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Top IT Companies based on Employee Salaries

GigaOm ran a quick report on the top tech companies is the US based on the average salaries they gave their engineers/developers and Google came out on top. I wonder which tech companies in the Philippines would be on the top 10 if we had the same salary information.

Based on the numerous feedback I get from regular folks in the IT circle, here are my top guesses:


  • A lot of old classmates/schoolmates I heard that were employed to HP fresh from college says they have great salary packages. One fresh grad even got a car loan on his first year.
  • While very few developers could get into Oracle Philippines because of the vertical industry they are in, people say they have very nice compensation package to retain their top employees.
  • Canon Philippines has a ton of engineers and developers here in Manila working some stuff related to cameras, printers and the lot. While the pay is not really very high, developers get a chance to go on special projects in Japan ranging from several months to a couple of years. That’s the time when get the “pay bonus”.
  • IBM Philippines was once considered as the top company to work for and has been competitive salaries and a very mobile workplace environment.
  • Very little is known about Lakeside Technologies but when they put out an ad before looking for web developers, the starting salaries they were offering were very much higher than industry figures. I also had several former officemates and friends who used to work there and they confirmed the handsome pay. However, one commented that is “if you still want to have a personal life“. So okay, they pay you good and work you real hard.
  • Trend Micro, Inc. has a number of top notch antivirus engineers working at their offices in Libis. An old classmate tells me the pay is good but the hours are really bad.
  • HeadStrong Philippines. I used to work there before for several months so I have a fair idea of their compensation structure. However, friends that have recently worked there tells me the pay is good and the benefits are great (though not as great as it was 8 years ago). They have a fleet of private cars which will bring employees home if you work overtime (past 10PM).
  • Novare Technologies. I know a number of top notch engineers/developers (geeks) are working there so the pay must be really good.
  • Smart Communications has been very popular among employees for their extended month bonus. Last December 2006, employees were given up to 21-month bonus. Standard is only 13 months. That’s 8 months more.

Yahoo has just formally opened their office in the Philippines and since they are on GigaOm’s Top 10, they might also be the same here.

There are several other smaller companies that have very attractive compensation packages but I thought they might not be able to scale that once they grow much bigger. If you have some idea which tech companies I should include here, please do leave a comment. The ones I have here aren’t based on hard data so I might have listed some of them wrong too (which brings me, we should do an IT salary survey of sorts here).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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1,098 Responses

  1. S9 says:

    So what’s the industry standard for web developers/engineers ?

    Thanks !

  2. yuga says:

    According to ZDNet Asia, it’s between $7,438 to $23,721 a year for the Philippines.

  3. kill3fill3r says:

    sa ACS meron ba kayo idea kung magkano?
    how about sa mga SAP-related na work?

  4. Signal Unstable says:

    Can you also check the top
    electronics manufacturing company here in the phil
    despite in economic crisis

  5. Anti-SAP says:

    @kill3fill3r :
    Do not ever mention about SAP, you are not from squatter, are you?

    That is really nice to hear, except, I have a question, aren’t these IT companies you mention especially the AmericaNS are scams? Employees got employed there because they’re getting married? Or sons of and doughters of poticians? and also If I am not mistaken, most of the buildings they are occupaying especcially the brand new ones came from the fertilizer scams and other related scams? The Anti-glo channles her superbly grafted achievement through these svamming companies? I hope I am not wrong…And oh pls dont commercialze every road in the country in the name of GOD!

  6. Reel Advice says:


    I really thought HP had one of the best salaries out there well in fact not now. Chevron has way better salaries than HP. And about bonuses, IMHO, other companies give better compensation on that part as well.


    all of your statements are either gibberish or just plain wrong.

  7. madzman23 says:

    That was sad to hear :(, I dont get those benefits on the company Im working. But the good thing is Im a pioneer here, so if our company survives this crisis, we can be managers of our own department. :D But I hope our salary will get high this year.
    But that will give me the idea where to apply if my salary wont change. Good to see that here.

  8. mobius says:

    where do u work madzman23? Any other companies that offer high compensation? How about Lawson or Misys?

  9. myke says:


    are you sure that you’re just anti-SAP? seems like your anti-everything

    on topic: I heard SPL and Logica gives really good packages

  10. Name says:

    I’ve been working at IBM for a few years now. The starting salary’s very good, but the pay increase is a quite slow. Your bread and butter is really your commission. The money is in sales & techsales.

    And yes, our mobility program is excellent. They don’t really care if you work at Starbucks or your kitchen all day so long as you’re reachable by phone, instant messaging, and email… and of course, deliver great results.

  11. oraclesux says:

    oracle? spl? nah i don’t think so. they could give you let’s consider a good pay but that’s all (plus 13th mo. bonus) and nothing more. no increase no xmas bonuses no quarterly bonuses. although the name of the company sounds cool – internationally known but in the end of the day you’ll see yourself hungry.

    you should put the names of companies like rcg, lawson, logica, acs, navitaire, eb2 who really are paying handsome compensation to their employees.

  12. Rye says:

    I think Misys and Sun Microsystems should be on the list for the Philippines, i have friends working on both companies. Their compensation and benefits are really great. as in great. hehe.

  13. Milo says:

    90% of the companies listed pay cheap.

    rcg, lawson, spl, logica, acs, & emerson as listed in this thread pay way, way, way better.

    IBM’s pay and package is insulting. I have so many colleagues that laughed off their offer.

  14. richbutpoor says:

    hey yuga. me, no need to work. im “RICH”…


  15. Patrick says:

    Thanks for this. I’ve been wondering about this stuff for a while now so it’s nice to finally know. Keep the comments coming! I’d like to know more. :D

    OT: Your blog really needs to have some of those social networking buttons. I always find myself looking for those whenever I read some article that I’d like to share.

  16. Miguel says:

    I won’t talk about salary, but I’m sure my employer (which one? guess! haha) has the most interesting work among Abe’s list!

  17. The company I’m working for has very good compensation package but we’re not an IT company hehe. I guess non IT companies pay a premium to attract good talent for their in house software dev needs.

  18. C2 says:

    ACS? Advance Contact Solution or Affiliated Computer Services

  19. Miguel says:

    I think you’re one of the lucky few. Most non-IT companies see their IT Dept as a cost center.

  20. jeannea says:

    great!how i wish our company’s doing the same thing with their employees!nice post anyway!

  21. ali says:

    do you think with the current economic crunch, is it still wise to be getting into these Philippine based companies with international ties? Or transfer to local SMEs? Just a thought…longevity or compensation?..

  22. Miguel says:

    ali, no escape from globalization. The local SMEs probably sell to other MNCs, or to consumers who earn somehow from foreign remittances.

  23. Ian says:

    Used to work for one of the companies Abe mentioned: yup, they offer very competitive salaries. And it appears they’re resilient to the current crisis — they still have some of the best engineers on board, and business is doing great, from what I hear.

  24. Hmmm… I’m not in the IT field. I’m in the finance field. Hopefully, you could also do an article for the best compensation package in the finance industry.

  25. ali says:

    so even if these multinationals are cutting costs and also cutting their headcount those who remain and and get hired still receive great packages.

  26. Eugene says:

    No comment. ;-)

  27. ACSer says:

    Hey Yuga,

    You may have missed Affiliated Computer Services.
    ACS is a fortune 500 company and supports programming and other IT functions for the US government and other commercial clients.

    Ever wondered why IT and desktop support employees from Dell and Teletech mass migrated to ACS?

  28. SoNn says:

    People at ACN usually transfer to RCG and Lawson

  29. ACS says:

    IBM is a good company brand, but inside it’s really not, and I heard from my friends that even IBM Solutions Delivery really is very bad, even the pay and the benefits. A lot of people are leaving them now.

  30. Name says:

    @ ACS —
    IBM Solutions Delivery is a subsidiary of IBM Philippines. Since ISD operates separately, their employees have different salary packages.

  31. JohR says:

    Accenture – Low starting but very high increase! Instant promotion after a year! Super high increase in salary! Superior Trainings and the company assist of almost all documents like passport, tax, payroll, etc.. has tie up with HSBC for instant credit card.. platinum maxicare card.. easy reimbursement.. so many benefits to tell..
    also listed in top 50 global company that fresh graduate should work for.

    naalala ko ung training.. sarap ng foods..hahaha

    But currently slowing down because of the crisis.. hehe.. pero nakakabawi na..

    negative side is… wala… wala pa ako maisip.. bago lang ako eh.. hehehe cguro after 2 years saka na ako magrereklamo..hehehehe…

  32. Mel says:

    wow, 21- month bonus for Smart Comm employess! smart is really generous :-)

  33. C2 says:

    @Mel they’re salary is not really that big and working ambiance there is very highly political and as we all know it, they launch products that either didn’t go thru QA or half-baked products.

  34. q1 says:

    Azeus pays really good. High starting salary for fresh grads. They pay you high, but you really need to work hard for it.

  35. jeene says:

    I think Lawson Software Philippines should be on the list. it pays good and has the ever-great Tax-shielding power :)

  36. akr says:

    Hmm interesting question, i would say the pay scale is relevant to location and is in line with cost of living. Destiny has a good reputation both as an employer and application service delivery company. they like most larger companies follow that basic rule of thumb.

  37. tricia says:


    Who’s from EB2 international? have you heard about that company? any feedbacks?

    Thanks. ÜÜÜ

  38. arpee lazaro says:

    i’m a lawson employee and i can tell you there is no such thing as the tax shield here.

  39. arpee lazaro says:

    i’m a lawson employee and i can tell you there is no such thing as the tax shield here. but the working environment is great and so are the people. pay is also very good. flexi-time pa!

  40. kor says:

    Hi guys… Do you know any company that offers good packages for PHP developers?

  41. kor says:

    Another thing, is 13K good enough for a fresh grad starting salary?

    My present company said that I will be on probation status for 2-3 months and then based on my performance, they will increase my salary… I hope they’re telling me the truth because I am really struggling financially…

    PS… I am currently employed as a PHP developer.

  42. sheila says:

    it all depends on the experience you have, i have moved from one company to the other and have always asked for what I want and got it. my salary is tax-free, i get it in US dollars, i reimburse my gas allowances, i have a company provided phone and laptop, i travel abroad all the time, i have representation allowances, medical , dental benefits and bonuses on early completion of projects and a percentage of of project costs if I help close a project. I have been a conslutant since 1996, been a project manager, business analyst and applications consultant. and i dont work for oracle, HP, IBM and most definitely not accenture or lawson. nice isn’t it, I just retired and i am only 47 years old.

  43. Michael says:

    Why don’t we put the exact figure, wala naman nakakakilala sa inyo baka malaki sa inyo maliit sa akin, maliit sa inyo malaki sa akin. Deutsche Knowledge Services, 10 Year Senior Developer 86K, 13, 14th Month Pay, Performance Bonus.

  44. Junior says:

    Wow Michael, ok pala diyan sa DKS … Accenture, Team Lead 50K. 13th, 14th, Bonus. Liit pero Ok dito, nakakarating ako USA per diem.

  45. Toma says:

    Working at Virtify Philippines 4 years, salary is 83k

  46. Mathew says:

    Lawson, starting salary 50K … after a year 55K. I have 6 years experience when I entered.

  47. Enrique says:

    Telus – Change Management Analyst, 5 years experience when I joined, salary was 85K/month. That was 3 years ago, I am in Australia now.

  48. Shermaine says:

    Wow! Now I know where to apply. Some companies can’t even pay above 50K.

  49. Shermaine says:

    I just want to share this one, a close friend of mine who works as Unix Administrator for JP Morgan Makati, got 130K for his starting salary. He has 6 years experience.

  50. Sanrio says:

    Mine is 40K SSE Accenture 5yrs.

  51. Franky says:

    Sony Philippines, 45k Software Engineer.

  52. Franky says:

    3 yrs working experience

  53. Fatima says:

    I’m in Singapore, 3800 SGD .NET … Baratan na din dito e, a friend of mine Java 4000 SGD.

  54. shinichi says:

    Sa HP OK pa NOON. Not so good na ngayon kasi once a year lang ang increases binibigay. In my case, dahil naabutan ng global crisis, may salary cut na wala pang increase! I have been working with HP for more than 1 year, napromote na ako lahat lahat wala pa rin dagdag sahod ko… Dagdag trabaho lang. Malas mo pa lalo kung matsempo ka sa team lead at manager na walang kwenta. Kahit technical trainings hindi sila basta basta nagbibigay. I have been requesting for trainings almost a year now pero hanggang pangako lang sila…

    I am very disappointed kasi mataas tingin ko sa HP. Once you got in, it sucks promise… :(

  55. it hippo says:

    fresh grad ko when i got in hp, 25k offered salary. 2 yrs na ko and lookin for work na. san ba maganda lumipat. hehe

  56. hey it hippo can you help me find a job..

    this is my e-mail

    [email protected]

  57. ichigo says:

    MISYS, fresh grad when I entered, 2 yrs na. Bagal promotion, still junior rpg developer. Compensation approaching 30k. Unlimited sick leave.

    For 2 years experience, ano ba mga companies that will give better offer.

  58. smartjack says:

    Verizon Business in alabang offers 40k for the entry level 80k for the seniors

  59. jabroni says:

    kaka resign ko lang sa indra philippines formerly soluziona badtrip kasi naging kuripot

    starting was 24k when i started(ganun pa din daw ngayon), been there almost 2 years pero walang increase ksi inabutan ng global crisis. To be promoted from Junior Consultant to Mid Level the minimum years to render is 5 so matagal ang growth.

    I saw a Senior Consultant’s(12 years working there) payslip and it’s 80K.

    The only good thing in Indra is the flexible benefits which amounts to 3 times your GMC

  60. jabroni says:

    Macquarie pays about 25K starting, less than a year you’ll be above 30K. May profit sharing pa dw. Trainings in Australia etc.

    – galing sa mga friends ko who works there.

  61. ichigo says:

    Ok yang Macquarie ah. May mga positions kaya sila para RPG programmers?

    For a 3 years experienced RPG programmer, how much ba ang reasonable offer na dapat matanggap mo from the IT companies?

  62. ohmrz says:

    RPG programmer ako ngayon 70k a month deployed sa pharmaceutical company in makati. Not sure if i will take a regular post in either MISYS or IBM dami kc requirement ngayon. I guess naka recover na sa recession kaya marami hiring ngayon

  63. tm says:

    im working at Trend Micro and the working hours are not bad here, in fact, we have lots of free time to review or read than our actual work. Plus, our management and employees are all great!

  64. GC says:

    Accenture, Asst Mngr 10 years, 76K, 13th and 14th month. Is that high or low?

    Current position does not require you to be technical anymore but I did start out with Cobol, DB2, JCL.

  65. jecz says:

    working at HP now. It really sucks.. nakakaawa yung mga kasama ko.. yung iba kong officemates gang ngaun walang increase dahil sa global crisis.. mag2years na walang increase mga employees then kapag napromote wala ring increase.. not worth it yung pagod na binibigay mo.. pangit pa benefits… haaaiiizzz.. sa mga gustong magapply sa HP think twice po muna bago kayo kumagat.. baka mapaso lang kayo..

  66. Jobhunter says:

    saan ba pwede mag apply ang isang gaya kong newly grad IT. 1 year experience ako sa safeway as information security analyst. ganda ng title pero liit ng sweldo. 19K may increase na 1k depende sa performance pa yun. badtrip!
    tapos yung boss ko nag hire ng engot. ako pa mag train? tapos mas malaki pa sahod sakin,kaya umalis ako, saan ba maganda lumipat. company na offers good opportunity for the less experienced IT like me..any suggestions?

  67. jedianiki says:

    me bond ba sa lawson? magkano kaya rate pag 2 years cobol and 1.5 years sap-abap? im currently working at accenture.

  68. clusivol says:

    Alam ko sa izone tech mataas magpasweldo pero mabilis ang turnover. Mabilis mag hire, mabilis din magtanggal. Yung mga managers at agents namin halos lahat tanggal na kaya kawawa naman yung mga bagong papasok tuloy. Pero if you are looking for a short term job, pwede na dito.

  69. cutie says:

    Bakit sbi nia 30k daw staring sa HP? totoo ba to?

  70. cutie says:

    Anyone from Globe Telecom? I heard malaki daw salary. any range?

  71. CRAMMING says:

    HP sucked! Im currently working here..sweldo sucked! Lahat, pati boss mo…epal..inggitero sa kung ano ka..imagine, manager mo, walang masters, ikaw meron, from UP kapa ha…duh..what type of promotion??? palakasan system

    salary depends on department and experience..

    ako 2 years experience newly grad pako ha…kaso rate sakin pang new grad lang duh…

    yung flex sched? ang con dun, on call ka sa lahat ng oras, kahit ata natutulog ka, gigisingin ka….

  72. fed_up says:

    Accenture 3 yrs pero 2 yrs lang relevant exp (nilagay kc ako sa proj na walang kwenta for 1 yr) JAVA SSE 34K…buti pala d ko nitanggap yung sa hp hehehe….still looking for work….any suggestions??

  73. Misys_Anonymous says:

    I’m working for Misys. 3yrs exp. My salary is only 40k. I don’t recommend working here because pay rise is very slow. Career growth is only for 1yr and you will learn nothing after that anymore.

  74. UNFAIR says:

    I’m working for Misys.
    JAVA – Associate Software Engineer
    2.3 years of experience
    Salary is 25.8K

  75. bogart says:

    Globe starting salary for their IT pool is 30K, kaso laki din ng tax 30% tapos patayan sa work. Two of my friends work there.

  76. Kensai says:

    Anyone here who would recommend working for their current company? I would be graduating this November and I don’t like my first company to turn into a disaster. So far the companies I’m interested to apply on are:

    1. Azeus
    2. Emerson
    3. IBM
    4. Lawson
    5. Logica
    6. Risk Metrics
    7. Novare
    8. Oracle
    9. Safeway
    10. Verizon
    11. Macquarie

    Any comments or advise? Thanks in advance!

  77. Just signed says:

    just signed a job offer at ibm. gosh!!! sucks big time!!!

  78. Kensai says:

    @Just signed

    why does it sucks? Do you signed a contract with ISD or IBS?

