Air purifiers you can buy under PHP 6K

Air purifiers you can buy under PHP 6K

With all the mishaps and trials going around us at the moment, one cannot be too safe for their own and family’s health. Everyone needs clean air, especially at home. However, cleaning the air of impurities such as smoke, dust, and pet dander, is not that simple. That’s why we need the help of machines to do the air-cleaning for us. Here is a list of Air Purifiers you can buy under PHP 6K budget to make your environment cleaner and healthier.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C

The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C is equipped with a three-layer filter core with a built-in True HEPA filter advertised to achieve a PM CADR of up to 320m³/h. Moreover, when paired with its 360° air duct circulation system, it purifies at a coverage rate of 106 m2/h.

The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C features an LED that displays precise information for PM2.5 values, Wi-Fi status, wireless control via the Mi Home app, and an operating mode. The device is sized at 240 x 240 x 520mm and has a net weight of 4.6kg.

PHP 5,995 • Shopee | PHP 5,790Lazada

Sharp IGGC2E

The Sharp IGGC2E Plasmacluster Car Ion generator Air Purifier is a miniature device sized at 74 x 65 x 162mm, weighing 265g. Its power consumption is at 1.8W and is powered via USB. It features a PM10 filter that collects dust and pollen with a capture percentage of 80. The Sharp IGGC2E has a coverage area of 3.6m³ and reached up to 23db in its standard mode but raises to 36dB when in turbo mode.

PHP 5,948Shopee | PHP 5,598Lazada

realme TechLife Air Purifier

The realme TechLife Air Purifier is equipped with a HEPA H12 filter that is expected to filter air particles with a diameter of 0.3um and above, including PM2.5, animal dander, dust, pollen, hair, and other allergens.

According to realme, it takes only 14.4 minutes for a primary purification in a 30m³ room. It is also claimed that the purifier’s filter can last up to 2800 hours. In addition, the purifier has five Wind Mode settings that allow its users to adjust the gears accordingly.

You may also check out our hands-on here.

PHP 5,990Shopee | Lazada


ZENUSS EP007X 3-in-1

The ZENUSS EP007X 3-in-1 gadget can function as a purification, sterilization, and mosquito trapping device, but only one at a time. Its mode for purification covers pollen, foreign taste, PM2.5, SKURF, harmful gases, and secondhand smoke. Additionally, in combination with the Ozone sterilization, its Ultraviolet ray is advertised to have up to 99.9% effect on overall sterilization.

The EP-007X 3-in-1 purifier is sized at 133 x 133 x 245mm and has an effective sterilization distance of 10 – 30sqm, and has a voltage of 12.

PHP 5,800Shopee | Lazada

Cherry UVC Air Purifier AP-02

The Cherry UVC Air Purifier AP-02 features a 6-stage air purification process that includes a pre-filter, HEPA filter, Honeycomb carbon filter, photocatalyst filter, UV-light, and negative ions. Other features include touch screen buttons and a UV Lamp advertised to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Additionally, it emits 80 million negative Ions and has an air volume of 200m3/h.

The Cherry UVC Air Purifier AP-02 is sized at 320 x 200 x 520mm, weighs in at 4.5kgs, and has a power rate of 45W.

PHP 5,000 | ShopeeLazada

Imarflex IAP-150 Air Purifier

The Imarflex IAP-150 Air Purifier is equipped with a HEPA 11 Filter which produced a maximum of 5% of 0.1-micron particles per liter of air. In addition, it includes a detachable scent box and a silent motor that has a noise level of 45dB.

The Imarflex IAP-150 Air Purifier is sized at 25.5 x 17 x 18cm, has a 3-layer filter and an air circulation of 24m³/h.

PHP 3,000 | ShopeeLazada

And there you have it, a list of Air Purifiers you can buy under PHP 6K. Remember to clean the device out often as to prolong its lifespan and, in general, keep everything tidy.

Did we miss something? Feel free to share your thoughts about this in the comments below.

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