Most affordable wired internet starter plans in the Philippines

The new normal has forced people to work and learn from their homes to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. As such, we’ve suggested several laptops in the PHP 25K, PHP 35K, and PHP 50K price range, as well as equipment that we think people should invest in. While we did briefly discuss how you should choose an Internet Service Provider, we have not discussed their available plans.

If you are looking for the most affordable internet plan, we’ve compiled and compared the list of offered by different ISPs in the country.

Author’s note: Due to the amount of data that you could potentially consume over a month’s work of learning and studying, we’ve only listed unlimited plans to avoid extra fees.

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Here are the most affordable plans available from the four most prominent ISPs:

ISPPlanSpeedSpecial PromoPrice
GlobeGlobe At Home Go Unli Plan 12995Mbps
Unlimited Calls to Globe/TM, Local area Landline, NDD
50% off for the first 3 monthsPHP 1,299
PLDTUNLI FIBR PLAN 129910Mbps+5Mbps promo (Original plan 5Mbps)PHP 1,299
ConvergeFIBER X 150025MbpsPHP 1,500
SKYSKY Fiber Unli Broadband 999 Plan5MbpsPHP 999

Do note that the plans given by PLDT, Converge, and SKY are Fiber connections, which should be more consistent (that is to say, there are no peak hours), and should have relatively similar download and upload speeds. Given the plans, the cost per Mbps would come out as follows:

  • Globe – PHP 259 / Mbps, PHP 129.9 / Mbps for the first three months
  • PLDT – PHP 129 / Mbps
  • Converge – PHP 60 /Mbps
  • SKY – PHP 199.8 / Mbps

As it stands, Converge offers the most value of the four, but have limited availability across the country. PLDT offers the second most valuable plan, costing only PHP 129 per Mbps. SKY’s offering is tied for the slowest available plan, at only 5Mbps, but offers the cheapest of all at just PHP 999. Lastly, Globe has the most expensive plan of the four but offers users unlimited calls to Globe, TM, and Local Landlines.

I would, however, like to reiterate that choosing which provider is heavily dependent on your location. Some providers may not be able to provide you the advertised speed, while others may. In this case, it will cause you fewer headaches and ease of mind by choosing the ISP that’s more capable in your area, even if its a little more expensive. Take advantage of free trials, when possible, and check out reviews from people within close proximity to your home.

For those with internet connections, help our fellow kababayans out and recommend which ISPs are working great in your area! Let us know in the comments below.

8 Responses

  1. Glen Hale says:

    Even if you as using Coronaverge you are lucky to get 3 weeks a month..I was paying what I thought was fair amount for what I was using ..but they disconnected me..So they want me to pay for something I was not getting

  2. rjkw says:

    Sounds like a promo material for ConvergeICT to me. comparing plans that shouldnt be compared since they are not on the same price point! You need to redo this article to regain your ‘journalistic’ integrity if you have any.

  3. what says:

    Is the writer sponsored by Converge? Or is it Yugatech itself? What’s with the dishonest comparison? You used Converge’s 25 Mbps plan. You should’ve looked at similar speeds for the other ISPs.

    Globe Fiber – Plan 1899 – 25 Mbps – PHP 75.96 / Mbps
    PLDT Fibr – Plan 1899 – 30 Mbps – PHP 63.3 / Mbps
    Converge Fiber – Plan 1500 – 25 Mbps – PHP 60 / Mbps
    Sky Fiber – Plan 1499 – 25 Mbps – PHP 59.96 / Mbps

    The picture now looks very different than what you’re trying to paint. You should’ve also mentioned their upload speed performance. Sky, which looks to be the best option price wise, have low upload speed. Same issue with Globe.

  4. Christian Labrada Sonio says:

    ConvergeICT ftw.. satisfied user here.. ??

  5. Lalalahnie says:

    Been a customer of skycable for more than 10 years. Cable and internet. They are not perfect but most of the time you can rely on them for fast internet speed even for 5mbps. If you will be a regular user, meaning the usual stuff browsing and downloading/uploading, 5mbps is enough but i suggest to get higher speed if you have around 4 and above users at home. QC area.

  6. pinasbulokinternet says:

    we need more players. the only provider that has been consistent is Converge, the others are dependent of location, which shouldn’t be for fixed internet.

  7. Sean says:

    What a bad writer. Make a chart comparing at similar price points. Yes Sky has a plan 999,but you omitted that they also have a 25 mbps plan at 1499 which is similar to converge.

    This helps people that have limited availability in their area. And you even compared cost per mbps which really differs a lot at different price points.

    SMH writer…

  8. Zoi says:

    Currently using Globe at Home LTE Postpaid (almost 3 yrs now), for Plan 1299 Ive got an upgrade of 10Mbps speed

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