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The Php15,000 e-Money Giveaway

As an early Christmas present to readers of YugaTech, our friends from Auction.PH is sponsoring a Php15,000 Holiday Giveaway. Come on in and get the chance to win one of the 50 prizes.468×60win-emoney.jpg

Yup, 50 winners — the more, the merrier. That means each winner can get 300 worth of e-Money from Auction.ph. So, what can you do with the e-Money? Well, basically 1 e-Money is equal to Php1.00 so if you have 300, you can buy Php300 worth of Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular load (prepaid cards). You can also buy stuff listed at Auction.pH Gadgetopia.

There are 3 ways to win and you can actually win for each one of them.

Raffle 1: Spread the Word!

Yup, just mention this contest in your blog and link to Auction.ph and you’re in (linklove to our sponsor). That simple. We just want more people to learn about this contest to make it more exciting. We’ll just track your entries via Technorati.

Number of Winners: 25 @ 300 each

Raffle 2: Name you Gadget!

Just browse thru Auction.ph and find the gadget you love to get from their listings. Leave a comment here stating the gadget or item, plus your gender, age and location. (e.g. I want a Canon Ixus 750. Male, 29, Makati)

Number of Winners: 10 @ 300 each

Raffle 3: Are you into Auctions?
If you are already a member of Auction.ph, just tell us your username there and how long you’ve been a member. (e.g. yuga, 7 months)

Number of Winners: 15 @ 300 each

Total Winners: 50

Anyone can join, even for each of all 3 separate raffles. That means you can win as much as Php900 worth of e-Money. You can also add as a discount for an item of bigger amount. Or even combine it with any other existing promos.

The contest will run starting today until Dec. 19, 2007 at midnight, Manila time. Winners will be announced the following day. Advanced Merry Christmas to all.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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112 Responses

  1. JM says:

    Hi I’m JM and my username in Auction.ph is ‘jmtuazon’ and I’ve been a member for 5 months already. =)

  2. rod says:

    wow i wish i could join :D

  3. Sherwin says:

    shurewin, 2 minutes

  4. flisha says:

    1 minute… haha :) my username is flisha.

  5. flisha says:

    Oh and I want the N70 Music Edition. *heart* Female, 25, Quezon City.

  6. I want a black Sony PSP. Male, 24, Laguna

  7. Mastermind says:

    ok count me in…want to give a try

  8. mkndavid says:

    raffle 3: mkndavid, 15 months

  9. mkndavid says:

    I want the Nikon D80. Male, 31, Las Pinas

  10. L.A says:

    I want an iPod Touch, Male, 19, Q.C

  11. L.A says:

    lord_art8, 2 Months

  12. backdraft says:

    backdraft, 1 year & 3 months

  13. vance says:

    I want an Xbox 360, Male, 23, Cubao, Q.C.

  14. Teejay says:

    I want the HP Pavilion A6045D Desktop System. Male, 34, Pasig.

  15. Sherwin says:

    I want a Gameboy Micro 20th Anniversary Edition. Male, 31, Bataan

  16. Jonas says:

    Sali ako! :) My Auction username is “neo107” and I’ve been a member for almost 12 months already. For my wish, a new Ipod would be nice. :)

  17. Jonas says:

    Sali ako!:) My username is “neo107” and I’ve been a member for the past 12 months. For my wishlist, a new iPod. :)

  18. manu says:

    manu_ofiaza, 10 months

  19. iconoclast says:

    i want the new Microsoft Zune 80gb!

  20. leo says:

    I want a Sony PSP, Male, 35, Las Pinas City

  21. iconoclast says:

    i want the new Microsoft Zune 80gb, male, 28, ortigas

  22. Ederic says:

    pwede makisali? hehe.

    ederic, more than a year na ako sa auction.ph :p

  23. Euri says:

    Meron pala kami nun, ngayon ko lang nalaman. X-P

  24. Arbet says:

    I want an iPod touch (8 or 16GB), male, 29, Caloocan

  25. I want & needed SE P990i, I wish I could have this on Christmas. Male, 23, Manila.

  26. Peter says:

    I want a Nokia N95, Male 21 QC

  27. Peter says:

    Peter, 5 months in Auction

  28. backdraft says:

    i want a iphone, male 26 pampanga

  29. nicole says:

    i want Ipod touch.. female, 22 manila

  30. nicole says:

    ghimajz 1 week

  31. i want free Apple iphone, male, 20, tektite!!!

  32. small_ebusiness, 8months

  33. manu says:

    ipod touch, male 28, paranaque city

  34. I want an iPod TOUCH. Male, 29, Davao City

  35. Raffle 2: I want an Apple IPhone, Male, 21, Taytay, Rizal
    Raffle 3: pinoyblogero, 6 months

  36. jervi reyes says:

    dylan3812 1 year

  37. jervi reyes says:

    I want a nintendo wii, Male, 26, pampanga

  38. Contest 2: I want an Apple IPhone, Male, 42,Caloocan City
    Contest 3: rainfunky, 11 months

  39. I want a Nokia N70, Male, 42,Caloocan City

  40. Clearly the post says that the price for this contest is just 300 pesos (and max of 900 pesos lang)so what are all these poeple mentioning those gadgets for? hello?

  41. yuga says:

    @ Get it from boy: Entry for raffle #2.

