Want to opt-in?

Want to opt-in?

Every so often, a company, media agency or PR firm would contact me and ask for help on how to reach specific bloggers. Given that most of them are still uninitiated and do not have a comprehensive understanding of the local blogosphere, they find it hard to initiate the engagement.

The most common problem for them is how to contact the people on their shortlist, aside from the fact that they don’t know who else to tap or invite. So the obvious questions to the bloggers are — are you willing to be contacted and how can we contact you?

On several occasions, I’ve declined giving out contact information due to privacy reasons. First, I don’t know if you are open to such invitations or if you’re willing to give up your anonymity. Apparently, a lot of bloggers are still comfortable hiding behind a pseudonym or a nickname as they feel this contributes to their editorial freedom.

My usual approach is to email or send an SMS to the bloggers list (if I have one) and personally ask them if they are willing to engage with the interested parties. Only them I can freely send out contact information and facilitate the discussions. This could range from product reviews, a simple meeting, a media interview/guesting, an advertising deal, a press conference, a private dinner, an exclusive party, participate/facilitate a seminar/workshop or cover an event.

The response I get ranges from a resounding yes, an apologetic no to a simple no-reply. I do keep tabs of the ones who have been constantly willing to join such activities and take note of the others who want to keep their privacy, anonymity or dis-interest.


Another agency was asking me for a database and said was willing to pay for it. I said no, there’s nothing to sell here.

However, I’d like to extend the same opportunities to other bloggers I haven’t touched based with yet. If you believe you can enhance your blogging, further your career in professional blogging or citizen’s journalism, even just have fun joining such activities, then here’s a chance to opt-in to my list.

I’ve modified my blog’s Membership Page to accommodate a couple information such as complete names, mobile numbers, location and description. It looks like this:

Profile Page

If you have already registered as a Subcriber in this blog, then you can update your Profile Page here. if not, you need to Register here.

P.S.: I am not paid to do this. If ever I am, I will disclose it. I just believe that this will help fellow bloggers get to the next level.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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58 Responses

  1. Azrael says:

    mas ok kasi yung they will invite na lang and then kung may nakausap sila isang tao for channeling the invite, mas ok na wag ibigay ng tao yung info and database na hawak nya. mas ok na lang yung tao na lang mag distribute ng invitation then sila na lang bahala mag contact sa agency na yun.

    parang sa blog di ba ? post na lang and yung reader na lang ang may option kung participate sila or hindi.

    database is like a gold in these days.
    kaya dont share your databases :)

  2. Joseph says:

    E di contact-in na lang nila directly yung blogger.

  3. Edward says:


    I agree with you. There are other ways in disseminating the invites.

    I guess this is partly the reason why there are a few sponsors available for Filipino-based blogs as compared to other countries.

  4. Lhurey says:


    I agree with you..

  5. Chino Yray says:

    well since Abe is the known pinoy-blogosphere-icon of the companies, it’s just logical na sya talaga ang first middle-man.

    I’ve opt-in dati pa… or registered nung March or April pa yata.. however, I keep my numbers private and even if I know I’m ready for such engagements… mejo foreigners ang target audience ng blog ko kaya wala silang benefit na makukuha.. unless, they target people from other countries as well.

  6. yuga says:

    azrael, that’s usually the case. there’ll be a blogger that’s the point person to contact other bloggers. but that point person doesn’t always have the contact info of the others.

    herbert, yes some do contact all the target bloggers. that is, if they post their contact info in their blogs. some tell me, selected bloggers are ignoring them thinking its a hoax or spam or something. that’s when they as other prominent bloggers to do it in their behalf.

  7. jayvee f. says:


    in my experience with events, one should never give out the database to companies. if bloggers end up attending said events it will be on their own accord. so that’s great!

    syempre, meron mga suking bloggers who attend certain events. suki ako sa tech events kasi dun talaga ako nagumpisa nung nasa magazine pa ako.

    to be honest, the “list” is actually what seems to define if you are a member of the said “blogging mafia” because of the frequency of attendance of the SAME people. but note too that these are the same people who don’t mind giving out their contact info and taking blogging to this level (i wont say “next step” kasi kanya-kanya ang diskarte).

    just my observations.

  8. yuga says:


    yup, but some bloggers have been telling me they’re automatically emailed for every event, even if that event does not match their niche.

  9. jayvee f. says:

    sa bagay…na-invite ako sa isang event na may mga bra. :P

  10. Eugene says:

    Well, Yuga is not the only contact person for blogger events. There’s Aileen Apolo (e.g., for SM Hypermart), Janette Toral for some Internet events, and even Gibbs Cadiz for theater-related gigs. So kanya-kanyang “list” at “mafia” iyan. ;-)

  11. yuga says:

    I really wanted to make this open-source so everyone has access but syempre privacy. Just wanted to remove the mafia label.

    I’m thinking that if you’re serious about these, you’ll have your contact info in your blog naman.

    That’s why I don’t go much to events or organize one so others would stop thinking this is a monopoly of some sorts.

  12. Kuya/Sir, nice decision po na hindi nyo binenta ang db. Saludo po ako sa inyo. I think if I’d be placed in such situation, matetempt po akong ibigay.

    Anyway, nice system of collecting bloggers. MasOK po yung ginagawa nyo na with consent of bloggers.

  13. ajay says:

    Why would an agency go as far as buying a bloggers’ database? Don’t they know how to research?? and i mean online, lol.

    Thanks for the invites Abe. I may not always attend but I will.

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