driver today despite having other phones. So yeah, I am somebody whom others might call an apple fanboy. But that cannot discount the fact that the iPhone is a good phone. Perod.

    • carloxy says:


      hahahaha.. so liking the apple brand is now synonymous to having a low IQ?? The people that are really stupid are bias fanboys, regardless if they’re using android or ios. Let me get this straight, in my own opinion a normal fan is different from a fanboy, a fan accepts that other people likes other things and a fanboy will defend what he likes and bash anyone that not agrees with him. Fanboys are stupid because theyre blinded by their idolization of a certain brand. And you kept on saying that you’ve watched Unbox therapy’s video, have you watched their other video where they bend test both new iphones, samsung note and an htc one? The htc one and iphone6 both broke when 90lbs of force is applied and the iphone 6+ came in second when it broke when 120lbs is applied and not surprisingly, samsung with a tank like yet boring design(thats my opinion though) won the bend test. So with your logic, HTC one is crap as well? and yet, not surprisingly, people will not react to it because its not ‘Apple’ tsk3. Talk about logic being fucked in the arse right? hahahhaha

    • Pennypi says:

      @Justin – i respect ur opinion and i am so amused with ur what so called “critical thinking”

    • archie says:

      @carloxy. You’re stupid and have zero comprehension skills. Never did I say that all iPhone buyers are idiots and never did I patronize or glorify any gadgets with my last comment. If HTC is crap then it is a crap. If nokia lumia 1020 is shitty then it is shitty. All gadgets are open for skepticism and design criticism. Unbox therapy is neutral that’s why they tested other phones and it’s good to show the people what’s worth for their money. You try to worship and defend a gadget’s mistake then you are going mental. I owned an iPhone 4s and it was great (owned because I ditched it for a Nokia lumia). iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ are both shit because they’re expensive for the technology and design they offer. If you’re buying an expensive “premium” device just for the unboxing experience and for status symbol then congratulations, you’re just that typical iDiot sheep or Android fuckboys. Go to a mom crying if people are bashing your beloved apple product.

  3. Pennypi says:

    nagpa order ako sa bos ko na nasa US nito iha hand carry nya by November hehehe excited….

  4. Hen-Sheen says:

    A Bendable phone; to fix it one must have a Paper Clip. A Paper Clip!? How about iLoan Apple some money for them to fix this piece of a Gadget called Smartphone… Apple Tech Support are having a field day tending the “Sea of Madness”…..

    • archie says:

      Unbox therapy released an uncut version where he bent iPhone 6+ and Moto X infront of the people. It was worse than the first video he made. Talk about “premium” phone with 40k+ price.

  5. Amazing phone with amazing price. I hope when it’s officially launch here in the Philippines eh matapyasan ang napakataas na presyo ng Lazada.

    • rap says:

      sinabi mo pa! which do you prefer 6 or plus?

    • @Rap… both devices are great! Pero personal preference ko, mas preferred ko iPhone 6.. if I go for 6 Plus, Mag iPad Mini with Retina (+ fingerprint sensor sa future release) na lang ako… Kasi mabibitin lang ako sa screen at hindi ako fan ng 5-incher phablets. Perfect sakin yung 4.7″ for a smartphone and 7.7″ for a tablet.

  6. mark says:

    Misleading ung pngamamalaking retina dsplay nla eh 640p po at hindi 720, previous iphones were not HD, research better pls

  7. nesjug says:

    mas maganda ang xperia z3 ever kasi pwede i timpasawa sa tubig at dagat hindi makaka talo ang iphone 6 and 6 plus at higit sa lahat afforvable ang price commpare to iphone 6

  8. nesjug says:

    abangan nyo rin ang xperia z4 mas matindi pa ang feature nito kasi pwede siya up to 100 meters water resistant at heat resistant din sya shatter proof pa kaya ang astig nito mga 1st quarter of 2015 lalabas ang xperia z4

    • rap says:

      minsan wala yan sa features, it’s more on how you will satisfy yourself sa binili mong gadget (bonus nalang yung added features).

    • archie says:

      And Z3 compact made a new record for it’s battery life. It can even support the new 128gb micro sd card. Hope they continue outdoing themselves every flagship release.

