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Nokia N77: Digital TV in your Pocket

When I was offered to get my hands on an N77, I was excited to finally be able to try Smart myTV and see if it lives up to the hype. Like any of the new N-Series phones, the Nokia N77 runs on the improved S60 3rd Edition platform — clean, fast and feature-packed.

Nokia N77

Of course, the main feature that makes this model different from most Nokia handheld units is the mobile TV feature. Only this one and the N92 are able to receive digital TV signals over the air which is being widely marketed by Smart for their myTV service.

Since it’s 3G capable, the large screen makes for better mobile browsing. You can likewise switch the viewing from vertical to horizontal (wide screen). At the right hand side, there’s a dedicated TV button beside the camera button. If not for the size, the N77 is almost a half-brother to the N73. Perhaps, the extra girth (18.8mm) is due to the added digital TV functionality. Which brings me to the only biggest drawback — the size makes it a little harder to handle the phone that sometimes texting can be a little bit awkward. It would really have been a killer if a slimmer version of this comes out in the next iteration.

Nokia N77 Mobile TV

Nevertheless, the screen is big (2.4″, QVGA, 16M colors) and bright. Display quality is excellent as well as TV reception. Response is a little slow when turning on the TV and changing channels. Sometimes, it feels like contents are streamed (much like IPTV, Joost, etc.); moreso that it launches Real Player to display the programming. I guess that’s how digital TV (DVB-H) really works (haven’t compared it to regular digital TVs).

Viewing experience is great if you have good signal in your location (at least 40% signal strength) but when moving around (commuting or driving) the signal is choppy and which can be frustrating especially when you are in a middle of a game or a punchline. However, this could be attributed more to the coverage of Smart myTV rather than the phone itself.

Nokia N77 Smart myTV

I know, watching TV while driving can be hazardous especially when you’re driving 80km/hr in EDSA but I just had to try if that’s possible. Effective viewing distance is about 2 feet. Anything farther than that and you’re just like listening to radio.

Sound quality is great and loud (read somewhere it’s 3 watts, rms). The headphone that comes with it uses a 3.5mm stereo jack which comes with an attached TV remote control. That also mean you can hook it up to external speakers.

Nokia N77 Philippines

By the way, Smart myTV is still free until today. This has got to do with the lack of NTC guidelines and approval for digital TV broadcast. You can grab an N77 for about Php18k but Smart gives it away for free with Plan1800.

Thanks to WOMWorld UK for lending me the unit.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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22 Responses

  1. MiGs says:

    Oh… ang bilis nila pinadala..

    Di pa nila kinukuha yung sakin.. sana wag ng kunin.. xmas gift!

    next phone.. n82?



  2. jhay says:

    So it’s an N73 with Ditigal TV capability. ;)

    How’s the battery life?

    Either way, it’s one nice item to be in one’s Christmas wishlist. Not mine though, I’m wishing for a K850i.

  3. BrianB says:

    Yeah I was going to buy one (just to keep up with the news, you know) until I got my hands on it. When I was blogging about it I just assumed it was as big as the N73.

  4. ricochet says:

    wow, this is a great gadget… well having a tv on that small will be surely handy. being on a travel daily would surely keep you out of the news on tv.

    nokia surely gets everything to be done on their handsets… what could ever be the next big thing!!

  5. Chris says:

    Or you can try getting the china imitation 3G phones one, they run better with myTV and the screens are really big, I’m not a fan boy of china/hongkong electronics, but it seems their build quality is improving…

  6. Chris says:

    Oh and btw, when I submit comments with the captcha verification I get this error:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/yugatech/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/SK2/sk2_second_chance.php:2) in /home/yugatech/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/polls/polls.php on line 1088

    You should remove the header call on that plugin and maybe put an auto-redirect so it goes back to the blog after it’s submitted…

    Just a suggestion yuga…

  7. Ordnacin says:

    People still watch TV ?!? :) Me I just encode a bunch of TV shows on my phones for viewing when stuck waiting somewhere – much faster, better graphics, no gnashing of your teeth when you have a low signal and free…

  8. prokopyo says:

    kelan raw po mgkakameron d2 s pinas ng nokia e51?

  9. liang says:

    Nokia n77 is a phone you need to buy it has great features and functions
    i got mine for $300 us dollars and its is amazing you wanna know much about it and buy then contact via
    [email protected]

  10. David Jonata says:

    Wow. Cool. I love Nokia.

  11. raymond says:

    how much it is?

  12. jhayzon says:

    di po ako nka subcribe sa plan 1800

    mgkanu po kaya ang per hour if manunuod aq,, or lagi po bang my carge ang smart if i watch my tv??

  13. aminu catey says:

    i will like to no if is possible connecting my n77 mobile tv with my pc and watch tv on pc?

  14. What an alluring comment about SEO. I’m honestly incredibly dumfounded that this hasn’t really been pronounced earlier to such a great length.

  15. Well written post, looks brilliant on my iPhone as well.

  16. Femi says:

    Pls can I connect my nokia n77 to an external t.v and how

  17. Collin Ramos says:

    magkano na po ang n77 ngaun ? ung hindi naka plan sa smart ? i just want to know

  18. how to use my mob.tv on my n77??

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