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Smart Bro Mobile goes Prepaid

Update: The Smart Bro Microsite, Sugod Na just went up. Check it out here!

As most of you may have notice, I’ve got ads up for the new Smart Bro Prepaid. Couldn’t blog about it until the banners were up.

The Pre-Paid Kit for Smart Bro Mobile 3G is available for Php4,500, one-time. That includes the USB dongle, the SIM card and a 30-peso free load (that’s one and a half hours of free credits).

The pre-paid kit can be re-loaded with Smart Bro pre-paid cards worth Php100 and Php300. You cna also use e-Load to top up your account for as low as Php30 from any of the local e-Load stations (i.e. tiange)

I saw one 3G USB dongle in a shop at MOA and they cost Php7,500. The Php4,500 looks cheaper. I still use both of my HSDPA phones to hook up but the dongle’s advantage is you don’t have to worry about running out of cellphone battery.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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194 Responses

  1. quezacolt says:

    medyo mahal parin yung 4500 =)

  2. autocad says:

    oo nga. mahal yung usb dongle at yung rates. paano kung laging mabagal yung connection di lugi ka lagi.

  3. manu says:

    sana kahit mga 2,500 man lang yung usb dongle.

  4. Kyle SD says:

    At first, it may be mahal pero when you use it very often lalo na pag on the go ang lifetyle mo makakamura ka. Ako I’m gonna get one!

  5. me says:

    mahal nga ang rate..

  6. me says:

    ang weroam AFAIK IINM is 1.8k/month unlimited un, pano naging mura to?

  7. MiGs says:

    ummm as i’ve pointed out here: http://migs.wordpress.com/2008/04/02/smart-bro-plug-it-anywhere-prepaid/

    1. why get a separate gadget when you can use your mobile phone as modem

    2. you still need to use a mobile phone to reload it and check for balance.

    3. Its expensive. getting a plan from smart is still better.

  8. Jeric says:

    @ MiGs

    As far as I know, you can reload your SmartBro Prepaid even without a mobile phone. You just need to look for an e-loading store and the Smart e-load and the SmartBro load are the same. You could check the balance of your SmartBro prepaid through I website.

    But I agree with point 1 & 3.

  9. jake lim says:

    1) Not all mobile phones are 3G capable. Nokia only sold 70M 3G phones out of over 1 Billion Nokia phones worldwide.

    2) There’s software reloading via PC via Prepaid card and there’s e-Load available.

    3) Smart already has a Post Paid plan. This Pre-Paid Plan is complementary. This is for those who are with Globe plans and don’t want to switch plans with Smart but still want Smart 3G.

  10. yuga says:

    I think Smart is just covering all of its bases — WeRoam, Smart Bro Fixed, Smart Bro Mobile Plan, Smart Bro Mobile Prepaid. I guess that’s the best way to target various segments of the market.

    I heard that the 3G market in the Philippines is still very small so all players are trying their best to capture the biggest slice of the pie.

  11. penoi says:

    pede kaya ito sa smartbro fixed??? kasi may antena pa ako ng smartbro na hindi nila kinukuha.. heheheh…

  12. calvin says:

    paano pag mahina signal kung san ka pupunta? for example sa province. hindi ba lugi ka?

  13. yuga says:

    Actually, because of such circumstances, this pre-paid kit makes more sense — you only pay for hours you used. So if you can’t get good connection for a month ‘coz you’re in the province, you don’t pay anything since you didn’t use the connection time.

  14. Dexter says:

    medyo mahal pa rin yung 4500

  15. ChrisMo says:

    The province signal is my primary concern, has anyone cared to test the connection speeds while in transit? i.e., bus going to somewhere…

    I hope the advertised speed is also holds true in provincial areas…

  16. erjanorbe says:

    The expense depends on the user. If you’re always on the go, but if it’s just for emergency use (like submitting documents, etc.) prepaid is the best for you. If you’re a power user and you want mobility, then go for a post paid unlimited plan.

    P4,500 is just a one time payment though, and it comes with the USB modem, sim card and P30 credits rather than getting a third party one which costs P5k and above.

    But the best way is, if you have a 3G phone all you’re going to do is connect it to your laptop and using it as a wireless modem without paying P4,500. The downside, as stated above, is your phone’s battery life.

  17. Hezron says:

    Very expensive, why not buy LG KU250 which is capable to be used as a modem and it’s cheap. I think CP battery is not a reason not to use a CP as a modem, coz if you’ll connect it to a Desktop i’m sure the battery will still be charged coz it’s connected to PC usb.

