Contest: 5 Laptop Bags to Give Away

Contest: 5 Laptop Bags to Give Away

The sponsor of our laptop bag enjoyed the suggestions and participation on our first give-away that they sent in 5 more laptop bags to our readers. Check below how you can get one of these 5 multi-colored laptop bags.

Answer this Question: What’s your laptop brand and model and how much did it cost when you got it? Three (3) laptop bags will be given away to randomly selected commenter.

laptop bag

Guess the Color Sequence: We’ll shuffle the colored flaps (pink, blue, gray and black) randomly. Those who can guess the sequence of colors will win one of 2 remaining laptop bags.


laptop bag

We’ll announce the winners next week, Monday (September 22) at 5PM. You can participate on both contest to get a better chance in winning but you can only win once. Those who guessed the correct color sequence and commented first will win the two other laptop bags (if you make more than one comment/answer, your last comment will be your official entry).

Prizes will be shipped to your address anywhere in the Philippines.

To learn more about these laptop bags, you can text Ehm at 0915.400.82.77

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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117 Responses

  1. Rex says:

    Included ba ang ASUS 1000H? Mine’s that and it cost me P26,900 the other day.

    Color sequence: blue – gray – pink – black – pink

  2. Rex says:

    Included ba ang ASUS 1000H? Mine’s that and it cost me P26,900 the other day.

    Color sequence: blue – gray – pink – black

  3. Acer Aspire 4310 – 38k
    Blue, Black Gray, Pink

  4. Ismael says:

    ASUS A6500R – P49k last 2yrs

    Color sequence: blue-pink-gray-pink-black

  5. creyes says:

    Asus1000H – P26,200

  6. pink says:

    color sequence


  7. jv says:

    Acer 5920G B 50,670 (approx. $1,550 or P70,000 – bought in Thailand)

    pink, black, blue, gray

  8. Shad says:

    ThinkPad Z60M – 61,486.46 last two years.
    gray blue pink black

  9. Joemz says:

    Acer 5562wxmi, Php52K – excluding upgrades… P69K including RAM and xp pro upgrade.

  10. leo says:

    NEO B2161N P18,999 only

  11. Willy says:

    Asus Eeepc 1000H, P26.5k — the day it first came out at PC Corner a month ago

    Browmn, pink, blue, pink, black.

  12. reikoku says:

    HP Pavillion dv9743cl 59k

    pink blue grey black

  13. Gian says:

    Neo Basic B2165, P32.5k

    gray, blue, pink, black

  14. jamie says:

    Neo Empriva 525GMi P35K

    blue black pink gray

  15. MSI Wind U100 – 20K

    pink, blue, gray , black

  16. tonti says:

    ASUS EEE PC 1000H for P25.5k

    blue pink gray black

  17. Gerald says:

    Asus EEE PC 1000H, 27.5k

    Black, Blue, Gray, Pink

  18. Kitty says:

    Yugger!!! Pink Pink!!! I want the Pink one!

  19. senses says:

    Lenovo Y410 – T5550, I purchased it with a price of Php 44,450.00 (discounted from it’s original price of Php 49, 000.00), 3 months ago at a local store here in Dumaguete City.

    pink black blue grey :)

  20. Jase says:

    Neo Empriva 572SVBx Php41,000

    Black Pink Gray Blue

  21. I have Sony Vaio and I bought it for P 49,800

  22. Toshiba Laptop A205-S5819 T2330(1.60GHz) P35k
    black, gray, blue, pink

  23. gpc says:

    ECS G556 PhP 85,000 (5 years ago)

    black blue gray pink

  24. Lenovo G400
    Php 34,995 (February 2008)

    gray, blue, pink, black

  25. Jay says:

    SONY VAIO PCG V505 BX $1,100 (4 years ago)

    (Pink, Blue, Black, Gray)

  26. MSI Wind U100, P22K

    gray, black, blue, pink

  27. Sherwin says:

    HP Pavilion dv6405us, $650

    black blue gray pink

  28. Noel says:

    MSI PR200 Core2 Duo T7100 1.80GHz P64K
    black, pink, blue, gray

  29. aPoL says:

    Compaq Presario V3000 (1.8GHz) Php 60K
    blue, pink, gray, black

  30. Hope I win this time. :)

    Laptop and price:
    Eee PC 1000H for 25.5K

    Color sequence:
    gray, pink, black, blue

  31. Rachel says:

    Neo M54SR

  32. vanessa says:

    neo empriva 661nx2 12.1″
    46k (2years ago)

    blue, pink, gray and black

  33. Galwin says:

    What’s your laptop brand and model and how much did it cost when you got it?

    Toshiba Satellite Pro M300 for 80k

    Guess the Color Sequence: We’ll shuffle the colored flaps (pink, blue, gray and black) randomly.

    Black, gray, pink, and blue.

