iOS 7 Beta 4 hints iPhone 5S may have Fingerprint Sensor

iOS 7 Beta 4 hints iPhone 5S may have Fingerprint Sensor

It has been long rumored that Apple may incorporate a fingerprint sensor on the next iPhone. And while the tech giant has yet to formally confirm the existence of such feature, there may have been some truth behind these hear-says as suggested by the latest Beta release of iOS 7 which was recently made available to devs.


Found among the heap of folders in the iOS 7 Beta 4 is a sub-folder referred to as BiometricKitUI.axbundle. Inside it is a string of commands (seen below) that details the process of enrolling a fingerprint to the handset’s database (or at least that’s how we interpreted the string).



Another evidence which suggests that Apple is indeed looking to include biometric scanner in their future endeavors is the $356-million acquisition of AuthenTec early last year, followed by a recent patent application to formalize the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor technology on their upcoming device/s.

But even with all of these leads, we still can’t definitively expect such feature to be included in the next iPhone, or any iDevice for that matter. Therefore, it pays to take this matter lightly so as to not be disappointed in the end. However, if this materializes, we can probably expect to hear Phil Schiller’s infamous statement again during the iPhone’s launch.

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This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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8 Responses

  1. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Do you really want them to have access to more identifying personal information? I think not. This is a step in the wrong direction. Next thing you know, they’ll have DNA barcode sensors…then they’ll have your DNA.

    • lolwut says:

      I agree. This is another useless feature for the average end user. Like with all other features, Apple’s gonna market this as the “most magical” feature they are going to release for their iPhone.

      This clearly implies that their slide to unlock is not secured enough lol

  2. Iffy says:

    Korek. Nawawalan na talaga ng innovation itong Apple when it comes to iOs

  3. Ren says:

    in some conditions scanners cannot read the fingerprints instantaneously. companies who uses biometrics, employees have to do trials or leave their finger for like 2 – 3 seconds to read it. i cant allow that in my phone. i still prefer a traditional passcode or swipe to answer urgent calls/text while on the road.

  4. John says:

    What if yung screen pala ang nakakadetect ng fingerprint? Yun ang innovation! Imagine kung gaano ka detail yung sensor nun, walang panama ang stylus ng Galaxy note or inking sa Surface. Tsk tsk. How I wish! :D

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