    That dongle is really expensive including the rate. Grabe naman ang SMART!

  18. yuga says:

    @Hezron, I think the dongle was just bought whole-sale from a supplier. Possibly ZTE or Huawei. (Same thing they did with all the Motorola Canopy for Smart Bro.)

    And as mentioned above, if you buy the dongle from a retail shop it costs you Php7,500. That’s based on the price given to me by Silicon Valley/Electroworld in MOA.

  19. sylv3rblade says:

    Expensive yes.
    But is it worth it? As much as I hate to say it, it’s a yes.

    I won’t be surprised if people bashed this because of the initial price and Smart Bro’s past woes but as of yet, we’ve still to see some move from Globe (or any other mobile ISP) to take a bite at Smart’s share.

    +1 rep for the people at Smart for this product/service

    -1 rep for still not acknowledging our disconnection from SmartBro =(

  20. ChiQ Montes says:

    I am definitely tempted to avail of this service. Yuga, have you tried this urself?

  21. rhodamarie says:

    I am currently a Globe Visibility subscriber, paying 2k per month, unlimited. I have been using this for almost two years now, however my problem is the data card. The plan came with a PCMCIA card but the new laptops now have Expresscard. =( Would you guys know of any available adapters in the market? OR at least a USB modem I could use to replace this Huawei E620 data card?

  22. Roger D says:

    My bottom line is the speed, I used PLDT WeRoam and I was very very very disappointed with it. Mabilis pa 14.4k na dial-up, and to think I am in the metropolis. Kahit anong sabihin ng rep, it was so slllloowwww. I hope this one, it is the opposite.

  23. Tahn says:

    They definitely expanded their horizons. But I still hate Smart’s service.

  24. franz says:

    quite expensive for me

  25. vhonne says:

    mahal p rin… d2 kc sa shop samin… 15 pesos lng per hour… ung 30 pesos n load nila… pumapatak ng 20 pesos per hour… magaling p sa shop n lng mag-internet…

    pero smartbro subscriber po ako… ehehe…

  26. TREB says:

    for rhodamarie or yuga, kindly comment naman sa globe visibility, takot kasi ako sa 24months lock-in period nila. globe says up to 1.4mbps. ok lang if it,s true, if not lugi sa 2k na monthly. what’s the speed you are getting. I’m from las pinas.

  27. Rondon says:


    While I don’t own one, I’ve personally seen a Globe Visibility in action. I cannot comment on the lock-in period though.

    The one I saw used a Huawei E220. Varying speeds depending on what signal you get:
    Edge / GPRS – estimated near dial-up up to 384kbps
    3G – greater than 384kps

    I saw it download torrent at 40kb/s with a 3G signal.

    No problem working on Win2K / WinXP. It even worked with the Asus eee PC too (with Xandros default OS). Had trouble making it work with Ubuntu though (on the same eee pc).

  28. nagred says:

    OK lang sana kung lahat damihan naman ng Smart ang area ng kanilang 3G coverage. para di lang gprs ang nakukuha pag labas sa 3G area nila.

  29. hukblahap says:

    I’m really planning to get this one… But before buying one, i need to read more comments both constructive and destructive.

    I worried becuz since its thru a mobile phone there would still be a great difference between using a real PC and a mobile phone. Issues like web caching, signal traffic, QoS(strong & reliable connection, no DCs), security, uncontrolled interferences, like bad weather, signal coverage, etc. etc.

    The most important thing is, can it handle video/audio streaming or large file torrent downloads? I mean “384 kbps” is more than enough for it… but is it reliable?

    Thnx in advance.

  30. baby_honey says:

    for heavy user.. hindi sulit…

  31. RafaelC378 says:

    I use Wifi & other broadband to download stuff from Itunes (I have a US Store Account), mostly songs & TV Shows. Aside form that, I don’t really need broadband. But using dialup for that purpose is maddeningly slow. It takes 2 days of 24/7 downloading to complete a 1hr (~500Mb show). So I splurged for the SmartBRO Prepaid.

    No complaints so far. Am using it to download some videopodcasts and it takes only minutes what would take hours using dialup.

    For technical stuff, I got the following connection & download data from speedtest.net:

    Download 414kb/s
    Upload 43kb/s
    Ping: 811ms

    Not bad. I’m located in the Sampaloc Area near UST for 3G coverage reference.

  32. mijoba6 says:

    I prefer DSL!!!! wired connection is better than wireless. Wireless needs signal.

