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Will you switch providers for an iPhone?

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Since the short announcement by Globe yesterday, it’s been the talk of the town already. Most of the tech journalists I talked to yesterday and today tell me this may not be a game-changer for Globe and I tend to agree with them.

So to satisfy my curiosity, I’m putting up a poll about this. Will you switch providers just for an iPhone?

On our poll section, there are 5 quick choices. Let me expound on them further:

1) No Way! – this could mean you’re not an iPhone fan or you’re a loyal subscriber of your current telco/cell provider.

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2) Not Likely – you’re a little curious with the iPhone but you’re already satisfied with your provider.

3) Undecided – what’s an iPhone?

4) Maybe – depends on which Globe Plan it will come with. Maybe, I can use it as a secondary phone. Depends on the price too or if it’s already a 3G iPhone!

5) Sure! – I’m a fan of the iPhone and I’m just waiting to get my hands on one.

What do you guys think? Will the Globe iPhone Subscription Plan be a game-changer? Globe Telecom has about 21 million subscribers but only 710,000 are post-paid.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

29 Responses

  1. driftracer85 says:

    NO WAY!!! I’m getting an iPhone, but I’ll have it unlocked to work with SMART!!!

  2. samsunglover says:

    No, I love my samsung. It does the job ^-^ I don’t even have iTunes on my PC ^_^

  3. Hernan says:

    If it fits my existing Globe postpaid subscription and/or Globe will revise their postpaid plan, I might. The existing postpaid plans does not exactly suit my needs…

  4. pinkposhandplush says:

    Not Likely.. it’s Not even a 3G phone.. Waste of means.

  5. Ryan says:

    Not likely.

    I’m quite satisfied with my postpaid plans on other networks.

    And the price will probably be way above the roof.

  6. mae says:

    nah, will never switch to globe

  7. Jeric says:

    I use Globe for years now.

  8. karla says:

    how would they be able to take control of those who are selling in Greenhills? lolz

  9. Lyle, RN says:

    Nothing will make me switch back to Globe… Hhmm, maybe if the world turns upside down and Globes give me free call, text, and data usage.

    Anyway, about the iPhone… I have to say that it’s a pretty solid phone in terms of UI, internet experience, and responsiveness. Featurewise, it is still lacking but is improving everyday with free 3rd-party apps.

    I have owned and used Nokia, Windows Mobile, Sony-Ericsson high-end phones and I gotta say the iPhone is my best phone so far.

    The iPhone is not all hype.

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