Globe vs Smart: Samsung Galaxy Note8 postpaid plans comparison

Globe vs Smart: Samsung Galaxy Note8 postpaid plans comparison

With the Samsung Galaxy Note8 coming at the end of September, the two big network providers, Globe and Smart, have released their postpaid plans for the device.

Consumers might have trouble choosing which plan to pick. Here is a comparison between Globe and Smart’s postpaid plans for the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

Samsung Galaxy Note8Globe ThePLANSmart Postpaid Plan
PlanPlan 999Plan 999
CallsUnli Calls to Globe/TM-50 mins All-Net Calls
-Discounted calls to Smart/TNT (P4/min)
TextsUnli Texts to Globe/TMUnlimited All-Net Texts
-500MB for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber
Freebies-Spotify Premium (3 months subscription)
-Netflix (6 months subscription)
-Gadget Care (1 month)
-Free AKG Speaker for renewal of contract
-Free AKG Speaker
-iFlix (1 month subscription)
Contract Period24 months30 months
Cash-outPhp1,450/month (Php34,800)Php3,499 initial (Php999 plan + Php2,500 phone) + Php1,500/month (Php45,000)
Total MSFPhp2,449Php2,499
Total Contract CostPhp58,776Php78,469

Smart’s Plan 999, has a fixed service package. It has 50 minutes of All-Net calls with Php4/minute discounted calls for Smart/TNT subscribers, unlimited all-net texts, and 10GB data allocation with 500MB data for Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, and Viber. It also has a free AKG speaker and a 1-month subscription for iFlix. Consumers will have to pay Php2,499 for 30 months with an initial cashout of Php3,499. The total contract cost for this plan is Php78,469.

Globe’s Plan 999 services on the other hand, have a default package that has unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM subscribers only. It has a 4GB allocated data cap. It also has subscriptions for Netflix (6 months), Spotify (3 months), and Gadget Care (1 month). As for its freebies, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 will have a free AKG Speaker upon renewal of the contract. Consumers will have to pay a Php34,800 cashout and continuously pay Php2,449 for 24 months for the contract to be finished. The total contract cost for this plan is Php58,776. Take note that Globe’s ThePLAN is flexible with its service packages, so consumers may choose which one best suits them.


Upon checking both postpaid plans, Globe’s plan 999 is visibly cheaper in terms of total contract cost since consumers will only pay Php2,449 a month for 24 months. Service-wise, Smart’s plan 999 appears to have more to offer in its service, since it gives more data allocation for the consumers, even though they would need to pay Php 2,499 for an additional 6 months, comparing with Globe’s 24-month contract.

Which plan would you choose? The one that aims for a cheaper price, or the one with a better service?

Let us know your thoughts, leave your comments below.


Disclaimer: Comparisons are based on the MSF cost.

Vaughn is your go-to person when it comes to comparing gadgets especially smartphones. He's also a gamer by heart and the "Hackerman" of the team.

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42 Responses

  1. Jude says:

    if that’s the way how to compute globe’s postpaid, lalabas n mas makakamura ka sa plan 599. using your formula, plan 599 will give
    599 x 24 = 14,376
    Add cashout: 38,400 will yield 52,776 for the whole 24 month contract
    kahit n limited ang service ng 599, makakamura p rin. Tinalo nito ang mga credit cards. in my opinion, may mga ibang charges p yan. hindi magpapalugi ang globe.

  2. Edison says:

    Can you recheck the call and text part for Globe 999. I think it should be 50 text and 50 minutes call.

  3. Jan says:

    the globe 999 call and text is wrong. it should be 50 minutes call and 50 all net text.

    • Vaughn Chua says:

      According to Globe’s website, the plan’s default services are:
      -4GB mobile internet
      -Unli Texts to Globe/TM
      -Unli Calls to Globe/TM
      -Spotify Premium (3 months subscription)
      -Netflix (6 months subscription)
      -Protect your device with Gadget Care
      -Free shipping
      -24 months contract period

      However, this is still changeable with its lifestyle plan which lets you customized the services that you can get.

      Here’s a link of their list of plans for the samsung galaxy note8:

    • Jude says:

      ok. i saw something is missing sa globe computation. hindi napasama ang monthly payment ng phone. unlike sa smart. kasama sa computation ang monthly payment ng phone. hindi kasi realistic ang 58k+ total ng globe sa 24months. Postpaid customers know better. let’s admit it. silent ang globe sa monthly payment ng phone na dapat sana i-disclose nila.