  79. xebukam says:

    seachange at soluziona ok din sa new hire.. 25 though mababa pag nagincrease sa seachange, dont know sa SZ. some of my friends work there.

  80. Misys_Friend says:

    I’m posting for my friend who works at Misys.

    Benefits-wise, A-ok! Salary-wise, the package seems good at first but you should note that salary is based on the ratings given by the TL’s and other demigods. One should also be wary of the fact that Misys has two classifications of their hires: CPG and those they absorbed from contractors. The “absorbed” hires are often disadvantaged, especially when it comes to raise in their salaries. Career-wise, promotion is slow. My friend has been working for two years now and has been constantly rated as a “strong” performer. Still, no promotion. Worse, the salary is less than those who were merely rated as “successful” performers.

  81. yusuke says:

    I thought the blog is asking for the best, not for the worst…
    siguro maigi na magpost tayo ng kung anu yung positive side ng company kesa sa negative :) this is for the sake naren sa subject naten na top companies based on salaries :)
    besides, confidential information paren yung mga pinopost naten… so just be cautious kasi kawawa naman aspirants na gusto magapply sa mga company na binabanggit naten.. suggestion lang :)

  82. not_kj says:

    IMHO, i don’t think i need to hear about positive feedback about a company since with all the marketing, advertisements and what not, you already have a picture of what they have to offer.

    the important thing (for me) is to know everything about a company, good or bad, so that i can make a sound decision when it comes to my career.

    so…anyone got an idea where the best place to work at for a java practitioner with 3 yrs specializing in spring?=)

  83. Unggoy says:

    sa accenture tae talaga. wala increase pati ung IPB hindi nakuha. sobrang pangit talaga. ang baba na ng sahod dami pa expectations sayo. tapos ang masama pa naging 45 hours per week na ang work sobrang under pay talaga dito nakakabadtrip talaga. Naghahanap na nga ako ng malilipatan. ma pulitika rin dito sa accenture, lalo na pag natapat ka sa team lead mong Tae ang ugali.

  84. Unggoy says:

    Ung mga ibang ni lay off nila sa ACCENTURE pinapabalik nila. Advise ko lang wag nakayo bumalik. Ung mga empleyado nila pinapaasa nila na bumubuti na ung ekonomiya kaya baka makabawi daw kasi walang increase this year. ASUS. eh plunging parin ang US market tapos makakabawi this year>?
    Ung ibang project dito nakuha ng IBM. Ang pangit pa kasi nagtitipid sila. wala na ung mga kape na libre. Mas pinapaboran nila ung mga BPO dito kasi sa BPO may increase this year sa solutions (IT) wala. kakainis.
    ang sahod ng starting dito 16K lang tapos wala na ung after a year ma propromote kana. wala na un. may kakilala akong 2.5years na sta dito 20K palang sahod nya kasi wala na promotion. meron akong kakilala 18K lang sahod eh 1 year and 6 months na sya. kawawa talaga.

  85. Unggoy says:

    Eto pa masama. may mga projects dito sa accenture na nagtitipid kaya day shift mga solutions ung gagamit ng office space tapos pag night shift mga bpo na ang gagamit kaya wala na flexi time dito required ka nang pumasok kasi mamaya baka maabutan ka ng BPO shift. Kasi nga 45 hours a week na. kahit 45 hours a week na work mo ang madadagdag lang sa sahod mo every month is almost mga 500 pesos lang. sobrang lugi talaga. Biro mo 9 hours ka per day so times 20 days = 180 hours per month. pero ang babayaran lang nila dun nay five hours na OT so mga 500 lang ang makukuha mo or mga around 500 to 800 lang. in fact dati 8 hours lang per day times 20 = 160 hours lang per month. Biro mo nalugi ka ng 15 hours na walang bayad (180 – 160)
    HAYS Bad trip talga.

  86. ohmrz says:

    I almost accepted the senior software engineer position at accenture last 2008. Good thing I did not kc if I did baka nakasama ako sa na layoff. Medyo maliit nga sweldo sa kanila compare mo naman 50k + 30% tax vs 70k + 2% tax (consultant kc ako kaya liit tax)

  87. Nice bro! Bakit 2% lang tax mo? Paki enlighten me naman po para magawan ko din ng paraan taxation ko =)

  88. d-godfather says:

    2% tax as a consultant? I’m not in the IT industry, but that’s highly unlikely, since as a professional consultant you are taxed 30% just like lawyers, doctors and the likes, unless of course you are not declaring your income to BIR as a consultant, so i guess that 2% tas is possible..

  89. jedianiki says:

    @ unggoy: hahaha! im from accenture too (solutions)… same sentiments…

  90. here_here says:

    don’t forget that they also took out the refreshments and we got no A/C after 6 pm…hahahaha…sux

  91. meow says:

    ohmrz – saan ka nagwowowrk anung company name imsg mo po ako [email protected], sabi mo kasi rpg programmer ka.

  92. ohmrz says:

    d-godfather, the Tax for IT consultant is 10%. The 2% is the witheld tax. The remaining 8% is supposed to be paid when filling the ITR. Syempre there are ways to further reduce it by subtracting expenses such as Fuel,insurance,training, donations, fixtures and repairs etc. I my case I hired an accountant to do that for me. So ang liit na lang babayaran na tax.

    This is one of the reasons marami consultant kc malaki tax ng regular.

  93. jayva says:

    Sa mga Java Programmers na naghahanap ng trabaho, try nyo sa UST Global. Sa Makati lang yun. Pakyawan yun tanggapan. Mataas salary offer.

  94. I have a Dream!

    Asia is the future particularly Singapore and Hong Kong at mahahawa ang Pilipinas dahil sa BPO, I’m 25 years old and seriously considering giving up my £32,000 per annum job, for a financial position in Asia and work my way to the top to become a CEO of a Philippine corp. Already started buying shares sa mga Philippine companies para one day maka upo ako sa mga Board of Directors. Like many of us I don’t have connections, but I will make my presence known 10-15 years from now.

  95. Joana says:

    Hi I’m a new BSCS graduate. Anyone can recommend a company where I can apply? I’m currently doing office work and I’m planning on resigning soon because their wage is so low (read: below 15k, thank you taxes). So can anyone help? Preferably where the wage is 18k+.. And in Manila.. Thanks! :)

    If not, I might be forced to work in a call center. :|

  96. dynoreen says:

    @thefilipinoinvestor and to anybody who’s interested … in case you might want to work on a Multinational Shared Service Company as Project Manager or Business Analyst, kindly send message to my email @ [email protected] the company is urgent need. thanks

  97. pupchy says:


    There are lots of IT companies out there. Lawson, HP, Logica, Oracle, IBM, just to name a few. Since you’re an IT grad, try your luck first with the jobs in-line with your course. If you could still bear working in your current company, please do while waiting for another job offer. Even your salary is way too low, something is still better than nothing. :)

  98. Pon says:

    Hey, IT pipz.. if you’re interested.. our clients are looking for IT people, particularly mga PeopleSoft Consultants.. DBA’s.. one whose familiar in Oracle, MSSQL, CRM, HRIS and many more.. interested ba kayo?

  99. Pon says:

    I’m actually a head hunter (if you guys are already aware sa mga executive search firms) if you’re interested just leave a reply.

  100. Pon says:

    @Misys_Anonymous, are you currently exploring?

  101. Ichigo says:

    Hi Pon, Do you currently need an rpg programmer? Local or abroad?

  102. Pon says:

    @ichigo, we have Multi-National Firm clients, local.. as of now, we do not have an opening for an RPG programmer.. but, is it ok to get your updated CV to contact you for any opportunities?

  103. ichigo says:

    @Pon, where will i send it? what ‘s the e-mail address?

  104. cid says:

    hi Pon, are there any opportunities for Cobol/sap abap programmers? tnx

  105. Pon says:

    @ ichigo, you may send it at [email protected]

    @ cid.. Cobol? what exactly is it? I’m not really an IT individual but I’m one of those whose handling it.. if you’re interested.. just also send it to the email ad provided above :)

    ..we are usually looking for individuals who already have experience.. at least nearly 3 years in IT field.. :)

  106. curiosity_killed_the_cat says:

    @pon…do you have an opening for java developers? how much is the range? what about for senior developers? thanks!

  107. castor says:

    any idea regarding salary for Java/J2EE @ Telus?

  108. Pon says:

    @curiosity_killed_the_cat, as of now, we don’t have any openings for the position.. but I will gladly appreciate if you will send your updated CV at the e-mail given above.. and if there are any opportunities we’ll keep you posted and contact you asap..

    We’re looking for Senior DBA’s, developing CRM, and those who are familiar in PeopleSoft, MSSQL…

  109. jayva says:

    @curiosity_killed_the_cat and @castor
    Based from my earlier post we have an opening for Java positions. That is if you’re only interested and exploring new opportunities.
    You can forward your resume to [email protected]

  110. dynoreen says:

    Thanks to those who took time to reply on my post, continue sending your resume or inquiries at [email protected] and to be give you more information:

    The client is a Multinational Financial Shared Service Company who is looking for Senior Project Managers that are into process improvement or business project re-engineering handling finances or ERPs project.

  111. umayos kayo says:

    the recent posts are not anymore relevant to the topic. i hope the posts will be more focused with the topic, this is not a jobs search thread in the first place.

    just concerned…

  112. Karl says:

    @umayos kayo

    And you are concerned with?…

    Just asking…

  113. going up says:

    umayos kayo is right… the thread was going great – everyone was sharing their experiences and salaries. can we continue? i’m an analyst at 50k and looking for my next stop :)

  114. jsme says:

    Smart Communications has 21 month pay? I think that explains the vanishing loads of Senator Enrile…

  115. Simply Attitude says:

    We’re a C# Developer looking for a job right now. 55K to 70K salary

  116. Karl says:

    @Simply Attitude

    Are you looking for C# Developers? Do you accept fresh graduates?

  117. Pon says:

    UNIX Admin anyone?

  118. Employee says:

    @jsme and all those wondering:

    Smart may have over 18+ mos. BUT that is NOT the same MONTHLY salary you get outside Smart.

    The Commutative Property:
    21K x 13 months = 13K x 21 months


  119. LookOutsidePhils says:

    I understand this is supposed to cover Philippine employment only. But if you’re really after compensation, then get at least 4 years hardcore software development experience (using your primary coding language) and pursue a job in Singapore! Specifically, go after those permanent positions in a large global bank with established IT delivery centres in Singapore. There you’ll get at least SGD6k/mo (SGD9k/mo for the hotshots).

    Where to start? Here>


    Make sure to get in touch with the contact person.

  120. Jake says:

    yahooooo!!!!21 months pay d2 sa Smart this year!!!if annualized, my monthly salary is P45K. It’s my forst job, and I’m on my 2 years of employment here..:-)

  121. Karl says:

    @Jake how much is your starting salary at smart and what position?

  122. Saber says:

    Reading from previous posts, come to think of it, I find my salary of 43K for 14.5 months a bit low (not considering the additional allowances given) for a little less than 5 years of solid IT experience. But still I have to take into consideration I’m just a little less than a year in the company and just started this year in SAP (not a newbie anymore, handled 4 modules already =)) I think I’ll wait it out till next year for my increase and wait for my loan to be paid up, hehe

  123. matsing says:

    i dont think na kasama ang IBM dito.
    first of all ang liit ng salary nila.
    pangalawa wala silang 14th month unlike accenture na siguradong may 13th month 14th month at christmas
    Ang health package nila sobrang liit din walang kwento kung icocompare sa Accenture. na almost 300K plus ung
    Maxicare benefits per illness per year.
    Pangatlo ung clothing allowance nila 5oo lang sus ano mabibili mo. Eh sa accenture 1250 hehehe.
    pangapat medical benefits every year in IBM 6K lang comapred sa accenture 15K.
    Lugi ka talaga sa IBM.
    Napaka unprofessional pa ng mga HRs nila. And Delivery Lead. Hindi marunong sumunod sa appointments.

  124. matsing says:

    talaga lang jake ha???? 45K in two years SMART??? hehehe. eh may friend ako dyan database admin
    3 years plus going on 4 years na sya wala pang 25K sahod nya. Ano ka consultant??

    ang starting lang sa smart ang alam ko is 10K to 12K lang. Kala mo lang mataas sahod mo dahil
    minsan 21th month inaabot. pero if you will compute mas mataas pa ung sahod sa ibang company na nag oofer
    ng hanggang 14month pay. since mas mataas ung basic salary ng ibang company kesa sa SMART
    lugi ka pa sa smart dahil TAXABLE ung mga bonuses nila.

  125. rejected_ibm says:

    kakatapos ko lang ng offer from ibm…tama yung mga posts…sobrang insulting!!! tpos ang pangit pa ng recruitment process nila…pinaghihintay ka ng ilang oras, nag sset ng interview ng madaling araw at nag ccancel ng interview na hindi ka man lang iinform…leche!!! ang offer is 40k pero tinaasan on the spot to 45k…para ba kumagat ka na…ano ko hilo!!!! sobrang lugi kahit na mas mataas pa sya sa current ko…ampangit kc sobra ng package!! tpos may possibility na yung taks ko is hindi yung expertise mo!!! isa pa, sobrang na insult ako dun sa manager na nag offer…after ko sabihin na pag iisipan ko muna (didnt wanna be rude kc) bigla bang tumayo at pumunta sa pinto para bang pinalalabas nko!!!! sabay bulong na mahihirapan daw sya kumuha ng mas mataas na price kc kelangan pa ng approval!!! ano pakelam ko dun!!! trabaho mo yan!!!! tpos ngayon nangungulit yung hr mag re-offer daw…wag na lang!!!! sobrang crap talaga!!!!

  126. really? says:

    @rejected_ibm, really?!?!?!?!?!?! what position have you applied?

  127. rejected_ibm says:

    IT specialist yung position

  128. really? says:

    SHOCKS. i was planning pa naman to apply there. hayst. anong IBM pala? =(

  129. Pon says:

    @rejected_ibm, are you exploring pa ba?

  130. boy_dapa_** says:

    pwede po ba natin ipost ang salaries ng mga employees ng mga top IT companies dito sa Pinas? kahit range lang po or estimate.

  131. boy_luhod says:

    Been in the IT industry for 2years now, first worked for one and a half years in the consulting industry with estimated 26k net monthly salary and that include the benefits. I decided to go contractual ksi mas malaki talaga sahod eh parehas naman consulting din. Now I’m earning 60K net every month. my initial contract was for 6 months only but I just got another 1 year extension. so kung mag-aadvice ako sa mga young professionals jan siguro try nyo mag-contractual habang marami pa yung demand for IT jobs para mabilis tumaas rate nyo.

  132. boy_dapa_** says:

    sa mga Network engineers po, ano pong mga top companies ang alam nyo at yung maganda po ang sweldo at benefits….


  133. IBM salary says:

    tama kayo IBM should not be in the list.
    Tama rin na maliit ung sahod nila. Na interview ako dyan at naag offer but i decline.
    tama din na unprofessional ang mga HRs nila at interviewers.
    same experience, kaya pala dinemanda sila ng GSIS dahil sa depektibong databases system nila. it shows.
    HR palang Palpak na and ung delivery lead managers palpak din. sobrang Arrogant. hahaha.
    i suggest na stop dreaming to work for IBM. magiging disaster lang kaya. i pity my friends na nag work for IBM sayang. they want to leave na nga hahaha.

  134. webdummy says:

    Looking to contract a web developer for an equivalent of 1 months work. flex time and work from home. send resume, cover, and salary expectation.



    e-mail: [email protected]

  135. boy_bawang says:

    @webdummy (erano)
    any particular skills for the contract position you are looking for e.g. jsp/servlets, php, .net, etc…?

  136. webdummy says:


    preferably jsp, php, css, javascripting. joomla a big plus!

  137. peoplesouper says:


    is the peoplesoft position still open?

  138. pupchy says:

    @boy luhod:
    curious lang ako, pano ba process pag contractual? tama bang walang benefits at bonus? saka ung tax mo ba, totoo ba na ikaw ung magfa-file at hindi hr ng company na pinapasukan mo? gusto ko sana i-try kaso wala ako masyadong idea sa contractual positions kung anong meron.


  139. Pon says:


    yes, it’s still available :) if you’re interested just send it to the email provided above.

  140. fresh grad says:

    Maganda ba sa Teleperformance? Marami kasing nagsasabi na mala DEMONYO daw ang system ng company, totoo po ba?

  141. Pon says:

    Java Developers.. that are currently exploring, 2-3years experience.. We’re in need :) if ever interested, just inform it to the email provided above.

  142. Looking says:

    For more actual IT salaries in the Philippines, check out this site: http://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/philippines-salary-SRCH_IL.0,11_IN204.htm

  143. IT worker says:

    @Pon, ano po ung email add? contractual ba yan?

  144. Pon says:

    @IT worker

    [email protected] :) Yep, it’s contractual. Great Benefits :) You may send CV there and I’ll contact you for the information.

  145. reply to rejected says:

    @rejected_ibm / @IBM salary

    ilang years na work experience niyo? magkano ba sinabi niyo as asking offer?

    we need your inputs here :)


  146. ILUVPH says:

    Siemens UK ako 4 months palang ako (overall experience 2.5 years) £2500 per month salary ko plus excellent bens and one of the best pension. However, I’ve had enough of London, too expensive here plus 20% tax band ako and malapit na ako sa upper band. A small increase in my salary would increase my tax. Dito may 50% tax rate din!

    May interview pa naman ako sa IBM Singapore next week?. Any comments

  147. ORA_kills says:

    nasa UK ka na aalis ka pa? ung ibang nasa SG nga gs2 magpunta ng ibang bansa pa eh. Sa SG balita ko, halos panay contractual. Though di naman daw mahirap mghanap ng work pag end contract ka na. Nabasa ko sa yahoo news a few days ago. Sinabi ng PM nila na, priority nila ay mga singaporeans. May nabanggit pa sya na parang “They will only hire foreigners when needed. Afterwards, we will be sending them home.” – parang ganyan ang concept ng sinabi. Di ko na lng matandaan ung link para mapost ko d2 eh.

  148. idolKoSiRizal says:

    I just signed an soft-offer from IBMSD. Grrr!!