  34. Harriz says:

    black, pink, gray, and blue

  35. june22 says:

    What’s your laptop brand and model and how much did it cost when you got it?

    Acer 5540 – 52K

    Guess the Color Sequence: We’ll shuffle the colored flaps (pink, blue, gray and black) randomly.

    gray pink blue black

  36. edward says:

    toshiba satellite pro A200

    blue pink black gray

  37. Kenneth says:

    Laptop Model: Sony VAIO = Php60k

    Color Sequence: blue, gray, pink, black

  38. jun asis says:

    12″ ibook G4, the last PowerPC Apple laptop.


    black blue gray pink (in alphabetical order hehehe)

  39. Laptop: IBM Thinkpad – 33k

    Colour sequence: blue, pink, gray and black

  40. Lyle, RN says:

    Compaq Presario C794TU @ Php 34,950

    black – gray – blue – pink

  41. Erin says:

    Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo ProV1700 – bought for around 80K three or four years ago.

    MSI Wind – Php29900

    Color combination: pink-blue-gray-black

  42. terence uygongco says:

    thinkpad x60 – 2 years ago @ p92k
    macbook – 2 years ago @ 60k


  43. Pacute says:

    Toshiba satellite, my father bought it in saudi arabia 3 years ago and the price is around 50,000 pesos..

    yuga, please choose me..

  44. Gino R says:

    Lenovo y410 – I got my laptop bag as a package..but i hate the design. It’s too corporate.

    Color sequence: grey – blue – pink – black

  45. Pacute says:

    blue, gray, pink, black

    please choose me. :)

  46. Ed says:

    Dell Vostro 1500

    Bought originally from the states, then resold to me for Php 55,000


  47. Alvin Fallore says:

    Compaq Presario V3617tu – bought it for 34k last feb2008 as b-day gift for myself

    Color Sequence: Black.Pink.Blue.Gray

  48. Acer Aspire 3683
    Bought it for around P40K two years ago.
    black, blue, pink and gray

  49. Packardbell EasyNote FO445-P-077 (Skype)
    P 33,996 before 40k +
    Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5300 – 1.73GHz,1GB DDR2 SODIMM, 14.1″ Wide TFT Diamond View LCD, 120GB Hard Disk Drive SATA, Super Multi DVD±RW Drive, 56Kbps V.92 Modem, Bluetooth, SKYPE Button, Card Reader, Integrated Webcam
    FREE: Carrying Case
    Promo: Free Nokia Cellphone 1200 or Canon IP1300 Printer

    Parksquare 1, Ayala Center Makati City

    * Yung bag nga lang eh di maganda… but the price and specs is good. I just bought for my presentations and development. It’s also good for developers/administrators like me.

  50. Packard Bell EasyNote

    blue pink gray black

  51. aby says:

    acer travelmate 6291, named misato (an evangelion character). worth 59,000php with free kingston 4GB thumb drive and genius optical mouse.

  52. aL says:

    asus x80ne. bought for around P31,000 last month.

  53. Sheila says:

    acer aspire 4715Z, bought it last March 12, 2008 price was 35K

  54. Sheila says:

    ooopppsss…i forgot the colors sequence
    blue, pink, gray and black

  55. aL says:

    forgot the color sequence too. gray-blue-black-pink.

  56. zerukul says:

    Asus A3N, 85k, bought it 3 yrs ago

  57. Sheila says:

    ooopppsss…i forgot the color sequence
    blue, pink, gray and black

  58. zerukul says:

    color sequence: blue black gray pink

  59. sultanjr says:

    Fujitsu Lifebook C1321, 69K, bought 3 years ago

  60. natreh says:

    color sequence: pink – blue – gray – black
    Samsonite (backpack) laptop bag, purchased last December 2007 at price of P5,300. :)

  61. Calvin says:

    my guess for the color sequence is: blue – gray – pink – black

    laptop is an MSI VR320 that we got for 32k.

    what happens if more that 2 person got the correct sequence?

  62. iceman9 says:

    Compaq, Compaq Presario C767tu, Black, P36,000 2gb memory, 160 gb hdd sata, 1.7 ghz, dual core, as of May 15, 2008

  63. ralph says:

    toshiba satellite 2410 $2000+ as of december 2003

  64. ralph says:

    sequence: black blue pink gray

  65. silie says:

    asus eee 1000h september 14, 2008 at P26k :)

    color sequence” gray blue pink black

  66. kouji says:

    great promo. :)

    mine’s a thinkpad r51 and it cost about P60T back around 2005.

    color sequence is pink, blue, gray and black.

