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OpenMac: The Mac Clones are finally here!

And it only costs $399. A company named Psystar is promising a Mac clone aptly called OpenMac and it’s the cheap alternative to the Apple Macintosh. Here is what you get for the $399.

This could be the start of the Mac OSX to gobble up more market share worldwide.

Realme Philippines

  • 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 2GB of DDR2 667 memory
  • Integrated Intel GMA 950 Graphics
  • 20x DVD+/-R Drive
  • 250GB HDD

Imagine a rock-solid operating system like Leopard on an affordable machine. MS Vista is in for a bigger competition. It’s also fully upgradeable any time and which way you want.

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See more about the OpenMac at Psystar {via MacRumors}.

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14 years ago

Based on many reviews found online. The Psystar OpenComputer running MacOSX isn’t any special. Its just a regular Hakintosh sold in retail. Based on the spec it could run faster if Code was optimized to run it. However since its a hackintosh it wont. Its probably illegal based on Apple’s EULA. Apple may sue or just push a OSX 10.5.3 update on Leopard to render this Psystar Open Computer useless.

My advise to all. If you want a true Apple experience. Do yourself a favor and buy a Macintosh instead. Hackintosh is fun for a hobbyist who are simply curious. But if you want a Hackintosh to be your main computer to do work. I advise you not since it would never run reliably. As a regular macintosh would.

As for those who says Apple computers is expensive and doesnt like to pay a premium. Then don’t, just keep using your regular windows or linux. There is a saying that for any product “You pay more for Quality.”

14 years ago

Looks like it is a hoax . . .


14 years ago

tried installing tiger and leopard on my x60s thinkpad. I patched it too but it just won’t work with my mobo.

14 years ago

eto yung link sa openmac


14 years ago

BrianB can’t you do that now? hehehe….

Theres always Hackintosh systems hehehe.. its illegally free if you have the system already

14 years ago

I just want Mac OS on a Lenovo, name your price. It’ll last me 7 years.

14 years ago

I read from Engadget that Apple is trying to close them down. Maybe their website being down already means they succeeded.

Personal Blog
14 years ago

Is this illegal, a violation to Apple’s exclusivity stupid rule?

I hope Psystar is not a fly by night company.

JC John SESE Cuneta
14 years ago


But do we really have to call it “MacClone”? I mean, why not something similar to “IBM-PC Compatible” ;) classic :p But well, it is after all just a “clone”…


The concept is an interesting possibility, and will certainly draw the attention of Apple. The use of Leopard on non Apple-branded hardware is a violation of its End User License Agreement (EULA) and is specifically prohibited.

14 years ago

NIce! A 13″ Macbookclone hehe…

14 years ago

still not up..

I hate the digg mob! =(

14 years ago

Err, scratch that. They’re on maintenance. :(

14 years ago

Link to Psystar’s working now. :)

14 years ago

The Psystar link is dead.

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