  33. rhoda says:

    for TREB: Globe Visibility is sulit if:
    1. you’re not getting new laptops within the 24-month lock-in period. The software that comes with the data card is not working with Windows Vista.
    2. you are really mobile. kasi if you’re gonna use it at home… mag smartbro ka nalang
    3. there is good 3G signal in the places where you plan to use your Visibility.
    Kaya lang… latest I heard, they don’t offer Visibility to individual plan holders na eh, pang corporate nalang daw.

  34. Lito Oliveros says:

    I have been using the SmartBro prepaid service for the past 3 weeks, and so far satisfied with the speed and reliability. This comes in handy, if Wifi is not available.

  35. Denver says:

    I’d still like to get my own dongle than use my phone. For one not all phones are 3G and HSDPA. The device is already HSDPA ready and you can actually get HSDPA speeds. I do have one by the way.

    It is a bit expensive but it’s just like buying a phone as well. I guess it also depends on how much you need it.

  36. edwin dalmino says:

    i’m living in bcda taguig c5… i have smart bro pre paid… sabi nyo mablis at mura how come that ni website nyo di ko ma buksan..dahil laging wala cignal..i’m lucky today na open ko ang web nyo..di ko nga ma balance my balance open>>>wala kwenta pag tyagaan ko nalang to SMART BRO NYO>>>>

  37. edwin dalmino says:


  38. richard says:

    Mahal pa nga talaga…. sana man lang makakasure ka na malakas ang signal sa inyo… ska kung 10 peso kada oras…. dapat diba mas mura sya sa mga comp shop… sa amin kc 15 per hour…

  39. franz says:

    Smartbro prepaid SUCKS. I have been getting 35 kpbs ever since I bought it even I am in a 3G site.

  40. well, smart bro is one of the best internet connect here in the philippines, because the speed are very much fit to our needs, compare with globelines (broadband) there sucks!

  41. jhayne says:

    well..ndi ako msaya..ang dami ng hassle n nngyari skin s smart bro prepaid n to! to the point n ngsadya n ko s wireless center at pnalitan nla ung unit ko! asar toh! pg ngload ng 30, for one hour q lng xa ngagamit..bsta pg P20 p remaining bal. mo, asahan m for half hour nlng un imbes n one hour pa! pakshet! hirap p kontakin ng teknikal suport n yan! bwisit! kung di lng talaga nbili q n nku ndi ko pgtytyagaan!

  42. Jan Blando says:

    The price of Smart Bro Prepaid has gone down to P3,800 from P4,500. http://smart.com.ph/SmartBro/Products/BROPrepaid.htm

  43. Jan Blando says:

    The price has gone down to P3,800 from P4,500.

  44. apatheticGirl says:

    I just wish that SMART advises its subscribers what places/cities/provinces ang meron na 3G signal na OK pang browse. So there won’t be dissapointed people.

  45. solution2008progess says:

    try this one
    the solution for low speed
    internet connection here in the philippines


  46. John says:

    Is it ok to use smart bro prepaid in the province? Exact location is San Fabian, Pangasinan.


  47. TellyBuhay says:

    Just got the Smartbro prepaid.

    My boss got disappointed with globelines, due to it’s frequent connection problems.

    We now use the smartbro as a backup internet connection, aside from our compass internet dialup connection.

    and we’re also planning on getting pldt dsl.

    so now, we got 4 different internet connections in our office.

  48. REY says:


    I am writing to this forum, to inform you of the possible HEAD ACHE that you may encounter if you avail SMART BRO PRE PAID.

    You will not encounter problem connecting to SMART NETWORK, but as you use your internet, you will notice that you cannot connect to any site that you want to visit.

    Now, as you look into you connection, you will see that your PC is connected to SMART Network No. 57 or 58, etc. etc…. BUT Smart Network to Internet is NOT CONNECTED……





    Rey Atienza

  49. K.M. says:

    To everyone na nag tatanong kung may 3g ba sa kanila check this site


    (as of end-JUNE 2007)

    sometimes kailangan magbrowse ka rin.. :)

  50. brando says:

    P10 per 30minute block????? it should be per minute charge. its not really P10 per 30minute. you start connect at 9:25am then stop at 10:45am (20 minutes) and you will pay P20. is that P10 per 30minutes? hello!!!

  51. TheGameEdge says:

    Do they have a LIST’s of PLACES for Available 3G Networks?

    It would be really Help alot if they do have one.

