Lenovo-YugaTech Laptop Contest Winners

Lenovo-YugaTech Laptop Contest Winners

This is the last of the 4 give-aways we did last December and among them, the hardest to judge since I had to read each of the close to 300 entries one by one. This caused the 1 week delay but it’s finally here — check out the winners of the Lenovo-YugaTech Laptop Contest after the jump.

I’ve narrowed down my choices to 23 entries and then pick the one that I liked the most. I wish I could award prizes to all the 23 finalists but unfortunately, I’ve only allotted 10 consolation prizes.

So what I did after picking my grand prize winner is randomly select the top 10 among the remaining 22. These are the 10 of the 23 finalists I got, in no particular order.

  • Karen Chayne [ entry ]
  • Hector Legazpi [ entry ]
  • Jose Lorenzo Manongsong [ comment #55 ]
  • Abigail [ entry
  • Jenny [ entry ]
  • Jerson [ entry ]
  • Martin Tristan Carneo [ entry ]
  • Chedie [ entry ]
  • Sanctuarian06 [ entry ]
  • Mary Narvasa [ entry ]
  • And the winning entry which I really liked is by: Ferdinand Angeles

    10 fun things i can do with a new lenovo laptop


    Congratulations to everyone!

    How to claim your prize.

    For Ferdinand, he needs to attend the awarding at the Lenovo office here in Makati (TBD).

    For the 10 finalists, email me (abeolandres @ gmail dot com) with the subject line “Lenovo YugaTech Contest Winner” stating your full name, contact numbers and complete shipping address. Don’t forget to include your commenter handle. Make sure you use the same email you used in submitting your entry here so we can verify you quickly.

    Also indicate which prize you want to get — the Globe Tattoo or the Php500 Globe load (include the Globe/TM number you want me to send the Share-a-Load).

    Don’t forget to add Lenovo Philippines on Facebook or Twitter.

    Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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    53 Responses

    1. JeffZ says:

      Congratulations to the winners!

    2. Sanctuarian06 says:

      Yay. :)

    3. jun says:

      wow.. he deserve it.. :)

    4. Gumz says:

      congrats sa mga winners…

    5. Ferdinand A. says:

      Win some lose some. Talo sa Blackberry (sama ng loob ko dun)pero panalo sa Lenovo :-)Thank you Sir bossing manager tsip YUGA!!!!!!

    6. iva says:

      congratulations! the winning entry’s really fun to watch :D can’t wait for lyntech :D

    7. aljii says:

      LYNTECH na ‘yan! ang bonnga!…it’s really fun to watch the winning entry :D CONGRATULATIONS!

    8. Ferdinand A. says:

      Congrats and thanks din sa fellow contestants ko. Your entries, which gave me the scare of my life, made this contest one of YugaTech’s toughest!

    9. dhan says:

      the winning entry made my day, epic humor and awesome idea. :) congratulations!

    10. MaryJane DeGuzman says:

      wohoo.. Congrats Winners.. :)

    11. MaryJane DeGuzman says:

      Congrats.. Sir Ferdie! Two Thumbs Up!!

      Congrats to all the winners!!


    12. MaryJane DeGuzman says:

      Congrats Winners! Cheers!

    13. Lexi says:

      Another win for Sir Ferdie! You deserve it po! Congrats again!

    14. heckiboi says:

      Wow I am included in the Top 23 and I won consolation prize.

      Congrats to everyone ^_^

    15. Sanctuarian06 says:

      Sir abe, mayroon pa bang Globe Tattoo jan na hindi pa expired yung sim? Yung napanalunan ko po sa Yugatech on Ovi eh expired na kasi. Hindi ko po nagamit. Salamat sir abe. :)

    16. Sanctuarian06 says:

      Sir abe, I will wait for your response para alam ko po pipiliin kong prize. Salamat sir abe. :)

    17. uberover says:

      Congratulations to the grand winner!
      He really did his best on making a cool and funny powerpoint presentation!!!

    18. yuga says:

      @Sanctuarian06 – sorry, lahat ng naiwan na Tattoo have expired SIM na since April 2010 pa.

    19. Levs says:

      Congrats sa winner you deserve it.. ayos sa olryt ang pagkagawa..

