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Slim Case with Slide-On battery for iPhone 4

We seldom feature iPhone cases around here but this new one from Third Rail has an interesting proposal. Instead of a built-in battery ticked into a bulky case, Third Rail made it optional as a slide-on pack.

The case is made of solid polycarbonate materials in a matte black finish. The inside, at the bottom end there’s the proprietary 30-pin Apple USB port while the top section slides out to make way for the iPhone to fit inside the case.

The case itself is relatively thin (around 2mm) but the construction extends the height of the whole assembly by at least 2 centimeters at the top and bottom end.

The back panel has 4 small, rectangular holes where you can snap in the external battery. There’s a set of 3 metallic contact points around the middle section for the charge to pass thru.

At the bottom of the case is where the micro-USB port is located along with a switch for the charger.

The slide-on battery is also interesting. It comes with 2 micro-USB ports — one for input and one for output (probably to be able to daisy-chain the power charging).

The back of the battery also has the same 3-pin contact points which allows for another slide-on battery to ride on top of it. It’s a pretty interesting proposition but I reckon the iPhone might not be that usable when you have several batteries stack on top of each other.

The Li-Ion battery is rated at 1250mAh and is able to re-charge my iPhone 4S from 9% to 70% before it completely drains up. With the case snapped on, you can now hook up your iPhone via a micro-USB charger as well.

The case is available in local stores like Digital Walker or Digital Hub for about Php3,850. Seems to be a little on the expensive side though (that is, if you consider buying a separate slim case and external battery instead).

Anyway, if you have an iPhone 4 or 4S, you might want to have this review unit for yourself.

So we’re raffling it off with Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Update: And our winner is…

Congrats! Email me for instructions on how to claim your prize.
Disclosure: Digits Trading provided for the review unit. They are also a display banner advertiser on this site.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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80 Responses

  1. Gonna try my luck again :)

  2. jojovill says:

    Really need this one.

  3. jaye pilares says:

    me too.

  4. jayofarty says:

    Trying my Luck, I own a 4.

  5. braylle says:

    iphone 4s – last year

  6. Lea says:

    iPhone4s. Got it last February 2012

  7. JmBalicano says:

    I got my girlfriend an iPhone 4 for our anniversary. It was a bit late coming coz we got scammed by a bogus seller. I was supposed to get us both iPhones. Instead, I ended up getting her iPhone in November, then I got my Galaxy Note in January. I hope to get this one for her too :)

  8. MPonteres says:

    Like…. looks good for my iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s

  9. rusty says:

    iPhone 4S. Last January

  10. AWESOME Raffle! I want it for my iPhone 4S that I got last Feb! :)

  11. jong says:

    got my iPhone 4s last april :D

  12. oyo says:

    iPhone4s. May 2012.

  13. jerry says:

    iphone 4s, won it over facebook from an international giveaway, dec. 11 lastyear! i need that free case for my iphone 4s that i got free :)

  14. jv says:

    I got my iPhone 4S last month and this case would support the power my iPhone’s battery.

  15. Alexander Castillo says:

    iPhone 4s
    December 2011

  16. JIng says:

    i have a white iphone 4s, hubby gave it to me last xmas :)

  17. jozef rockz says:

    i just got my iphone 4s from Smart :)

  18. Eloesita Valderama says:

    I love my iPhone 4 birthday present from my hubby last year (august)..

  19. Willy says:

    i got my iphone 4s from globe

  20. Johanna Lee says:

    iPhone 4. Got it last year.

  21. Harold Trinidad says:

    Want one :)

  22. Jezz says:

    Got an iPhone 4S from Globe postpaid.

  23. Marco Contiga says:

    got an iphone 4 32gig this year!

  24. rjzero says:

    4S. January 2012.

  25. Agnes Dc says:

    in cae I win Im going to give it to my friend for his iphone 4s :)

  26. charles says:

    wow!! slim form factor and cool design! hope i win~ :)

  27. charles says:

    wow!! slim form factor and cool design! hope i win~ :)

    iphone4 32GB

  28. Lawrence says:

    this is nice :)

  29. Siegfred Correa says:

    Have an Iphone 4S, got it last January. :D

  30. BoRiS says:

    i always wanted to have this kind of case kaso lang ang mahal.. haha.