  9. rap says:

    which do you think is better iphone 6 or plus (forget about the ipad like rotation & camera additional features on 6+) gusto ko kasi gadget na compact to play games and movies on the go. Big issue pa sakin ang bendgate since i’m a commuter (siksikan or sumasabit sa jeep).

    Help me pick one habang mahal pa sila ngayon.

    • Pennypi says:

      sir actually halos same lng naman sila ng features kng manood ka ng reviews sa youtube at sa mga sites naiba lng tlga size at un capacity ng camera nila kng mhlg ka mag kkuha ng image for me prefer 6+ kng ayaw mo nmn ng malaki mag 6 kna lng pro mgnda din nmn daw ang 6 kc fit na fit sa kamay ung 6+ u nid to hold by two hands sonce its Phablet

  10. android fan says:

    just got my iphone 6 64 gb for free. and my monthly fee is 2000 pesos only for 24 months. i had a hard time choosing between 6 and 6 plus. nalakihan lang ako masyado sa plus. the built of these iphones are not structurally durable imho.why? kasi manipis and the rounded side didnt help. kaya need ng ingat.anyway, its about preferences. ive been an android user for more than 5 yrs, and its nice to be back to apple once again.

  11. Oona says:

    Just how many man hours are spent by trolls bashing Apple? Surely they could be doing something more productive and perhaps earn enough money to buy the phone they really want and they wont have to bash other phones they cant have. Naisip q lang kung kuntento ka sa gamit mo hindi ka na manggugulo sa foum about your bitterness against other products. Damn i never criticized BMW or Benz for selling a car i cant afford!

  12. Pennypi says:

    hahaha may nakta ako sa Hachi mga Android kandarapa ipa Customize na magnumhang ios un Devices nila… And wla man lang ako naktabg pumuna na ios Users sila sila lang Dyan natin mkkta na napaka respectable ng Apple kht bina Bash sila Tahimik lang sila “Kebir lang hahahaha”

  13. Jason says:

    People are buying an iPhone to prove that they can buy an iPhone.

    • Oona says:

      no, man. We buy it because we actually like it. I like it over android (i’m Android and BB owner as well). Where do you get that kind of thinking? If I wanna buy Jollibee chicken and not KFC chicken, does that mean I just like buying Jollibee chicken because I like to prove I can buy a Jollibee chicken??? Tsk tsk

    • maspoging jayson says:

      Dude seriously? Where the hell did you get that logic? I purchased an iphone because i like and i need it at work specially naka-line ung unit most of the time when i am on field need ko makausap ang boss ko. So lets go back to your grade 1 thinking. Wag mong i-assume na kagaya lahat ng tao ang iniisip mo. Kung wala kang pambili kasi manahimik na lang.

    • rape says:

      @maspoging jayson

      – dude, di mo kelangan ng iphone 6 para magka line. kahit nga 3310 phone mo eh pwede mo makausap boss mo. it only shows na talagang status symbol and iphone and madaming tangang bibili neto basta lang makapagpasikat.

    • Mas poging jayson says:

      @RAPE, ayaw na lang sana kitang patulan dahil nakakaawa ka pero cge bigyan kita ng magandang sagot. Una wag mong iassume na lahat ng tao e kagaya ng buhay mo at ng pagiisip mo. Pangalawa kung wala kang pambili manahimik ka na lang. Pangatlo andito ako sa dubai kainaman kabobo ka naman san mo ko paghahanapin ng 3310 dito. Pang apat kumuha ako ng iphone dahil free yung device naka-corporate plan kaming lahat sa office meaning libre ang tawag kung magkakaofficemates. Wag pairalin ang kabobohan, kung may galit ka sa mundo dahil di ka makaafford magsumikap ka kesa sumasabat ka sa usapin na wala ka naman alam. Smh

    • Oona says:

      +100 @maspogingjason.

      @Rap3 and @jason – our phones don’t define who we are, if you judge a person by his phone then you basically that’s how you judge yourself. Konting logic lang sa pag-iisip, it doesn’t matter if you’re an Android,WP,iOS user. Ang logic niyong dalawa walang basis. Isip isip din, libre lang naman mag-isip

  14. soul says:

    weh, sinubukan mo talaga i-bend? o natakot ka dahil mahal pagkabili mo?

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