Philippines ranks #7 in Mobile Web Traffic

Philippines ranks #7 in Mobile Web Traffic

The recent April 2008 traffic report from mobile advertising company AdMob reveals that the Philippines is ranked among the top 10 countries with highest traffic for the mobile web.

AdMob serves ads on mobile websites and the Philippines went up to #7 with over 37 Million ad requests for the month of April. This from a total of 2.85 billion requests worldwide. The top 10 includes the ff.:

1) United States: 1.415 billion
2) India: 295.3 million
3) United Kingdom: 196.9 million
4) South Africa: 144.8 million
5) Indonesia: 137.8 million
6) Romania: 50.8 million
7) Philippines: 37.4 million
8) Bangladesh: 26.75 million
9) Israel: 25.5 million
10) France: 24.2 million


With a population of over 235 million in Indonesia has over 75 million mobile phone users while India has over 250 million at end of February 2008. There’s an estimated 35 million mobile phone subscribers of the 4 combines telcos in Bangladesh (population: 150 million).

In the Philippines, Globe has 20 million and Smart has 30 million subscribers. That doesn’t include Sun Cellular but we know a lot of Filipinos have 2 or more SIMs with them. NTC estimates about 40 Million mobile phone users.

The number by AdMob are pretty interesting. Only means that Pinoys are using their phones to browse the mobile web.

The recent massive campaigns by Globe and Smart for 3G/HSDPA looked like it had an impact on the growth of mobile web traffic and maybe we’ll bump off Romania for the 6th place before the end of the year.

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11 Responses

  1. Kung mas mura lang sana, or kung may mas affordable browse all you can packages lang sana sila edi mas kakagat pa ako sa mobile browsing. :-D

  2. Sexy says:

    that’s what you’ll expect from the Philippines LOL Go Pinas!

  3. Err China isn’t present. Hmm.. I wonder how high their numbers are.

    On this number.. OH yeah, I need to make my blogs mobile friendly.

  4. Rex says:

    So why doesn’t Adsense serve mobile ads in the Philippines?

  5. Jan Alvin says:

    China might not be able to make it in the top 10 because most of them cannot afford.

  6. Bigbird says:

    These are not users ha! This is just Ads served to subscribers. These means that for every page 4-5 ads are being served either thru CPC, CPA, or CPM. An average WAP user spends 34 mins a day which can open maximum of 53 WAP pages ads are being served. FYI: Romania have 20M mobile subscribers compared to our 40M and the gap is almost doubled. Hangang ngayon TEXT at CALL lang and alam gawin sa CP. Lo-tech… Bakit kaya??? hmmmmm…..

  7. yuga says:

    Yup, ranking numbers above are based on total traffic usage per country based on AdMob network’s ad deliveries for April 2008.

  8. poaman says:

    but wait? where’s japan?

  9. blozoom! says:

    ^they got upmc smaller laptops gadgets gizmoz they use for browsing. their mobile phones? they use for tamagochi breeding.

  10. Ederic says:

    Umaakyat tayo ah. From being in the “other countries” last Feb, then 8th on March, 7th na. :)

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