  149. ohmrz says:

    nagbigay din sa akin IBM ng soft offer then they told me naka forward daw papers ko sa client… hmmm feeling ko pooling lang sila ng tao… the pay is ok sana kaya lang baka hindi nanaman mag materialize project nila

  150. grr? says:

    idolKoSiRizal and ohmrz,

    bakit Grr?

  151. idolKoSiRizal says:


    Dapat tinaasan ko pa ang asking ko….


    Sabi ng HR, yung profile ko nasubmit na daw sa client. and wait nalang daw for feedback. may posibility daw na mainterview ako ng client.

  152. ohmrz says:

    yun din sabi sa akin… when i was given the soft offer humingi ako increase kasi laki ng tax… this is the third time ilang beses na kasi hindi natutuloy project ng IBM kahit may soft offer sila… last year reason nila sa akin recession daw kaya daw hindi natuloy project…

  153. ORA_kills says:

    ingat din tayo sa mga ganyan like sa mga katwiran ng IBM. search nyo sa PEx ung ACS. nanghire sila ng tao tapos after 2 weeks, sinabi na di daw tuloy ang project kc wala ung client. kaso lng ngresign na ung dude na yon. kawawa naman

    dami hearsay na pangit daw IBM

  154. idolKoSiRizal says:


    uu sobrang baba talaga for an Oracle DBA. 40% ng current mo lang. yung iba 50% and up ng current mo.


    Dami ko rin naririnig eh… pero ako ang matigas ang ulo… kaya eto nagdadalawang isip. hahahahahah!!

  155. grr? says:

    bakit ganun? soft offer nung akin ay after ng client interview… so dun na ung negotations…

    ever since naman talaga, worst HR for ISD. pero pag nasa loob ka na, ayos lang naman.

  156. acn 2 ibm says:

    New grad, my friend worked before for Accenture.

    Accdg to her, many accenture employees transfered to ibm.

    Just wondering why if folks are saying that ibm is not a good company.

    Any thoughts which company is better accenture or ibm?

  157. re: acn 2 ibm says:

    No company is perfect and people have different reasons to like or like a company.

    If you are a fresh grad and you’ve worked in ACN then transferred to IBM, you will really feel culture shock. IBM is more conservative kasi people are not all young, in fact many are old – really old. Esp in ISD, it rarely accepts fresh grads and rather hires (think 5, 11 or so years) work experienced applicants. There are people in the floor that could qualify as my father already, and I am still in my 20s.

    Remember: a good wage will make someone take a job, but only job satisfaction will stop them leaving. And this includes culture. But if you are really hardcore IT, the ones who seldom talk, you are fit in IBM.

  158. rejected_ibm says:

    just a thought…since we have a head hunter participating in the “thread”. why don’t we ask him/her about the usual salary ranges of different positions. So…how much for a Java Analyst programmer with 5 years exp?

  159. pangit says:

    Misys? Bad choice. Currently working for about three yrs and three months but still no promotion. My advice is, this is a good starting job for fresh grad. After a year or two, find a new job. As of now, I’m currently looking for a new job. Anybody wants an RPG programmer with three years experience? You can contact me at [email protected]

  160. Miguel says:

    Hi! I’m working for one of the companies in Abe’s post. I’m looking for Java people to join us in telecom-relatde projects. My team specifically is looking for Android developers.

    You may contact me at: [email protected]


  161. acn_h8r says:

    Accenture- 28k/month- started here as fresh grad, 3+ years na ako dito.

    Pero pinadala naman ako sa ibang bansa… stayed there for more than a year. Salary ko naman don 55-60k dollars

    Buti na lang wala ako dito sa Pilipinas nang magsimula ang walang increase… pero ngayong nandito na ako, nabbwisit ako sa sweldo ko at sa working environment… eto rin kasi yung sahod ko bago umalis. Buti na lang maraming ipon :)

    Bulok ang management dito.

  162. ora_kills_sun_so_wer_doomed says:

    bulok ang management dyan? so may mga managers na bulok din? hehehe. peace man!
    sa opis kc namin may mga pm’s na galing dyan so kaya ko natanong ung tanong ko

  163. Quicksand(band) says:

    @re: acn 2 ibm
    good and informative comment. Meron ba hardcore at liberal? hehe
    @jayva, thanks, actually nagpasa ako ng resume kahapon sa job fair ng uste

  164. acn_h8r says:

    di naman lahat…may ok pa rin. 2 years ago… ok na ok dito. Pagbalik ko… basura na. Pati katrabaho ko parang wala na kwenta, iilan na lang ang magagaling at gusto matuto.

    Naalala ko after ng bagyong Ondoy, nagmeeting, sabi next time daw wag na lang umuwi yung mga nasa office, kasi yung mga nasa bahay di makakapasok. Para daw maganda maging reputation ng company sa clients.. Rain or shine.. 100% delivery!! Malubog man bahay at family mo, diskartehan mo na lang yan after ng office hours.

    AFAIK, exempted ang acts of God/natural calamity sa contract with clients.

  165. ora_kills_sun_so_wer_doomed says:

    ganyan na ganyan ang attitude ng sinasabi ko na PM (na bulok) d2 na ex-ACN. magpapa OT yan tapos with matching “let’s all do this together…” pero sya ung unang uuwi. Weekend OT, sumulpot man yan eh para lang makipag chikahan sa phone tapos mmya aalis na kc may gimik… ung ibang pm na ex-ACN d2 eh ganun din ang ugali. oh well…

    sori ha, sweldo pala usapan d2. hehehe. PEACE!

  166. acn_h8r says:

    Sorry sa OT, last na..

    Ano company mo? Para masigurado ko na di ako papasok dyan.. hehehe

  167. ora_kills_sun_so_wer_doomed says:

    ok naman dito eh. wag ka lng talaga mapupunta dun sa sinabi ko na PM na yon. i think mga around 3 to 5 sila d2 eh… hahaha. naranasan ko ung isang pinakamalupet and it was a bad experience

  168. marlon says:

    How about salaries in non-IT companies?

  169. boy_kalikot says:

    payong kaibigan, sa ACN, wag na kau mag-apply. almost 2 yrs nko dun, wala pa rin increase. dami ng ka-officemate ko lumilipat na, pano wala tlgang care ung company sa employees nila. wala increase! bulok!

    unless na fresher ka at gusto mo magkaroon ng strong background sa SAP-ABAP, sa ACN ka tlga mag-apply.

    anyway, know a good IT company for an ABAP programmer (2yrs exp) like me to transfer to? thanks.

  170. meow says:

    @ohmrz – pamessage naman po san po pde mag-apply

    @ichgo – misys ka? gusto ko mag-apply jan, boring na ako sa work ko

    @pangit [email protected] – misys ka ? gusto ko mag-apply as RPG programmer pwde po makisend ng resume sa kanila -, sa current company ko wala ng challenge puro maintenace boring

    @PON – ako din looking for RPG position job

    Gusto ko sana yung magpuprogram talaga

  171. meow says:

    gusto ko sana magexplore at gusto ko ng challenge merun bang tumtanggap na company kahit walang background dun sa language na opening nila?

  172. starBucksCofi says:

    sa mga nag-post pede malaman ung net pay / take home income nyo per month? and other benefits sana para mkpagdecide kami kung san kami mag-apply ng todo todo (“,)

  173. pupchy says:


    wak ka lang mag-base sa basic pay, consider mo rin benefits. merong iba dyan mataas nga ang basic pay pero sobrang konti ng benefits, meron din nmang mababa basic pero madami benefits. hehehe…

  174. pupchy says:

    taga acn din ako at sap-abap. I think ung sinasabi mong strong background sa abap eh depende sa project na mapupuntahan mo. I was retooled to abap from cobol but I would say na mas madami akong natutunan sa cobol. kasi tung napuntahan kong project wa wenta. hmpf!! now naghahanap na ko ng malilipatan, magbabalik cobol na lang ako. try mo sa Bayantrade or Northgate Arinso. :)

  175. LuckyMan says:

    Puro kayo hanap ng mataas ng salary. Natanong niyo din ba sa sarili niyo na bakit hindi pa kayo tinataasan?

    Ako di ko na iniisip yung sweldo ko. Focus lang ako sa work ko at gusto ko parati ko malalagpasan expectation ng boss ko. Kaya nagugulat nalang ako na bigla nalang ako tataasan ng sahod.

    Tingin niyo kung pareho ako sa inyo na
    *walang focus sa trabaho
    *nagbibilang ng oras ng trabaho
    *nagbibilang ng benefits
    *walang gana kasi liit sahod
    -tataasan kaya ako ng sahod ng boss ko?
    kung ako boss niyo tapos di ko naman nakikitang magaling kayo at di naaabot ang limitations niyo, bat ko kayo i-increase? Ibigay niyo muna best niyo bago kayo mag demmand na taasan kayo ng sahod. dahil pag ginalingan niyo sa work automatic yan kahit anung company pa yan tataasan kayo.

    BTW 70k na sahod ko (68k takehome ko net na monthly). wala pa ko 1 year. Web developer lang ako. 6 (4-devs 1-content 1-Admin )palang kami sa company. pero nakakagawa kami 12-15 websites kami every month. sa June mag x2 na naman sahod namin.

    • j21 says:

      How about me? I’m working too hard, I’m giving all my best. Dami ko nang nagawang maganda para sa company na iyon but still there is no increase. Hindi talaga ganun kalaki sahod namin. Mahigit dalawang taon na ako roon.

  176. Jukbang says:

    well me point nman si lucky man, indeed he is very lucky.

    but, 70k na sahod and 68k take home, 1 year pa lang? too good to be true, eh? so pano ung tax at ung iba pang deductions like sss, philhealth, pag-ibig? i don’t think 2k is enough for all of that. baka naman contractual ka kaya ganyan sahod mo.

    tatanong lang. hehe

  177. curious_girl says:

    lupet naman ng company nyo. ggawin pa x2 ang pay nyo? so meaning magiging 140k ka na? ang galing ng company nyo despite ng crisis eh ganyan pa rin. be honest naman.

  178. curious_girl says:

    sa SG nga 140k is for seniors 3 to 5 yrs working na eh.

    tska 12-15 websites every month? ang dami naman. wala ba tamang SDLC yan? parang thesis ba yan na walang proper documentations? tska 12-15 websites per month is 144 to 180 websites a year? ==> ur company must be earning a fortune kung ganun.

  179. curious_boy says:

    oo nga ano… ako nga 68k ang take home ay 50k. bw***t na govt yan

  180. ohmrz says:

    70+ ako ngayon pero contract base liit lang ng tax halos take home ko lahat…may soft offer sa akin na 80k..na regular post laki kc ng tax…20k bawas ng tax…60k ang magiging net…

  181. curious_boy says:


    how about benefits?

  182. Jukbang says:

    bakit nga ba mas maliit ang tax pag contractual?

  183. ohmrz says:

    laki sweldo kung contract base kaya lang wla benefits… mas marami matutunan kc iba-iba ang system at projects ang hahwakan…mas marami experience lumalaki market value…kaya nakakahingi ng malaki na rate

  184. ohmrz says:

    companies na pinasukan ko project base: PLDT,SMART,MISYS,Zuellig Pharma Philippines, Zuellig Regional IT,Wyeth,Glaxo,RCGIT…

  185. pangs_not_dead says:


    di ba mahirap humingi ng malaki pag malapit na matapos contract mo?

    btw, pareho tayo sweldo pero sympre may tax ako na malaki kc regular ako. w/ health care for myself, wife and daughter amounting to 500k for each of us. 13month pay, deminimis benefits amounting to 20k

  186. pangs_not_dead says:

    working here in ortigas area pala

  187. ohmrz says:

    basta ingatan mo lang reputation mo…madali makahanp ng trabaho. Maliit lang ang IT kaya pwede ka refer ng mga kaibigan or kilala mo. Kung hindi ka ok magtrabaho or makisama yari ka.

    Anyway, 1 month before matapos contract dapat maghanap agad tapos wag mo pahalata na desperado ka makahanap ng work para hindi ka baratin. sabihin mo may iba ka pa pang options.

  188. ohmrz says:

    pero minsan naiisip ko din napapagod na rin ako palipat lipat… kaya lang kung mag settle ako sa isang compny at tanggapin regular post… nanghihinayang ako sa laki ng tax na ibabawas

  189. Jukbang says:

    anong language gamit nyo ohmrz and pangs_not_dead?


  190. iskandaloza says:

    I have work!!! and I dont want to talk about the pay!! ahehehe

  191. iskandalozo says:

    then y post a comment here?

  192. homegrown says:

    Your salary will always be based on your experience and skills. Increases on the other hand would always depend on your contribution to the company. This thread is really interesting and I think I’ve seen 1 or 2 guys comment that they’re good with their salary and that their company is worth it. Human nature drives us to strive and to acquire more than what we currently have and will always push us to seek greener pastures. I’ve been working for ACN for a little over 6 years and I’ve always been thankful for everything they’ve given me. Although their salary is very much lower than others in the industry (…I’m an AM getting 67K,13th,14th,Performance Bonus 2x a year). The experience you obtain is invaluable and will greatly help you out when you finally decide to jump ship :)…(which I will be doing before the year ends)

    To those who say ACN is a bad company to work for well to each his own :)Opportunities are given only to those who deserve and work for it and not to those who just sit around, whine and do nothing

    To those who were complaining about ACN promotions. Guys, its sometimes the luck of the draw but I always believe that each person is the master of his destiny. You can’t be promoted if you need to be prodded. You’re paid monthly to do your job, you get promoted because you’ve contributed more than what is expected.

    Fresh Grad advise…

    If you’re after the money – Get in ACN then leave for SG after 2 years. You’ll likely get around SGD3k-4k. Stick around more then leave after 6 years and you’ll likely fetch SGD7.5K or higher. Note that this is just based on my personal experience and not a general consensus…or go to AUS and get AUD8K-9K

    If you’re after career growth and satisfaction – Get in ACN, be very proactive, contribute without being prodded, learn your assigned industry, master your technical skills, learn how to effectively manage people and stay forever. ACN has the best benefits for those who stay a lifetime and become a senior executive…Just don’t catch the “Managers Curse”(If you get promoted to Manager without getting married first then you’ll never marry)

  193. @homegrown

    thanks! just what I’m looking for(advise), thanks sa comment

  194. homegrown says:


    …and learn how to proofread your work(…haven’t mastered that yet :))

  195. @homegrown

    proofread? sa code po?

    waiting for a call from ACN, nagtake ako ng exam sa UST. looking forward to learn a lot how to code professionally

  196. Kaye says:


    best comment i’m looking for. Nung nagbabasa ako from the top I was scared to go for ACN since kakatwag lang sakin for the submission of birth certificates and such. But when I saw your post I was enlightened.

    Thank You. :)

  197. joyce says:

    i just accepted an entry level position in accenture as an associate software engineer..btw im a fresh grad with NO programming or it background. they told me that it was okay, they just need people who are willing to be trained. my starting salary is pretty low but the benefits are ok :)

    with all the comments above im not sure if il be happy or worried :) happy because im really after the experience and growth but im worried about the salary issues since my parents are not very young anymore and i suppose that 5-10 years from now ill be the one who’ll be responsible for my family :|

  198. homegrown says:

    …proofread in general. I should have posted “advice” rather than “advise”. There’s a huge demand for java so unless you did really really really bad in your test and interview then you’ll likely get in. It’s not hard to get in nowadays. I can actually refer you guys and make some money out of this thread but I’d rather see all of you earn your own stripes

    …you’re welcome

    …you got the best benefits in the industry. One of the worst salaries though :) Just work your bum off the next 3 years(get all the trainings and certifications) then jump ship…you’ll get an uplift of 100% in your salary if money is still an issue. If not then you’re in good hands

    …guys just be ready to work(..really really work). It won’t be a walk in the park as with what you’ve read from the other posts but if you survive then you’ll be set…this I assure you :) Right now I’m just pondering on where I’ll be going…remember I get a measly 67K for all my headaches…now I have offers from local and foreign companies(AUD8K, SGD7500, SGD6500, PHP130,000, PHP120,000, PHP90,000). Now that’s what ACN gives you…marketability :) …. I don’t even have to apply… :)

  199. iskandalozo says:

    nice digits you have there. so the clients already exposed the offer eventhough you haven’t applied yet? that’s a new thing. i am almost 11 years in the industry and offers are disclosed after you undergone all the exam and tests. ayusin mo naman tol… maliligaw ang mga kabataan sa mga info mo eh…
    plus don’t count the chicks yet, not until the eggs are broken… supposed those digits are said, you cannot consider as having those amount until you have your first step as an official employee of the company…
    Peace man…

  200. fresh_grad says:

    i think iskandalozo is right… take it from Vin Diesel from the movie Fast and the Furious… it doesn’t matter if you lose by an inch or so… the fact that you almost have it doesn’t matter as well… what really matter is winning…
    – various digits are offered… but do you actually have it? or they just say that they can give it to you?

  201. @homegrown
    haha, I unconsciously got that wrong too :D cool

  202. ohmrz says:

    I agree with iskandalozo hindi nila ibibigay ang figures na yun until part ka na ng company na yun or at least nag exam/interview ka then nakapasa at bigay sila ng job offer

    I have to undergo the exam/interviews before i was able to get the soft job offer of 80k… I dont think they will not give you any figures before you finish that…

    Even ang headhunters sa SG I will just give my asking rate pero they will not give any exact figures they are willing to give until natapos yung exams/interview…

  203. kathieyakie says:

    I got a job offer from ACN Associate Software Engineer and the salary is quite low for me. Although the benefits is great but I still don’t know if I should accept it. Having ur first career step at ACN is a nice career move?

  204. Pon says:

    It’s right. Even headhunters cannot disclose any amount. The company will only reveal it when you’re in JO already. We do give ranges as far as we know but we’re not disclosing the EXACT.

    Compensation Package is a different thing.

    Salary will be based on technical skills, performance and years of experience. Benefits vary.