  52. walang kwenta ang pre paid smartbro nyo sayang lang money!!!!!!!!hirap pa naman buhay [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  53. CRIS JAPORMS says:


  54. barbie says:


    Lahat ng claims nila puro panloloko: 384 kbps DAW. I tested it at speedtest.net and it just registered a measly 23 kbps. Yes, 23. Accessing Youtube, Friendster and YM are out of the question. I can’t even use Firefox as my browser.

    Only P20 for one hour of internet. Sure – but since download speed is TOO SLOW, ubos na P100 mo, wala ka pang na-open na websites.

    So please, if you’re not a masochist and you still value P3800, DON’T buy Smartbro. And do your family and friends a favor – warn them too.

  55. tins says:

    sa mga nagrereklamo sa smartbro, baka naman ang may problema ang pc or laptop nyo mismo.. or baka naman masyado nyong sineryoso na kahit saan me signal ang smartbro. Isipin nyo wireless yan, kung sa pinakasulok ng bahay nyo kayo nakasiksik eh malamang gapagong na nga ang takbo ng net ninyo, humanap naman kayo ng mas malakas lakas na signal, hindi porke sinabing accessible na ang smartbro anywhere eh kung saan nyo maisipan maupo at mag surf eh pupuesto na kayo.. mag isip naman kayo, wag puro reklamo!

  56. dee says:

    i inquired about smartbro prepaid. they’re offering 2,500 na lang for the device and sim. but when you’re not happy with it you cannot return it. you bought it na kasi. or if you want to upgrade to their prepaid. still you can’t return it. your only option is to sell it. if that’s the case, meron kaya di nagbebenta? :)

  57. Juck says:

    How long does it take for the sim card with a zero (0) load balance to be permanently disconnected?

  58. badtrip says:

    kakabadtrip, until now di pa napapalitan ung usb namin…. never ko pa nagamit ung simula nung binili namin…. di gumagana ung usb nung binili namin…. tapos wala daw available kaya di pa napapalitan…. payo lang if bibili kayo ng smartbro wag sa lipa… walang alam mga customer service nila…. buti pa sa moa at batangas.,,
    almost 2 wiks na until now wala parin….. shit talaga….

  59. john says:

    sa mga taga davao.

    totoo bang mabagal ang smart bro prepaid dito sa davao kahit sa city proper?

  60. budoy says:

    hmmm.. pwede ba natin ireklamo ang smartbro sa NTC kc base sa mga reaction nyo puro BOGUS and ADS lang cla. at Pwede ba natin clang ireklamo sa DTI?? ks di pwedeng NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE policy eh.. at if ever man po na maayos na ang connection ng smartbro sana magkaruon din ng unlimited service, kunwari magloload ka ng certain amount, lets say 1000.. sana unlimited connection na xa for 30days… lol suggestion lang po. God bless po sainyo..

  61. rj says:

    smartbro prepaid is a total disappointment. better look for a better source of wireless internet.

    – antipolo user

  62. noname says:

    who cares!!!!

  63. Fredick says:

    muras nalang ito ngayon…ok naman connection ko sa bahay..

  64. SilverShark says:

    I’ve been using SmartBro since February of this year and so far it serves its purpose for me, as a backup internet connection. Madalas slow pero minsan nakakatyempo ako ng at least 600kbps (Pasay. I’m using it now here in Mendez, Cavite and grabe bagal dito (0.02Mbps) pero it’s better than nothing. Pang-email lang naman. Overall pwede na. It’s still a young technology pa naman and I’ll still give it more time to improve (hopefully!) :)

  65. raf says:

    ok naman smartbro prepaid..umaabot ako ng 2.3mbps
    location taguig…..

  66. joey baguio says:

    shit tong smart bro prepaid na to ah. kasinungalingan lahat ng ad nila. ni hindi makausap ng maayos yong nasa kabilang linya.

  67. Renren says:

    My speed connection was fast, thats why i dont understand others complaining so much. Maybe it’s because of your System. At saka, hindi naman ganun kamahal, magkano lang difference.

  68. Naomi says:

    mura lang naman ang smart bro at practical gamitin kasi magbabayad ka lang naman kapag ginamit mo. In my case, hindi naman ako nagbababad sa internet kaya naman mas nakakatipid ako. Hindi na ko nagbabayad monthly kasi nga prepaid naman. At lagi ko pa dala kasi convenient gamitin. Dapat lang wag kayo sa kasuluksulukan pumwesto kung gusto niyo ng signal.

  69. eimaj08 says:

    Ok nman sakin ang smartbro. 3G nman kc area kaya ok ang signal. Dpende lang tlga sa area at specs ng pc or laptop. Tska tipid kc mbabawas lang sa load mo ung time na mco2nsume mo.

