Pre-order for 5th-Gen iPod Touch starts at Php16,490

Pre-order for 5th-Gen iPod Touch starts at Php16,490

The Apple Philippines Online Store has put up the iPod Touch 5G for pre-order. The price starts at Php16,490 for the 32GB model.

Only the 32GB and the 64GB of the iPod Touch are now available for the 5th-generation models.


For the first time, Apple has introduced more colors (aside from the white and black) — blue, yellow, pink and the Product Red.

The 32GB model will sell for Php16,490 while the 64GB model sells for Php21,990. The items are set to be shipped this October but there’s no exact date.

What’s interesting is that Apple actually indicated how much the GST and fees are — Php3,867 for the 32GB and Php5,164 for the 64GB.

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52 Responses

  1. John says:

    Getting this immediately !! It IS an iPhone 5 minus the call and text capabilities ! Using a Galaxy Nexus as my phone.

  2. rusty says:

    bibili na lang ako ng SGS2

  3. before you go flying out of the proverbial door to buy one… have you guys considered the new 5th gen iPod will need the new connector used by the iPhone5. This means this device will NOT be compatible to all existing previous model iPod/iPhone devices like speaker docks, car headunits, etc.

    Or did I get it wrong and this device still uses the same standard connector??

    • namen says:

      Easy. Just purchase a Lightning adapter. $30 lang naman. Cheapy.

      GST means goods and services tax, if anyone’s asking.

    • Edu says:

      Yes, it uses the same lightning Connector as iPhone 5. It is shipped with the unit. You can still use those old speaker dock or any gadget that was used from previous iPod version by using the 30pin to lightning adaptor

    • John says:

      What’s your point exactly ? If you have an bought iPhone 4s, for example, it has a 30 pin adaptor for it. So has the iPhone 5. And, what do you mean by “headunit” ?

    • $30 = PHP1,260.00 for each adapter…

      That is how much more money Apple is milking out of your wallets by using proprietary connectors on their “new” devices. Honestly, Apple didn’t need to use a different connector but in their quest for more money from all their loyal fans, they did use a “new” connector so that Apple will make hundreds of millions of dollars just from people buying new cables and connector adapters for the “new” iPhone5. And that will also spin into a new generation of iPhone5/iPod5 accessories as well.

      And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the marketing spin for the Apple iPhone5.

    • lol says:

      ^ Wow we have an engineer that knows better than Apple ladies and gentlemen!

      Lol. Do you honestly think they would achieve that thinness with their old connector?? Have you seen how thin the new Nano is?? Have you dissected an Apple product and saw how big the components of their old connector was?? Yeah, I thought so.

      If Apple was after the people’s money, then they could’ve change their connectors every year! Do you know how long they’ve used the old connector? Yup, nine (9) years. Lol and do you honestly think 3rd party accessories won’t make their own adapters with the fraction of the cost? Please, do some research before posting here. It makes you sound stupid.

    • @lol

      Apple made their plugs proprietary, so only those licensed by Apple can manufacture them (or pay Apple a royalty).

      Profit is Apple’s game.

      Stop commenting, it’ll just make yourself look even more stupid.

    • mau5trap says:

      You’re forgetting the fact that the Chinese will create cheap knockoffs in no time. And they work well, too.

    • I am not forgetting the chinese copies. But real hardcore Apple fans will still buy millions of original cables and cable adapters.

      Apple will rake in millions of dollars on top of it’s Apple iPhone5 sales in sales of iPhone5 accessories and royalties from 3rd party companies manufacturing them.

  4. Wowowee says:

    It’s only 6.1mm wow!

  5. ronald says:

    Just gonna wait for it to be sold locally. Buying directly from apple online is too expensive. And the gst just goes to corrupt officals.

  6. ronald says:

    Just gonna wait for this to be available locally. Buying from apple online is too expensive and the gst tax goes to corrupt officials.

  7. ronald says:

    Just gonna wait to be sold locally. Buying from apple online is too expensive and the gst goes to corrupt officials anyway.

  8. Digest says:

    Ok na din mag price Apple ah. Mas mataas yung prices ng Samsung.