  67. Beena says:

    color sequence: black pink gray blue

    Sony Vaio CR series (White)
    Php 70,000

  68. arcibald says:

    laptop is a macbook (black), for around 67k last july 2008.
    color sequence: black-pink-gray-blue

  69. BrianB says:

    White Macbook, 80GB

    gray, pink, black, blue

  70. Tammy says:

    Compaq Presario B1900
    P80,000 from Silicon Valley the shop in October 2006

  71. tine says:

    Toshiba Satellite u300 1,200canadian dollars november 2007

  72. Obed says:

    asus eee 900 P 17,000

  73. Obed says:

    sequence nga pala..

    pink, blue, gray and black

  74. Larry says:

    Acer 6292 – PhP50,000

  75. Larry says:


    blue, pink, gray, black

  76. john berchman says:

    I just got my girlfriend, who’s on vacation sa states to get me a new HP Pavilion dv5z which costs me $756.72 straight from I ordered it last week and its on its way to her place already and come October, she’ll coming back home with it. See, the laptop I ordered didn’t have any bag with it, so I think this should house my new toy very well. ;)

  77. john galsim says:

    color sequence

    blue, gray , black and pink

  78. frozenpyro says:

    want one.. please..

  79. frozenpyro says:

    lenovo g400 – 30k

  80. Avegale says:

    color sequence: pink, black, blue, gray

  81. Shannelle says:

    What’s your laptop brand and model and how much did it cost when you got it?
    I got the MSI Wind U100. The price at that time I bought it was exactly at 25,999 pesos.

  82. Jejomar Bongat says:

    I asked a cousin of mine to buy me a HP Pavilion dv2715nr from the states. $699 dollars as she told me, and given the exchange rate of about P41:$1 at that time, this thing cost me about P28,700 pesos.

    Let me guess:
    Blue, pink, black, gray

  83. Amiel says:

    I use a dell laptop bag i got it for free

  84. L.A says:

    HP 570 – Php 29, 800

    Gray, Black, Pink and Blue :D

  85. channa veera swamy says:

    Acer aspire 5050 INR 40000/-

  86. ewancoo says:

    ECS Green 556E for 35k

    blue, pink, gray, black :)

  87. feefayfoo says:

    mine is the HP 6910p, just got it for the price of PhP27,000.

    color sequence? i guess it’s blue, gray, black and then pink

  88. Allan says:

    MSI VR330-X2 25000

  89. whackerZ says:

    Ask my bro to get me a Dell Vostro 1000 from the States last December, cost him US$479+taxes, paid him in pesos (P20,400).

  90. whackerZ says:

    color sequence:

  91. Marjune says:

    Dell Latitude 810 – second hand at 85k… Got it last 2003, still working :)

  92. Chesca says:

    Deep Blue H1 (Linpus OS). Got it from PC Corner Gilmore for P11,500 on Sept. 15– just almost a day before they dropped the price to P9,995! Sayang! But it’s alright, because even at 11,500 it was still a great bargain! I’m currently loving everything about my umpc too :)

  93. Chesca says:

    blue-grey-black-pink :)

  94. volans says:

    Apple Macbook Pro 15″, 2.16 Ghz Core 2 Duo, got it for about 100k php
    gray, blue, black, pink


  95. Trojan says:

    Dell Latitude D600 @ 75K

    Black – Blue – Grey – Pink

  96. jaycee006 says:

    blue black gray pink

  97. ceicel says:

    black blue pink gray

  98. lhynn says:

    black gray pink blue

  99. charlynne says:

    pink blue gray black

  100. richard says:

    blue pink black gray

  101. Ronin says:

    My dad could use that laptop bag! He got a Dell Latitude 630 for 75K sometime ago.

  102. Ronin says:

    I mean Dell Latitude D630 for 75K… Haha. Sorry for the typo.

  103. Ronnie says:

    Neo Empriva, can’t remember exact model code.
    P 30K (2006)
    Gray Blue Pink Black

  104. Yo! says:

    Black pink gray blue!

  105. Jon says:

    Compaq Presario V3431

    Php 42,000

  106. jon says:

    blue black pink gray

  107. Rass says:

    Compact Presario C700 – Php 25,000

    pink, blue, gray, black

  108. Yoru says:

    Toshiba Satellite (SA10-S703) dad got it for around 7,000 QAR in 2004

    pink, gray, black, blue


  109. Asus 4210 P31,000

    Gray,blue,pink and black

  110. PvFv says:

    Apple Macbook (Black) for $1,674

  111. I bought my Lenovo y310 at 47k php last July 2008.

  112. Maria Cecilia Montefalcon says:

    Dell Inspiron 6000, 30K, October 2006

  113. ken reston says:

    What’s your laptop brand and model and how much did it cost when you got it?

    HP Pavillion DV2715NR, PhP 29,000.00 February 20, 2008…

  114. i bought Compaq Presario 2225AP of Rs. 58,500/- on 23 September, 2008

  115. michael C. says:

    I got an compaq presario CQ40 108tu for 31,000

    the color sequence that I choose

    pink blue black and gray

    thanks for this opportunity :)

  116. dona says:

    model name: 80UC


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