    • Kuya, 24 months vs 30 months. Anong mali sa computation? Please show your calculations in a 1/2 crosswise paper.

    • Jude says:

      @Carl Lamiel,
      78k – 58k = 20k. 20k difference in 6 months? I dont have to expound on this. you’re smart enough to know.
      I presented a globe 599 plan using Mr. Chua’s formula. 52k+ . for smart, 53k. Phone costs almost 50k. not realistic for both. something is missing for both.

    • Dicube says:

      @Jude fyi please rethink from Google
      The Plan 999
      Cash out for handset 34800 (divide 24 Php 1450)
      999 + 1450 = 2499
      Plan Inclusion
      >4GB / Php599
      >Unli call to TM&Gblobe / Php299
      >Unli txt to TM&Globe / Php99
      Total 997

  4. el gato says:

    the good = unli calls/text are good for business owners who need to call/text a lot of employees and clients albeit on globe/tm networks only. also for rich students. if globe offers something like an affordable add-on data pack, then smart’s offer will be demolished.
    the bad = the time-limited freebies are almost useless with the 4GB monthly data allowance.

    the good = good for those who can’t resist to use the net, 10GB mobile data is very good.
    the bad = the 50 minutes all net is on the low side.

  5. Luis says:

    Hi, I think the SMART postpaid plan for Samsung Note 8 has only one time P1000 cashout.

    • Vaughn Chua says:

      Since you’ll have to pay Php2,499/month for 30 months, doing so will lead you to pay 74,970 excluding the initial cashout.

  6. Riba Sanchez says:

    hindi marunong sa calculation ang gumawa nito.
    wow talaga.
    paano naging Php78,469 ang…

    2,499×30=74,970+2,500 one time payment= 77,470

    linawin nyo nga pls yung info ninyo kasi lumalabas masyado kayong eng-eng.
    plan 999 is 3,499 initial cashout (breakdown of 999 plan payment + 2500 one-time payment…). 2,499 monthly (breakdown of plan paymeny 999+1500 device payment)

    • Vaughn Chua says:

      Hi :) According to Smart’s website, the initial cashout is Php3,499 (Php999 for plan payment + Php2,500 for device payment) along with its Php2,499 monthly payment for 30 months. Doing the math, the computation would be:

      (2,499 x 30) + 3,499 = 78,469.

      If you are still not satisfied, you could check their website here:

    • Jasper says:

      Actually it should be 2499 x 29 = 72,471 + 3,499 = 75,970
      Your initial payment cover your 1st monthly plan rate already, hence you need to pay only 29 more to cover the 30 months contract.

  7. Jude sybico says:

    Better service preffered

  8. Jude says:

    how’s this? All-in plan 500 smart. using your formula,
    cash out: 41,500
    500/mo for 24months = 12,000
    Total of 53,500 in 24 months.
    Mura din sa smart, di ba?.

    What I’m trying to point out is, may mga mali sa computation sa globe and smart sa article. To settle this, one must go to globe and smart stores and ask for real computations based on the plan one wants.

  9. Ejia says:

    Have they said how much it will cost for their upscale plans (Globe Platinum/Smart Infinity) yet?

  10. jayb says:

    99% PERCENT ng contacts ko Globe subscribers kaya mas sulit sakin tlga Plan nang Globe. .

  11. 123456 says:

    HAHAHA Yugatech should really require this author to attend seminars. You consider Smart as the one who offered more from its service since it provides 10GB of data? What do you call Globe’s Spotify and Netflix subscriptions against Smart’s iFlix? LOL

    • Ivan says:

      Lol i shouldnt be commenting this late but how will you be satisfied with the spotify and netflix shiz if you only have 4gb? Haha

  12. Damoves says:

    I wonder my Globe Plan 999 was used as comparison rather than Plan 1799. Maybe to show that Smart offers more services?

    • Vaughn Chua says:

      The comparison was based on the closest MSF cost from both plans :) As you can see in the table, only the MSF cost values were highlighted :)

  13. harold says:

    Kindly re-check. Pagkakakita ko may atleast 20k cash out ang Globe. Sa Smart is 1k lang.

  14. rush says:

    Kulang dyan sa globe ay walang call and text to other networks..
    Pwede bang isama sa MSF ang cash-out ng all in plans ng smart o 1 time lang?

