Poll: How much do you spend for mobile 3G?

Poll: How much do you spend for mobile 3G?

The latest AdMob report for August shows strong growth in mobile web traffic for the Philippines. This is partly pushed by the iPhone 3G. Our next poll asks how much people spend on mobile 3G every month.

Our latest survey on Mobile 3G Usage indicates more than half are using their 3G phone to go online compared to tethering or using 3G USB dongles.


For this survey, we’ll look into the average monthly spending for 3G connection and here are the options:

  • You don’t use mobile 3G.
  • Less than Php100 per month
  • Between Php100 to Php500 per month
  • From Php500 to Php999 per month
  • From Php1,000 to Php2,000 per month
  • More than Php2,000 per month

Some older accounts on Globe Visibility has that unlimited usage plan at Php2,000 (the promo price) and Php3,000 (regular price). There are also people in the WeRoam plan (Php1,999 for unlimited) as well as that Smart Bro Unlimited plan (came out first week only) for Php999. Sun Cellular is also offering unlimited mobile broadband for as low as Php999 a month.

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4 Responses

  1. Erin says:

    Less than 100 pesos per month.

    i only use it to check gmail if i am within a prohibitive network. most of the time there are free internet hotspots (e.g. wigo.ph).

  2. hakkr says:

    less than P100 per month. but i use mobile 3G everyday. my name says it all (hehee)

  3. less than 100 per month. globe 3g is super slow here in bulacan. also smart 3g..

  4. Rem says:

    This is crazy but I use GPlan 10000, so I pay P10,000 a month for my iPhone 3G.

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