  70. mark delos reyes says:

    tama ka dyan kuya ang mura niya tapos ang tipid tska sympre dipende talaga sa gamit mong pc..try niyo po tong link na to para makita niyo kung bakit mabagal sainyo sang smart bro kasi baka di sa pinakaconnection baka sa computer.


  71. leilabarros says:


    check this out. i can say na eto tlga ung nangyayari. that’s my opinion. peace :) sana mas mag improve pa services ng smart bro.

  72. mark delos reyes says:

    maganda nanaman eh sana nga lalo pang magimprove.

  73. Cat says:

    1995php smart bro prepaid kit with sim card and modem to use. not bad. it’s affordable.

  74. lexilexi says:

    ayos ung mga video ah, grabe naman ang globe. CRAP.

  75. mark delos reyes says:

    sabi mo pa ang panget talaga..amp.hehehe..

  76. tinnie says:

    sure ba kayo maganda ung smart bro?nagiisip kasi ako kung un ang gagamitin namin internet provider eh?

  77. mark delos reyes says:

    ate tinie maganda ang smart bro gamit nanamin siya sa bahay ng 3 buwan eh.try mo check ung link sa taas ung mga video.

  78. phil says:

    dati nagdadalawang isip pa ko kung kukuha ko ng smart bro. salamat sa videos. ngaun nalaman ko na na maayos naman pla ang smart.

  79. mark delos reyes says:

    walang anu man kuya.hehehe.nageenjoy kasi ako meron palang mga tao na gumagawa ng ganun.kapag napipikon sa internet provider nila dati.hehehe.

  80. daphne says:

    naisip ko mag gawa rin ng ganung vid. kaso ala nkong globe..wahahaha..anyone na may alam kung may bagong perks ang smart bro??

  81. Von says:

    maganda naman smart bro. Compared sa tattoo laging nadidisconnect lalo n pag naulan.

  82. peppy says:

    1,995 mura na prepaid ngaun, cute pa. hihi.

  83. meimei says:

    super thank you XD

  84. ellie says:

    i’m giving smartbro two thumbs up!!! got to live with it!!

  85. oasis_rick says:

    nice new designs, nakita q ung bagong commercial. University oriented pa.

  86. Oyeng says:

    prang gus2 q 2loy bumili ng bgong plug it, dhil s design.

  87. Teytey says:

    ala atashi reklmo bout s smart. Ok ang jinternet aketch!

  88. daphne says:

    new designs? how nice! sana pwede ipa trade ung old dongles for the new designs. haha! go smart.

  89. Lil'benji says:

    astig ung bagong dongles, kung pwede pa-trade sa bagong designs haha.

  90. daphne says:

    so marami taung naghahabol sa bagong designs? haha! cute nga. kainis nman dpat noon pa yan ee! buti nlng the conncetion is really worth it.

  91. Morroc12 says:

    Probably, ngbago ng design nung dongles dahil sa globe tattoo. But its not about the designs, its about the product and services nila which is good by the way.

  92. cats says:

    haha. labanan ng designs ba ito? basta para sakin reliable connection ang mahalaga, kaya nga mas gusto ko smart eh. maaus naman.

  93. faye says:

    i agree. its the connection that matters. and i love smart wireless prepaid for that. but the cute designs is really attractive ah. i want the la salle dongle! :)

  94. jacushi says:

    kung labanan ng design, i go dor the smart bro plugits!
    men limited lang to! madami pang choices ng designs from diff. universities and coilleges..

  95. benny says:

    ayos ung bgon promo ng smart bro, tlgang pang college students…affordable and has a nice package…they should also improve MORe the signal.though the signal is ok and fast naman as of now…

  96. jojo says:

    hehehe.ang cool ng bagong mga design ng smart bro.

  97. kram says:

    smart bro was the coolest internet provider.
    and nice meron pa silang ibat ibang design ngayon.

  98. billy says:

    ano yang video na yan..all about what?

  99. they says:

    @ billy

    panoorin mo ng mshock ka. magsmart na lang tau pra di ntin maexperience yan. :)

  100. net says:

    smart is amazing.what can i say.the service is great.go bro.

  101. Hefi says:

    Oh my gurd! Nakakalurki ung bagung designs, pwde ba i-swap?

