HP Pavillion dv2 gets an Athlon Neo

HP Pavillion dv2 gets an Athlon Neo

AMD’s recently announced Athlon Neo processor already has a laptop in tow — the HP Pavillion dv2. This 12-incher should perform better than most netbooks with the new 1.6GHz MV-40 Athlon Neo processor though not that strong enough to pit against the Core 2 Duos.

hp pavillion dv2


AMD Athlon Neo 1.6GHz MV-40 processor
12.1-inch (1,280×800 pixels) display screen
up to 4GB RAM
160/250/320/500GB SATA HDD
ATI Mobility Radeon HD3410
3USB ports
5-in-1 card reader
WiFi 802.11n
Vista Home Premium 64-bit
4-cell or 6-cell (up to 4 hours) battery life

Like the HP Mini 2140, it only has 92% of standard keyboard size but only weighs 3.8 lbs. Price starts at $699 for basic specs but could go up to $899 with the discreet graphics and an external Blu-Ray player.

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8 Responses

  1. Ed says:

    kinda off topic… but my annoying neighbor back home in San Jose, CA works for AMD.. and so because of him, i can’t bring myself to buy anything with AMD in it haha.. not to mention the fact that many of my friends work for intel

  2. How this Neo fares with atom?

  3. chingy says:

    @Jomark Osabel

    According to the benchmark released by AMD, Athlon Neo paired with Radeon (forgot the model, HD 3200 I think)is about 50-75% faster than an Atom paired with Intel IGP.

    Of course, there is a catch, AMD has to sacrifice battery life in favor of the added performance.

    But we still have to for 3rd party benchmarks to confirm the claimed performance gap before we decide if the trade-off was worth it. =)

  4. @ chingy

    Given that AMD Athlon Neo will consume anywhere from 8 – 15 Watts (compared to Intel Atom which only consumes 4 Watts) and AMD’s chipset will only consumes around 8 Watts (compared to Intel’s chipset which consumes more than 20 Watts), we can expect the battery life to be similar, if not barely different, from an Intel Atom based netbook.

  5. Benson Ang says:

    Where can we buy this pc here in the philippines?

  6. jazzme says:

    Intel atom can only run with windows xp and now with windows 7 while athlon neo can ran with windows xp, vista basic, and windows 7

  7. kwing says:

    Sir question po. Can this unit able to run programs like Visual Studio, Adobe Flex and Photoshop kahit na hindi sabay sabay? Thank you po sir

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