Lauren takes the top spot with Flavors of Negros

Lauren takes the top spot with Flavors of Negros

It was Bryanboy who first notified me that he lost his ranking/listing on PinoyTopBlogs the other day. When I checked the site, I realized it already reset and it was just the 29th. Oh well, since I disabled tracking, the system listed the blogs in some weird way. After re-activating the system, Lauren Dado’s Laurganism dominated the list.

But where’s So he did act on that promise to remove his Philippine Idol blog from the list and concentrate on Pinoy Rickey and hopefully take on Retzwerx head to head (that’s what he told me in his last phone call). Retz is going to get some serious competition around. :D *hehe*


Noemi sent an email notifying me about Lauren’s blog getting a link from Boingboing for her Flavors of Negros post. That one little link has catapulted her to #1 at Pinoy Top Blogs.

Just and FYI to those who are always monitoring their rankings there.

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11 Responses

  1. SELaplana says:

    mine previously was on 13th but now on 31st :-(

  2. Noemi says:

    She had more than 5000 referrals a day since the link appeared in the index page of

  3. Andrew says:

    What’s the last sentence Abe?

  4. mrloo says:


    I know this is out of the topic question, but I’m just wondering why I am not receiving any email when I apply to I know I don’t get a lot of traffic but I should at least receive an email. Right?

    appreciate your help.

    thanks, mrloo

  5. marhgil says:

    wow! kaya pala. visited her site… and it’s showing some wordpress errors. hope her webhost can handle the burst of traffic.

  6. Miguel says:

    Near the Marikina Riverbanks, there’s a shop:

    Baby Eatery

    Didn’t try it.

  7. retz says:

    wah! network wars ba ito? kiddin aside
    i know i wont stand chance againt kaisip rickey
    kaya may proposal ako sa kanya :D

  8. migs says:


    Why is my blog, suspended?

    Is it because I’m too sexy? Hehehe.

    No, seriously, I was wondering why.


  9. Kiven says:

    Lauren for teh win! Retz-Rickey connection? =)

  10. whatsuplb says:

    I forgot about the Pinoy Top blogs already. I’m also wondering why my blog is still suspended.

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