  102. daphne says:

    ay naku sana pwede ipatrade pra go na tau at mgpapalit!:)

  103. hey says:

    this blog should be updated. and dami ng nabago sa smart ngayon, pwede na nga mag dl ng videos from mysandbox using smart prepaid. pati dongles nila bago na din designs.

  104. daphne says:

    @king. yes, ok ang smart. di hamak na mas reliable kesa tattoo. plus the new uni designs! spell cool. hehe. mura pa. kaya pag ipunan. haha!

  105. hellen says:

    lakas ng ulang ngaun dito sa’min.. stable pa din smart bro kahit prepaid lang. nakakapag u tube pa ko..

  106. fab says:

    sugod na talaga! limited edition lang pala ung dongles.. i gotta grab one before it’s too late.. i want the feu one.. oh

  107. Nick says:

    Hey hey, I’m also a smart bro user. Smart sucks, but comparing it to globe… Globe sucks more!

    Why’d i say so? Because theres no fast connection here in the Philippines, holy cow. I want to return to Dallas. In states, connection was a million miles faster compared here in the Philippines.

  108. into music says:

    ang bilis ko mag upload ng videos ng banda namin sa utube ngaun. dati kasi sa sun sobrang bagal pede pa ko maligo at balikan ung pc ko, tapos makikita ko ndi pa din tapos mag upload. buseet! buti na lang nag shift ako sa smart kagit prepaid lng.

  109. rico says:

    mahina talaga ang globe kahit kailan. mabibwisit ka lang sa serbisyo. kaya nga nagpaplano ko mag smart na lang. papatanggal ko na tong globe broadband namin.. kapal ng mukha ng mga taga globe.

  110. mong says:

    gumagawa ang paraan ng smart para magka intenet ung mga hindi kaya magbayad monthly kagaya ko. hehe.. salamat na lang sa prepaid.

  111. cutie says:

    two thumbs up smart bro.. nice idea sa designs ng dongles.

  112. tinaa says:

    dati sa globe tattoo,, hindi kami magkaintindihan ng asawa ko sa riyadh.. palagi na lang naghahang webcam niya. kala ko nga madami nag viview sa webcam niya kaya ganon.. nagalit pa nga ko eh.. un naman pala internet connection ko ang problema. kaya un sinubukan ko tong plan ng smart. mas nakakausap ko na siya ng matino. love u dadee! muah,

  113. bea says:

    multi purpose tlga ang smartbro no? khit prepaid di ka dehado sa connection. glad i bought myself one.

  114. ed says:

    ayos talaga toh!! lalo na dongles ngaun.. magkakaubusan na eh.. san ba makakabili nun? ibang klase na tlga dongles nila pinapa g-mask. hehe

  115. hilera says:

    nakailang lipat na kmi ng bhay kahit san kami lumipat ok ang signal..

  116. kris says:

    me, my husband and my three daughters use smart bro share it. we all love the fast connection.

  117. Yayan says:

    OMG! I-checheck q yang link nyo ate lea. opportunity XD.

  118. mark says:

    i always bring my smart bro, lalo na need ko mag surf khit nag babyahe ako.. very convinient..

  119. joanna says:

    i really need to surf the net, pero laging 10 to 20 ang natitira sa baon ko, good thing i can still surf with my 1o pesos at smart bro.. and it has nice connection..

  120. rommel says:

    meron naba kayong new plugits ng smart bro! hahaha.. nice! astigin!

  121. emily says:

    compare to the designs of plugits.. mas astigin yung smart bro, dami pang choices!!

  122. bebe says:

    yup! daming choices.. super nice pa yung mga designs.. my pamangkin love to stare at my newplugits.. hehehe.. maybe she just love the color..

  123. bebe says:

    two thumbs up for smart bro.. !!!!

  124. Mystic Kross says:

    Limited lng nman ung new designs ng plug its diba?

  125. Kai says:

    I’ve designs of NBA teams.

  126. JR says:

    oh really.you have a NBA design?

  127. JR says:

    i really hope meron din NBA design ang smartbro pero nice strategy talaga ung ginawa nilang skin ung different school na kasama sa UAAP at NCAA.

  128. cheska says:

    the new designs are limited.. so we should grab one now! though i dunno where EXACTLY i can find the designed dongles. huhu

  129. slardar says:

    uu nga. ung mga retailer ba ng smartbro e ganun na kaya ung stocks nila? if not, maka order na lang cguro online. hehe. trip ko tlga ung bagong design!

  130. carisse says:

    they have it @pc express! go get one. go smart prepaid :)

  131. MANUEL MAYO JR. says:


  132. Don Ty says:

    There has been too much talk about smartbro frustration.

