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The floppy finally flops

A link to an article in Digg talks about eh floppy disk being put to rest just like the video player, cassette deck and film camera. So, when was the last time you used a floppy, huh? And you don’t see them whenever you buy a new PC or laptop.

I think the ZIP drive is also on its way out. I still have dozens of ZIP drives in my closet from way back in college. The king of the portable storage device will ultimately be the flash drives, if we could only get them a little bit cheaper these days.

See discussion on Digg.

Read original article on Metro UK.

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12 Responses

  1. Hello Abe, kamusta? Was just wondering if you’ll have time to update the Philippine Top 100 list, kasi nagbago na ang mga rankings since the last update. Would also like to feature you and your blog very soon, so please email me at: [email protected]

    Many thanks!
    –Nostalgia Manila

  2. Carlo says:

    The last time I used a floppy was probably in 2002 – college. Yeah, I think floppy is now dead. I no longer have any floppy drive at home but I have lots of floppy disks, those I used since highschool :)

  3. WiLL says:

    I still have a floppy drive on my laptop. It’s a very old vaio. Never had the chance to use it, not even once. :D

  4. Miguel says:

    When I bought a (then) new PC in 2002, I dropped the floppy drive.

    But companies in the Philippines still need them. Why? One of the government agencies (SSS, Philhealth or Pag-Ibig is it?) requires them to submit records via floppy!

  5. Fleeb says:

    Flash disks are cheaper these days. I bought mine from CDR King.

  6. Cheeseter says:

    I have not used the floppy disk since 2001. Lately I just used CDR costing 6 pesos. Or I just save it in my gmail.

  7. LadyVi says:


    It’s SSS for the quarterly report (R3) and Pag-ibig for the monthly report.

    These are mandatory contributions report of Employer and Employees.

  8. deuts says:

    I remember using floppy disks to back-up audit files back in 2002 in one of my medium (only) clients. It took me around 8 to 10 diskettes to complete the back-up, and around say 30 minutes for back-up to complete.

    You’ll lucky that time if you have pentium II notebook for the frequency of your computer hanging during back-up is quite low.

  9. jhay says:

    I also wrote about this, but I stressed that here in the Philippines, most Pinoy students still rely on floppies for their portable storage needs.

    Here’s the post, if you don’t mind.

  10. karla says:

    the last time i used floppy disks..
    when i was in 3rd year college
    then i got tired of it because it breaks down after using the disk in another PC
    then, i used a Flash drive instead :D

  11. jun says:

    i still have about 4 boxes of used floppies at home. some of them still work. They still have their use (when my flash disk is not around).

  12. I still have Mini-Floppies lolz. and they’re still on good working conditions, I can still play my old games for 8086 and 80386 lolerz.

    Yep, I bought a new PC (Core 2 Duo) last week for my birthday, no floppy drive, but instead a bunch of new-storage drives, and 7 USB slots (imagine that).

    I just wish WinXP put an update to allow us to delete the Drive A because WinXP produces error when shutting down :/ it checks for Drive A which doesn’t even exist.

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