  31. ma5te12m1nd says:

    iPhone 4S got it last Feb :)

  32. Alfredo Jereza Jr says:

    I got my 4s last January 10, 2012

  33. manerdie says:

    iphone 4 got it september last year

  34. Sanji says:

    iPhone 4S got it last December from Globe >.<

  35. Jenny So says:

    iphone 4. I got it last year.

  36. Marlon So says:

    I hope I win! Thanks! I got iphone 4 last year.

  37. Manuel So says:

    iphone 4. got it last year.

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. Ronron says:

    Whoohoo hope I win

  39. Lilia So says:

    iphone 4. I got it last year.

  40. Michael So says:

    I own an iphone 4 and got it last year.

  41. migz says:

    iphone 4 from last year

  42. Bel Rivera says:

    4s, december 2011

  43. Rob says:

    Got an iPhone 4S last February 2012. FTW!

  44. benchmark says:

    Hmmm the design looks familiar? It looks like a c-peel (used for converting apple i touch to phone). Ganyan na ganyan din, may top sleeves din…hehehe

    Anywau i dnt own an iphone….so good luck sa mga sumali. :)

  45. Aloe Achiever says:

    This looks great on my iphone 4S.

    • Ceejeey says:

      I got an iphone 4s from globe. I guess its about time i get a new one and this is definetly what i want!

  46. deuts says:

    Now tell me, why would I buy this one instead of the Boostcase Hybrid that offers 1900mAh of juice and at a lower price (P3,550.00)?


  47. Ceejeey says:

    sorry about my last post.
    iphone 4s and Feb 2012.

  48. Jeremiah says:

    An Iphone 4. I got it July last year

  49. Marcelino says:

    I own an unlocked iPhone 4S! Got it last January.

    We all know about its poor battery life. Now, this will do the trick! :P

  50. leo rances garcia says:

    i have an IPHONE 4! i got it last dec of 2011 pinag-ipunan ko talaga para makabili ako ng iphone4.

  51. richard says:

    i have an iphone 4, got it last March

  52. E says:

    I own iphone4 and got it last year!

  53. _starkii says:

    iphone4 december 2010

  54. kArLaLa says:

    I don’t own an iPhone4 but I’m planning to give this to my bro-in-law if ever I win this ;) he got it last year.

  55. Emanuel says:

    I’ll be buying a 4s this coming June 2012

  56. gerard t. says:

    iPhone4. last yr

  57. christian almirañez says:

    Actually i don’t own one, but if i win i’ll give it to my sister-in-law, she bought it i think last 2010.

  58. Dave D says:

    I am planning to buy an Iphone 4s this coming June and I really want this case for my first ever Iphone. Hope I win. Thanks.

  59. relax says:

    im still enjoying my 3gs, btw last month globe offer me a 1500/month for a 4s tumangi aq hehe even i pay 3+++/month. i want 6 no matter how much it cost so im the one again past to iphone5.

  60. Maricel D. Jancinal says:

    My sister have an iPhone4,she had it since 2010.

  61. Alan Lagmay says:

    I don’t have one but my girlfriend does. She just bought it earlier :)

  62. anthony says:

    I have an iPhone4. I got it last year. :)

  63. Biggs says:

    iPhone 4 got it on November 2011

  64. Louie says:

    I got iPhone4s since Feb.

  65. nora says:

    4s, got it last month

  66. nora says:

    4s, got it last month :0

  67. julio says:

    i dont have one but my son has, its a 4s

  68. Avee Tan says:

    iPhone 4s last week :)

  69. Ralph says:

    iphone 4s. Dec 2011

  70. chacha says:

    nice design:)

  71. manta2k8 says:

    planning to buy iphone 4

  72. Kany Vic Perez says:

    iphone 3g. got it for my bday!

  73. Julie gonzales says:

    Got the original iphone. Got it 2 years ago.

  74. Victoria Jose. says:

    Dont have one, but my sis have! This wll be a great gift for her.

  75. Zyra Anne P. says:

    iphone 4. last year…

  76. Donnie Marania says:

    I want to win!

  77. Lyra says:

    An Iphone 4, December 2011

  78. Ron says:

    I got one but a different brand (china) and way cheaper. It 1900 mah and slimmer. It does what it says so no complain at all.

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