    20. Gwapito says:

      Congrats to all the winners, nice way to meet 2011!

    21. C0ngrats sa mga winner’s”,

    22. ehmmjhey says:

      i know he’ll win. congrats Ferdinand A.!

    23. Pusang Kulog says:

      Galing! Congratz Mr. Ferdinand Angeles! If I ever see a car with a Lenovo laptop over it, then I know it will be you…

      Oh, tama na celebration! Mamamalengke ka pa raw sabi ng misis mo! Wehehe!

    24. WILDER says:

      congratulations!!! :)

    25. csseyah says:

      wow ang galing ng presentations na-aliw ako :) congratulations po…

    26. NemOry says:

      Congrats kuya ferdinand. . .Bka my laptop kna akin nlg yan. .Joke. [email protected] ABE. gusto ko sana mka punta sa awarding. .kelan ba:wat tym?kanina pla nasa iloilo ako bka nandun ka. .hehe

    27. NBA says:

      his entry was cool!

    28. Enjoy panoorin ang mga entry… Karapatdapat bigyan ng clap clap…

    29. kaho din says:

      congrats everyone!

      SIR ABE, maybe you can pls confirm if you’ve received my email reply sent last january-8. i’m one of the twitter winners for the yugatech ovi app contest.
      thank you.

    30. yuga says:

      @kaho din – what the name in the email? My assistant took care of all of them.

    31. thanks sir yuga!:)
      sent you an email.

    32. Juan says:

      Deserving ung nanalo! Congrats! Sana sa next contest masali man lang name ko kahit sa consolation! ^^

    33. lou says:

      congrats deserving pla tlga manalo.. hahahaha

    34. odeng says:

      Imagine what a THINKPAD could do to Mr. Ferdie! hehehe. Good job! and Congrats!

    35. NemOry says:

      sana ako naman mka panalo ng gadget sa nxt pa c0ntest .gagawin q pinaka best ko, hehe, .c0ngrats to the 23 .I hope I was include to the top 23

    36. vince says:


      congarts!!! it’s really funny and unique. you deserve the prize.

    37. watchville says:

      astig! naisip nya pa un?! hehe

    38. kristian says:

      i just love this site… aside from the information it gives, pati gadgets nagbibigay sila.. how generous :) hope makasali rin ako sa mga future promo ninyo.. and please, keep me updated via Yuga Tech Fan Page on Facebook :) thank you very much

    39. kaho din says:

      hi SIR ABE!
      email add is kahodin at Gmail
      twitter is @kahodin
      commenter’s name kaho din

      i just resent the email, just in case the first one got lost somewhere. thanks very much!

    40. heckiboi says:

      Hi Sir Abe, kindly confirm the receipt of my email regarding my consolation prize on your Lenovo contest. It was sent last January 14. Thank you.

    41. jose lorenzo manongsong says:

      email sent! :)

    42. jelo manongsong says:

      hello, sir kelan ko po malalaman na napasa na yung load? hehe. :)

    43. Haha! Ang saya, galing naman ng nanalo, natawa ako sa presentation na yun ah ;-)

    44. Abigail Azul says:

      Hi sir Abe, I sent an email na po. Did you get it po? Thanks

    45. kaho din says:

      SIR ABE, got the Tattoo na po!
      Rommel, thanks very much for facilitating!
      More power!

    46. NemOry says:

      @sir Abe,Narecieve q na prize q, na adik ako sa headph0ne super ganda po,chaka ang flashdrive, namutla mga frnds ko, bago kasi itsura blackbery pa brand, and ung port nya kakaiba, . .grabe. ,but my kulang pa po yata sir. Ung load at m0usey. .haha. .png gift q sa m0m q sana ang l0ad.hehe. .thanks po

    47. Chedie says:

      Thank you so much for choosing my entry!

      I just sent an email. Sorry it took so long. Life had been busy.

      Thank you thank you thank you! :D

    48. Air|Danio says:

      Nice Prize….

      Sayang di ako nakasali..

    49. kayce says:

      OMG! ngayon ko lang nalaman to.. im so sorry Sir Abe for the delayed response. Super busy kasi lately. I already sent you an email. thanks! God Bless!

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