    How about a class action lawsuit?

  133. alvin says:

    walang kakwenta kwenta yang smart bro prepaid sayang lang pera nyo puro panololoko lang wala naman talaga sa performance.

  134. kristin says:

    bwisit ang smartbro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wala pa akong 1 hour sa pagbrowse sa web ubos na load ko.


  135. ERMIN says:

    pambihira lalo akong naguguluhan- me nagrereklamo, me pumupuri, malalaman ko lang siguro kung bibili ako, kaso baka naman kung bumili na ako, makakarelate naman ako sa mga nagrereklamo….kakalito??????

  136. rhodamarie says:

    i think it all boils down now to the location, and the strength of the signal. i have both smartbro plugit and globe tattoo. back at home, smartbro works really fast. globe doesn’t connect at all. here naman in makati, super bilis ng globe, intermittent naman ang smart.
    in terms of cost… halos pareho lang. si smartbro, every 30-minute blocks and pagbabawas niya ng load while si globe naman, 15-minute blocks.
    so if you are very very particular about and need instant connectivity anywhere, suggest you buy both.

  137. mark says:

    kuya kung ako sayo magbro ka nalang kaysa globe tattoo mas bwisit un. nakakailang bukas palang ako ng mga website na pinupuntahan ko naDDC na kagad.take note kuya pag nagbukas ako ng website ang tagal bago makapasok dun sa site.

  138. mark says:

    mas sangayon pa ko kay kuya rhodamarie pero kuya ang bagal ngayon ng connection ng globe dahil sa mga service nila.kahit sa cellphone nagdodown ang signal nila.grrhhhh..

  139. erving says:

    yeah. i agree to what mark said.the signal of globe sucks.

  140. john says:

    ei guys are you really sure that mabagal ang connection ng globe?

  141. erving says:

    yeah bro ang bagal ng globe tattoo wag ka na magbalak magglobe men.

  142. paolo says:

    everyone napanood niyo ba ung bagong commercial ng globe?

  143. mark says:

    napanood ko ung bagong commercial nila.un ba ung about sa unli call n text?

  144. paolo says:

    di ung about dun sa plug it.

  145. mark says:

    ahh..diba sinasabi dun sa ads sila ang pinakamabilis na plug it sa bansa?

  146. paolo says:

    yup.sila daw ung number 1.pero di ako naniniwala ang bagal ng globe eh.

  147. jaicailica says:

    yeah men.i watch the commercial of smart and i think bro ung isang plug it na ginamit nila tignan niyo ung commercial nila

  148. jackie says:

    oo nga, dati akong globe user, and it sucks tlaga.. super bgal! kahit anong oras mabagal tlga sya!

  149. luie says:

    hahaha.. never ko tlagang it2ry yang globe..! smart parin ako!

  150. limuel says:

    if you havent check their new commercial.. here is the site..

  151. limuel says:

    speedometer test tell us the truth! smart bro wins!

  152. jacke says:

    1/0! smart won! hahaha.. apir!

  153. josekym says:


    It’s an ADVERTISEMENT, thus it’s supposed to make SmartBro look good!

    Globe, on the other hand, did this: http://technology.inquirer.net/infotech/infotech/view/20091116-236525/Globe-challenges-Smarts-speed-test-claim


  154. lily says:

    mabagal talga ang globe.. globe user ako dati eh.. sori to say but smart bro is more faster than globe

  155. carla says:

    hahaha..natawa ako dun sa isang comment dun sa blog.haha.gusto niya pagbigyan ung globe pero wala eh.haha.chaka talaga ng globe.

  156. macmac says:


  157. paul says:

    ASTIG ung blog na nilagay mo josekym. parang lalaki na nagmamakaawa lang ung globe sa user niya.haha

  158. macmac says:

    smart bro is the fastest plug it in the Philippines.sabi sa commercial nila pero sa tigin ko nanaman totoo ung sinasabi sa commercial.

  159. benedict says:

    watch the commercial i think tattoo un isang plug it.I guess?

  160. cristian says:

    wala ba magawa ang globe sa service nila sa internet ang palpak.ilang beses na ko tumatawag sakanila puro checheck nalang lagi sinasabi nila. ang bagal ng serbisyo naturingan pa naman malaking company.

  161. macmac says:

    kuya sa tigin ko din globe.dun sa ibang site ko na puntahan nagtanung din ako globe din ang hula nila

  162. ashley says:

    wag ka na po umasa sa globe kuya kasi mag aantay ka lang ng wala.

