Leopard for PC hacked on Launch Day

Leopard for PC hacked on Launch Day

The ever expected launch of Apple’s OS X 10.5 (codenamed Leopard) was met with alot of enthusiasm. On top of that, there have been reports of the new OS flying around some torrent sites.

IMO, the popularity of a software, music or movie can be proportionately measured by how much it’s spread out among torrent sites. So, if the Apple OS runs in the P2P wild, it may be a sign that Leopard is starting to break into mainstream.

Another more interesting report is about the Leopard being hack to run on any Intel PC — all on the same day that it was released in the public. Apparently, the hack is even more simple than expected — just a blank DVD, a thumb-drive and some fast and easy tweaking.


If it’s that simple, then maybe we’ll more and more people trying OSX because they can easily install it on their own PC, without buying any Apple hardware. Moreso, that the download hack can be had for free.

At $129 a pop, Leopard seems to be competitively priced over Microsoft XP or Vista. Anybody owning a Macbook or MBP upgraded to Leopard yet?

Just a heads up tough. Switching from Windows to OS X doesn’t free you from the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD). Upgraders to Leopard are experiencing the same blue screen treatment as well.

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14 Responses

  1. BrianB says:

    I regret buying a new MacBook and envy people at Starbucks with the old ultraportable iBook. Keyboard really sucks but OS is fine. Leopard should suck until Q2 2008.

  2. Ah yes BSOD.
    I saw several workarounds for it and the simplest was “Archive and Install” during the upgrade process. The BSOD error didn’t seem to pop-up during a fresh install though

  3. jhay says:

    Leopard for PCs? Hmm…very very very tempting. ;)

  4. err.. I’ve been playing OS X on my PC for quite a while. You just need VMWare to get it running.

    Here’s the wiki to get you started

  5. jay says:

    why in the world OSX will run on a a vmware considering it’s on a x86 machine? i bet that’s the bootlegged issue.. the hacked OSX.

    we’ve tried that on the first year of VMware, you can run any linux flavor, *bsd on VMware. But for OSX? NO NO.. you can’t run the “orig” OSX in a x86 machine, though there’s one that will run in their Intel based machine. So yeah, hardware is still coming from Apple.

  6. Yes it’s hacked but I’d like to quote one of the first lines of the Wiki:

    Since when do we students of this computer age have the funds to purchase and create extra test systems for the purposes of advancing our education?

  7. Cesar says:

    It would be nice to know if there are hacks for OSX that would work on PC. Windows Vista really suck for me . I’m still using Windows XP Pro for my web developent projecys but most of the time nowadays I use Ubuntu.

  8. vance says:

    hackintosh is alive but the process of installing it on a pc system was long…

    anyways Power Mac Center in trinoma told me that you can upgrade your OSX tiger to leopard for only P500 pesos but this will only apply to buyers from october to december 2007.. This is legit kasi they will sent an e-mail to apple and apple will validated it like activating the apple iphone..

  9. jepoy says:

    @vance – I’ve installed OSX for less than 45mins on my HP Pavilion :D

  10. vance says:

    cool… I read kasi the one on how to create the installation cd.. and ang daming chuchu.. kakatmad pagaralan..

    hows the os? mabilis ba hehe sa pc side, I read mabagal daw eh..

  11. Carlo says:

    I’ve upgraded mine already and it seems to be working fine and satisfying my needs :)

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