    Anyway, SAP APO anyone? :)

  205. acn_hater says:

    ang nakakainis lang kasi sa ACN, puro pangako parang pulitiko. nung nagkaroon ng redundancy, they said “don’t worry benefits will stay the same…. blah blah blah” true to their words, salary is still the same. pero benefits changed. 45 hour work week, new policies on VL’s etc etc…. tapos promotion from SE to SSE is just 3k increase (compared to 10k+ from previous)… hindi naman ako napromote last Sept pero nakakainis lang na mas dumami na responsibility mo pero halos same lang sweldo with other SE’s. they can’t blame the employees for the attrition.

    well, kaya nga ko nandito sa site na to kasi hindi na ko happy sa acn. i’m just waiting kung magkano iincrease ko sa March when i get promoted. if i’m not happy with it then its time to move… :)

  206. homegrown says:

    @iskandalozo, ohmrz & fresh_grad…like I’ve said, I’m just pondering on which JO I have to sign(turned down the local ones though…). Apologies as I didn’t make this clearer for you to process easily :)…and I think you were misled by the last statement I made regarding “…not needing to apply”. What I meant was that they called me to go through their process and not the other way around. peace guys :)

    @kathieyakie …to each his own…just look at acn_hater :)

    @acn_hater…relax :) just find another job that pays right. I understand your sentiments(I got a 1500 increase way back 2005…and I was promoted) and its just a matter of flipping the coin and looking at the good side of each challenge. Just look at it as milking the cow before running away with the milk and selling it high :)

  207. fresh_grad says:

    you said: …(AUD8K, SGD7500, SGD6500, PHP130,000, PHP120,000, PHP90,000)

    you mean you already have 6 JOs? and you are still pondering on which to sign? you must have entertained a lot of interviews/applications… somebody I know normally have 2.

    parang “maniniwala ba ako” bilang bagito sa IT?

    are you a SAP consultant? or if JAVA, then what level are you? can you please specify what is your current role and what position does those digits are being offered for? and what company?

  208. java_SCJP_SCWCD_SCBCD_SCEA1 says:

    oo nga ano… homegrown having 67k and being offered 130php… baka super grabe ang tuwa sa iyo ng company na in-applyan mo. dinoble ang sweldo mo amidst the crisis?… ano po ba company yan at maka-try… baka pwde ako kahit kulang pa ako ng 2 SCEA

  209. homegrown says:

    @fresh_grad – I posted my opinion for the sole intention to help. Not to impress nor to prove myself to anyone…by the way those digits are for management positions. My background is in java but I don’t have such an impressive line like java_SCJP_SCWCD_SCBCD_SCEA1…ask around on how much RCG offers…Barclays Capital or Macquarie Australia(you need a visa for this one)

    @java_SCJP_SCWCD_SCBCD_SCEA1 – very impressive credentials. Try your luck in macquarie australia. By the way, read up on some general knowledge. The financial industry is spending again. Maybe you’re reading too much on java.

    …later guys. I think this thread has lost its essence a bit and is turning into my horse is bigger than yours

  210. syotos says:


    Thanks for the very informative posts.

    To everyone:

    My salary at ACN 2 years ago is 25k (gross) as SE 1.5 years exp.

    In US, without OT pay, my minimum monthly salary is 800% more my ph salary.

    I am now back in Philippines and if I get a job offer to work again at the states, I’d refuse it. There are just things money can’t buy. For me it is the quality of life.

    For those who just got a job offer @ ACN.

    I think better ang chance ng promotion nyo kung konti lang yung SE na papasukan nyong team or 1-2 years na ang mga SE. Malaki kasi yung chance na mag open yung positions nila after your 1st year. May sinusunod kasing “pyramid” in every team. Maganda rin na bago lang yung team/proj kasi most likely lalaki pa lalo yung project at mas dadami ang positions. Try nyo i-request sa recruiting HR nyo, malay nyo lang pagbigyan kayo.

  211. bizTalk-er says:

    Tnx sa mga info… enlighten my career….

    Any idea how much ang salary for BizTalk Developer?

  212. acn_hater says:

    Guys any info on the company Quest Highlands? I came across a job offer kasi. Thanks

  213. Pon says:


    Microsoft Dynamics AX anyone? exploring? (not from ACN)

  214. adrianne says:

    Grabe naman ung mga taga ACN na nag post dito.. Value confidentiality naman guys.. And respect for your company. Baka ma-mislead nyo ung mga nagbabasa. ACN is still way better than other companies.. I agree, the pay is quite low but still competitive.. And the benefits are excellent.. It’s a matter of perspective.. If salary is the only thing that will motivate you, you will never be satisfied.

    I don’t mean to come across as judgmental. It’s simply a matter of making your life as enjoyable as possible while at work.

    ‘If you’re going to complain, take action. If you’re not going to take action, don’t complain.’

  215. passer_by says:

    this thread is about salary… that’s why ganyan ang usapan… it’s seems that you’re ok on what you are having… then why are you in this post.. i bet you’ve read the previous post here…

  216. ase says:

    hi wud like to ask how much is the offer for an associate software engineer for accenture

  217. jedianiki says:

    adrienne sounds like a senior exec and hr from ACN… hehehe…

  218. Karl says:

    @ase it’s 16k.

  219. ase says:

    eh ung mga allowances how much?as in 16k lang talaga khit my 1 yr exp n?

  220. ex-HP says:

    wow!! this thread is really fascinating!! i was just looking for a new job.. and whala! i found u guys.. btw, im an ex-HP employee. worked there for almost 17mos. contractual as a customer rep.

    i nver had those skills u guys have.. SAP, etc. ek ek.. but i like being on a technical environment.. other than the salary, benefits & compensation i am also looking for career growth..

    ung headcounts (reg) ng HP, for sure it would make u envied at them.. knowing na wla nmn xa mxado gngawa dhl pnpasa rn nla sa mga lower level na employees nla… customers think na malakai bayad nla samin kaya kung mkpg irate sobra sobra!

    but tiring and nkka stress, i need to depart from them.. thanks for this post, i had somehow an idea where to apply..

  221. rejected_ibm says:

    dun sa mga experienced and solid yung technical background nila….i suggest na mag apply sa non outsourcing companies…they offer more compared sa outsourcing…yun lang make sure the work is right up your alley…unlike sa outsourcing pa iba iba ng projects so maraming exposure…sa specialized na company isa lang ang direction pero kung yun naman ang gusto mo gawin e d better for you, mas madugo lang yung hiring process and tests….starting on a new job….from acn na 34.6k to 60k na lateral movement lang so analyst programmer parin ako…another way of putting it…kung sa outsourcing contractor ka na ni ppush over lang ng clients…dito ako yung client (part ng client team) ahehehe

  222. kathieyakie says:

    Ever heard of AWS, they give 5 months extensive training of COBOL, JAVA and others with NIHONGO language, after that they will make you take the exam for the JITSE certfication and Japanese Profeciency Exam. Also with 2 yr bond. What do u think is better. ACN or AWS?

  223. Kuneho says:

    ano ba magandang company for network admin jobs? kakapasa ko pa lang ng ccna ko. hope to hear from you soon guys


  224. bizTalk-er says:

    Hi to all,

    idea po, kung san company ako pede magapply as BizTalk Developer? Advance Tnx po..

  225. whoever says:

    Anybody here from IBM Solutions delivery?

    What’s the salary range of 5 years-experienced IT specialist there? What’s your opinion about this company? Is it any good?

  226. bea says:

    maganda ba experience offered ng accenture?

  227. ex_acn says:

    sa accenture depende sa project na mapupuntahan mo. ang number 1 na ok dun is yung training. yung increase ok only kung maraming kinita yung company pero given na recession mga ilang years pa bago maging ok yung increase. management wise, i would say 75% ng leads AM and managers hindi technical so kung magaling ka technically, expect na pagdating mo ng SE and SSE mas magaling ka pa sa kanila. just get out pag SSE ka na

  228. bea_web_lolo says:

    balita ko madami nga trainings jan. anong mga trainings ba ito? in-house ACN trainings or magagamit mo ba yan mga yan pag lumabas ka ng ACN?

  229. Any other info about Azeus? Mukang ok dun, ok ba fresh-grad dun or hardcore programming sila run?

  230. bea says:

    thanks! just signed a contract dun eh… liit nga ung offer compared dun sa mga nababasa ko dito. Kung ok naman ung magiging training, investment ko na un. hehe..
    AZEUS… i took the exam…hiraf and sabi mahirap tlg makapasok. Ok yata dun, i heard na flexi time and malaki ang salary…tsaka syempre may training din.

  231. bam says:

    Hi Bea…Kelan k ngexam sa Azeus?usually ganu katagal cla tumawag after magpass ng resume? Thanks

  232. bea says:

    last week of feb. , tuesday ako nag apply. Walk in lng ako and naswertehan lng na may scheduled exam sila dun kaya napasabay ako. I received an email ng Monday…
    sabi namn nila in a week or two mag iinform sila sa result, pasa man o hindi. Kapag di ka daw nainform you can follow up your application.

  233. Balik Bayan says:

    Kakabalik ko lng sa ACN. I was one of those who were retrenced last Feb. I have no choice but to return coz I don’t have any actual work experiece even for d 2 years that I have worked with them. They offered me the same compesation package (SE level) but demoted me 1 rank lower (ASE). after 3 months i was promoted back to SE but no increase. hahahah…

    and the irony, i was promoted to the same position twice.:P

  234. basha says:

    I’m from ACN and planning to leave soon.. tama si homegrown.. What accenture gives you is marketability.. I’ve been with ACN for 4 years and I got a number of opportunities in the past 2 months, both locally and abroad. Sa UST-Global 70K JO tapos sa Emerio Singapore as Consultant 6K SGD.. :) Will just think over the weekend.. Though I don’t think Emerio is okay.. I’ve read a lot of negative feedbacks. :)

  235. pupchy says:

    hi bash,

    i’m from acn too… at nagpplan na rin umalis.. hehe.. kung sa ust global ka, kapitbahay ka lang ng acn mckinley ofc. :D goodluck sa decision making. ;)

  236. boy_dapa_** says:

    sino po nagwowork dito sa verizon as NOC? magkano po ang salary nila? ok po ba ang benefits at work?


  237. basha says:

    hi Pupchy.. Okay ba sa UST Global? Would you know. You too, good luck on your next career step.. Hehehe

  238. pupchy says:

    hi basha,

    meron akong 4 ex-teammates d2 sa acn na nasa ust global na. sabi nila ok naman daw dun, mas mataas ang basic pay compared to acn but when it comes to benefits daw, lamang si acn. mahigpit din daw sa dresscode. guys are required to wear necktie at kahit friday, no jeans allowed. *sigh* good thing, no more 9 hours work for u, hindi raw sila mahigpit sa time. though pag me kelangang tapusin, OT to d max. anyways taga-acn ka nman so malamang sanay ka na sa magdamagang trabaho.. hehehe ;)

  239. Vladimir says:

    @basha don’t go to Emerio unless kaya mo amoy at ugali ng mga indians…

  240. passer_by says:

    Sa mga nagbabalak na magpunta sa Emerio. May share lang ako na advice. Please note that I have nothing against Emerio. I don’t even know anything about it yet. So di ko sila sinisiraan. May ex-ofcmate kc ako na in-interview sa Emerio. Minamadali sya na mgstart sa kanila. Ang promise sa kanya ay first week this January ay may offer na sya. by then gs2 na magstart ASAP. Eh that time less than a month na lang so wala na ung usual 1 month notice para sa current work nya. so nag-resign sya (wrong move para sa kanya na nag-resign agad) kc nga naman may offer na daw sa first week ng January. Come the said date… a week after… 2 weeks after… wala pa rin… after nun sinabi na nag backout daw ung client so wala daw offer.

    Another story na nabasa ko is with ACS (MOA). Tech support sya. Same story din. pero ayun naman ay ng-sign na ng J.O. After 2 weeks ay binawi kc daw nag backout ang client. Problem nya ay nag-resign na sya with super paalam sa friends and ofcmates…

    Information lang po… Just sharing… So as a piece of advice… We have to be very sure (in tagalog maging makulet at mabusisi sa HR) that we will be able to land a job upon signing… Ako sinasabi ko yan kwento na yan pag lumilipat ako. Para lang aware sila na may mga gumagawa ng ganyan…

  241. Katerine says:

    I’m a fresh grad, I got JO in ACN before but I turned it down because of the salary and the bond, which is also a good move for me since a month after I got a JO at HP (mabilis din hiring process nila like ACN, maybe depends on what dept. and if nirefer ka rin), with the salary HP is way more than ACN, the benefits, quite the same but lamang ng kaunti si ACN. The working hours, on call pay, shifts pay,WFH allowance mas lamang HP. They also have trainings and certifications that DON’T bond you, since they said they want their employees to have certifications because there aiming for ISO something.

  242. pupchy says:

    hi katerine, pano po ba mag apply sa hp? pede pa-refer na lang… hehehehe joke! :D thanks!

  243. Katerine says:

    nirefer lang ako actually, april pa ko magsstart e:) hehe.

  244. basha says:

    Wow thanks sa advice nyo..

    Parang wala na ata akong narinig na magandang sinabi about Emerio.. I read their profile, mukha naman silang malaking company, the question is how were they able to grow that big and maintain people? Well, they haven’t called me back yet..

    Anyway, question again.. What companies pay well LATELY.. I noticed this thread has been more than a year old na so maybe, things have changed? :)

  245. ex-hp says:

    @Katerine – good luck sa HP. been there for more than 3yrs and resigned last year. maganda lang dun pag fresh grad and looking to build up experience but NOT for experienced hires. after that, wala na. besides 20K lang starting diyan for regular employess (ie, not with honors from UP, Ateneo, La Salle) because of the recession – yes, until now, kunwari impacted parin ng recession ang hp. gain ng gain ka lang ng experience, because soon after you have started working there, you would realize na aamagin ka sa bagal ng sweldo (read: recession forever na ata diyan). even ung mga 2yrs diyan, kating kati ng umalis. naghahanap lang ng opportunity. and if you scan this thread thoroughly, the people here are somewhat experienced. kaya they wouldn’t feel the *excitement* that fresh grads have for HP.

  246. Katerine says:

    @ex-hp – thank you. Well i’ll try my luck thanks for the info din :)

  247. edz says:

    any good company that hire’s a network support or senior tech support and not on shifting schedule?

  248. ECE_grad says:

    Guys I really need some enlightenment. I’m a fresh grad from BS ECE (I worked for 4months in convergys as a tech support rep but that doesn’t really matter). I only know the basics for programming C, C++ Ok here’s the question. Do you guys think na tumatanggap tong companies na to ng ECE grad??

    here are the companies listed all through out the thread:

    Sun microsystems
    acs – affiliated computer services

    Really wish someone will reply. I need to find my career path in IT

  249. sun_goko says:

    pa-help naman po, any information about peoplematters inc if there compensation is highly compentitive also.

  250. lolo_thunders says:

    madami IT companies ngayon, basta math related ang course or any IT related na course kino-consider na rin nila. Especially pag galing sa mga malupet na universities or colleges.

    Sa mga previous companies ko may nakasama ako developer na B.S. Library Science, B.S. Statistics, B.S. Agriculture pero may mga major computer subjects na ni-take – mga galing ng UP. hehe

    So answer is yes. Pakita mo lng na you are confident for the job being offered.


  251. confused(accenture or ibm) says:

    I also graduated as ece (5 yrs ago) and no programming knowledge whatsoever (except for basic C++ when I was in college). I landed a job at accenture as JSE after passing the board exam. I must say, hindi naman required na maalam ka sa programming for you to get into IT industry. Kelangan mo lang ng logic sa katawan at willingess to learn. :) hth! :)

    Guys — do you think good move kung lilipat ako sa ibm after 5+ years working for accenture? is 42k salary as TL at accenture too low? thanks guys!

  252. gj says:


    Yes, masyado mababa yan. Makukuha ko yan sa current company ko in 2 years.

    currently mag 2 yrs pa lng ako nag work. So in essense, malayong malayo pa ako sa pagiging TL

  253. confused(accenture or ibm) says:

    @gj – thanks sa reply. :) san pala company mo? swerte mo naman. oh well, kuripot talaga accenture, kung career growth pag-uusapan, ok naman. :)

    thank you! :)

  254. ohmrz says:

    just signed 8+,+++ IT specialist post with IBM last night… I will talk to my manager later about my resignation… mahirap mag resign kung di pa nakapirma kaya ganun hehe

  255. ohmrz says:

    di ko pinatulan accenture kuripot tapos overwork ka pa

  256. confused(accenture or ibm) says:

    @ohmrz, ilang years experience mo? tsaka from company? thanks! :)

  257. passer_by says:

    oo nga dude, sa IBM ka? ortigas or libis? ilan years na experience mo? IT specialist post – is this programming? just wondering if IBM considers java certifications.

  258. confused(accenture or ibm) says:

    @omhrz — i was reading your previous posts and and you mentioned na contractual ka. Contractual ka pa rin ba sa IBM? Also, you mentioned na February ka nakatanggap ng soft offer from IBM.. baket now ka lang nagsign ng contract? Nainterview ka rin ba ng client? Sorry for so many questions ha. Sabi rin kasi sa ken ng HR naforward na rin yung profile ko sa client eh. Just wondering how long will it take for me to get JO.

    Thank you! :)

  259. ohmrz says:

    It’s a regular post… medyo matagal ako nagcontractual mas malaki kc pagconsultant ka… medyo ok kc offer nila at benefits kaya tinanggap ko job offer nila… medyo natagalan bago tanggapin ung position kc hindi nagmaterialize ang project na paglagyan sa akin at nagrenew ako ng contract sa pinapasukan ko ngayon (tapusin ko muna projects ko para wla problema pag alis)

    always remember kahit may job offer na basta it is not on paper wag ka mag resign or umasa…

  260. alagad_ni_james_gosling says:

    would like to take this opportunity. Java devs, BAs, testers may alam ako hiring. kung may interested, i can post my email address

  261. zupergirl8 says:

    Hi Guys. I’m an IT grad. Major ko is Systems Development/ Software Engineering.

    Saan kaya ako makakapag-apply na may magagain akong experience tlaga with good salary?

