Open Line iPhones at €999 euros

Open Line iPhones at €999 euros

That’s how much would an open line (legit unlocked) iPhone would have cost if Apple did not enter into any 2-year contract with the telcos.

By open line, we mean no software unlocking, hardware soldering, Jailbraking, or bricked warranty-less iPhone.

Imagine? That’s $1,477 or Php64,000 a pop. It’s probably the most expensive mass market mobile phone ever. The Nokia N95 went out at around Php38,000 while that shiny black N8800 was going for Php45,000 before.


Due to a recent court injunction in Germany, Deutsche Telekom AG’s mobile unit said it would offer Apple Inc.’s popular iPhone without a contract after Vodafone challenged T-Mobile’s exclusive lock on the handset. The iPhone will go on sale contract-free in Germany for €999 euros. A discounted €399 euros ($590) iPhone is available in combination with a two-year contract {source: CNN}.

That $1,477 is excruciatingly expensive, even for a phone which Times named as invention of the year. Knowing that Apple allocates huge budget for marketing, it’s no wonder how the retail cost of the iPhone reached that figure.

My bet is that when Apple ties the knot with either Smart or Globe in 2008, the iPhone would cost around Php25,000 upfront plus a Php5,000 monthly plan for 24 months.

(Note: 1 euro = 1.4745 U.S. dollars = ~65 philippine peso)

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9 Responses

  1. smart will probably go for it

  2. Aja Lapus says:

    I think you meant €1 = ~$1.5 = ~PHP65 on your last note. Unless you meant €1 = US$1.4745; US$1 = PHP43.28. :)

  3. marhgil says:

    that’s really expensive. pangmayaman lang talagang walang magawa sa pera nila :)

  4. ordnacin says:

    Is that really the cost or is Apple jacking it up to discourage buying it without a plan (since they do get revenue share from the telco provider)…

  5. Miguel says:

    999 EUR, a f***you price indeed!

  6. That price is really way off my budget with regards to purchasing mobile phones.

  7. jelly says:

    sucks. you can also do that. most of the people are just afraid to unlock their fone. buy a fone on apple website and unlock it w/o opening and jailbreaking it. the goal of apple is to provide all the people with iphone.. if you want tutorial how to unlock your iphone just email me. without any charges. i just hate that people..

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