New iPhone 8 concept surfaces, looks really sleek

New iPhone 8 concept surfaces, looks really sleek

Not everyone liked the design and build of the current iPhone 6 handsets. Not to mention all the hubbub about its bendable form factor previously. Fast forward to this week, a graphic designer posts on Behance his vision for the iPhone 8 and it exudes elegance and beauty at the same time.


The concept image shows a unibody design with glass as the key element for the handset. The front, back, top, and bottom are all reinforced with said glass, with aluminum strips flanking the screen. The artist also made some variations for the models like a glossy finish in black and white, as well as matte finish – while still staying within Apple’s design scheme for its button placements, toggle switch, etc.



The fact that this is an iPhone 8 concept, skipping iPhone 7, could simply mean that the maker thinks this render still isn’t possible to come into production until about the time iPhone 8 comes out (most likely due to materials used and the like). With this fresh look, maybe Apple could take a hint in designing their upcoming phones?


What do you think of iPhone’s new look? Pretty sleek, eh? Below are more photos for your browsing pleasure!


Glossy black

Glossy black

Glossy black


Glossy black


Glossy black


Glossy white


Glossy white

Matte black

Matte black


Matte black


Matte black

There's even a G version with colored back plates reminiscent of the iPhone 5C.

There’s even a G version with colored back plates reminiscent of the iPhone 5C.


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7 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    patulan daw ba ang concept designs. Lol

  2. mac says:

    Why is this news?

    • Toks says:

      Why is this news? Eh Apple eh. The fact na there’s already a concept design eh iPhone 6 pa lang ang meron, news talaga yan. May concept design ka bang nababasa about Samsung, Sony or any other phones aside from iPhone? And mind you just in case you didn’t know, Apple is now worth more than the entire Russia’s stock market.

  3. Dy says:

    Graphic designer is different with an industrial designer. The one posted it is an industrial designer.

  4. Jess says:

    mukhang plastic ang dating nung matte look (almost the same sa note) pero anyways, kahit ano namang design ang gawin ng apple ee mabebenta naman yun, diba? :D

  5. Gelogs says:

    front and back panels look like iPhone 4.

  6. iphon4 says:

    yung concept eh pinagsama nya yung design ng 4/4s, 5/5s and iphone 6..

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