  15. Dicube says:

    @Jude fyi please rethink from Google
    The Plan 999
    Cash out for handset 34800 (divide 24 Php 1450)
    999 + 1450 = 2499
    Plan Inclusion
    >4GB / Php599
    >Unli call to TM&Gblobe / Php299
    >Unli txt to TM&Globe / Php99
    Total 997

    • Jude says:

      1st, its 2449 a month. rethink and recalculate.
      Do i have to spell it out for you that there is something missing? 2449×24=58776 total for 24months. this includes the 999 monthly and cashout only. which beg the question.
      Do you really think that Globe will give the note 8 for34800? if you ask me, its a no. This is big business.

      if you had read my posts here, you must know by now my point and what you must do to clear up things with this article. i say no more.

  16. Jude says:

    I’m going to make it simple by asking a question. This is based on your calculations.
    Do you really think globe will give the note 8 for 34800?
    its you that must rethink.

    • Chase says:

      I got my Note 8 from Globe; Plan 999 and I cashed out P35,799 (initial cash-out +1 month advance). Monthly is only P999. (999×23) = 22977 + 35,799 = 58776

      Did I get this wrong? :)

  17. Robert Uy says:

    Huwag pilitin kung ‘di kaya ng budget. Apparently, with Samsung note 8’s current price, only those Class A and B people can afford to buy them in one full payment. On the other hand, the middle class’ only means to own a smartphone of this calibre is through these plans but even then it’s still going to be a daunting realization that you’ll be duty bound to pay 2500k for 2 years or so which doesn’t make sense when you’re a family man or woman trying to make ends meet.
    My conscientious advice is to go for bang for buck mid-range smartphones that pack decent hardware and software specs that don’t break the bank without compromising quality and more importantly functionality.
    Or a good alternative as well is settling for older flagships from top tiers that still deliver the goods yet don’t cost as much.

  18. Luis says:


    I think the postpaid by smart was minsunderstood. 3399= 1k cashout + 1600 monthly gadget amortization + 799 base plan.

    Kindly change so the misinformation doesn’t spread.

    Thank you.

    • Luis says:

      If postpaid plan 999, 3499 = 9999 + 1500 gadget amortization+ 1k cashout.

      Php3,499 initial (Php999 plan + Php2,500 phone) + Php1,500/month (Php45,000)

      the computation above is wrong. 2500 includes gadget amortization and cashout already, so you dont need to plus the 1500 anymore.

    • Tama po yung computation. The Php1,500 per month is added to succeeding monthly installments, as aligned with the Globe side (1,450/mo). Please also check: Smart has a 30-month lock-in period. You just repeated what’s already written in the article.

  19. Luis says:

    Hi Carl,

    Lets do the total cash for 30months smart postpaid plan. 999+1500 = 2499 * 30 = 74970 + 1000 cashout. its only 75970. So I think above total is wrong for Smart.

    • Luis says:

      Also to add, I applied for the plan. So does it mean the smart officer, gave me the wrong tabulation? hmm. I must be mistaken. Kindly correct me if I’m wrong, so I can complain to smart.

  20. Katherine says:

    Hi Guys.
    Upon checking yung plan 999 po ng smart ang nakalagay sa website ng smart para sa Breakdown of Initial Cashout and Breakdown of Monthly Payment

    Breakdown of Initial Cashout
    Plan Payment:P999.00
    Phone/Device Payment:P2,500.00
    Total Initial Cashout:P3,499.00
    Pay upon approval

    Breakdown of Monthly Payment

    Plan Payment:P999.00
    Phone/Device Payment:P1,500.00
    Total Monthly Payment:P2,499.00
    for succeeding months on contract

    so sa computation ko ito yung total cost para sa smart 75,970.

  21. Taki says:

    @jude i got a plan sa globe and its plan 999 +1450(unit)/month
    Yan lng binabayaran ko kasi d naman ako nag eexceed :)
    Plan package
    499 – unlicall globe + unli txt allnetwork
    299 – 1.5gb
    2×99 – 2gb
    Freebies 1gb fb
    Total 4.5GB

  22. Jon says:

    Are the phones sim locked (the 2 slots) to their networks?

  23. Chase says:

    I got my Note 8 from Globe; Plan 999 and I cashed out P35,799 (initial cash-out +1 month advance). Monthly is only P999. (999×23) = 22977 + 35,799 = 58776

    Did I get this wrong? :)

  24. Jo Flores says:

    Sa Smart 5-7 days pa ang approval at processing grabe ang tagal, eh kotse pwede ka bumili in 3days kasama na paper works

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