  262. confused(accenture or ibm) says:

    @zupergirl8 – Kung fresh grad ka, i suggest accenture ka muna. They provide very good training para madevelop ka ng husto. Then after ilang years, pag hindi ka na satisfied sa salary mo, look for another company na lang since by that time, for sure pag-aagawan ka na ng mga IT companies. :)

  263. ohmrz says:

    tama accenture ok yan sa mga fresh grad… maliit sa simula pero pagkatapos ng 2 years bond ang mahal na ng market value mo…

    btw MISYS at rcgit kumukuha din ng fresh grad as programmer trainee (rpg/java)

    sa SMART dami din ok sulit sa training (sun microsystems ang java training at sa oracle mismo ang oracle training)

    HP kumukuha ng SAP trainees

    Wag masyado maghangad ng malaking sweldo experience muna ang mahalaga sa fresh grad…

  264. ohmrz says:

    Btw, share ko lang sana walang violent reaction I will vote for Villar at ayaw ko kay noynoy kc wla pa napatunayan (daig pa sya ni lito lapid may napasa na batas si noynoy zero) peace

  265. it specialist says:

    sana wag na natin haluan ng politics tong discussion. we surely respect your opinion pero as much as possible let’s avoid that kind of topic. peace out man :)

  266. Deejay says:

    mga sir’s ask ko lang kung ok ba sa Macquarie? anyone working from here? thanks

  267. Pon says:

    It’s me again!

    Windows Client Server
    Back-up Engr.
    App. Developer..

    Open! Anyone who’s exploring.. let me know

  268. Kuneho says:

    Hi Sir Pon,
    Can i give it a try sir? Just got my CCNA last Feb. but no hand on experience at all.

  269. Pon says:

    @ Kuneho

    Sure, no problem, let me check your CV. You may send it at [email protected]

  270. Kuneho says:

    @ Pon

    Done :)

  271. jejemon says:


    Above average yung sweldo sa Macquarie pero pagdating sa growth dun ka lang talo. Medyo nakakaboring daw ksi yung work and hindi maganda yung technology na ipapahawak sayo, so kung pumasok ka dun make sure na magtatagal ka ksi baka pag lumabas ka start from scratch ka.

  272. jejemon says:

    Question lang, Anong technology yung nagbibigay ng pinaka malaking sweldo dito sa Pinas? Please share your knowledge about this query. tnx

  273. pepe_smith says:

    Paano nyo po nasabi na talo pag dating sa growth? at bakit medyo boring ang work kc di maganda ang technology?
    may ngmemail kasi sa akin for a java/j2ee post. so napapaisip na ako now kung sasagot ba ako sa email nila or hindi

  274. ILUVPH says:

    Wag mong tanggihan ang grasya @pepesmith, magandang company ang Macquarie – dati ako staff sa London, maganda compensation package nila (wag mo kalimutan Investment Banking ang core business nila, if they do well you’ll get bonus). Na redundant lang ako dahil London was hit hard by the recession, nagmove ako sa Siemens medyo ok lang, but I would prefer Macquarie.

  275. pepe_smith says:

    package is good – OK yan.
    i am a java dev. ok ba naman kaya ang mga projects/works for this position?

  276. pink12 says:

    @ alagad_ni_james_gosling

    interested po ako sa BA positions…


  277. ILUVPH says:

    di ko alam sa Philippines @pepesmith pero yung mga previous projects ko sa London are related to trading systems and automatic transactions.

  278. ok ba sa headstrong? says:

    got this offer from headstrong for QA position. with 4+ yrs experience from ACN and a certification on testing, how much should be my asking price?

    maganda ba dito? mukhang lugi lang ako kasi malayo siya sakin pero there’s a possibility for US deployment daw.

  279. tian says:

    Hi guys, magkano usually ang starting ng SE sa ACN? And is it possible for fresh grads to land a SE position?

    Based from the previous posts ive read, it seems that ACN has the edge when it comes to trainings and in improving your “marketability”.

    So it is safe to conclude that ACN would be the best choice for fresh grads seeking to beef up their qualifications? How about HP? IBM?

    Any comment would be greatly appreciated =)
    By the way ECE rin grad ako, im planning to pursue IT but i have no idea where to take the first step. =)

  280. ohmrz says:

    Suggestion lang… kung wala ka pa naman work an intay ka pa ng feedback sa mga companies na nagapply ka… kung may budget ka aral ka muna sa UPITTC pwede saturda/sunday lang… okay ung PL/SQL at J2EE na offer nila… may matutunan ka at pogi points pa sa resume

  281. alagad_ni_james_gosling says:

    ohmrz is right. Pero kung short ka sa cash, you can always do self study. All the softwares you need is almost free. But you will need a large amount of discipline. Kung nasa school ka you are tied to the school schedule and syempre manghinayang ka sa tuition mo kung mag-miss ka ng session. Sa self study, syempre hawak mo oras mo. Pero time is gold dapat. You have a target na dapat matutunan. Either ways, appealing sa mga companies kasi they would know na you are aware of the path of your career. Good luck

  282. ohmrz says:

    suggested paths

    Frontend/backend -> J2ee,c#, PL/SQL,oracle,MSSQL,DB2 (laki rate kung marami ng experience)

    BI->PL/SQL,ETL (Informatica,SAS),COGNOS, datawarehouse,ORACLE, MS SQL,DB2 etc (laki rate kung DBA at dami experience at certification)

    MidrangeMainframe -> RPG,COBOL,CLP,DB2,AS/400,OS/400 (laki rate $$$$ kaunti nakakaalam)

    BA-> SAP,JDE (laki rate $$$$ kaunti nakakaalam napakamahal ng training 100-500K)

    Web-> PHP,HTML,ADOBE (dami sideline)

  283. kylie says:


    May i ask possible range of salary for these positions? i am very interested. what company is this?


  284. ino says:

    @ohmrz, i would like to go into independent contracting/consultant work. my previous company has been “contracting” me for 3 projects already in the past but the arrangement was actually per project employment and was still subject to 30% tax minus regular employee benefits.

    how to go about independent contracting? what are the required paperwork? i’ve googled it and there seems to be a dearth of information on it in phils.


  285. freshGradCCNA says:

    Kailangan ko po ng work CCNA po ako kakagraduate lang last feb 2010. tnx po

  286. freshGradCCNA says:

    more on po networking.

  287. basha says:

    Anyone of you familiar or working at Deltek or Zanett?

  288. Business analyst says:

    Hello! Im looking for a mid-senior business analyst position. Anyone know a good company? How about TIC? Thanks!

  289. Openings!!! says:

    Indra Philippines is hiring 160 people – ba’s, developers etc. Net for fresh grad is 20k. Pagkaregular mo may additional benefis pa. Post your email add if interested!

  290. imbAnetworkinG says:


    Available din po ba ang networking position for entry level?

  291. jobseeker says:

    @Openings: how do I apply? I’m really interested in indra/soluziona.

  292. bizTalker says:


    Hi, my opening din po b for BizTalk developer/Consultant mid-level?

    Tnx :)

  293. Openings!!! says:

    For indra philippines: We are currently in urgent need of several complement (Junior, Mid, Senior – Analysts, Java developers,.Net developers)to address staffing requirements for other projects.

    If interested, please post your email add. Thanks! :)

  294. jobseeker says:

    This is my email:

    [email protected]

  295. careershifter says:

    ^^ sali rin ako [email protected]

  296. meimi says:

    Ang susuerte naman ng mga tao dito. I think, I now realize na may kinalaman sa school ang paghanap ng work, after all these years…

    I am a programmer for about 10 years, can analyze, create database, do programs, create reports. Puede akong 1 man(woman) team. Pero hirap akong pumasok sa malalaking company.

    As I read your salaries above, with just some yrs experience and about 40k per month, naliliitan kayo. Hmmmmm sana makapasok ako sa ganyang company, kaso hindi ako java.

    Ang alam ko lang, mabilis ako matuto maglearn ng new language.

    Are there any companies here willing to try such kind of programmer?

  297. bizTalker says:

    @ Openings!!!
    Here is my email address [email protected]

  298. meimi says:


    Please contact me =) Here’s my email:
    [email protected]

    I don’t know java, but I can analyze systems.


  299. jane says:

    this is my email address,

    [email protected]

  300. alohomora says:

    We currently have openings @ Accenture –

    Java, PeopleSoft, Siebel, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft

    If interested, send me an email at

    [email protected]

  301. extends JamesGosling says:

    ano po ba language na gamit mo? specialties?
    ung school nag count din yan pero mas magcount ang kung anong expertise mo. kung in-demand ang expertise mo, sigurado makakahanap ka ng malaki ang pay.

    nabuhay ako before pa ng java days. meaning nung college ako eh (shy… >|<) wala pang java. pero ang passion ko talaga is programming. pero sympre di enough sa mga companies na sabihin ko na passion ko yan and i can be this and that. kelangan nila ay actual na makita na alam mo ang lengwahe na sinasalita nila.

    you said mabilis ka matuto maglearn ng new language, if i were you, i will start learning now. And i will start choosing which language to become an expert on.


  302. casandra says:

    sali ako sa Indra/Soluziana. email me please [email protected]. Thanks.

  303. neon says:

    Hi! Anyone can help me… I am an RPG Programmer for almost 3 years and planning to look for a new management but I don’t know the salary appropriate for my experience…

  304. IndraNewbie says:

    Hi JABRONI. Yung starting basic ganun pa rin, as you said. Newbie ako so hindi ko alam yung amount ng flexible benefits pag regular na. Pede bang malaman? Hehe. Para alam ko naman kung ok bang magkaron ng career dito o dapat nang maghanap ng iba habang maaga pa.

  305. tian says:

    Guys, pano mag start sa SAP? I mean may entry level ba nun? What can you suggest for someone interested in pursuing that field? Tama bang BA = business analyst? =)

  306. meimi says:

    @extends JamesGosling

    Eto ako: Borland Delphi, Adobe Flex
    – I can be a one man team.
    – I can analyze systems, create database, make programs, do reports

    May mga openings now sa delphi, di ako puede night shift, puede sana ako dun. then the rest, still waiting, close na yung iba

    Prob with Adobe Flex, marunong ako magprogram, mahina ako sa designing. I know php.

    Marunong ako database, rdbms.

    I’m the kind na learn while on the project.

    Dati, yung MS C#.net, pinag aralan ko sa bahay and naglakas loob na sumugod sa isang company. nakapasok naman, pero for win32 yung nitry ko, need pala for web, no prob naman, i can adjust.

    Kaso it’s a different thing na. I have a baby and pagdating sa bahay, nanay mode na, unlike dati. So mahirap na yung mag aaral ako sa bahay. Di na kaya.

    Sana may tumanggap sa akin na naghahanap ng Adobe Flex, kahit bobo sa design.

    I would be jobless pagpatak ng june. Di ko alam kung magkakawork ako. Sana.

  307. meimi says:

    I resigned sa current company na pinapasukan ko. Parang nagsisisi ako kung bakit nandito ako sa company na ito. Although dito ako natutuong mag Adobe Flex, parang pinatay nila pagkatao ko, and parang pinatay nila tiwala ko sa sarili ko.

    Mahabang story, hirap explain. Now, may malaking question mark sa ulo ko.

  308. casandra says:

    @meimi: Anong current company mo?

  309. meimi says:


    Di kilala, di ko puede ilagay dito, lilitaw sa search engine for sure.

    Di sikat, 4 1/2 years na ako dito, sueldo ko na lang ang ilalagay ko 25,000php per month flat, walang bawas pag late, walang dagdag pag OT, walang yearly bonus, walang Christmas bonus. Ako lang mag isang programmer dito. Yung isa kong boss programmer ren =p

    nag start ako sa kanila ng marunong na, sugod agad sa guera, magkakilala na kasi kami dati pa. pero lately, masyado ng unfair sa side ko.

  310. extends JamesGosling says:

    we have something in common. ako self-study lang din ng java and other technologies.

    – Did I read it right, by june you will be jobless and that you resigned to your current work?

    – Bakit pinatay ang pagkatao? (I believe di mo sasabihin dito)

    – Anong applications ginagawa nyo?

    My opinion:
    You should not resign agad kung wala pa kapalit. Mas maganda mag market ng sarili kung may current work ka.

    So medyo maliit pala org chart nyo. While it is impressive na you are the only programmer, minsan kasi hinahanap din ng company ung may konting structure sa org chart. Yun bang tipong may team, kc kino-consider ung mga soft skills like team work.

    Pag nasa interview ka, wag mo masyado i-elaborate ung pagiging nanay mo. baka magamit nila as weakness mo. Remember, in the end of the day, business is business pa rin pag dating sa company kahit gaano pa nila sabihin na “they value family”.

    Madami headhunters ngayon seeking for professionals. jobstreet, linkedin, monster, etc. dun sila palaging natingin (well, i believe alam naman natin yan)

    I will try to communicate sa mga headhunters na nako-contact ko to see if may openings para sa skills mo. i will let you know via this forum.

  311. Mikko says:

    Anyone who could help me find an IT company for my internship. Thanks! :)

  312. meimi says:

    @extends JamesGosling

    Yes, I did resign, as in pumasok na lang sa isip ko na “tama na!” pero it’s not the kind of decision na biglaan. Napuno na ako sobra. Over na. Di ko nga alam kung may mahihire silang kagaya ko eh with that salary. I think, wala.

    They have this new company with some other partners, the newly hired is about 4 or 5 years older than me, and he got a starting salary of about 30k and above. Pag pumapag akong sumama with them sa new company, aangat ang salary ko, maybe magiging 30k na (or higher ng little), dahil sa pamasahe. Pero ang work ko, magiging pang 2 companies.

    Everyone was telling me na wag ako magresign. This is the first time na nagresign ako without any work offer. Talagang napuno na ako sa kanila.

    Malapit kasi sa bahay namin yung company, and kilala ko sila, so I am expecting na they are a good employer, and matutupad mga pangako nila. I was trying to focus sa family na kasi. Parang, basta may work and yung di na super busy scheds, ok lang. Pero hindi ren pala. And sobrang over na talaga. There are some sacrifices ren na hindi dapat. Pero wala ren naman akong napala.

    Nagising lang ako sa katotohanan and I think I need to concentrate on my career.

    And tama you, di ko puedeng sabihin dito about probs ko sa company… pero we can chat =) if you want to know about it.

    Mga database applications namin na nahawakan ko are: Recruitment system, sales and inventory, accounting, healthcare system. may payroll ren.

    hmmm oo nga, yun ang prob ko. i know big companies wants someone who had worked with a team. org chart namin: 2 boss, 2 employees. Under ako dun sa isa (programmers kami), yung isang employee naman dun sa isa (graphic and web sila). Then may mga times na tag team kami ng boss ko na may hawak sa akin. Hahaha I know, di pa ren yan considered as team.

    And my prob is, I had never worked with a team.

    Haha yups I know about na di dapat iexplain ang pagiging nanay ko. They don’t care about it. All they care is ano ang kaya kong ioffer to them as an employee. Kung ako naman yung employer, ganun ren magiging ugali ko. Thanks for the tip =p

    Hayz sayang talaga, di ako puedeng night shift.

  313. jabroni says:


    tignan mo muna kung maganda ibibigay nila sayo na technology(research ka kung mataas sahod etc).. kapag maganda patagal ka muna jan kahit 2 years. kapag hindi naman okay yung technology or they are making your resume chop-chop(palipat lipat ng technology dahil palipat lipat ng project) edi lumipat ka na. mahirap ksi chop-chop yung resume i mean wala kang expertise na field. Nung umalis ako sa indra 1.5 years na ako that was almost a year na, I am now earning 70K net nag-contractual na lng kasi ako, ganun din naman ksi set-up sa indra consultant ka din tapos liit pa sahod mo.

    Times 3 ng GMC(non-taxable) mo yung flexben sa soluziona/indra hindi ko lang alam ngayon kung nagbawas or nagdagdag sila.

  314. Ed says:

    We currently have openings @ IBM SOLUTIONS DELIVERY

    Java, SAP, .NET, Webshpere, Datastage, Testing

    If interested, send me an email or PM me at [email protected]

    Attractive compensation compared to Accenture, HP, ACS and Lawson

  315. rus says:

    this is my email [email protected]

    Thanks! :)

  316. Ed says:


    Please email me at [email protected]. I have 1 year U.S. experience and my primary skills are Oracle Forms,Reports,PL/SQL,SQL and Unix.

  317. programmer says:

    share ko lang:
    Period Salary
    MAY 2002 – DEC 2003 12k
    JAN 2004 – MAY 2004 17k
    MAY 2004 – MAY 2005 35k
    DEC 2005 – SEP 2006 45k
    SEP 2006 – JUN 2007 50k
    JUL 2007 – MAY 2008 60k
    MAY 2008 – Mar 2009 65k
    Apr 2009 – May 2010 70k
    May 2010 – ???? 80k

  318. programmer says:

    oops may correction pala hehe

    share ko lang:
    Period / Salary
    MAY 2002 – DEC 2003 12k
    JAN 2004 – MAY 2004 17k
    MAY 2004 – MAY 2005 35k
    MAY 2005 – OCT 2005 40k
    DEC 2005 – SEP 2006 45k
    SEP 2006 – JUN 2007 50k
    JUL 2007 – MAY 2008 60k
    MAY 2008 – Mar 2009 65k
    Apr 2009 – May 2010 70k
    May 2010 – ???? 80k

  319. bizTalker says:


    in one company lng po yan?

  320. pepe_smith says:

    still into C++? ano level ka sa language na yan? may headhunter kc looking for C++ eh

  321. pink12 says:

    @ openings
    I’m interested on ba positions.
    hi here’s my email
    [email protected]=yahoo.com

  322. annie says:

    meron akong natanggap na interview invitation from HP, nagdadalawang isip ako kung pupuntahan ko ba o hinde. Based kc sa mga nabasa ko d2, ok lang pag newly grad ka. I have 2 years expi na din sa .net and kakalipat ko din ng work about 2months ago na din. does anyone knows kung how much ang rate ng 2 yeard expi na gaya ko? thanks..

  323. mark says:

    I worked with ACN for 2 years and 6 months as a technical support rep.. I stayed for long because job is not that stressful and people I work with were all ok! best benefits compared to almost all BPO companies.. (in addition to that I work very near my house ) rob cybergate tower II..

    now after a month of vacation..Im wondering what would be the next best BPO company out there.. any good callcenters out there you can refer..thanks people!