  42. Showbiz Intriga? Get it from Boy WHO CANT READ says:

    To commenter no 44:

    Clearly, you can’t read. Hello ka din. Stop pretending to be a smart @ss. You end up looking more stupid.

  43. Glenn says:

    gL3nnX, (registered) 2 minutes ago

  44. Glenn says:

    I want a Canon Ixus 750, Male 28, Malabon

  45. rene gatdula says:

    ..ghost!!!bakit natriple ang post ko?noh kaya nangyayari sa Opera Browser ko…paulit-ulit syang nag-error.sorry poh…

  46. raffle #2 I really want a Canon EOS 400D Rebel XTi, Female, 28, Batangas

    raffle #3 my username is tintinsendy and I’ve been a member since its launch last year!

  47. Number 2: xpressmusic, 9 months
    Number 3: I want a Nokia 5610 XpressMusic for Christmas. Male, 15, Quezon City

  48. Number 2: I want a Nokia 5610 XpressMusic for Christmas. Male, 15, Quezon City
    Number 3: xpressmusic, 9 months

  49. Richar De Lemios says:

    I want a Nokia N90, Male, 18,Batangas

  50. Carl says:

    I’m Carl and my Auction.ph username is carlerik. I’m a member for more than a year.

  51. Carl says:

    I envy that NOKIA 5310, Male, 24, Butuan City

  52. Jan Alvin says:

    Hi my is Alvin and my Auction username is “sedna16” and I’ve been a member since 4 months now…

    can I join this one??

  53. Maki says:

    I want a Canon Powershot S5IS. Female, 20, Quezon City

  54. yace23 says:

    I want a Nokia N90, Female, 22, Muntinlupa City

  55. Leah Caido says:

    supercyvershop, 1yr 3months

  56. Bob Reyes says:

    I want an Asus eeePC, Male, 28, Makati City

  57. Contest 2: I want an Apple Ipod Touch, Male, 28, Bulacan
    Contest 3: phcorenet, member since october 2006

  58. yenoh_bok says:

    I want an Xda Executive, female, 25, Angono Rizal

  59. cyrus says:

    I want an NEW APPLE iPHONE (8gb UNLOCKED to ANY GSM), male, 30, Cainta Rizal

  60. snaphot22 says:

    snaphot22 4 mos.

  61. aitee says:

    i want a sony cybershot T20,female, 25, CAINTA

  62. jac angeles says:

    i want n70 0r ung may dual sim n phone…female…21..p’que city

  63. HP Pavilion A6045D Desktop System po, male, 22, Cavite.

  64. boscns says:

    boscns, 1month

  65. cha says:

    I want an Apple Iphone. Female, 25, Quezon City

  66. cha says:

    cha_s14, 4months

  67. badgurl says:

    badgurldawako, 1day

  68. badgurl says:

    ipod i-touch, female, 25, qc

  69. Paul says:

    I want a PSP Slim. Male, 26, Las Pinas.
    paulvr173cm, one year and 3 months.

  70. Bea says:

    my username’s beamarie and i’ve been a member for 8 months already. :)

  71. Bea says:

    ipod i-touch, female, 19, cebu

  72. kris says:

    I want an iPhone. Male, 26, Ortigas

  73. kris says:

    swellhead, 1 year, 4 months

  74. Connie says:

    I want Samsung F500 Cellphone, Female, 28,Cavite

  75. Connie says:

    connietriz1, 4 months

  76. henryc says:

    JUst recently reactivated again my blog because of this ha ha ha I hope I maybe one of the winners….

    Ini-erase ko na ibang post ….restart a new …

    Im a member/seller in auction.ph for more than one year & 3 months

    I wish to own soon a WII or a new Laptop…. hope someone will give me my wishlist this Christmas Ha ha ha.

    Happy Blogging

  77. henryc says:

    eave a comment here stating the gadget or item, plus your gender, age and location. (e.g. I want a Canon Ixus 750. Male, 29, Makati)

    OO nga Pala para sa raffle no. 2 & 3

    I want a WII or Brand new Laptop….Male, 39, Butuan City…. my user ID henryc in auction.ph member for ONE Year & Three Months

  78. I want an iphone. Male, 27, San Fernando, La Union, mjgwapo, 16 months

  79. naks!
    bait n naman to
    (sali ako!)

  80. zentrixwhiz, since 2005

  81. manu says:

    Hi Winner Bloggers!(for raffle #1) Please email me your Auction.Ph username at [email protected] to get your prizes.
    Merry Christmas!

  82. i want ipod touch,female,60,marikina

  83. alma says:

    pasali din :-) alma here. more than one year na din sa auction.ph

  84. Xdigisat says:

    I want a Nokia N95 too :(

  85. Hi,
    I want laptop PC:)

  86. hazelyn says:

    hi im hazel!! my new user name in auction is hazel_bhaby06 and im member of auction since december 2006.,my first account is hazel_bhaby14 but it was block so i need to register a new 1.,

  87. Nap says:

    i want Sony Ericson W960, male, 37, Mandaue City

  88. Nap says:

    Im hansilmo in auction.ph a member since August 2006

  89. Gilmar says:

    wow, i want a Sony DSC-T200 8.1MP Digital Camera, Male, 24, Cebu City

  90. Gilmar says:

    My username at auction.ph is gmp383, member since Dec 2006.

  91. ahrman says:

    reliable po ba ang mga gadgets sa auction.ph??

  92. kynce says:

    pasali din alma here. more than one year na din sa auction.ph

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