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The world is talking; are you listening?

The title of this entry is the byline of Global Voices Online, a non-profit global citizens’ media project, sponsored by and launched from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at the Harvard Law School.

The idea for the project grew out of an international bloggers’ meeting held at Harvard in December 2004. (Here is a written account of the meeting. To listen to an audio report, click here.) Global Voices, though headquartered at Harvard Law School, is a cooperative effort of contributors from every continent and dozens of countries.

One of its primary goal is to call attention to the most interesting conversations and perspectives emerging from citizens’ media around the world by linking to text, audio, and video blogs and other forms of grassroots citizens’ media being produced by people around the world.

I only discovered about it after I my blog got a trackback from one of the entries there. I checked out the site and searched for entries related to the Philippines.

Majority of the entries were about Philippine politics and mentioned pinoy bloggers like Jove, Connie, PCIJ, iBlog & JJ. Only two other entries were not about politics, and they both pinged my blog. I’m a bit flushed to learn that GVO regards this site as a blogworthy source for the Philippines.

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2 Responses

  1. hoop says:

    The first time I’ve heard of this site was at CNN, forgot what show that was but it was an open discussion on blogs. From what I remember, one topic of discussion was whether blogs could one day replace the present day journalist.

    congrats, the entire world is watching pinoyblog :-)

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