Macbook Wheel leaked outside MacWorld

Macbook Wheel leaked outside MacWorld

The biggest surprise from Apple this year did not come from Phil Schiller’s keynote at MacWorld 2009 which has just concluded but from an unexpected source. And no, it’s not the unibody 17″ Macbook Pro with an 8-hour battery life either. It’s codenamed the Macbook Wheel.

Apple dropped the keyboard on this Macbook and replaced it with a huge click-wheel. See video below.



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19 Responses

  1. DigitalArchon says:


    >> 2:22 <<

  2. Tisha says:

    It’s not real.

  3. jhay says:

    20 minutes of battery life! LOLZ

  4. Huan22 says:

    The only people who will buy this is those Apple fanatics that would buy anything that Apple sells. I have nothing against Apple, but they clearly missed the spot with this product, in perspective.

    Who would want a computer that will took you god knows how long to type a paragraph and to say it costs $2600! It is outrageous to sell that product at that price.

  5. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    lol yes 45 minutes to type an email :)

  6. Ed says:

    haha good one.. as soon as i saw the headline, i messaged an engineer friend of mine and asked him about it and his response was “WTF are you talking about?”… thanks! haha i probably should’ve watched the video first before getting all excited lol

  7. Ed says:

    oh by the way, my friend is an apple engineer in cupertino down the street from my house in the states.. just to clear that up haha

  8. yuga says:

    Got one on you there, ed! *hehe*

  9. keiko says:

    hahaha heard this from a friend…

    but One thing for sure, Apple will release their new OS this year. Any news/post on that Yuga?

  10. Macworld got mainstream but Google Android is coming to your PC. The next big thing in PC. Try to visit this site to know more.

  11. Hahahaha…the demo guy said “Everything will just be a hundred clicks away…”

  12. Jan Alvin says:

    I have the video form onion news network about the macbook wheel.

  13. Obed says:

    it’s like a big iPod
    that’s where they got the concept….
    ENCODING = awkward ;p

  14. tuberong_tagalog says:

    this is so funny… at first i thought it’s true… but while viewing the movie, i can’t help but laugh cause it so unreal… omg, where is apple heading to if they really launch this kind of computer? lolz

  15. bbchami says:

    hmm.. i feel the need to get a good headstart on this…how about a practice at the rouellete table!?…lol!

  16. ceops says:

    1st bullshit product from apple :D

  17. Interesting post, would you mind expanding on the topic a bit more in the future?

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