  324. neon says:


    Hi mam Thanks po sa pagshishare ng sweldo mo, San po kayo work now? Baka naman po may alam kayong hiring ng RPG na puede kong applayan. Thanks a lot po

  325. programmer says:

    palipat lipat ako ng company para lumaki ang rate…

    Some of the RPG requirement na alam ko ung iba di ko na linagay: lawson,BDO,Robinsons,Futaba, May Bank(Silverlake Background a must), Wyeth (JDE background),GSK (JDE Background more in functional), Accenture, IBM, PLDT, Digitel(ICMS Background), Sun Cellular(ICMS Background), Futaba, Fujitsu(BPCS background more functional), HP (JDE background more in functional), SM???

  326. neon says:

    thanks a lot po.. lahat ba ng pinasukan mong company dito lang sa pilipinas?
    would you mind if im asking kung anu na po position nyo now?

  327. programmer says:


    Lahat d2 lang sa pinas… currently IT Consultant daw tawag sa amin pero sa/programmer pa din hehe… i turned down a manager post mas gusto ko more in sa technical side doing the dirty works hehe… mas madali magprogram kaysa maghawak ng tao… ayos na ako ang sakit ng ulo kaysa ako sumakit ang ulo hehehe

  328. neon says:


    hehe… i like your attitude.. magkakasundo po tayo.. ok lang po bang malaman if anung company nyo now? saludo po ako sa inyo sana someday i could be like you.. hehe thanks ng marami po sa mga reply it helps me a lot lalo pa po now at searching po talaga ako for new management.

  329. programmer says:

    @neon, trainee ka ba ng radix?

  330. neon says:

    hindi po former sara lee po company ko. Y mo po naitanong?

  331. pua says:

    Mga maam at sir. Patulong naman po. I am BS Computer Science fresh graduate. I know some good companies out there but ano po ang masusuggest ninyong maganda for a fresh grad like me? When I say maganda it means that the company trains it’s employees well so that kayang maging competitive sa industry.

  332. programmer says:

    @neon, ah ok BPCS gamit sa sara lee. solid ba experience mo sa functional? functional bpcs ang kailangan sa fujitsu

  333. i_wonder says:

    Just wondering… d2 ba sa PH, posible ang gross salary na 100k para sa Senior Java programmer, 7 years of java (with 3 to 4 years j2ee), SCJP and SCWCD

  334. neon says:

    bakit po alam ang bout sa sara lee?
    thanks po sa info..

  335. Casandra says:


    Here’s my email:
    [email protected]

    I’m interested. I hope you have an opening for QA/Analyst position. I can do both Manual and Automation testing using QTP.


  336. i_wonder says:


    still into C++? pwde kita refer sa headhunter

  337. IT salary says:

    sa TELUS ba ang offer sa Senior Dev (Java) is 100K plus?

  338. job_seeker_12 says:

    I’m a BSIT fresh graduate and still looking for work po.. Ok lang po ba ang pay sa xinapse?

    How about din po sa Ayala Systems?

  339. buloy says:

    share ko lang kasi masaya ako… I think I am one of the pinaka swerteng IT person dito sa pinas. I just have 2.5 years experience and I was just offered 85K gross. Thanks Informatica you’re the best tool in this IT world.

  340. onthelookout says:

    According to my friend who knows someone that just got hired by Macquarie, the salary for IT Helpdesk/Service Desk Analyst is around 60k. How true is that? If it’s true, what can you say about asking for a higher salary, like 80k, if you have worked in Singapore in a financial/banking institution for 3 years and had a year of IT Helpdesk Support there?

  341. aris says:

    May I ask the following questions to Filipino professionals:

    How many hours per week do you work?
    How many annual paid leave are you entitled to get(excluding public holidays)?
    Does your company offer private pension scheme and do they match your pension contributions?

  342. Tester says:


    Natapos ko din ang pagbabasa. Ang haba naman nitong thread na to..

    Anyways, massuggest ko lang for newly grads, try nyo sa accenture, it is a very good training ground talaga. I worked with ACN for 2.5yrs and wala akong masasabing masama sa kanila, may needs lang din ako personally and sa family kaya ako umalis.

    Right now nasa IBM ako as a IT Test Specialist, okay naman with IBM, mejo culture shock lang talaga sa una kasi in ACN eh pure work, lahat dapat productive kasi may metrics, here as long as nagagawa mo yung work mo in time, ayos kana.

    Onga pala for newly grads ulet, sa mga companies na yan hindi lahat eh Developers/Programmers and posts ah, pwde kayo ilagay sa QA/Testing, pwede as Analysts, so di porke’t napunta kayo sa mga nakaindicate sa taas na companies eh developers na agad pasok nyo.

    Like sa ACN, if entry level ka, sila ang magpipili kung saan ka ilalagay, like me, nilagay ako sa QA/Testing na hindi ko choice, pero d ako nagsisisi kasi I’m loving what I’m doing naman.


  343. Tester says:

    Onga pala, I’m a Software Tester working fully for 3 yrs, currently opening my window to work in SG. May alam po ba kayo kung pano ko mapadali yung pag-aaply ko dun?

    I’m into Manual Testing (end-to-end), may alam ako for Automation pero walang hard-coding na kasama.

    Thanks sa sasagot.

  344. it pro says:


    I hope you won’t mind po, pero ask ko lang po sana how much po salary nyo sa IBM (since yung iba dito sa thread willing naman sila magshare ng compensation info, sana kayo rin). =)

    Balak ko rin po kasi mag-apply dun. I’m also from ACN.


  345. it pro says:

    to all IBMers, magkano po kaya pwede kong asking pag nag-apply ako as it specialist? 5 years exp po, oracle apps. thank you!

  346. _kath says:

    I’m a BSCS grad. Fresh grad. Looking for a job na training muna sana kasi I’m just an average grad eh. Hehe. I know how to program pero I need more training. I can learn fast naman. HELP please. :D

  347. _kath says:

    Preferably sa alabang or makati sana. Hehe. Para mejo malapit at madali lang. Thanks tlaga sa magrereply. I’m kinda hopeless na kasi. :(

  348. koiz says:

    Hi _kath,

    Try mo sa Accenture, magandang training ground for fresh grads like you. Yun lang me 2 years bond. Pero wala silang tinitignang course, kahit hindi IT related tinatanggap nila at ginagawang programmer. Hehehe. Gudluck! :)

  349. _kath says:

    @koiz. ah, ok2. hehe. marami ngang nagsasabi. geh. salamat. ita-try ko na tlaga dun. :D

  350. Deejay says:

    Mga bro, patulong naman, I have a scheduled techincal interview for Java Developer at accenture and I just want to know what would it be, kahit just a tip, I dunno how technical is this… just want some some pointers lang on how will this go.. Thank you po…

  351. Tester says:

    @ it pro
    Dude tester kasi ako dito eh, so magkaiba tayo ng salary range since developer ka.

    Pero pwede tayo mag-usap sa ym or aim, sabihan kita ng tip.

  352. Deejay says:

    tester ano Ym mu?

  353. Tester says:

    @ _kath

    Don’t feel hopeless, madaming opportunity naman jan, need mo lang talaga maghanap.

    Tama naman si koiz, accenture is a good company for entry level like you, dun ako galing eh and wala akong negative na masasabi sa company. Well, siguro eh case-to-case basis din since consulting company sila like swerte ako sa mga naging projects ko and some may not be that lucky kaya naging miserable buhay nila sa company.

    You may also want to try Headstrong, nag-aaccept din sila dun ng entry level with bootcamp meaning willing din sila mag-train ng mga fresh grads.

  354. Tester says:

    @ deejay

    Sorry pero baka may makakilala sa kin if i-display ko ang ym ko here, ibigay mo ym mo dito then I will add you up.

  355. _kath says:


    pwede pa bang mag-apply sa headstrong? baka kasi wala ng job opening dun. hehe. pero parang maganda nga din dun.

  356. Tester says:

    @ kath

    Yun ang di ko alam, pero may nakita ako sa pinoyexchange na mga kaka-apply lang sa headstrong eh. Check mo dun yung latest and check mo din yung website nila.

  357. it pro says:

    @tester – ah ganun ba? thanks!

    @all – bakit wala na nagsheshare ng mga salary? i believe this thread is about different salary sa mga it companies para magkaron ng idea yung mga aspiring candidates. sana mabalik sa topic itong thread na ito.

  358. buloy says:

    just last week I signed an offer with headstrong it’s 85K gross.. i have 2.5 years of experience. Sabi nila malaki magbigay headstrong pag galing ka ibang company and kapag less yung competion mo and I believe un na ung nangyari sa akin.

  359. IT Helpdesk says:

    hi buloy, for which position is this nman po?

  360. i_wonder says:


    ano position mo and is this for a regular post?

  361. _kath says:

    @tester. ah, thanks po. ehehe. :D

  362. Tester says:

    @ buloy

    Galing! malaki talaga ata bigay sa headstrong compared to other consulting companies. Isa din yan sa plan ko pasahan ng resume, kung di ako matuloy for SG.

  363. whoa says:


    85k for 2.5 years exp.? ano position mo and regular post ba ito? sa laki ng salary mo parang 5 years exp. ka na

  364. hunter-x-hunter says:

    mukhang ads ng headstrong yan ah. para may mag apply sa kanila. hahaha. isipin mo 85k for 2.5 years. eh kung 5 years exp. or so na ako, ma-tempt ako na magpasa ng CV sa headstrong

  365. Tester says:

    possible naman po ang 85k for 2.5yrs, pero di natin alam kung contractual sya kaya ganun. Pero may mga companies talaga na malaki magbigay, karamihan nga lang mga 3yrs ang minimum nilang requirement.

  366. it pro says:

    eh kaw po @tester, how much po salary nyo?

  367. OA says:

    taas naman ng sweldo mo @buloy – 85k for 2.5 yrs. galing! anong platform mo at position?

  368. Tester says:

    @ it pro

    maliit lang yung sa kin, wala pa sa kalingkingan ni buloy. If you’re looking for a very competitive pay then I guess my current employer should not be your target company.

    If you’re a Developer, you may want to try other companies like Macquarie and Netsuite (Java peeps), even UST Global can pay you with up to 6 digits if you’re well experienced enough in your expertise.

    Let’s just say that my current employer is one level higher than ACN in terms of salary expectation.

  369. it pro says:

    @tester – thanks bossing :) mga ilang percent yung tinaas ng sweldo mo current company mo vs sa last salary mo sa ACN? para magkaidea ako kahit pano :) tsaka anong level mo pala when you left ACN. Super thanks and sensya na dami tanong ha. :p

  370. Tester says:

    @ it pro
    Dude leave mo ym mo ippm kita ngayon din.

  371. buloy says:

    I’am an Informatica/ETL Consultant I think sobrang konti lang yung competition sa technology na ito and napakarami ng demand(almost every other day I receive calls from different companies without even sending my application).

    The 85K is regular position so I have benefits pa, I was offered Senior Associate level and I think that’s 3rd level out of five levels sa headstrong. My friends there are in level 2(Associate) and sabi nila times four daw sweldo ko sa kanila and parang more than 5 years na dw experience ko, sila nga din nagulat pero sabi nila posible naman ksi informatica dw. Dun kasi sila nag-start sa headstrong kaya mababa sweldo nila hanggang ngayon…

  372. basha says:

    meron ba sa inyong working on Zanett? how is it there? growth, salary, work environment?

  373. nalilito says:

    guys tanong ko lang kung ano masasabi nyo sa azeus? how about the software tester position? maganda ba ang program and career growth? magkano usually binibigay nila for entry level? thanks! kung makakapili, pointwest ba or azeus?

  374. xacn says:

    @it pro – ACN does not pay “market price” so its very easy to get more than a 50% bump if you leave. Even as a manager you don’t get 6 digits…well maybe after a couple of years being manager but certainly not new managers.The benefits are really good though but was way better a few years back…still better than others even with their “benefits lite” now

    @buloy – i hate you with your big monthly paycheck!!! good job :)

  375. vvvvv says:

    patulong naman po,. Im a fresh IT grad.. pwede niyo po ba ako “ipasok” sa company niyo? . email ko po [email protected].. desperado na ako eh puro negative feedback kasi..

  376. Tester says:

    Hi vvvvv,

    Sorry pero hindi ganun ang mga IT companies, you must have to go through the process to get employed.
    Anyway, try to apply in Accenture, IBM and Headstrong, hiring-state ata sila for fresh grads.
    Hope it helps and goodluck!

  377. darkbrood says:

    @yuga: I think you should be more specific with your title, you should have said that your list was based on the “starting salary of a fresh graduate” to avoid confusion, otherwise some would say that the other companies pay better, but in fact it’s really based on what level you are on.

  378. job_seeker_12 says:

    mga magkano po ba ang typical salary range sa NCR ng new graduate? Fresh grad po ako ng BSIT without experience pa.. tinatanong po kasi yun sa mga interviews ko and I don’t know kung ano ang isasagot ko…
    Sana po may magreply dito.. thanks po

  379. opeth says:

    anyone here working for GlobalOne Solutions Inc? ok ba dito? any comments? thanks!

  380. darkbrood says:

    @job_seeker_12: I think most of the big IT Companies (Accenture, Oracle, SAP, Lawson, RCG, Fujitsu, etc) offers a basic salary of 20K, well most of them.

  381. ursula says:

    @buloy – dba confidential ang salary ng mga companies?

  382. ursula says:

    @darkbrood – ok ba sweldo sa mga companies na binaggit mo if hindi entry level?

  383. Spoiler says:


    How’s life at Info Alchemy? Congrats! Do you really think Informatica is the way? You must be in cloud 9 right now……

    I hate to be the spoiler of the big news but you are going to get a bigger and life changing news from Headstrong in a few days. Hopefully, it will serve you as a lesson to you that you will keep the rest of your pathetic life.

  384. jumpman says:


    85k gross ba yan e monthly or yearly? basahin mo muna yung kontrata mo at baka annual yan bago ka magsaya. hahahaha.

  385. ms_contractual_programmer says:

    hi guys! I just want to share my experience as a contractual web programmer.

    I graduated last March 2009 with the degree of BS Computer Science from UPLB. My current salary is 30k per month [net]. I’m planning to apply to other I.T companies because I have no benefits as a contractual web programmer. As in no benefits like SSS or Health insurance. The only good thing about my company is the opportunity to go abroad. I’d been to Singapore, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar even I’m new here in the company. My contract will end in November so I started to look for IT companies since last week. I read the posts above, they were very helpful. Pero I’m confused. Magkano ba ang salary offer sa mga 1.2 year(s) experience?

  386. ursula says:

    @ms_contractual_programmer i think sa range ng 20-25k siguro with benefits. but still, it depends sa performance mo. pwede ka mag demand ng higher salary

  387. confused (accenture or ibm) says:

    Guys, kanina lang i just received an offer from ibm. right now medyo nag-iisip pa ko kung lilipat ba ko or mag-stay. hindi pa ko nakasign kasi bigla ako nagdalawang isip. less than 50% increase ng current kong sweldo yung offer.. what you think guys? need your inputs. parang nanghihinayang ako sa tenure ko sa accenture. at the same time, parang gusto ko na rin ng bagong atmosphere. :)

  388. opeth says:

    can’t comment unless you specify your field, current salary and yrs of experience.

  389. job security says:


    Okay lang yan brad, ibm naman is a good company if not better pa nga sa accenture. less than 50% is not a bad increase.

  390. kobe says:

    kung ako sayo stay muna ako sa company na yan ksi less than 2 years pa lng experience mo. Hindi din naman masama yung nakukuha mong sweldo ksi 30K w/o benefits oks na yan for 1.2years experience. Maganda din naman trend sa contractual eh.

  391. x-men says:

    Is Indra a good company? How’s the offer for fresh grads?

  392. Outsource ulit? says:

    Hi Guys! ask ko lng opinion nyo s mga IT companies na nag-ooutsource ng projects n outsourced n nga sa kanila. Kung kayo b yun employee e dpt humingi kayo ng dagdag? ksi ganun yung setup s current work ko..

  393. Join the club says:

    Wanted Web Programmers Junior to Senior positions! Great Package!

    please post your email add here so that I can send the invites.

  394. @join the club says:

    Hi join the club pakisend po invitation

    [email protected]

  395. vvvvv says:

    starting salaries for fresh grads:
    accenture: 16k as Assoc. Software Engr. (yan lang ang entry level ng accenture, but they have very nice benefits, yun nga lang hindi pa sila ganun ka-stable.. sumusugal sila ngayon sa fresh grads para “mabawi” yun mga ni-lay off nila dati..)

    navitaire: 16k din yata as QA (accenture din ang may hawak sa kanila)

    HP: 17k as tech support in mckinley hills(depende sa position and sa site.. HP Ortigas is the highest paying HP office here in the Philippines, they have way better benefits than accenture)

    canon: 27k as software engineer (super panget nga lang, di ka pwede magresign kung wala kang kapalit..)

    headstrong: 18k as java programmer

    indra: 22-24k as java programmer

    -source: my classmates who actually work there and also my experience on job offers..
    -lahat ng offer ay depende sa position ah.. un mga exact figures yun ang sure na offer for the corresponding position ng company.. and lahat yan as BASE PAY.. hindi yan NET INCOME or ACCUMULATED…

    suggestion ko for fresh grads, take up SAP training. SAP ang highest paid IT job. Kahit mahal training, mababawi mo naman un kagad. Maganda siyang investment.

  396. vvvvv says:

    ay kulang pa:
    UST Global: 22k as software engineer (you will get a chance to have a training on India.. eto yung company na salary equalizes work *sabi ng classmate ko nun college*..)

    Samsung: 23k as Application Test Engineer (I’m working here.. super blessed dahil training is in Singapore.. kakahire lang sakin last week and I will leave the country on june 21 for the training)

    basta suggestion ko din for fresh grads, don’t apply to any of ayala’s companies (except globe).. mababa ang sweldo sa ayala company (etelecare for example and ayala HRMall).. wag din kayo matakot na magapply sa small scale enterprises.. may mga small scale companies na maganda mag-offer, and mas matututo ka sa kanila (Terasystem for example, 24k for java programmers)..

  397. wwww says:

    Hi vvvv, thanks for your info! do you also now starting salaries kapag IT ka sa mga non-IT companies like unilever, chevron, san miguel, jollibee, etc.? Competent b yun compensation s mga companies nato?

