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Mysterious 4GB iPod Nano 4G spotted!

During the September 9 Apple announcement, Steve Jobs unveiled the refreshed versions of the 4G iPod Nano with 8GB and 16GB versions. So, it’s a bit of a mystery why 4GB versions of the iPod Nano 4G are now selling in local stores here in Manila.

Dozens and dozens of 4GB iPod Nanos were spotted at ElectroWorld this afternoon, each one selling for Php7,490, and they come in all colors.

4g ipod nano 4gb ipod nano 4g

There was the 8GB model which sells for Php8,990. Conspicuously missing was the 16GB model. This now brings us to the pricing issue — which model really costs what?


4gb ipod nano 4g 4gb ipod nano 4g 4gb ipod nano 4g

The cashier at the store even had a hard time entering the 4GB model into their system because the SKU cannot be identified (the unit numbers are not in the inventory) and the bar code reader could not figure out the item from their database. They had to put the sale under the label “Miscellaneous Item”.

4gb ipod nano 4g

This was first reported by Engadget a couple weeks back and the official story is that Apple did release a limited number of 4GB Nano for the global market. But why?

Others speculate that Apple did not intend to release any 16GB iPod Nano. However, a week before the announcement, Microsoft already made public an 8GB and 16GB Zune. This struck panic inside Apple and Steve and the gand had to announce that they’re also offering 8GB and 16GB models. The already-manufactured 4GB iPod Nano 4G had to be disposed of so they ended up somewhere outside of the US so very few could notice.

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15 Responses

  1. Gee Please says:

    Should be an early release since even their official website don’t have the 4Gig Nano listed. Although I fear this is just a repacked release, anyone tried if it really is 4th gen? Aside from the telltale case of the new gen.

  2. Lyle, RN says:

    I read this at Engadget a few weeks back.

    I think it could be:

    A– The plan was to produce 4GB and 8GB nanos but Apple got wind of the 8GB and 16GB zunes and reacted.

    B– Somebody messed up and mistakenly told the manufacturer in China to produce 4GB models.

    I’m leaning towards theory B.

    I just don’t think that Apple can come up 16 GB models in 1 week. There’s got to be some paperwork needed in releasing new models even if it was just a bump on the storage capacity.

  3. vance says:

    I saw thias one selling for 6K in Greenhills, not worth it. hehe. you can add 1K more and you’ll have twice the capacity

  4. Lindt Dale says:

    It’s because of the Zunes!

  5. BrianB says:

    This is bad. What we’re supposed to be getting is the 8GB and 16GB for the price of the 4GB and 8GB:


  6. BrianB says:

    Pricing is similar to 8Gb and 16GB models in other territories I think.

  7. Martin says:

    Do any of you guys agree that these should be sold a 50% off?? hehehe…

  8. ralph says:

    i hope this my 120 gig music from hdd fits on this one

  9. YourAgent says:

    wow! anyone here knows someone using zune?


  10. jhay says:

    Hmmm…pehaps it’s time for me to join the rest and get an iPod for myself this coming Christmas. The different models are now coming in at attractive prices.

  11. Wendal says:

    I bought a 4th gen 8gb black for 7500 at ambassador in greenhills. digital walker and many others offer the same price – 7500

    the more expensive shops sell at 9000 for the 8gb so why get the 4gb unless you want the “collector’s item”

  12. kate says:

    I have been looking for stores here in Cebu for Zune HD of no avail. Had crossed this site and perhaps you can guide me to a store wherein I can order and have it shipped it here in Cebu. Looking forward for response. Thanks.

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