iPod Touch: Up Close and Personal

iPod Touch: Up Close and Personal

I got my hands on the new iPod Touch yesterday. And despite some minor shortcomings, the device lives up to its hype. Check the details and shots after the jump.

iPod Touch Review

Two of the most attractive features of the iPod Touch for me are the wide screen video player (something you can hook up inside your car in lieu of those NextBase players) and the full featured Safari browser (which allows you to surf and comfortably read blogs via wifi without opening up your laptop or desktop computer).


iPod Touch

For a hands-on review of the iPod Touch, check out my post over at PTB — “Hands-on Review: iPod Touch

Read my previous review of the 3rd Gen iPod Nano here.

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25 Responses

  1. Dusty says:

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been debating for weeks now if I should s(h)ell out and buy this ;) One more step closer to yes =)

    However being a developer, I might wait till 3rd party apps are available again.

  2. McBilly says:

    That is awesome Yuga. Thanks for the review. Too bad the price there is not the same here in Cebu.

    I browsed our SM City here for some iPhones and they costs a whopping 40k. To add injury to pain, that price is for the 8GB iPhone.

    What a big difference!

  3. Mobius says:

    @McBilly I think you’ve mistaken the iPod touch with an iPhone. iPhones do cost at that rate..

  4. hip2b2 says:

    Hey, can a borrow it and try my iPhone apps?

  5. Dusty says:


    the ipod touch can’t install 3rd party apps yet. the new firmware have disabled them.

    A new jailbreak is in the works but it seems all the apps have to be recompiled.

  6. marhgil says:

    wow! wala bang paraffle dito? hehehe. cool gadget, sana, magkaroon ako this december. :D

  7. McBilly says:

    @Mobius Oh. Sorry for the confusion. Your right! hehe. Ang nipis! super ganda. :mrgreen:

  8. ernesto says:

    Wow love it and how much is it???

  9. chinesemafia says:

    Can you compose e-mail on this thing? I assume you could access gmail/yahoo mail via wifi.

  10. BrianB says:

    It’s useless if you can’t write notes on it.

  11. Nice review, short but comprehensive.

    What I like best on iPod touch is the ability to surf the net using Safari thru wifi. Another thing is the YouTube service thru wifi.

  12. Dusty says:

    iPod Touch has been hacked! Woot! 3rd party apps are coming. That is of course until v1.1.2


  13. I also bought 16 GB iPod Touch at Amazon and waiting for its arrival.

  14. macboy says:

    seems alot of 3rd party app are coming for this baby. cant wait til get mine in the mail.

    there are already touch hack sites

  15. alren says:

    hi. iPod touch now costs for about 12k for 8gb and 16k for 16gb. I only have about 5.5k in my money and I could earn about 200 a week.

    Can u give me some advise on where to buy a cheap…or a lower price of the iPod touch? Thnx!

  16. angelo says:

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!…. i want to have games and apps in my ipod touch but i dont have a cc to purchase in itunes store.. any other way to put it? i dont want to jailbreak my ipod touch thanks
    !!! email me at [email protected] please please thnx in advance

  17. tomorrow i will buy my friends ipod touch and it coz 6k so i will agreed with the price the ipod touch is from japan so the applications is already there i thought more than 40 applications are installed……
    please give me some advise??? where to buy the charger at low price and also the headset????
    tnx tnx tnx tnx a million lots…. kenneth from cavite….

  18. theme? Did you download it for free or had to pay for it? Where can I download it from? Thanks in advance for your response!

  19. csseyah says:

    I like this post so much. Kase nagbabalak na rin ako makabili ng iPod Touch this christmas para naman sa sarili ko.

    Saan kaya merong mura dito sa pinas na iPod Touch? Hay! sana may magadang loob dyan na magsabi kung saan maganda makabili ng iPod touch dito.. Thanks thanks in advance

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  22. Love the article but I don`t see where to get to your newsletter.

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