  398. secret says:

    Magkano po ba ang training ng SAP? may libre bang training ng SAP?

  399. opeth says:

    i think getting the salary you want means knowing your capabilities(skills), experience, the value of the position u are applying for, and most of all na laging nakakalimutan ng lahat is negotiation-skills when it comes to salary. pwede kasing pareho kayong fresh grad or mas magaling ka dun sa isa pero mas mataas ung isa kc mas magaling cya mkipag-negotiate regarding salary. it all boils down to how much you think you should be valued. ;)

    pag lam mo na to…you will never post that question again “magakano salary sa company xxx?”..

    opeth rocks!

  400. vvvvv says:

    correct opeth.. and fresh grad din ako.. ang masasabi ko lang is don’t look too much on the salary, dahil fresh grad ka eh, EXPERIENCE muna dapat ang importante sayo, hindi SWELDO.. pag may experience ka na, chaka ka magdemand ng higher salary.. wala na masama dun kung may experience ka na.. lalo na kung gusto ng company un experience na meron ka, ikaw ang hahabul-habulin ng company at susunod sila sa gusto mong mangyari.. :)

    @wwww: hindi ko alam eh.. lahat ng companies na binigay ko ang starting, yun lang ang alam ko.. depende din kasi talaga sa position eh chka sa skills mo..

    @secret: walang libreng training kung hindi ka employee nun company.. meron mga companies na nagbibigay ng libreng SAP training, most of them IT companies.. accenture is one of the companies that gives free SAP training.. also HP and IBM gives free trainings.. pero tulad nun una kong sinabi, kailangan employee ka nun company na yun..

  401. vvvvv says:

    @secret: kung accenture ka nagwwork as ASE, pagdasal mo na mapunta ka sa SAP project.. para yun talaga focus ng training mo.. and magkano nga ba ang training ng SAP?? hindi ko alam ang exact figures eh, depende sa coverage ng training.. basta ang alam ko lang is MAHAL siya.. hehehe.. :))

  402. job_seeker_12 says:

    @darkbrood thank you po

    @ms_contractual_programmer pwede ko po malaman kung anong company yan? ganyan po kasi yung gusto kong work, yung nakakapunta po sa iba’t ibang lugar
    ito po email address ko in case na dito nyo nlang po isesend. [email protected]
    thank you po

  403. job_seeker_12 says:

    @vvvvv thank you po

  404. karla says:

    alam nyo po b kng mag kano and salary ng general accounting s accenture?

  405. exp says:

    i’m working at a government agency, dyan first job ko, contractual java programmer, 22k. one year na ko and naghahanap ako new job. san po ba maganda mag-apply? gusto ko po sana yung may training and alabang or makati area lang. thanks!

  406. secret says:

    thanks vvvv, pwede bang magrequest ka na ilagay ka sa SAP? So you mean na yung company yung maglalagay sayo kung san ka nila gusto dahil wala ka pang expertise? sana mapunta ako sa SAP, can you give me advise on how i can negotiate na ilagay ako dito kahit wala akong experience. thanks…

  407. kj says:

    hi, share naman po kayo ng knowledge nyo about compensation sa other countries like singapore, hongkong, us, australia. how much po ba ang range ng salaries dito? I am java 1.5years experience how much kaya? super thanks…

  408. okaydon says:

    singapore starting is 3k-4k needs 2 to 3 years experience.

  409. vvvvv says:

    @secret: hindi pwede magrequest.. ang accenture maglalagay sayo kung saan ka(nakalagay yan sa contract pagdating mo ng job offer).. marami akong classmates nun college kasi nasa accenture.. isa lang ata ang project na SAP, yun isa kong friend dun napunta.. then yun iba sa non-SAP na napunta (java, etc.).. kaya all I can say is ipagdasal mo na dun ka ilagay ng accenture sa SAP project..

  410. jumpman says:


    asan ka na? wala ba follow up sa kwento mo? nakalimot ka na porket ang laki ng sweldo mo….ilan pa ba kailangan na Informatica dev?

  411. vvvvv says:

    @exp: suggestion ko stay ka pa sa job mo for another year.. medyo mahirap maghanap ng work kung 1 year lang experience mo.. baka call center ang bagsakan mo.. kung may experience ka na, apply ka sa UST Global.. they really pay good lalo na kung may experience ka na.. :)

  412. ms_contractual_programmer says:

    @vvvvv: What e-mail address ng Samsung? I want to pass my resume… can you send it to my email add: [email protected]…thanks!

    @job_seeker_12: my company is an inter-govermental institution… wala kami job vacancies now eh, but if aalis ako, i’ll email you so you can pass your cv… okie?

  413. job_seeker_12 says:

    @job_seeker_12: sige po.. thank you! :)

    @vvvv: ako din po, pasend po ng e-mail address ng Samsung where I can send my resume.. this is my email address [email protected] .. thank you po! :)

  414. Tester says:

    @ confused,

    Stay ka muna sa ACN antayin mo muna ang september if plan mo talaga umalis. Sayang ang increase eh, malay mo baka yung increase sayo sa ACN eh mas higher than the JO provided by IBM. And konting buwan na lang naman september na. That is just my suggestion ah if I were on your side.

  415. vvvvv says:

    sa mga nagtatanong ng email ng samsung, send niyo resume niyo dito, [email protected].. email niyo narin dito [email protected].. dalawa kasi brochure ko ng samsung, parehas ko nakuha sa job fair ng school namin, pero un isa 2009 pa.. so para sure send niyo nalang diyan parehas.. unahan ko na kayo ah, wala yata opening ngayon for IT position.. pero try niyo narin.. good luck sa inyo.. :)

  416. @amayou says:

    how did you apply for Samsung? hinahanap ko dati sa website nila pano mag-apply ala ako makita eh
    saka gusto ko rin yang position mo (Application Test Engineer).. T_T

  417. jhoeforth says:

    @abeolandres I’m not buying it, how was he traced by his employer?

  418. Hmmm… Numbers are really dangerous to talk about over the internet. :) One should really learn how to use technology responsibly…

  419. opeth says:

    tsk tsk tsk… correct, beware of the internet hahaha!

  420. vvvvv says:

    @amayou: May job fair sa school namin (UST) every year.. and Samsung is one of the company exhibitors.. dati pa ako nag-apply sa kanila 3rd yr college palang ako nagapply na ako dun for OJT.. nun 4th yr na ako nagapply din ako sa kanila dahil exhibitor nanaman sila.. tinawagan nila ako dahil may immediate opening sila.. yun nga application test engineer.. actually di mo na siya makikita kasi closed na yun position.. 2 lang ang kailangan nila for the position eh.. napost ko na un email add kung saan pwede magdrop ng resume.. siguro that’s the only way I know.. di pa ako naka-encounter ng walk-in applicant eh, pero try niyo narin magwalk in..

    HAHA and so?? nagmamalinis pa nakikinabang din naman sa information.. I think the people who get caught are careless or really got [email protected] stupid enough to give such information for them to be traced.. :)

  421. vvvvv says:

    @amayou: May job fair sa school namin (UST) every year.. and Samsung is one of the company exhibitors.. dati pa ako nag-apply sa kanila 3rd yr college palang ako nagapply na ako dun for OJT.. nun 4th yr na ako nagapply din ako sa kanila dahil exhibitor nanaman sila.. tinawagan nila ako dahil may immediate opening sila.. yun nga application test engineer.. actually di mo na siya makikita kasi closed na yun position.. 2 lang ang kailangan nila for the position eh.. napost ko na un email add kung saan pwede magdrop ng resume.. siguro that’s the only way I know.. di pa ako naka-encounter ng walk-in applicant eh, pero try niyo narin magwalk in..

    HAHA and so?? nagmamalinis pa nakikinabang din naman sa information.. I think the people who were get caught are careless or really got [email protected] stupid enough to give such information for them to be traced..

  422. @amayou says:

    thanks for the info. :D
    sent my CV sa binigay mong mail and tried ulit sa site nila. nagbabakasakali lang sa Samsung since i have a JO already pero with a company that I don’t like. goodluck na lang sakin

  423. vb.net says:

    Ayos tong site na to. daming tips about IT career…Thanks for the blogger and sa nagcomments…

  424. pril says:

    that buloy was just uber happy. and like us, we want to share bout what we feel.

    kaso nga lang, confi dapat yung info..

    learn from this na lang. but i am sad for buloy :(

  425. opeth says:

    justice for buloy! ahaha!

  426. friendly_employee says:


    Our company is currently looking for fresh IT graduates for Java/.Net Bootcamp.

    Kindly send an updated copy of your resume to [email protected] if you’re interested.


  427. matador says:

    hi guys, pansin ko puro more on software ang napapagusapan. What about hardware? More specifically computer networking. Anong mga companies ang magandang applyan. fresh grad here, no work experience.

  428. matador says:

    plan ko kasi magwork as a network engineer or network administrator. san ba maganda magsimula?

  429. coffeecat22 says:

    hey guys..cnu po dito ang nagtrabaho n sa smart? i’m asking po sana kung magkano ung starting salary..IT..I will be applying there kc..anyway, fresh grad po ako..thanks for reply!

  430. Tester says:


    You may want to try PLDT, Bayantel, TrendMicro and Verizon. These companies offers network engineering position, not sure though if TrendMicro and Verizon were accepting fresh grads.

    I also have a friend who used to work in Metrobank as a network engineer, most banking companies needed this position as well.

  431. exp says:


    i need career growth. samin kasi, walang techical team lead, most of us are juniors java programmers, so kung ano lang alam namin, yun na lang. sige po, i’ll try sa ust global. bout sa verizon, wala daw sila opening for developers/programmers, marami sila opening kung network and hardware, yun sabi nung friend ko na from verizon, engineer siya dun.

  432. exp says:

    gusto ko din po try sa RCG kaso wala ako makita sa site nila na openings. sa indra po ba may opening pa? baka pwede po ako magtry dun? at kung sino pa po ang may alam na opening for java developers or any PL with 1 year experience, pakipost lang po dito. until now, naghahanap pa po ako. thanks in advance!

  433. vvvvv says:

    @exp: try mo sa UST global.. super ganda daw dun.. hehehe.. meron kasi akong nakilala dun nun interview namin, inofferan siya 3x ng offer sa kanya ng accenture.. kaya dun siya.. hehehehe.. java peep ka naman pala.. java ang gamit na PL ng UST global eh.. ayun.. may chance ka pang mapunta sa India for training or kung ano man ang papagawa nila sayo..

    @matador: warningan na kita.. medyo mahirap maghanap ng network admin type of job ng walang work experience.. so I suggest i-flex mo sarili mo sa programming.. fall back lang just in case wala ka na talaga mahanap na work for networking.. and wag ka matakot magapply as programmer, may mga companies kasi na pag programmer ka hindi ka lang basta programmer.. pag nakita nila na mas may ibubuga ka sa ibang field ng IT (for instance networking), pwede ka na nila iassign dun.. basta ang mahalaga may company na magaaccomodate sayo.. ayun.. pero try mo sa PLDT, iPlus, Telus, eyp.ph.. naghahanap sila ng mga network engineer na pwede fresh grad.. :)

  434. vvvvv says:

    @coffeecat22: as of now, walang opening ang smart for IT fresh grad.. dun ako nag-OJT eh.. and madalas ko nakakausap un dati kong boss.. ayun.. pero try mo narin.. kasi baka may slim opening sila for java programmers.. hehehe.. bawal mag-walk in sa smart ah.. online ka lang pwede magapply.. about sa salary, don’t expect really that high pay on smart.. kung tutuusin, mababa sila magpaswaeldo sa entry level.. but they have EXCELLENT benefits.. ayun.. good luck po.. :)

  435. job_hunter says:

    mga bro, any idea on “technical interview” at Accenture, I received a call and I was scheduled for technical interview, just wanna have some idea on what it is like. Appreciate feedbacks. Thanks in advance…

  436. vvvvv says:

    @job_hunter: technical interview is an interview wherein the interviewer assesses your technical skills for the technical position your applying for. If you’re on programming, maybe the interviewer would ask and assess your skills on java, c++, etc. Just don’t expect the typical “tell me something about yourself” or “describe your strengths and weaknesses” type of questions. It’s more on your technical skills that they will ask and they want to know.

  437. marcus angelo says:

    Been with Accenture for 3 years then decided to join IBM after that. I can say that Accenture gives the best benefit package. and theyre showing that they love their employees. And im planning to go back to that company. :)

  438. tengga says:

    Join the club paki invite po thnx [email protected]

  439. fresh says:

    interested po ako sa indra. eto po email address ko relena10 at yahoo.com

  440. unemployed_ says:

    Hey! Just want to ask if I should follow up my application at AMDATEX. Nagtake na ko ng exam at interview. Pumasa daw ako sabi nung HR in charge eh. At tatawagan nalang daw ako. Within 1 week daw. Lagpas 1 week na wala pa ding natawag, dapat ba i-follow up ko na? Help naman. Sino nakakaalam ng systema sa amdatex. Thanks

  441. tester17 says:

    How about Emerson(one san miguel bldg)?ok din ba dun?I applied as a test specialist dun..may 5 yrs experience nako.mga how much kaya ang salary rate dun?sabi ng headhunter kasi mga 48k ang offer..ok na ba yun?

  442. job_seeker_12 says:

    maganda po ba ang training sa UST global for fresh grads?

    ask ko din po kung tumatanggap ba sila dun ng walk-in applicants? thanks po

  443. sashi says:

    Hi guys! Meron bang mga company na may flexi sked? I’m a BSCS grad and currently taking Master in I.T, please I need advice….

  444. programmer says:

    @sashi, mag consultant ka kung gusto mo flexible. Kya lang dapat may solid experience ka na. advice if may cash ka para sa masters mo why not invest for technical skills training then get certified. Mas tinitignan kc technical skills and certification kaysa masters.

    I’m telling this based on my experience consultant ako from Jan 2004-May 2010…ngayon regular na ako pero in a way flexible pa din kc pwede ako pumasok until 11AM

  445. geocrack says:

    @tester17 – sa RCGIT, 60k for 3-4 years exp. masyado mababa offer sayo.

  446. vvvvv says:

    @unemployed: yap you really need to follow up.. wala naman masama magfollow up dahil naka 1 week na.. tama kasi na 1 week dapat ang palugit mo sa feedback.. hehehe.. kung di ka na makakuha ng feedback sa kanila move on na.. para di ka na umaasa..

    @job_seeker_12: I think so, UST global gives good training.. kaya nga lang dun self exploration yata.. I have a friend sabi niya bibigyan ka lang nun company ng notes o kung ano man na kailangan mo, tapos ikaw na bahala dumiskarte.. hehehe.. and, they accept walk in applicants.. pero try mo muna magmail sa kanila ng resume..

    @tester17: makipag negotiate ka muna dun sa gusto mong salary.. mahirap ang hearsay lang dahil baka di naman siya marunung magnegotiate pagdating sa sweldo.. malay mo pwede pang mas mataas sa 48k ang matanggap mo kung makikipagneg. ka.. and tama si geocrack, for 5 years experience mababa ang 48k.. ang boss ko sa samsung, 3 years palang cya, 62k ang base pay.. wala naman na masama humingi ng mataas na sweldo dahil may experience ka na eh.. di ka naman fresh grad..

    @sashi: follow programmer’s advice.. kung gusto mo magmasters kasabay work, i guess magprofessor ka nalang part time.. at least dun un school pa susunod sa gusto mong schedule..

  447. job_hunter says:

    hi there, just wanna know kung graveryard shifting ba or day work ang mga software engineer positions at programmer sa Accenture? Appreciate feedback. Thank you very much…

  448. CPE_2010 says:

    @sir vvvvv: sir, san po maganda magaaplay? Im Computer Engineering graduate po.kakagrad ko lang last March po..no experience pa po..

    being a computer engineer,ano pong title ang fit po??salamat po..im not sir sa salary but in training and benefits sir.salamat.sir.

  449. vvvvv says:

    @job_hunter: nope.. yung mga software engineer positions ng accenture day shift lahat (pero depende, minsan pwede magiba).. tatlo lang naman ang shifts ng Soft. Engr. ng accenture eh.. 8-5, 9-6, 10-7.. bihira ang overtime kaya maliit lang ang overtime pay..

    @CPE_2010: try mo sa mga companies na binigay ko with matching salaries.. IT grad ako parehas lang naman siguro tayo ng fields na pwede puntahan.. :)

  450. Miguel says:

    I’m looking for a .NET software engineer and a Java Senior Software Engineer to join my team at Novare Technologies.

    Please email me: [email protected]


  451. Tester says:

    @ vvvvv
    Meron pong graveyard shift ang ACN, kaya nga sa application process palang prior to hiring an applicant eh may nakasulat dun if you’re willing to work on shifting schedules.

    Meron nga sa project if bago palang need mo na agad mag graveyard shift dahil sa KT(Knowledge Transfer), kasi taga US ang mag tuturo sayo ng application and via phone patch sya.

    And hindi po bihira ang OT, I should know since I already work with the company, it is an outsourcing firm so project-to-project basis, may project na patayan may project na average lang ang workload.

    But no doubt, ACN is a good company especially in molding their people.

  452. vvvvv says:

    yap alam ko yun.. pero most of the time yun lang ang shift eh.. diba?? lalo na kung sa cybergate ka na site.. pero sorry naman kung mejo may mali sa info ko.. hindi naman kasi ako nagwwork dun.. sinasabi ko lang kung ano ang sinabi sakin nun job offer nila and mga testimonies narin ng mga friends ko na nandun ngayon.. :)

  453. papa_go says:

    @vvvvv and Tester….

