Samsung to release Blackjack 2?

Samsung to release Blackjack 2?

Probably next week, here in the Philippines. I guess. We’ve been invited to a Samsung event this Wednesday so I’m thinking they’ll show us the new Blackjack by then. Reports in the US on the unit being available with AT&T revealed new features.

Samsung Blackjack 2

The new Samsung BlackJack II will be slimmer and gets more juice on the battery department.


– Windows Mobile 6
– HTML email support
– Office Mobile
– 2.4″ QVGA display
– Built-in GPS (!)
– Tri-band 3G UMTS/HSDPA & Quad-band EDGE/GPRS
– 2.0 MP camera
– over-the-air synchronization of contacts, calendar and task lists with Microsoft Exchange Server
– Support for Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008
– Stereo Bluetooth
– Windows Media Player Mobile 10
– WiFi

From the pictures above, there has been some usability changes — the thumb scroll wheel on the side is gone and now replaced with a jog-dial at the center.

More on this next week if and when it will actually be launched. :D See full specs of the old Blackjack here.

P.S.: Any other tech blogger interested to attend the Samsung event can leave a comment.

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18 Responses

  1. Kenneth says:

    I’m interested.. Kindly send me some details thru SMS at 09167652515.

  2. Its just me, I just don’t like all or most of Samsung’s phone design.

  3. Youngmaze says:

    can i join the event! thanks! please email sir!

  4. jan2x says:

    Hello mr yuga, could you teach me how did you install opera mini in i600?

  5. yuga says:

    jan2x, using your i600, just go to, select Opera 8.0+ on WM5/6 and it will install itself directly into your phone.

  6. jan2x says:

    Thanks. Can’t seem to install opera mini on this device. bummer. And another bummer, it’s only 30 days trial.

  7. Nico says:

    When is the Samsung launch?

  8. jgc says:

    hi, is the blackjack2 in stores already? cant seem to find ’em in malls that i go to.

  9. Adam says:

    JGC, yes, the BJ2 is indeed in stores. There are some good deals running now actually if you are wanting to pick one up.

    One quick note, the BJ2 does not have wifi :( but everything else is on the device.

    I have some comparison pictures and a UI video here that will help compliment the summary above:

  10. sandra says:

    hey would you like to try one cool appl for yr device. I work with Vringo and wanted to let people know about what the company has created.
    The Facebook application version lets you see your friends pictures as caller ID. The Facebook version works for Windows Mobile 6 phones (Blackjack 2, Motorola Q9, HTC Cavalier, HTC Touch, T-Mobile Wing, Palm Treo 750) Here you can go :

    After installing the facebook app, just go to: on your phones browser.
    Free to use and easy to set up, Vringo lets you quickly send your friends Facebook pix to your cell phone.

  11. irence says:

    i have that phone but my problem is i cant use it because i doesn’t yet open line i buy it from us

  12. stephanie says:

    hi, i have the blackjack 2 but i cant seem to get my gprs and wap settings to work for Sun Cellular … would you be able to help? .. thank you :)

  13. I did not realise before that sharks are unable to stop swimming in order to sleep. No wonder they are so irritable!

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