Will you switch providers for an iPhone?

Will you switch providers for an iPhone?

Since the short announcement by Globe yesterday, it’s been the talk of the town already. Most of the tech journalists I talked to yesterday and today tell me this may not be a game-changer for Globe and I tend to agree with them.

So to satisfy my curiosity, I’m putting up a poll about this. Will you switch providers just for an iPhone?

On our poll section, there are 5 quick choices. Let me expound on them further:

1) No Way! – this could mean you’re not an iPhone fan or you’re a loyal subscriber of your current telco/cell provider.


2) Not Likely – you’re a little curious with the iPhone but you’re already satisfied with your provider.

3) Undecided – what’s an iPhone?

4) Maybe – depends on which Globe Plan it will come with. Maybe, I can use it as a secondary phone. Depends on the price too or if it’s already a 3G iPhone!

5) Sure! – I’m a fan of the iPhone and I’m just waiting to get my hands on one.

What do you guys think? Will the Globe iPhone Subscription Plan be a game-changer? Globe Telecom has about 21 million subscribers but only 710,000 are post-paid.

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29 Responses

  1. No way! I love my 1100i.

  2. jhay says:

    Nah, I’m a SonyEricsson fanboy now. Besides, I’m already a Globe subscriber, not one of their most loyal subscribers, but I’m not switching providers any time soon.

  3. Erin says:

    no way for the following reasons:

    * it is too early to be the model with 3G.
    * my whole family is on Smart and Globe signal in our barangay in Nueva Ecija is virtually nil.
    * i am on prepaid and my monthly cell card use is roughly Php400, Php500 if I am frivolous enough to call my team mates instead of sending SMS.
    * i think the HTC made SE Xperia X1 will be a better phone.
    * if i want a high-end phone, the telco offers will be the last in the list. greenhills is a better venue for me, all of my phones were bought there and the only reason they are being replaced is because the previous one got lost or i was given the go signal to buy myself a gift.


  4. Chu Sibal says:

    If Globe gives out a reasonable rate for unlimited data plan, yes. This is something they would have to do just like all the providers who get iPhone exclusivity.

    Don’t discount the glamor factor attached to being the exlusive iPhone carrier. It may not sell a lot but it adds a lot of prestige to the brand, postpaid may account for a much smaller amount but it’s still very important.

  5. chino says:

    I’m already on Globe post-paid so switching won’t be an issue for me. My only fear will be that Globe will most probably issue it through their Platinum plans. Those are a bit out of reach of the regular middle-class joe.

  6. Mikko says:

    I answered not likely.

    My uncle has a sort of high but not too high position in Globe Telecom but personally, I don’t like Globe and I’m not willing to switch to them just for an iPhone.

    Here are some reasons I hate about Globe:
    * they’ve promised that their unlimited texting promos would last forever, but to no avail
    * not so good 3G internet rates
    * crap customer service (other providers, too)

    I’m a satisfied Smart prepaid and unsatisfied Sun Cellular postpaid subscriber.

  7. We still don’t know what the iPhone 2.0 will offer. Apparently, the first version had some basic features missing such as “send to all” or “copy and paste” that is standard to most phones. Knowing Steve Jobs and his crew, they’ll make sure they’ll WOW us with the new version.

    Will I switch networks? Depends. If in order for me get an iPhone, I have to have a two year contract for P5000/month, I don’t think so. If they put out a pre-paid version, maybe. It all depends if they will make the iPhone accessible to most of us who can afford it or just for the elite who have P5000/month to spare.

    Once you have the iPhone, is it usable? Will the network have the capability to exploit it’s features? It’s not just about brand names, folks. Will Globe deliver what Apple expects them to?

    I’ve been with Smart for 10 years. To switch, there has to be something very sweet in the pot that can make me switch.

  8. Jeffrey says:

    I’m not into more than 20k cellphone…for now. I chose “not likely.”

  9. Jeffrey says:

    Sony Ericsson phones are better and durable. Would probably wait for an SE touch phone.

  10. Vance says:

    No! cough.. Grey market iPhone… cough.. hehe

  11. Reggie says:

    (john c. dvorak mode on) in all honesty… i don’t care! :p (john c. dvorak mode off) i like the iPhone, but i don’t need the iPhone. so far i’m able to maximize the features of my Nokia N95 8GB. and i don’t want to have any postpaid subscriptions anymore, i’m done with ’em!

  12. P365D says:

    NO WAY! Because sooner or later it will become a Poor-Man’s-Phone…You can already get an iPhone for 14-16K cheap? Yes! You just need to use ZiPhone, ask the Philmug.com users they all know it. I’d still go for Nokia phones…

    Besides after drooling for iPhone, you’ll get jealous over other phones and what they can do…

  13. Andre says:

    Smart did pretty good with their Smart Amazing Phones back then, though they werent locked to a network. I believe if the postpadi plan is reasonable enough, somewhere under 1500 then it could do well.

  14. blozoom! says:

    my answer, no way. if i want an iphone, ill get from singapore, from a friend, and not be tied up with gigantic postpaid monthly bill or humongous cash out and be locked in for that plan, for sure, 2 freaking years. by then iphone aint hip.

  15. lava bien says:

    You don’t have to change carrier. 5 of my friends all over Manila have iPhones all 8Gb and 1 16Gb, unlocked so they’re able to use their old SIM card be it post or pre-paid. This dude I know delivered them from Cali and unlocked ’em on the spot, pretty expensive though, 30 grand a pop.

  16. Andre says:

    16GB can be gotten for 25.5k now here to the Philippines

  17. Adrian says:

    iPhone is the best pa din. yung iba gaya lang.

    lahat ng apple products nagiging standard from computer , mp3 player to cellphone

  18. Adrian says:

    kaya stay pa din for Globe because of iPhone

  19. Lyle, RN says:

    Nothing will make me switch back to Globe… Hhmm, maybe if the world turns upside down and Globes give me free call, text, and data usage.

    Anyway, about the iPhone… I have to say that it’s a pretty solid phone in terms of UI, internet experience, and responsiveness. Featurewise, it is still lacking but is improving everyday with free 3rd-party apps.

    I have owned and used Nokia, Windows Mobile, Sony-Ericsson high-end phones and I gotta say the iPhone is my best phone so far.

    The iPhone is not all hype.

  20. karla says:

    how would they be able to take control of those who are selling in Greenhills? lolz

  21. Jeric says:

    I use Globe for years now.

  22. mae says:

    nah, will never switch to globe

  23. Ryan says:

    Not likely.

    I’m quite satisfied with my postpaid plans on other networks.

    And the price will probably be way above the roof.

  24. pinkposhandplush says:

    Not Likely.. it’s Not even a 3G phone.. Waste of means.

  25. Hernan says:

    If it fits my existing Globe postpaid subscription and/or Globe will revise their postpaid plan, I might. The existing postpaid plans does not exactly suit my needs…

  26. samsunglover says:

    No, I love my samsung. It does the job ^-^ I don’t even have iTunes on my PC ^_^

  27. driftracer85 says:

    NO WAY!!! I’m getting an iPhone, but I’ll have it unlocked to work with SMART!!!

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