  9. Nice Try says:

    Nice deal. Cheaper than Samsung models.

  10. Yayaaaa, i sooo want this!! go buy me na rin this new iPod touch, i think farang vagay sia sa headband coh!

  11. Yayaaa, i sooo want this!! go buy me na rin this new iPod touch, i think farang vagay siya sa headband coh!

  12. demigod says:

    When will this be available in the market? :)

  13. skylinerr34j says:

    i love this product and i had owned an ipod touch 3g. but this thing is expensive!

  14. iPoop says:

    Given that it has the hardware similar to iPhone 4s, its worth the price.

    • skylinerr34j says:

      If thats the case then i must say the iphone4s is just overpriced for having one feature this does not have.telephony.anyway all apple products are just too overpriced.

  15. Windmill says:

    Gonna buy 10pcs

  16. tmcr7 says:

    Mas mahal pa to sa Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. Pero walang expandable storage. Mas maliit ang screen. Tapos pahirapan pa maglipat ng media files sa iTunes.

    Kapresyo na na Galaxy Tab 2. 7.0 na may full phone functionalities at 3g capabilities na.

    • skylinerr34j says:

      May loop ba ang galaxy tab 2?does it have difrent colors?does it have an apple logo at the back?Noooo..hehehe!thats know na,apple and its marketing strategy.di na mn to nka focus sa mga consumers katulad natin.fortunately most of us are not that stupid to be fooled by apple.

    • lurker says:

      Galaxy tab 2 is a tablet, mp3 player naman si itouch, those are the main features nung 2 devices.
      According to preference and usage pa din, di naman ok na dala mo sa funrun si tab, mas ok si touch and pwede mo pa ilagay sa bulsa.. pricey nga lang kesa sa tab 2

    • tmcr7 says:

      Papi, yung orig na ipod medyo mahirap na dalhin kapag jogging. Umaalog alog sa braso o bulsa. Lalo na siguro ngayon nung lumaki ang screen.

  17. ayPo says:

    Ang mahal naman ng GST. Sir Yuga any explanation how taxes were implemented to gadgets here in the Philippines?

  18. awwwwww says:

    No thanks. I’ll just wait for the iPad mini. I wonder how will be the pricing for this?

  19. topgun says:

    Nice maganda din po ba to pang gamming?

    • Corbylove says:

      Definitely, with it’s specs I’ m sure it will run smoother than its baby brother, iTouch 4G. Now I can finally retire my old iTouch and buy this baby. Maybe November is a good time buying this since there is still no news for its tethered jailbreak. I can wait for a few months.Heheh!

  20. Mr A says:

    I was expecting na pareho siya sa price globally. But if this is the case, I would opt for a smartphone instead.

    • iGET says:

      Yep… they are priced the same… tanggalin mo GST halos pareho na… magkakaiba kasi GST per country…

  21. Angelo says:

    I’d rather get a nexus 7. Its way cheaper and more functional.

    • John says:

      In what way ? Each has his own purpose. Whilst the Nexus 7 is a tablet, the iTouch 5 has an A5 chip, powerful camera and retina display.

  22. tukmol says:

    bibili lang ako neto kapag may untethered jailbreak na :). astig yan kapag may tweaks na from cydia.

  23. boo1987 says:

    I think I’m gonna wait until December. My brother’s gf is going home from the States. I’ll just ask her to buy me one for $299.00. Plus discount, if ever, by asking her company to buy it for her. YEHEY!!!!!

  24. Boy Ipod says:

    I so want this for Xmas!!

  25. John says:

    baba kaya price nyan pag nirelease na dito?

  26. Chris says:

    Hmm so sir if i buy this locally i just deduct the GST and that will be the retail price locally in power mac centers?

  27. Lucas says:

    So, Is it the same date of releasing it. When I watched the video podcast it will be ship at October,


    Q: October? world wide?

  28. iGET says:

    hmmm… sa amazon 299 pa rin… :( gusto ko sana may engraving….

  29. chris says:

    yes its an ipod.. so it can’t make or receive calls? or sms? just clarifying things.

    hope it does!

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