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Mac OS X, iOS are the Most Vulnerable Operating Systems of 2014

If Apple users think their ecosystem is very secure, they might have to rethink it over again: Mac OS X and iOS, its mobile counterpart, are two of the most vulnerable operating systems last year, according to the US National Vulnerability Database (NVD).


Apple’s two software systems lead the pack with a combined 274 vulnerabilities reported for the last year alone. They are followed by the Linux kernel, which has 119 risks reported. Surprisingly, Microsoft’s Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 Operating Systems were some of the least vulnerable ones, as they fall into the bottom half of the list and rank at 5th, 7th and 8th, all of them with 36 vulnerabilities.


Microsoft may be the least vulnerable operating system, but they proved to be on the contrary with the list of applications, as their Internet Explorer browser took over the top of the chart with over 200 risks. Google’s Chrome browser follows with half of the vulnerabilities. Web browsers proved to be the most vulnerable due to them being a gateway for to access a server and to spread malware on the clients’ devices.


While Operating systems take 13 percent of the overall number of reported vulnerabilities, applications still have a huge 83 percent share. With an average of 19 new vulnerabilities discovered every single day last year, the number rose to over 7000, a lot higher when compared to the 2013 figures.

{GFIBlog via Microsoft-News}

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16 Responses

  1. Avatar for asterisk asterisk says:

    windows rules!!!!!!

  2. Avatar for ios forever ios forever says:

    Now, where is the fastest BROWSER in the entire planet called SAFARI on the list ? I never use plug ins like those ABOBE flash nor READER or JAVA. SAFARI is the only thing i use in the internet. Poor ANDROID and WINDOWS PHONE users, your browser is likely the most loved tool by viruses.

  3. Avatar for andy andy says:

    The data is somewhat misleading as they just generalized OSX, Linux and iOS as a whole and did not break it down to its multiple versions like how microsoft is presented. It might be that the data there is a collection of vulnerabilities from Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion to Snow Leopard and iOS 6 to 8. Sorry I can’t comment anything about linux as I have yet to use a Linux system or anywhere familiar with it.

  4. Avatar for damingtanga damingtanga says:

    naniwala naman kayo kay Miss Call. obvious ba na Windows user yea. :)))))

  5. Avatar for carloxy carloxy says:

    Weird, have been using my Macbook for over 3 years already, and never been once that I have been infected by a virus. Well atleast I just installed Avast anti virus last night, so no problem in that department anymore :)

  6. Avatar for Tony Tony says:

    everything is not perfect in technology. kung maka perfect wagas!!!! e pano yung leakage sa icloud accounts ng mga hollywood actors? yun ba yung perfect?!

  7. Avatar for robin robin says:

    Sabog ata tong @Miss Call na to.

  8. Avatar for Miss Call Miss Call says:

    This is a hoax. OSX and iOS are perfect that these two should be at the bottom of the list.

    • Avatar for rabbitkun rabbitkun says:

      Apple users should wake up and just accept the fact that your OS is vulnerable attacks. No OS is perfect every single one has its flaws.

    • Avatar for dothackjhe dothackjhe says:

      I agree with rabbitun’s statements. There is not a single system since the age information began that is deemed “perfect.” All has its flaws in one way or another. Not even in today’s advanced computing.

    • Avatar for kilodelta kilodelta says:

      shut up iSheep.. have you forgotten or just simply chose to ignore celebgate and other leaked photo scandals?

    • Avatar for OrangE OrangE says:

      Oo nga! Basta apple products perfect! Kahit mahal, perfect pa rin! Astig kaya, mukhang mayaman pag naka-apple products! *sarcasm*

    • Avatar for haha haha says:

      Hook, Line, Sinker.. congrats. you took the bait. sige patulan nyo pa.. hahah..

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