    Grabe ang galing ng mga post nyo at medyo nagising ako…BTW, I’m currently employed with Accenture for almost 5 years at SSE level na with 35k salary…armed ako with Mainframe COBOL, PeopleSoft, and Testing….Now, UST Global contacted me for tech interview and hinihingi nila sa akin yung updated resume ko pati PAYSLIP ko…then maraming factors pa ako na dapat iconsider…like malapit na akong mag-5 years this July 25…second, yung salary increase this Sept, and lastly yung possible promotions sa Accenture…ang tanong, kung sakaling makapasa ako sa interview with UST Global at offeran ako ng twice sa current salary ko, pwede ko bang i-raise yung mga factors na yun sa UST Global, lalo na’t may possible akong maging TL this Sept?? I need your thoughts guys…Tenks

  454. Tester says:


    I’m just stating some verified information. Fresh grads and entry levels were reading on this website as well, it will be a burden for us if we mislead them with wrong ideas or sabi-sabi.
    And I also work in cybergate, and we do have a team in our project who used to work on GY shift.
    Like what I’ve said in my earlier post, it is a project-to-project basis so not all of them would be the same.

    antayin mo muna ang september dude, sayang ang increase, pandagdag din yun sa patong sa ulo para sa next company.
    Pero if mauna ang UST_Global, sa pag bigay ng JO bago ang increase and possible promotion sa september, pwede mo i-raise yun sa kanila for possible promotion and increase na bigatin, kaso pwedeng kagatin nila pwede ding hindi. And wala ka kasing magiging basis kung ganu kalaki talaga ang iincrease sayo this september and if mapropromote kana nga talaga.
    Pero yun nga, antayin mo muna ang september bago ka umalis sa ACN, sayang talaga, 2 months na lang na pagtitiis, IMHO. But at the end of the day, ikaw pa din ang magdedecide para sa sarili mo. Goodluck dude!

  455. vvvvv says:

    @papa_go: kung ako sayo, wag mo na i-raise yung mga factors na yan sa UST global.. dahil currently employed ka, alam nila kung ano ang makakapag-compel sayo na sumali sa kanila (sabi mo nga hinihingi ang payslip mo, that means pwedeng dun sila magbase or sa resume mo).. yung mga issue mo wala naman siguro yan magiging conflict sa pagaapply mo sa ibang company eh.. pwede mo naman sabihin kung kailan ka pa available magstart sa kanila and maiintindihan nila yun dahil currently employed ka pa.. pero wag mo madaliin lahat, consider also tester’s point, 2 months nalang iyan, pwedeng antayin mo nalang muna iyon.. malay mo matupad nga yung pinapangarap mo maging TL.. good luck din po..

  456. jobseeker says:

    how about Orange & Bronze?

    I got this email from the CEO:

    Hi, everyone!

    It’s been a while since I’ve sent an update on O&B. We’ve been crazy-busy lately – as shown by our record quarter of 16.6 million! By comparison, Q2 last year was only 11.6 million, or a year-on-year growth of 43% from Q2 last year.

  457. rey says:

    elow, try nyo rin sa technidata medical software. ok din ang rate plus ang dami pang benefits. :)

  458. job_seeker_12 says:

    thanks po sa replies nyo..

    may question po ulit ako, maganda po ba sa first datacorp? ano pong kind ng IT company sila? sana po may magreply ulit dito, salamat!

  459. nivea says:

    hi mga sirs, ask ko lang po kung may yearly increase po ba sa Accenture? how much ang range ng increase? and I just want to clarify kung may Christmas bonus din ba sila, cash ba ito? 13th and 14th month lang kasi ang nakita ko. Thank you. Appreciate feedbacks.

  460. ursula says:

    hi, anyone know if ok mag work sa fujitsu? what kind of company sya? application development?

  461. papa_go says:

    @vvvvv and Tester…Thanks sa inputs nyo guys and marami rin sa mga friends ko na antayin na lang ang sept…So, I decided to stay with my current company..papataas muna ako ng market value..

    @nivea…May yearly increase ang accenture depende sa performance rating mo at saka sa financial condition ng company.Usually ang increase range nya ay between 30 to 50 percent…meron ding Christmas bonus pero panghanda lang sa Christmas at hindi sya kasinglaki ng 13th or 14th month bonus….

  462. Tester says:

    good decision papa_go :)

  463. yebah says:


    may graveyard shift po ba sa indra?…

  464. jeyah says:

    kumusta naman po sa AZEUS? environment? benefits?…

  465. MASAKLAP says:

    i work for ATI (American Technologies Inc.) distributor of many product such as large format printer, UPS, IBM and many more. for those who are fresh graduate and people to people who trying to apply to this company i suggest that you think twice trice or many times because this company is a quardruple SHIT. my said salary is 10k but i literally got 9932 + “rarely” incentives(2k) + nothing + nothing.my co-worker there with 6 years experience with a salary of 12k
    I was Technical Support i handle 3D engraving machine and Laser engraver. I learn alot of software like autoCAd, Rhino3D, ArtCAm, CorelDraw, Enroute and photoshop. the lesson is the you look for what you really pursue because currently know i was looking for a network base job and non of my knowledge will be carry on to the next one. sayang ang panahon na lumipas kong sinuwerte lang ako. ahaha

  466. nangarap_at_nangangarap says:

    network-based ba talaga ang gs2 mo work eversince? but you end up in that company? share ko lng:
    eversince college gs2 ko na talaga maging programmer (i’m a computer science major). during those days, talagang hilig ko ang pag-program. pagka-graduate ko, malupet ang competition sa area ng software development. bihirang company ang kumukuha ng mga freshies na i-train nila ng programming. having said that, i end up in a line of work na di ko gs2 (clerical-based jobs). boom ang Java programming noon at mahal ang tuition sa mga schools. can’t afford ako. so nagtagal ako sa work na di ko gs2 at di ko linya. but one day, nagising ako. naisip ko, wala akong pera pero somehow nasa internet naman siguro ang mga information regarding sa JAVA. engot pa nga ako noon kc bumili pa ako ng pirated cd na tutorial sa bangketa. yun pala, pwde i-DL ung tutorial na yun (damn ngbayad pa ko ng 100php bwahaha). nag-self study ako (mahirap kc may work ako). ang goal ko is to be a programmer, at bawiin ang mga nawalang panahon na dapat ay nasa linya ako ng gs2 kong work. now, I am working in one of the largest company in the world (though squatter lang kami dahil aquired company lng naman ito but at least we are under the roof of a giant). Senior Java ako ngayon, and malayong malayo talaga ang agwat ng salary ko compared sa nung clerical pa ako.

    going back sa sinabi mo “sayang ang panahon na lumipas kong sinuwerte lang ako.” – yup mahalaga ang swerte. pero mas kelangan mayroon kang tiyaga at goal. ang tanong: “Kelan ka magsimula?” ang sagot: “Now na!”

  467. neon says:

    Tama si nangarap_at_nangangarap wag mo ng isipin ung mga panahon na nasayang sayo kc wala ng mangyayari andun na un. All you have to do now is start acting on your goal, make it happen. Masarap magwork sa field na talagang gusto mo. Good luck sayo!

    Wow ang galing naman po ng story mo napaka inspiring… :=)

  468. nangarap_at_nangangarap says:


    Yup. may kulang pa pala, dun sa list. sinamahan ko rin ng dasal. So dapat may goal, tiyaga, swerte at dasal. And of course act on it… immediately.

  469. tester17 says:

    guys which company is better?accenture or emerson?i have a J.O. from both companies..halos similar lang naman ang offer..ano ba mas ok?s accenture senior software engineer ako, while test engineer sa emerson…need feedback from you guys..thanks

  470. Tester says:

    @ nangarap_at_nangarap,

    kwento mo naman panu ginawa mo, ako din kasi plan ko ipursue ung gusto ko na career as JAVA Dev, baka mahelp mo ko? even usap tayu sa IMs

  471. basha says:


    Go for Accenture. Benefits at training panalo. Plus your marketability afterwards maganda. :)

  472. koiz says:

    @Tester 17

    I’m from accenture, and been here for more than 4 years na. Masasabi ko lang, okay dito kahit hindi ako masyado sinwerte sa promotions etc. Nagpalipat kasi ng capability eh. Toinks! Depende rin sa project so I can’t blame accenture for the misfortunes I’ve encountered kasi the company as a whole is okay. As of now, nararamdaman na namin dito ang unti-unting pagrecover ni Accenture from the recent economic crisis. Galante pa naman si Accenture pag mapera. hehehe… Panalo tlaga sa benefits. :) Emerson? tanong ko kabarkada ko.

  473. tester17 says:


    hmm cge nga pake ask naman sa friend mo..may 2yrs bond pa kasi sa emerson eh..though onti lang naman lamang ng emerson pagdating sa total offer/package…thanks a lot ha

  474. nangarap_at_nangangarap says:


    u can add im me, [email protected]

    hehe. mag-post ka muna d2 ha, para magsign-in ako sa another ym. pwde kc dalawa, this is how:

  475. Tester says:

    @ nangarap_at_nangarap
    already added you in YM, kindly see your messenger if you have time.

  476. testerme2 says:

    hi i am looking for a great company to work with can you email me openings, I am software tester manual is my experience for more than 7 years below is my email

    [email protected]

  477. testerme2 says:

    hi i am looking for a great company to work with can you email me openings, I am software tester manual, my experience for more than 7 years manual testing

    below is my email

    my priority is the regular 9am – 6pm type of work hours alabang, makati, ortigas

    [email protected]
    thanks in advance

  478. nivea says:

    kasama ba ang mga probationary period na employee sa mga bonus like 13th and 14th month sa accenture?

  479. java_net says:

    Tutal karamihan dito ay software developers, tanong ko lang po who has better opportunites right now java developers, .net developers or others? In terms po of compensation and available jobs?

  480. testerme2 says:

    hi i am looking for a great company to work with can you email me openings, I am software tester manual, my experience for more than 7 years manual testing

    below is my email

    my priority is the regular 9am – 6pm type of work hours alabang, makati, ortigas

    [email protected]
    thanks in advance

  481. java lover says:

    android – java.
    enterprise j2ee – java.
    telecom industry – java.

    (except – objective-c for iphone)

  482. testerme2 says:


    Hi there i am looking for a great company to work with can you email me openings, I am software tester manual, my experience for more than 7 years manual testing

    below is my email

    my priority is the regular 9am – 6pm type of work hours makati, alabang, ortigas

    [email protected]
    thanks in advance

  483. testerme2 says:


    Hi any job openings that you know for software testing thanks

    regular 9am – 6pm type of work hours location makati, alabang, ortigas

    [email protected]
    thanks in advance

  484. @amayou says:

    Thanks for the heads up for HP.
    They really do give high starting package even for fresh grads. :D

  485. java_net says:

    thanks java lover. any other software developers here thinks otherwise? .net developers, anyone?

  486. heartwork says:

    good day mga sir! i have an exam/interview tomorrow in Accenture, asking for tips sa exams and interview. ano po ba tanong sa 1st and 2nd interview?

    thank you mga sir.

  487. vvvvv says:

    @heartwork: isa lang ang interview ko nuon sa accenture.. pero kung 2 yan, isa diyan HR interview, yun isa diyan sa project manager na interview na.. exam? same same.. hindi siya technical exam.. alam mo yung mga exam na pangkaraniwan sa mga companies?? yun lang exam nila.. ewan ko lang kung ganun parin hanggang ngayon.. good luck po..

    sa mga SW developers, maraming companies diyan.. try ninyo sa Macquarie.. maganda offer dun..

  488. flowerpower says:

    good evening po sa lahat! ask ko lang po sana kumusta ang company culture and work environment sa IBM? and if may idea po ba kayo sa mga benefits na ino-offer nila. cobol po ang work experience (close to 10 years) ko. i’m planning to apply sa IBM sana. salamatz! :-)

  489. nangarap_at_nangangarap says:

    wala ako ma-share re: IBM. curious lang ako. san ka currently working? sympre baka di mo disclose. Does it start in the letter ‘O’?

    Anyway, tanong ko na rin po. how’s working in IBM. I’m a sr. java dev. naman

  490. Work Abroad says:

    bakit kayo na stuck sa local pinoy na trabaho

    hindi ba mas maraming tech job abroad lalo na sa singapore. maraming java

  491. acn_applicant says:

    hey guys! tanong ko lang kung anung tel. number ng accenture. yung ext. kasi tagal2 bago maka-connect. kelangan ko kasi itanong yung sched ng 2nd interview ko. sabi kasi nung tumawag sa ken, in-email na daw nia saken yung date at time. eh, wala naman, kaya tawagan ko sana. help naman. thanks. :D

  492. klever says:

    may lam po ba kayong companies na naghahanap ng C# programmer? 2 yrs exp na ako. IBM hindi pa tumatawag pero nagpasa na ako dun. Accenture mababa offer dun.

    thanks sa mga sasagot.

  493. igme says:

    Sinong gustong magtrabaho sa Sun Cellular, 2 years experienced required… around 20K a month ang sahod. Good luck!

  494. klever says:

    @igme ang baba naman po sa Sun

  495. student says:

    @igme, @klever
    oo nga medyo mababa ata sa sun. sa ofc namin pag nghire ng trainees (fresh grad required) para sa boot camp, 24k ang starting eh

  496. student says:

    @Work Abroad
    magkano ba salary sa SG? minsan kc 2 to 3 years, 3k sgd eh. pag mga 5 to 7 kaya?

  497. klever says:

    @student, wat company po kayo?

  498. student says:

    better not to disclose. mahirap na baka may makabasa na taga dun. hehe. baka magselos pa

  499. klever says:

    @student pwede ba ako mag apply jan? haha

  500. student says:

    as of now mga pro-hires pa ang kinukuha. no news about the boot camp yet, will shout out here pag meron. pero ayun nga, maganda ung boot camp

  501. klever says:

    may 2 yrs of exp na ako as a C# programmer. pwede kaya ako?

  502. klever says:

    @student may 2 yrs of exp na ako as a C# programmer. pwede kaya ako?

  503. student says:

    like i’ve said re: boot camp, fresh grad required.
    java ang platform nung product

  504. testerme2 says:

    hi guys i am looking for a great company to work with can you email me job openings, I am software tester manual, my experience for more than 7 years manual testing

    my priority work time is the regular 9am – 6pm type of work hours location alabang, makati, ortigas

    [email protected]
    thanks in advance

  505. jeyah says:

    @student: hiring pa ba sa company nio?? fresh grad ako at java platform ang nais kong ipursue sa IT..
    baka pwede pa-refer? thanks

  506. alohomora says:

    We currently have openings @ Accenture –

    Java, PeopleSoft, Siebel, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft

    If interested and has 2+ years of experience, send me an email at

    [email protected]

  507. nivea says:

    curious lang, anong ginagawa kapag naka-bench ka sa ACN?

  508. flowerpower says:

    @nangarap_at_nangangarap : hehehe! hindi ko po pwede idisclose yung company where i’m coming from. pero hindi po sya starting with the letter “O”.. hehehe… had my interviews and tech exams na with IBM. oks naman.. sana lang pumasa.. hehehe.. :-)

  509. neon says:

    Hi! Im an RPG Programmer, anyone there who can help me find a new management…
    Thanks in advance…

  510. ggg says:

    san po ba magandang company magwork as business analyst with 3-4 years experience. ano po ba ang competitive na salary pag ganun? thanks po!

  511. Luffy says:

    magkano po ba ang starting salary sa accenture as ASE? Fresh graduate po ako.

  512. kalin says:

    sa lahat po, meroon po ba kayong alam n company na hiring para sa part time student?? 4th year first semester pa lng po ako ehh…??

  513. Tester says:

    @ neon,

    I have a friend who used to work in Misys and he was also handling RPG.

  514. neon says:

    Hiring po ba sila dun? 3years na po ako sa RPG this september.. Balitaan mo naman po ako pag hiring sila or kaya if possible po na refer mo po ako sa kanya.. Thanks a lot po!

  515. azu-nya says:

    it’s P16,000. hehe. :D

  516. koiz says:

    luffy gusto mo mag apply? pasa mo sakin resume mu bilis! :D

  517. klever says:


    yung “O” ba na tinutukoy mong compang stands for Orange & Bronze? hehehe

  518. kalin says:

    hello everyone….
    gusto ko lng po sana magtanong kung meron po bang hiring yung mga IT companies and tumatanggap ba sila ng part time? gusto ko po sana magapply. 4th year student BSCE po ako.

  519. Luffy says:

    @anu-nya: thanks po for the info.

    @koiz: actually nagwalk-in na po ako sa recruitment center nila and nag-apply na po. nagexam na rin and pumasa nmn. nakasched na yung interview ko that is why I ask kung ilan starting salary sa ASE for the usual question na “What salary are you expecting?”.

    Follow up question po: Yung 16,000 negotiable ba yun or fix na?

  520. rgamueda says:

    If you love your work, Hard Work will no longer be a sacrifice……Yun un..

  521. QuAdKan0n says:

    Eh sa NEXUS technologies inc?.. may info ba about kayo dun? salary? benefits? company policy?

  522. jobkeen010 says:

    To All: Any good starting job for fresh grad mga sir/s in your company.I’m a Computer Engineer grad. As of now, I’m currently looking for an experience in IT Field. You can contact me po at [email protected].

    Maraming Salamat po.Please reply po mga sir.

  523. flowerpower says:

    @klever – actually, sinasagot ko lang yung question ni nangarap_at_nangangarap if “O” ba yung start nung company na pinanggalingan ko. im not from Orange & Bronze. i don’t even think na may cobol sila dun.. :-D

  524. klever says:

    @jobkeen010 may 5 mutual friends tayo sa FB. :D

  525. InstantTambay says:

    Sa lahat, Fresh graduate po ako at hanggang ngaun ay naghahanap pa din po ako ng trabaho. Maraming nagsa suggest sa Accenture nag try ako dun pero di ako pumasa ng interview siguro dahil sa di maganda ang academic records ko 8 years ako sa college. Sa ngayon may pending pa ako sa Trend Micro mag e e-mail daw sila pero wala pang dumadating (kakatapos ko lang ng initial interview last week) dapat po ba ako humingi ng feedback.

    Any suggestions po para sa fresh grad?

  526. huawei says:

    ang daming comments pero natapos ko namang basahin kahit papaano…nakakatakot ang mga salary nyo

  527. bagongGRAD says:

    Hi,anu po bang magandang company ang hindi magrerequire na i-bond ka except HP?
    ok din po ba ang IT field sa mga philippine banks?
    thanks sa mga magrereply.

  528. alohomora says:

    @bagongGRAD – Bakit ayaw mo ng bond?

  529. bagongGRAD says:

    baka kasi magkaron ng ibang opportunity e,atleast,kung walang bond,pwd igrab kagad.