  163. VIParlene says:

    used to have pldt my dsl, i had disconnected the service bec i dont use the net that much at home. i just bought smart bro this afternoon and up until now, no signal anywhere at home, our house is located in the city, sa baba lang ng session road.. no tall bldgs. etc… help!

  164. vpa18 says:

    yung cignal ng smarbro ko biglang nawala.gprs na yung ginamit ni hindi mga makaconnect.huhuhu.badtrip!!

  165. Rheinier says:

    Ok lang kahit umabot pa ng 100k yan benibenta nila alam naman natin na my ginto yan sa loob kaya ganun na lang ang sobra mahal nyan pero kayang kaya yan palagi ganyan ang nasasabi nyo pero ang 22o kaya nyo yan take it db? at kung talaga interesado keo lalo na pakikinabangan naman ng hus2 mas okey yan ,

  166. anne says:

    juz browsing around coz im planning to get my mum a smart bro… but then mosyt of the comment seems negative have to think twice

  167. Liezl says:

    Hi. How to check my balance without logging in to webconnect? i forgot the keyword and where to send. thanks.

  168. pierre says:

    broadband in the philippines is no different than dial-up. the only difference is it’s wireless. but dial-up is still faster. even if your prvoider will say 2mbps, thats BS. they only alot 384kbs for you actually while they charge you 2MBps.

    imagine it takes 15 minutes to log-in to gmail (basic html view), another 2 minutes to access your first email message, then another 15 to forever minutes to access your second email. all in all, it’s cheaper to just go to an internet cafe and you can download all you want in less than 30minutes.

    KILL BROADBAND, KILL BIG INTERNET PROVIDERS. DSL is way much better but avail services of small companies. Big companies think they are God and that you have no choice. with DSL from small companies, i can download 400Mb file in 30-45 minutes.

  169. mac says:

    sobrang bagal na putol putol pa!!! lugi ako sa 4,500 !!! nag dial up nlang sana ako na prepaid card. naka mura pa ako!!! mukhang pera yang smart… almost no signal cya kya nauubos agad ung load ko!!! dont try to buy it!!!

  170. Saporo says:

    I bought a smart bro and finish the free 30 min load. Unfortunately, I was looking ( at smart website, blogs, answers.com etc ) for instruction on how to load the smart bro prepaid cards I bought but to no avail. I tried calling smart but they have an auto reply answering machine so long and fully charged with ads that’s eating up your battery. Somebody knows how loading is being done please? Thanks in advance.

  171. danix says:

    hi! what is the differnce between weroam and smart bro usb? thnx.

  172. Rain says:

    Punyeta yang smartbro prepaid na yan. Basura lang yan at wag na wag kayong bibili nyan.
    Mga magnanakaw lang ng pera yang mga nagpapalakad nyan. All the time it has no connection at all.
    Anlakas pa ng loob nila na ipakita and upload and download rate mo eh lagi nmang zero. Shame on them.

  173. Rain says:

    Now if you want to waste money this is the perfect choice. Go ahead and purchase smartbroken. Their service sucks and really crappy. To hell with them.

  174. Eric says:

    Load your Smart Bro Prepaid with BPI Express Mobile.

    To enroll in BPI Express Mobile, send ENROLL to 3274.

  175. Sherwin says:

    ang bagal promise sobra minsan mabilis pero madalas ang bagal depotcha wala pang 2 months ang laptop namin pero ang bagal talga ng smart bro dito sa occidental mindoro pero nung nsa makati kami ang bilis naman pero pangit po sya sa mga provinces…
    pinahiram ko pa nga sa kaklase ko mabagal talaga

  176. You construct a crucial point in Philippines, Technology News & Reviews. Formulated some great data here. I reckon that if more folks conceived about it in that mode, they would have a better comprehension of the subject. I’m blunt and genuine, that way everyone recognizes what I mean.

  177. mherluis says:

    pano pa ba mag balance sa smart bro

  178. MICH says:

    in my case i checked my Smart Bro. Balance by placing the SIM to my Cellphone and checked the balance and viola!!

  179. bobong says:


  180. aike says:

    dont be fooled by SMART. all they is to get money from you. save yourself.

  181. nep says:

    Hi! is it possible to use regular prepaid card of smart worth P100 to smart bro? I just bought a regular smart prepaid card worth P100, and i assume that since smart bro has a simcard, if you just insert it in a cellfone, you can just load it like regular loading of smart prepaid card. but the voice prompt keep telling me wrong pin. can you help me please? thanks!

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