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Unboxing: iPod Nano, 7th Generation

Along with the 5th-gen iPod Touch that we bought last week, we also got the new 7th-generation iPod Nano. It’s a totally redesigned iPod that Apple created from the previous generation.

The 7th gen model somewhat resembles the older 5th generation, rather than the 6th gen model because of its candy-bar form factor. What was taken from the features of the 6th gen was the touchscreen capability.

The 7th-gen iPod Nano is the thinnest Nano yet and the 2.5-inch touchscreen has a resolution of 240×432 (202ppi). That’s a bit bigger then the squarish screen of the 6th-gen but with a slightly lower pixel density.


The new iPod Nano comes with FM tuner, Bluetooth and can play video at 720×576 pixel @ 30fps. There’s only one model at 16GB and they come in a number of colors (8 to be exact).

The two-tone combination of colors is an acquired taste. It’ a little bit of an eye-candy with the very bright colors and the anodized aluminum back contrasts the white polycarbonate front panel.

The iPod Nano is so thin (5.4mm) that the 3.5mm jack can hardly fit into the bottom end. Apple also used the new Lightning connector in this model.

We got thi new iPod Nano at Beyond the Box last week-end for around Php8,200. Full review to follow.

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9 Responses

  1. Androidreallysucks says:

    Android fantards attack! Hahahahaha!

  2. r41 says:

    Wish that they just stuck with the “smart watch” body, instead of going back to the classic nano. If there was someone that could have redefined what a wristwatch is, it was them!

  3. Jose says:

    The slim profile is nice, but i’m not quite sold on the white screen bezel. I would’ve preferred all-aluminum upto the screen’s edges (a la iPod Mini), or at least an option for black bezel.

    Also, a shot with you holding it in your hand (or next to an everyday object, like a 5-peso coin) would be nice to give readers an idea of the relative size.

  4. Dan says:

    Can’t wait for the full revuew–of the iPod touch!

  5. parkaerin says:

    It should have the loop holder like the iTouch5..

  6. Andrew says:

    It now looked like those old MP4 player rip-offs. they should continue the watch style design and compete it with Sony smart-watch.

    It would’ve been better if can work as an iDevice controller or something.

  7. yan says:

    mukhang china mp4 >XS

  8. Marionne says:

    Dapat naggawa din sila ng case na pedeng gawin watch. This thing is worth to have a watch like case.

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